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Tell me /soc/, how did you lose your virginity?
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Tell me /soc/, how did you lose your virginity?
I went to see an escort when I was 19.
Just wanted it over and done with, but ended up really enjoying it.
haven't lost it...
Then don't fucking post, there's enough virgin posts to fill a fucking website on /soc/, post there.
>went travelling before university
>4 months in america
>spend 3 weeks with friend in Alabama
>she's 16
>amazonian goddess
>im 19
>lost v card on her front room sofa
Slept with my girlfriend at the time, i was 16. About as awkward as one could imagine, but we laughed and got going yet again. It was fun. She kinda looked like you, if it's you in the pic.
Is it just me or do American girls seem really easy?
They are when you're English and have an accent my friend
Hahaha that could be it, having said that I'm a) a girl and b) a geordie and I can still gather harems of American cuties
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18 decided to drop some acid with some friends. went to a house up the street full of hippy bitches. smoke some cones, drink lots of beer. next thing i recollect i was in the shower with a 8/10 girl both had cloths on. imokwiththis.jpg , memory still a lil hazy , kissing turned into cloths being removed i was on my knees , she had one leg on my shoulder eating her pussy. she returned the favor. fast forward to me behind her. fumbling round like all fuck. ouch thats my ass anon. eventually got into her pussy. holyfucktightestthingever.wav lasted a whole 5 mins 10000suns.gif . continued on into night turned into my gf for 3 yrs. kinda miss her now
Shower sex buddies! I lost mine there too, although hopefully not the exact same shower...
i feel you on the mass amounts of american cuties. i dont know what it is man, maybe it's juts something a little different from the norm?
In the courtyard of Balliol College, Oxford.

I'd drunk WAYYYY too much for my age.
You fucking don shout out to Oxford
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>be me
>be 13
>1st march
>birthday party
>cousin's friend
>petite 8-8.5/10
>19 y/o
>fucking in her car
>got my present
>she enjoyed it
we fucked every week-end till I get a girlfriend
I put my penis inside my gfs vagina.
>be me, 15 year old girl
>My Parents are minted so they foster other kids
>Have 17 year old foster sister
>tall, blonde athlete
>We're closer than most actual sisters
>Go underwear shopping and stuff together

>Taking a shower
>Shower door broken
>She "accidentally " walks in on me "cleaning" my pussy with the shower head
>giggles and runs back out
>ffw to me getting dry after shower
>sis walks in
>"Enjoy your shower"
>starts telling me about how she masturbates
>Ask her to show me
>She starts playing with herself
>sees I'm touching myself too
>Fingers me while we make out
>Goes down on me
>So many orgasms

Basically my life was a really badly written porno
Sounds pretty good to me.

It was awesome, we fucked pretty much constantly until she turned 18 and moved on, then didn't see much of each other after that, but I carried on the tradition of fucking my foster siblings, guys and girls, until today
Shit, sounds like the good life.
I'm just trying to help some poor, disadvantaged kids ;)
You should get a medal. I want to be a poor, disadvantaged child now.
I'd say murdering your own parents is the furthest anyone has ever gone for a blowjob...
Still, I somehow doubt. Plus if the blowjob is really good, there is not a lot a dude wouldn't do.
Apparently I do give exceptional head...
Time to find the biggest kitchen knife i have and pay a visit to my parents. Or you could give me a blowjob in exchange for my services...

Yes, as you give exceptional head. I'm a exceptional eater, if one can phrase it as such.
Well... It's a supply and demand issue, demand might be high but the supply is higher ;)
That would also depend on the quality and I must admit, that my services are rather unusual high quality, so while supply might be higher then the demand, few other can match my quality ;)
I've got the green text version of how I met my gf on here and went on to losing my virginity to her whilst also taking hers.
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>freshman year of college
>got to live in upperclassmen dorm because I was on academic scholarship
>unlike freshman dorms, upperclassmen dorms are co-ed
>meet a shitload of people there first month of school
>meet girl same age as me who's also living there on scholarship
>she's dating some redneck from her hometown who comes to see her on the weekends so I never even consider pursuing her
>fast forward to middle of Homecoming week
>mini-fridge in my room dies
>don't want the half-case of beer I have in there to get warm
>take it down to her room and ask to put it in her fridge
>sure ok no prob
>go out to Homecoming bonfire with friends
>get back later that night
>remember I have cold beer
>go to her room
>she's just hanging out watching TV
>decide to stick around and we start drinking the beers
>get tipsy and flirty with each other
>end up on her bed
>start kissing
>next thing I know she's on top of me with her shirt & bra off and I'm playing with her swollen tits while she's dry-humping me
>she gets up to lock the door and turn off the lights
>we both get naked
>straddles me on the bed
>takes my dick in her hand and guides me in her pussy
>she's soaking wet already and I'm dumbfounded by how warm and slippery it feels inside her
>get the hang of it and start pumping away with reckless abandon
>tells me she's on the pill and wants me to cum inside her
>blow my load in her pussy without thinking twice
>she's loving it
>stay in her bed the rest of the night and she sucks me off again later
>get up in the morning and shower together
>keep hooking up on weeknights for the rest of the semester and her bf never finds out
>goes on until I start seeing another girl
>tfw it all worked out better than expected

