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/imt/ - Ideal Mate Thread
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/imt/ - Ideal Mate Thread


Templatefags, STOP FUCKING CALLING YOUR THREADS /imt/. Call it "/qtit/ - QT Infograph Thread". Fuck you.
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I am a slave to this heart of mine. Lay me down beneath the cold earth Anon.
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25 m usa
Archival worker
Loves reading boring history books
And birds
Birds are life
Also tabletop and video games

Seeking: awkward legbeard who will spill her spaghetti on me

Skype: mr.bubbles6838

>Biologically male, identifies as trans.
>Lives in Los Angeles.


>Don't have to live near me.
>Not into typical annoying relationships.
>Cynical loner.
>Short hair.
Whoops, forgot:

>Ideally biologically female.
Me: m/19/419 ohio

Big dude, chubby, 6', i play pc games like league, ARK, warframe, FtD maybe others
I love bionicles
im a huge perv

Must like vidya
Dont have to be super attractive, just not morbidly obese
living close by me maybe, doesnt matter a ton
Must not have a problem with bionicles
must be able to bear with me on alot of stuff
isnt into hardcore drugs
kinda nerdy
must like cuddles
doesnt have to live near me, thats just a plux

thats pretty much it

my contacts
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skype: bonkedon

friends are cool, too
22, now, and up to 4 tats. Gauged, too. Got kik and skype. Leave me yours and I'll hit you up!
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I feel like I've tried to talk to you before and it ended badly, but I'm not totally sure. 27.856 here.
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weeee another /imt/ thread

>18/M/VA 804
>College student studying music performance (saxophone) and working part-time
>5'7", ~145 lbs, black hair with glasses, average build
>Free time is usually spent playin vidya/watching anime with friends, writing music, and playing sax
>I like to go out and do things every now and again (movies, dinner, roller blading, etc), but am always perfectly content laying around and doing nothing
>Somewhat introverted

>Preferably around the same age
>Lives nearby
>I'm not too picky about physical looks as long as you aren't overly chubby/obese
>Doesn't smoke
>Likes to talk a lot throughout the day, just about anything really
>Also somewhat introverted
>Loves cuddling
>Not required, but if you're a creative type (artist, musician, etc) that's definitely a plus

>Skype/Kik: xxmistermanxx
>I love bionicles
In the time before time, the great spirit Mata-Nui descended from the heavens, carrying we, the ones called the Matoran, to this paradise...
Not bad at all, skype?
I don't recall. I've got kik and Skype if you want to chat
Sure, I'll add you on skype. I don't use kik.
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>18, cis male in the US
>6' tall, chubby guy
>nerdy, really into vidya games (fallout, Morrowind, dota), tabletop RPGs, music, and I can play guitar
>sweet, kinda shy and introverted

>18-25 cis female pref in the US
>short (4'8''-5'2'') and chubby
>will talk to me about nerdy shit, has a few similar interests as me
>kinda shy and introverted like me
>will cuddle me, like, all the type

My kik/snap: Wuzzly
Skype: Wuzzle.fantasticly
>will cuddle me all the type
fuck, meant all the time
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Guy living through his 20s. Not to sound pompous or anything but I'd say I'm pretty social and am willing to help you with it if you need. I have a knack for livening up a group event and getting quiet people to participate.
Really into food, manga, history and cute things. In the NYC area but this will most likely be an internet thing so your location is not important.

Girl of any age; the age isn't as important as our personalities clicking. Artistic personalities are my favorite, I think I click best with them despite not having much drawing skill (I have ~culinary~ art skills wahaha). Someone who loves listening about random cool facts I pick up and is willing to do the same. Similar interests are cool but I'm honestly down with opposites too.

skype - sidhegrove
A girl that's sure of herself and confident. Not a "sub" or a "dom" - just sees herself as my equal. Openminded, informal, walks her own path. Doesn't really worry about what "should" or is "supposed to" happen in life. Vivacious and worldly. Doesn't let the little trivial things get under her skin, more interested in the big picture. Self-disciplined, doesn't drink/smoke/use, ethical and moral. Not a huge number of previous partners. Happily gets lost with me in a story, show or game. Recognizes and appreciates many of the same traits in me.

Physically pretty. Not drastically older or younger than myself, 28. A little shorter than me, ~5ft11. Brunette or dirty blonde. Thick/curvy/chubby. Bright eyes and smile. Takes good care of herself. Likes to hold hands, fuck hard and fool around.

