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>play as Cubs fan
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Spectator 13.jpg
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>play as Cubs fan
>over 100 years clocked already and still haven't seen a win yet
This is even longer than my WoW career, anyone know how much longer this lasts? Getting kind of ridiculous here.

Who are you playing as?
>play as Philadelphia fan
>instant +10 boost to battery throwing and vomiting skills

This should be useful.
>play as $(ER fan
>owner/front office/coaching staff does the opposite of what every fan wants
>play as Canucks fan
>get access to riot minigame

Based desu. Graphics on the burning cop cars are incredible.
>play as pats fan
>instant spoils
>play as a Bears fan
>toon gets suicidal after the 127 million dollar contract to Cutler
>things only keep going downhill

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typical lions fan.jpg
45 KB, 400x600
>roll Lions fan
>character comes with free Brown Bag helmet and Datsyuk Sweater armor
>Play as "Seahawks fan"
>get the option to switch teams after 3 years
> play as Anaheim Ducks and Angels fan

> exclusive access to Disneyland them park
>play as River fan
>i have a sudden urge to suck cock
>> exclusive access to Disneyland them park
>them park

How horrifying
> be a Patriots fan

> instant game genie cheat codes are applied
File: Alexei-Ramirez.jpg (68 KB, 594x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 594x349
>select a team screen
>choose Chicago White Sox
>window pops up that says "Who?"
>Play as "seahawks fan"
>get your dick chopped off
>Cleveland Browns Fan
>Server randomly shuts down and renames itself Baltimore
>play as Seahawks fan
>have to post to Craigslist to find a new bull for your wife after Jerome violated his probation
> select the San Diego Chargers
> " do you mean to select the Los Angeles Chargers anon ?!"

> be a Patriots fan
> instant cheat codes applied

> pretend like my team isn't cheating while being proud of how "good" my team is while shoving cocks down my throat
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>tfw simmed 26 years if nothingness
>tfw you would see most spectators leave only return when their cross-bridge rival is in town wearing their gear
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>Play as Vikings Fans
>Start talking about Franchise QBs
>this pops up
>boot up spectator '13
>choose KC Royals fan
>its a pre-order form for spectator '14
File: fukinlol.jpg (28 KB, 332x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>choose American nationality
>choose Favorite Sport: Soccer
> -100 to Charisma
> -100 to Strength
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>tfw I made this meme
>start game
>choose character
>choose USA as my country
>character gets shot
>Boot up Spectator '13
>Download European expansion for £15.99
>Play as Chelsea
>Spend 3 hours running round north london looking for the other mob
>Lose the other mob and miss the game

8/8 - not enough blood IGN
>Play as Cardinals fan in KC
>slowly want to go shoot up a mall
>choose texas rangers fan
>realize i dropped my controller
>reach over the table to grab it
>Play as Toronto fan
>Get to throw bottles at children and on the ice
>Choose Cleveland Browns fan
>Game Over
Honduras coming through with the bantz
>fire up Spectator '13
>start with a HS hockey team
>given AAA batteries to throw at opposing fans
>move onto minor league baseball
>given C batteries and start small fights with opposing fans
>promoted to MLB/NBA
>given 5 9V batteries and a sock to launch a players;get in fist fights with players
HS team in Philadelphia, sorry
>start Spectator '13
>choose liverpool
>fuck my sister and raise our son together
laverpell fan here

