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What's everyone's drug of choice?...
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What's everyone's drug of choice? It doesn't have to be illicit. Caffeine is a viable answer.

>State drug(s) of choice
>why do you like it

Greentext any story you care to share about your drug of choice.

>weed, opiates, MDMA in that order

weed makes lots of fun activities better, in particular listening to music, eating, and fucking. Opiates make everything okay in the world. I love wrapping myself in their soft cocoon of oblivion. It makes it easier to deal with stress. I will say that I don't use them frequently (a couple times a year), because of the addiction factor. MDMA is... amazing. I've had the most amazing conversations with friends I've ever had while on MDMA. I think I've changed my brain chemistry because of it. When I hear certain songs, I literally get goosebumps.

>no stories really
>2cb, mdma crystals, acid, xtc, speed in that order
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>16, had first breakup, decided to be an ass and party everyweekend, dragged my best friend into it and us goodie two shoes went on a completely new road
>We get shitfaced on a hill party one day.
>Some random girls kick the shit out of me because of some drama they had w/ another girl, they thought it was me.
>I become upset, friend offers me snus.
>Like the buzz. Use when offered.
>Grew out of that lifestyle after a few months. Fast forward to 18.
>Don't really smoke, only occasionally and when drunk.
>Meet my now ex partner. Ex smoker. Ice Hockey player.
>Got off cigarettes by using snus.
>Always have snus in handy because me move in together. Start using multiple bags daily.
> I liked it because I didn't have to go outside and could put it up my lip anywhere and at anytime I wanted.
>We break up, I order snus online hoping it doesn't stay in customs.
>Stress due to breakup means I've started using a 'puck' a day or whatever it's called in English.

Very interesting story.
Gives you fuckign mouth cancer though, i tried it when i was in Finland. As a non-smoker that snus was fucking heavy, nicotine on steroids
Meh. It's my vice. Yeah I used to get 'high'. Very relaxed and since I was in a relationship I got very.... 'lovey dovey' because I was in such a relaxed state. Also semi horny kek. But now I use so much, since it's out of my own pocket, that I can't feel any buzz. I use it just to calm down... I'm hooked desu.
Ketamine and weed right now, I'm trying to get sober but NOT TODAY
Marco made me drool
Kitties are nice but tolerance is a biiitch
I like any drug I can shoot into my viens. The rush is what I've fallen for.
Love my coffee. That shit is my lifeblood

And I can make a pretty damn good tasting cup too
Atm brown is my bae cx
Been in love with crystal since 15 but dumped her, come down and withdrawls where just getting too be too much not to mention tolerance was through the roof.
Pumped af cxx my homie just got me a new rig cx
⬆Sad/pissed face
Same guy cx
Just forgot to say, it take 6 months to fucking 2 years for a heavy user to completely loose their (my) tollerance
Forgot to say, popped 5 vyvance earlier(40mg)(i don't plan to quit amp completely btw just loose my tolerance but like i said i popped 5 vyvance and i just feel a good chill as opposed to a great rush) and shot a 5 sack of some good tar, feels great cxx. This is the first time I've mixed opiates and amp so I'm pretty extatic rn, never actually tried a "speedball" but ig this is the next best thing cxx, btw if bored as hell, my kik is milosmile, hmu if you wanna chat, im down for anything, just save me from this boredom cx
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Alcohol has been since the December after my 21st birthday. It is such because I haven't had any cannabis since I was 16. (*That was a short lived thing in itself, I started smoking at 16 and stopped the summer after because I didn't know/ trust anyone else other than the contact I had lost then *) I would like to get back into cannabis again, it just kind of scares me for some reason. I know for the most part it's safe but something in the back of my mind tells me I'm going to load vape a laced strain of bud,laced wax or oil, then die from a heart attack. I don't know why but it seems like it'd be my luck someone would want to either lace it for shits and giggle (*I even suspect those dispensary faggots of this*) or because they maliciously want to give me something fatal. My trust in alcohol comes from the fact it's regulated, packaged and can be carefully dosed as to avoid being too intoxicated.
Thread replies: 16
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