Bonus points if you want to explore Vanadiel or Eorzea, watch next year's new Twin Peaks or drop silly lines from Achewood with me.
What's your Skype? I get too many random dick pics when I leave my info
Sure, makes sense.

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My nigga
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Time to try again.
Man, I remember getting those in happymeals when I was a kid. Bionicles were the shit back then.
File: 49b.gif (2 MB, 430x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They still are
File: Kopaka.png (157 KB, 320x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kopaka master race
Gen 2 Bionicle sucks. 2001-2003 is god-tier, 2004-2010 is good. Not the new stuff.
That said, I'm basing my hate for the new stuff only on the sets. I haven't followed the story at all since 2010 (the end of gen 1).
I like the new sets, i mean shit, translucent purple?

But the story is kinda shit
The new sets just look... I don't know. They don't look like Bionicle. They look like Transformers or something.
I don't have Skype and I'm pretty sure I can't install it. :(
Its ccb something, so its like hero factory but they still have the complexity feel like the old sets, and the parts i feel are really cool and neat to work with

File: lewanuva.jpg (189 KB, 766x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Toa and ToaNuva were cool, so were those first ones with those collectible shooting disks. Lewa was always my favorite.

After that they just went down hill. Pieces got way too complicated and they started costing more.
Well the the costs were bad, but i love complexity because all i do now with mine is i scrap them soon after i make them and make my own shit outta them
Still around?
File: hipster_1.png (100 KB, 922x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I didn't know what to put on this thing.
Hey qt~
If I didn't hate kids, I would message you

That sucks I guess.
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drinking tea.gif
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19m St. Louis
Play/Watch Hockey
Love vidya (play sm4sh competitively)
Love hiking + camping (going next weekend if you wanna join!)
Very diverse taste in music
I like being cozy
Play the ukulele, bass, and charango
Studying Computers and Philosophy
Smoke the good good occasionally
Love cuddling
I like cute things
>17-24 M or F
>(if M im not too attracted to effeminate/camp gay dudes sorry, and you will be expected to cuddle and watch hockey with me)
>(if F you can be whatever you want as long as you're not obese)
>same general taste in music
>likes vidya or at least tolerates me playing them
>somewhat nearby (3 hours)
>likes hiking
>NEET is not preferred
>likes talking about philosophical topics once and a while
>any religion is dope
>the cooler you are +++++
>If you can skateboard/rollerblade ++++++
My kik is jams1227
And this is a pic of me (warning im possibly cutting all my hair off so you might be able to stop/expedite that process)
>Male, Georgia, USA
>I sing, play banjo and trumpet
>Love movies, especially Kaiju
>Play a lot of Nintendo, and some PC
>Kind of quiet, and I suck at starting conversations, but love having them
>I don't listen to music much, just play it

>Biologically female, anywhere, USA
>Don't have to play video games
>Likes movies, watching them with me
>Can show me movies, and appreciate the ones I show you
>Ok with a lot of lame dick jokes
>Not morbidly obese
skype is net2700
meh, I only fit like half of those but u seem pretty cool. you got a kik or Skype?
If I weren't past my 20's, I'd message you...
Post your St. Louis dick plz?
I have a Skype but I don't want to post it. Can you?

I'm up for chatting if you are. My skype is Gloopish.
>Twenty-Two, Male, Oregon.
>Musician. Geek. Software Engineer. Weeb. Cat lover. Definitely talented. Hopelessly sarcastic.
>6'1, 130 pounds, skinny ass pale white boy who looks great in a skirt.
>Spend most of my free time on the internet, playing game, writing software, or hanging with pals at a bar talking about all the above. Occasionally climb rocks indoors.
>Also attend a lot of anime, tech, and comic convetions. Do the cosplaying, lolita, and drinking at said conventions.
>Pretty chill the max, endlessly sarcastic. My friends regularly tell me I'm extremely understanding, but I think it's more that nothing really phases me, so when they tell me all the fucked up shit they've done, probably doesn't bother me as much as they think it should.
>Have my own place, car, career, money in the bank. Things seem to be going pretty spiffy for me at the momento.
>I travel a ton, been to many different countries(England, Italy, Japan, Korea, Canada, most of the USA, France, Spain), and plan to go to many more.
>I'm proud to say I've got twenty-two years of law abiding citizenship under my belt, you won't catch me smoking the devil's lettuce in front of the police.
>Assortment of media I like in no particular order: Persona, Final Fantasy, Parks and Rec, Breaking Bad, Rick and Morty, Archer, Dota, Community.