top sides m8
This game has nothing on Spectator '04, I got maxed out street cred by supporting the Falcons, plus instant access to Eminem and Blink 182 soundtracks.
lol'd but this is fucked up canada seek help faggot
>choose Texas Rangers fan
>final boss battle
>you have 99 HP, boss has 1 HP
>game glitches and the final boss wins
>play as a royals fan
>start campaign in 2004
>character committed suicide by 2012
diehard jays fan breh far as im concerned that whole fanbase can suck a big black cock
>tfw over 100 years and team still hasn't won the conference it co-founded
thanks i'm actually going to a stand-up comedy course to try to lose the fear of talking to people
>play as Seattle fan
>watch a basketball team move to Oklahoma
>try to steal CA's capital's only team
>watch baseball team win 116 games
>watch them lose ALCS to most decorated team in league
>start attending football games 3 years ago
So realistic
File: lelbron.jpg (123 KB, 427x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 427x500
>Start campaign mode in 90s as a Cleveland fan
>Decide I'm taking my fan talents to Dallas
>Cowboys fan now
>everybody just calls me a bandwagon fan
>I don't care cause I'm Yankee fan too
>Start My Career Mode as a SF Giants fan
>2010 Champs woo baby
>2011 comes
>Go to LA for Dodgers-Giants game
>Beaten and almost killed

Now I have to use the handicap entrances fuck this game
>become Jags fan
>play as a usmnt fan

>faith stat raises through the roof
>it doesn't actually amount to anything
>play as Atlanta Thrashers fan
Where's Spectator'15?
Try the switch teams DLC. It'll cost you your dignity but might be worth it.
>Play as St. Louis Rams fan
>spend all day at town hall meetings
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>set up account as Seahawks fan
>literally every time I try to start up my Microsoft® Xbox ONE™, it crashes because the inbox is spammed with too many messages
>start as Bengals fan.
>start when they are at 3-0.
>playing over a month now.
>still undefeated.
>"ultra fan "achievement unlocked.
>get a message that I'm literally their longest running fan irl.
I don't get it
>Play as Liverpool fan
>Can't get past the Hillsborough level

>Play as Leeds United fan
>Get stabbed

>Play it safe and have a go supporting a literally who Brazillian team
>Get killed by a fucking toilet bowl
>Taking game back to CEX

This game isn't for me.
File: 442563358.jpg (38 KB, 300x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 300x400
>start up spectator.
>choose pats.
>something seems off.
>I'm watching the Jets.
>i don't focus on the players, but strangely the coaches.
>"you've been fined $500,000“ achievement pops up.
>mfw i accidentally put in the 07 version.
Top lel
>play as British NFL fan
>neckbeard unlocked
>start the NFL game as a Steelers fan.
>get raped by the quarterback.
>reboot and change to NBA and Lakers.
>get raped by guard.
>try again with Olympic soccer campaign and choose Brazil.
>get raped by Germany.

Excited for the expansion.
I hear you should choose Blackhawks fan in that.
File: 7889278985.gif (423 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
423 KB, 600x338
>>try again with Olympic soccer campaign and choose Brazil.
>>get raped by Germany.
>start up spectator
>try hometown hockey team just for a laff
>surrounded by people I know
>they never liked hockey, why are they here
>return game for realism
File: 1440401987049.gif (2 MB, 177x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 177x150
This post needs more (you)s
>Start up spectator
>Play as Kansas City Royals fan
>I am a little girl teleported to a parade wearing a pink jersey
>have no clue what is happening bbut I'm happy
>Post on a Cantonese jumprope forum telling everyone to #kiss the ring
You mean after 40 years of sucking.
>pop the disk in.
>select the 49ers.
>games are going okay than previous weeks, but not by much.
>the new guy they have out there isn't much of an improvement.
>i start to get teary-eyed.
>embarrassed for my team, i slip on my headphones.
>get the olympics expansion pack
>go into the international lobby as a swimmer
>everyone accuses me of griefing because I won alot
>smoke some weed and look around
>go to the /gym/ lobby
>game shuts down and a screen notifies me that my IP and home address have been logged

what do bros Im scared
>start up spectator
>become Liverpool fan
This thread is great
>start playing as USA fan
>get shot
>boot up the ole ps3
>select the Toronto Blue Jays
>montage parody hypermeme expansion pack just released two months ago
>flip controller in ecstasy
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Thread images: 13
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