pic unrelated but posted since I've made myself horny thinking about it again
I dunno... I've had some pretty talented tounges between my legs...
But you have never had mine. So how would you know, how good i am?
>be 21yo virgin
>far from kissless tho
>have this girl friend
>we match very well
>not really my type tho
>got closer and closer
>one night we get waster at friend's
>back to my room on my couch
>she keeps telling me she's hungry
>I look at her and start to answer
>she does not let me finish and kiss me
>proceed to make out, bj, me eating her, sex
>I last a whopping minute
>after cuddle and talk, she understands I'm virgin (never told anyone I was not, but never mentioned I was)
>she smiles and she says that we must train to improve this
>fuck like rabbits for weeks
>sometimes 7 times a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row
>to the point I have to quit a student job because I'm exhausted and can only think about fucking her all night long
>discover basically anything in the realm of "conventional" (for 2000's standards) sex, and a big amount of non conventional sex as well
>then discover making love after some months
>unforgetable feelings
tl;dr now : we stayed together 6 years, did threesomes and were open to both fucking other people. Love was real between us, but life being life, we broke up 2 years ago.

My sex life now is non-existent compared to what it was (still get laid occasionally), no pussy feels like hers. I'm thinking kind of seriously about porn industry to find some sexual satisfaction.
>22, kissless virgin, barely even spoken to a girl without being awkward about it
>Meet girl from Sweden online by chance in a /soc/ thread
>Start getting to know each other better over skype
>End up talking practically everyday
>Turns into 8 hour phone calls
>Realise we love each other
>Whip up the courage to buy a plane ticket to visit her at Christmas
>Sell pretty much all my consoles and some other shit for ticket cause poorfag
>Christmas rolls around and I leave for Sweden
>She meets me in London cause connecting flight from Glasgow and I had a 9 hour wait
>Decide to get a bus into London to have a little walk around
>Make out like fucking retards on the bus the whole time (she'd only kissed a couple of guys when drunk before, so we were all over the place)
>A few hours pass and we nearly miss our flight, fall asleep on her shoulder on the plane, know I'm head over heels with this girl

>Nothing really happens the first week just being all shy and cutesy around each other
>Happiest I've been in such a long time
>No idea why she thinks I'm so great
>Fast forward to week 2
>Playing around, cuddling a bit, get hard
>She notices and asks if I'd like her to take care of it
>Freeze, no clue what to say, just nod
>She takes my cock out, examines it for a few seconds then gives it a lick
>First time getting head, first time she's ever giving it
>Best fucking thing I have ever felt
>Look at my hand in disgust for doing such a poor job for years
>Can't cum cause too nervous
>Offer to finish myself off in her mouth and she agrees
>Swallows it all
>Jaw drops
>I love this girl
>Following week nothing but furiously making out and getting my dick sucked
>This is now the best week of my life

>Start of the last week
>Think I'll be going home a virgin
>Happy as fuck, didn't really care if I left without sex
>Watching Harry Potter on TV one night
>Spooning real close
>Get hard as usual
>She feels it and turns around
>We start making out
>She gets on top of me
>Play with her boobs for a bit
>I take my boxers off
>Her panties come off
>We were a little hesitant cause no condom but she told me to just shove it in
>Wet as fuck down there
>Slip it in
>In heaven
>Proceed to fuck her slowly
>Get a little harder, rougher
>Slow it down to catch my breath
>About 40-45 minutes passes and I've still not came, the nerves again
>Can hear Harry Potter fighting a snake in the background, seems pretty fitting
>Get a second wind and pound that pussy until I cum with the force of a thousand suns
>Looked down at her, tell her I love her and smile
>Clean off and watch the end of Harry Potter
>Fucked everyday for the rest of that week, sometimes twice
>Now this, this is definitely the best week of my life

Just to add since there's more.