>18+, cute, feminine, west coast(?)
>Being into cosplay or lolita would be pretty sweet, but anyone with talents is cool by me. I love hearing about other people's passions and pursuits.
>If you don't do anything neat, or have your own talents/identity I usually find it pretty hard to connect to people.
>Enjoys the vidya, is a big geek about something.
>Super chill, the more sarcastic and deadpan the better.
>I dig people who can bullshit back and forth and make the simplest conversational topics into fantastical discussions.
>I'm hopeless when it comes to people who can make me laugh.
>Bonus points for full time artists.
>Generally interesting people.
Oh yeaH.

contact info.

skype: linusred1
kik: xrts
You: A biological woman (exceptions can be made here), healthy weight, at least around average looking, and mostly importantly, exists.

I know it's a long shot, but I have faith
You sound like someone I'd get along with. My skype is propane.accessories
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File: 1411354425781.png (548 KB, 1597x1060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wow kill me
So many Canadians here. The Michigander in me is getting nervous.
Well, women in canada seem to be top normie tier, so there's not a lot of hope besides the internet for guys trapped in this shithole
Circumcised in MI?
Fuck off.
Fuck off.
It's an honest question
leave, nigga
Were you though? No shame in it either way
I don't have any mental illnesses and I'm not r9k so normie is a good thing for me.
Or are you ashamed of having an anteater dick?
Basically, to me normie doesn't mean either of those things. Normie is like a clubslut tier human being who doesn't play video games or watch anime

And hey if you're like that, good for you, but there are NO girls with "nerdy" interests in this whole country
I go off the urban dictionary definition. Hell, I've been called a normie just because I'm employed.
Oh wow. Yeah I have a job too but I'm also an absolute social reject and the only virgin past 18 I've ever met so... I dunno
Not asking to troll believe it or not, genuinely curious. I'll happily depart this thread if you'd give me a straight answer
hey hey, 25/m/bc, got something other than skype?

near vancouver! skype me, eats-almonds
File: plsrespond.png (142 KB, 928x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's up dudes?
no fun, i actually decently close and everything.
>Love animals
>Vidya and animu
>Can draw half decently
>Will eat most things
>Has anxiety, but only specific circumstances trigger it
>Plays LoL but on hold for now, on OCE server
>Nerds out about anything I like
>Likes music a lot, specifically metal and EDM


>Doesn't have a huge fucking dick that will stab me
>Has common interests with me
>Nice but honest and straightforward
>Will understand that srs relationships are out of the question for me atm
>Has a job
>Can be an adult at the right times
>Has a good sense of humour and will laugh at anything
>Can make at least basic level food
File: 1446766958484.jpg (356 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356 KB, 1280x720
24/m/USA, MD

New friends are good too. Feel free to shoot me a message even if we don't live close. I prefer kik so i can respond to quicker, but we can move to skype later if you prefer.
>studies at university of applied sciences
>Love to read
>Love music (playing sax, listens to anything that has at least some complexity and lyrics)
>animals are k
>ice skating is cool
>sailing is cool
>vidya (TES, LoL ocasionally)
>i kinda like art
>has a very hard time taking stuff seriously
>food is love
>not really introvert, but not really a party animal either
>but does go out, gotta love contradictions
>not experienced with relationships

>around my age, preferably from western europe, but it doesn't matter all that much.
>aren't a cunt
>are honest
>some common interests would be nice
>aren't a greedy tosspot
>idgaf about smoking/drinking/softdrugs
>plays sax
literally the guitar of woodwind instruments, try one that requires skill faggot
Easy to play, hard to master mate.
>5'11" (I have daddy long legs)
>Sorta Artsy
>Music: Young The Giant, Cage the Elephant, ect
>I like cooking and eating
>I don't really know what else to say
>Over 6"
>plz be funny and goofy (but serious at the right times)
>Has a job or in school
>Artsy would be nice, but not mandatory
>Someone with similar music tastes/ good music taste to share music with
>plz be hella cute
kik: abazaba18
Fite me
File: 1447039084825.png (1 MB, 4128x2948) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4128x2948
Did someone say templates?
0/10, try harder anon
File: IMG_0400.jpg (99 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 480x640
>Told I sound like a posh cunt but I think it's just generic Southernish English
>I like sciency things that interest me, though most of those things are beyond my area of (kinda, I'm a student) expertise as a geologist. Space exploration particularly interests me, and other bits that interest me are aerospace, mechanical engineering, etymology, Norse mythology (cannot guarantee full knowledge of all of them, I just read about the stuff I find interesting, I'm also not great with numbers so I can't into all the technical bits of those fields). All that is mostly driven by a general desire to know how things work, and as such lots of stuff that interests me will just get me funny looks from other people because it's mostly mundane to most people.
>Metalhead (melodeath is muh favourite, bonus points for being from Finland), though I sometimes stray into different genres (post-rock recently).
>I wanna be a geologist, with the eventual aim of becoming chartered (doing relevant course at uni)
>Kinda introverted, not utterly socially retarded
>Easygoing, not easily offended
>Not depressed, generally positive outlook on stuff in general
>Don't smoke, never tried and never intend to
>Drink, but only socially
>INFP (I'm not a hippie, I just don't like conflict between people, especially if I'm involved in it)
>Average face, don't claim to be some wonderful deity, 6-7/10 I'd guess
>Slim, not awfully muscular (working on it)

>Probably female, though if you're a guy and a real qt I won't say no (2-3 on Kinsey scale to quantify it)
>Average build I guess, chubby ain't muh thang
>Into something particularly
>Can take an interest in areas outside of that something
>Willing to talk in far too much detail about shit that doesn't matter
>Not easily offended
>pls no smoke
>Bonus points for similar interests

Fuck that was longer than I though it'd be
Not really expecting much, but where's the fun in not giving it a go?
you so cute too bad you all the way in canada :(
nothing that I use often, but I could get kik if it's preferable?
>tfw literally no nice girls in canada

Why you gotta do this, man
File: Me!.jpg (340 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340 KB, 1920x1080
Why do you think I moved to California?
psa: this dude genuinely believes that it matters whether or not his partner is a virgin
tfw not spanking and diapering you
I wish I could. I'm not a US citizen though.

PSA: this guy's a dick who judges people based on their preferences
File: This_is_a_thing.jpg (131 KB, 889x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 889x600
Here is a picture with words on it.
Pretty much what I'd expect
honestly a very nice compliment, you're very cute.
Well now, I don't really know what to say other than thanks and you too. Niceness on 4chan. Who'da thought.
yea that would be super awesome, add me: canfun
File: 2YQpeUR.gif (2 MB, 296x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 296x339
>Studying and has undergrad job
>Enjoys animals, nature, cooking, arts, music, literature and science
>like doing watercolours and making bad songs
>Funny but can be serious about things
>Has qt pup

>not super judgemental
>willing to try new things
>honest about thoughts and feelings
>understanding and caring
>can be silly with me

Hi, I think we would get along :) You should add me on skype: ibtmsies
File: IMG_0005dgh.jpg (414 KB, 1528x1978) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
414 KB, 1528x1978
>studying, 3rd year of my 2nd degree.
>super curious, always wanting to try and learn new stuff
>love astronomy since I was 3
>like all kinds of music, but specially alternative rock
>like dogs and reptiles
>love writing, reading, drawing, some vidya and watching (good) tv shows.
>into weird stuff, i like gore and i have a weird dark sense of humor
>airplanes crash history nerd
>actually own a serial killer encyclopedia, read one everytime before going to bed
>love singing, sometimes i sing about what im doing (i try not to though, i've been told it's annoying)
>basically a loner
>have a hard time finding people i like
>have a hard time empathising with people or feeling pity and stuff

>idc what you do as long as you do something
>have something in common with me, but not necesarily all (it would be boring)
>like to try and do new things
>extra points if you like dark stuff
>able to talk about any topic
>nice person overall even if you're fucking nuts
You sound like I would get along with you, but what about your sex life? I'm a pretty sexually active person, or at least I become more active when with someone, but you haven't mentioned of that sits well with you or not.
File: nnnnnnnnn.jpg (10 KB, 206x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 206x366
>25/M/Michigan (relocating to California early 2016)
>Have a child from previous and only marriage
>Faithful, fun, love cosplay, not really that into anime
>Love music

>not overweight, not bone thin
>like Star Wars
>love cuddling

I have no fucking idea dude

Hola, tenemos que hablar.

Where in Australia?


It's ok, I hate empathizing too
how dark are we talking here mamacita?
I'm really active if I'm with someone. When I'm single, I don't crave it, I simply masturbate whenever I feel like it. I've never had a one-night thing.
Háblame de lo que quieras.
Thanks. I can actually empathize with movie characters and cry.
Not dark metal dark. Dark as in creepy curious about death and such.
No sé si encajo su descripción por 100 perecent, pero suena demasiado interesante para mí como para ignorarlo.
Tengo que dar un poco de atención.
I I'm curious about death too
Whats your favourite book?
what are your two degrees and are you fine with seeing blood and all that jazz irl since you like gore?
Contact info pls
Podemos hablar por otro sitio si quieres. Dame tu skype y te agrego.