After those three weeks I returned home to the UK only to realise how unhappy I was there. Really hate the place. 2 months after I got home I'm saying goodbye to my family and moving over to Sweden to live with the love of my life. Been here for nearly 7 months now and it's quite possibly the best 7 months of my life. It's the best decision I have ever made. And to think, I met her on fucking 4chan of all the places.
>be me, 16
>high school sophomore
>going out with girl a grade higher than me
>she's alright but her tits are massive so awesome
>stay after school one day to finish project in digital art, teacher says he'll leave it unlocked for us
>he's the basketball coach so no worries about him coming back
>It's me and her and some other dude she knew
>after a while she gets all flirty and starts teasing me
>get up to turn off lights and other guys starts grabbing her breasts, I start rubbing her crotch
>we all get up and continue what we're doing
>knowing where this is going I sheepishly ask the guy if he could leave cause it would be my first time
>Dude actually leaves, understood I guess. Good because I didn't want to lose it in a threeway
>go over to corner of room where you can't see from the front window and take our pants off.
>fuck for a good 10 minutes. Missionary, cowgirl, but mostly doggy.
>first time so super afraid to cum.
>end sometime later, tells me she came
>leave school a while later

About 2 weeks later
>tell her I didn't cum when we did it
>"well anon why don't we fix that"
>stay after school again, same room, fuck even more
>She's riding me when i feel it about it burst.
>gets off and starts sucking me off
>Cum with the might of Oden throat punching a stegosaurus
>swear I saw some come out her nose

During the time we dated we fucked one a week or once every other week at school. Never got caught
File: i-want-to-believe.jpg (34 KB, 480x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If this is true, I hope you stay happy like this forever!
Even if it's not, it made me smile a little bit and brightened up my day, so thank you.
I'm gonna need a bit more convincing than that ;)
>couple days before 15th
>get invited to party
>gone from looking like a fucking autist to decent apparently
>get to party
>young body gets p drunk easily
>end up talking to girl
>we go upstairs
>suddenly dawns on me dressing better and making myself look decent changed my life

normie life ain't too bad tbh
maybe you should just let me try, if you're not satisfied, then that'll be it ;)
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I Knew by the time I was gay I would never have sex
It's completely true. We met in one of those chart threads where put all your favourites in a box, y'know? A guy tried to give me shit for listing Transmetropolitan as my favourite book, I read more graphic novels than I do books but yeah, she kinda stood up for me.

I really love our story, what makes it better is that I was rarely ever on /soc/ and she hadn't been active in nearly a year, she just got bored one night and thought she'd browse. Good thing that she was into guys with Scottish accents and long hair.

And hey, I'm happy to brighten your day. Thanks for saying.

>Given three rules by sixth form: no drinking, no mingling, no solo action
>immediately find pub and get served solo
>Meet up with some Geordies
>drink their vodka
>play with fire

>Write embarrassing poem
>have shyness attack on way home

God, I was such a whiny cunt back then.
I fucked a girls ass a month before my 20th birthday, and fucked pussy 3 months after my 20th birthday.

When did I lose my virginity?
19, in college, was trashed and the ugly pig faced girl who had a crush on me raped me.
>at home
>just chilling
>she text
>"i'm just outside"
>I let her in
>put on a movie
>starting to have sex
>her knees got burndamages because she sucked at riding
>neither of us came
>despicable me is destroyed for me
Rape, but no one believed me
I stuck my penis in a vagina.
To a girl I met on /soc/

Dang, man. Glad it ended better for you than me.
But it was fun while it lasted.
Funny how it's actually possible to find love on this website

>be 18
>have first gf, she was 21
>be rebound guy
>basically, she broke up with her bf of 5 years and I looked just like him
>we go up to her room, she lives with her parents
>start fooling around, she gets on top of me
>we start to fuck
>her 5 year old brother, who she pretty much raised because of her parents' alcohol issues, barges into the room
>she startles, pulls the covers up shouts at him to get out
>he leaves, crying
>she gets dressed and goes after him
>I go home

Still not sure if it counted, we fucked properly a couple of days later though. In the end, she broke up with me (after about 4 months) and got back with her old boyfriend.
I know what you mean. The two of us are kind of ashamed that we met on here but I guess that doesn't really matter anyway.

Sucks that it didn't work out for you.
>in bed with my girlfriend at the time
>both virgins
>i'm 17 shes 16
>we had been fooling around for a while
>today she said she was bringing over a condom this time
>we'd been fooling around for a while and we were both wanting to do it but both too nervous to take the first move
>told her if she got the condom out of her bag i'd fuck her
>after a few moments she gets up really quickly to her bag on the end of the bed, gets it. throws it at me and lays down on her back and spreads her legs
>only lasts a few minutes with no position changes
>fucked everytime we were together after that for over a year
I want something like this. But every chick in NY seems to be the one of those to talk 5mins just for attention. I can't do that horrid long distance, not again. It's hard being in shitty CT.
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