I can't choose between The picture of Dorian Grey and Brave new world. Although I really love Ubik too.
My degrees are Translation and German Literature.
I'm perfectly fine with blood. I've never seen anything gore-ish irl to be honest. Probably the worst I ever saw was my roomate's bf last year. They got in a fight, he punched a mirror and completely destroyed his hand against the wall. The wall and the floor were full of blood stains. I had to clean the entire place because everyone felt sick.

What about you?
File: IMG_0288.jpg (1 MB, 1936x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1936x2592
>22/M/Currently USA
>Army veteran
>Currently traveling a lot
>Seeking higher education soon
>Read a lot about science and math
>Fluent at 4 languages
>Likes animals
>I fix old turntables and collect vinyl records
>Very flow kind of guy

>Around my age
>Not too annoying
>Has triple digit IQ
>Don't have to be 100% match
Skype: Monner74
i tend to change my favourite book every year or so for some reason but my two favorites at the moment are heart of darkness and of the social contract, though i guess the second is technically more a of a pamphlet or a study
and I have a weird fascination with blood though not vast quantities that have to be cleaned up

I fit your ideal mate, if it's a female.
Connect the dots

Joder, no me había dado cuenta. No estoy acostumbrada a ver los ID, no suelo entrar a /soc/.

Te agregué antes a Skype. Háblame cuando te conectes.
Hey anon, from jersey 908 here, add me on kick Aiirick.
Obviously kik
File: Padoga in Ikaruga.jpg (141 KB, 585x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Padoga in Ikaruga.jpg
141 KB, 585x800

>19, Texas, male
>looking for a largely online relationship where we're both cute and shoot the shit over the internet
>have a giant wealth of useless information, desire to share it with someone and for someone to share their useless information with me
>really into electronic music, stoner doom, instrumental hip hop, black metal, I usually won't turn any sort of music down
>up for spending hours bouncing youtube links back and forth
>super into Ukiyo-e
>I study occultism but I'm not /fringe/ about it, mostly a hobby


>hopefully into Legend of Zelda
>a cassette player is a big bonus
>decent enough film taste

skype: whisperinggloom
skype me qt

File: hipster bullshit.jpg (180 KB, 852x641) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hipster bullshit.jpg
180 KB, 852x641
where is my qt
skype name? holy shit.

or add me- akashic.librarian
File: Untitled.jpg (142 KB, 634x1017) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 634x1017
Give me yours since mine is always flooded
>20/M/Seattle, 6'3", extremely hairy everywhere, very slight gut (180 lbs)
>enjoys pretty much all genres anime, manga, vidya, books, and music (mostly electronic/power metal). Sci-fi is a big plus though
>fucking love space, history, philosophy, and learning science in general
>love-hate relationship with politics due to being libertarian
>nervous/shy/awkward as hell around new people, sometimes tend to go off on a complete tangent on topics

>17-28, cis female
>height irrelevant, size average or thinner (chubby just isn't my thing personally, which is disappointing because there are quite a few chubby qt's out there)
>energetic, someone who pushes me to do/try new things/finish things
>basically artistic/tomboyish, independentish
>not bothered with my occasional rants/tangents in conversation

Really, just someone to level with and push me to improve as a person. Unfortunately I don't know what I bring to the table for someone like that other than a willingness to follow, do, and enjoy those things with them.
Sure it's max1.3
Post your skype or link your thingy.

Me: 20/F/BC, Canada (island life)

5'5, chubbybunny club, tattoos & piercings, short hair, kinda' aggressive, talkative, animu/cartoons(I really like NGE), comics and music are all kinda' my thing. (if youre into metal we cool). I collect skulls and various other weird shit that i'll definitely show you. I'm kinda' monotone and my sense of humour is fucking weird, fair warning.

You: Idgaf about your height, short and tall is good. Bonus if you have tattoos, but not mandatory in the slightest.
LD is cool, but if you live close to me that's neat too. I have a thing for skinny guys with brown eyes, apparently but I won't say I'm not attracted to chubby dudes too. (Glasses are a plus) If you like animu or music, I'm down af. I'm super into passionate people who ramble about shit they love, like holy shit it's the best thing ever. Please don't be super clingy or expect anything right away. Can handle me making fun of you sometimes.

skype: miameohmy
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