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General Hentai Thread
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Can we get a general Hentai thread?
Dont care if its big tits, fute, guro, loli, r34, everything goes.

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Preview 03.jpg
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I should out that the op gif isn't hentai. Ecchi sure.
what's the sauce of op's gif?
It's ME!ME!ME!
Ecchi is fine too
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Fuck yeah, just got another 4TB of storage, been downloading favorite hentai, could use some more.
I download my shit from pornolab (russian torrent site) they got everything.
But I could assemble covers + links for sukebei if I find it there

TSF Monogatari

>Takumi suffers from a terminal illness, agrees to try an experimental gene therapy and is changed into a girl.
>The protagonist Takato Keisuke and 6 others are locked up in these hidden white rooms.
>"A game has now started. In order to escape the room, Keisuke is the "unlocker" and one heroine the "keyhole". With an assigned act, he must "use the key".
A whole lot of quality rape.

>Harem, group sex, not much else to add except for that it's animated very well

>Shuichi belongs to the tennis club. There are only five members in total, but he enjoys his school life with them. One day, the situation around him starts changing when Shuichi gets injured in an accident. While Ai, one of the members, takes a good care of him, Mio, his younger sister, stays grumpy. In such an ugly situation, a big accident happens which changes the whole situation...

After a tumultuous summer vacation, Shuuichi begins the second school term while under the constant love assault from Ai and Mio. One day the tennis club leader Reiko announced that they will participate in the school festival at the end of the month, which they decided to run a cosplay cafe after much wrangling. Afterwards, she decided that she wanted to run as a candidate for next term's student council. That wasn’t the end of his tumultuous days as a transfer student suddenly appeared in his class...

Mao, who has a secret crush on Mikio, makes up her mind and invites him to go on a trip. The invitation gets accepted, and at the thought of the trip just for the two she feels elated.
Mikio falls asleep right after installing himself in a seat opposite Mao in the train, helplessly spoiling the sport. She expands her expectations looking forward to upcoming events, though his seeming lack of interest dampens her ardor a bit.
Despite her hopeful view, however, it turns out that her passion for Mikio only ends up arousing the sexual desire of a man that appears unexpectedly...

>It's a new century and men have lost their sexual desires thus decreasing the number of marriages and births. In order to repopulate the world, the government decided to start a program to improve men's sex lives. Sex idols, girls who can sing, dance, and have sex with innumerable men, are now in need to help improve the stagnant society.

>Armored, strong women fucked silly, good watch


>Do not let the misleading title of this nice little hentai, it will not at all about the cannibal who lure their victims a beautiful figure and curvaceous. And about two women teachers who decide to enter their order, which is full of loose students. What would attract the attention of the leaders of the school bands they go to the most tenderloin Bottakuri, which brings together incorrigible rascals, they will not allow them to relax quietly, went to the same one of the leaders of school groups who will meet with our charming teachers. They show him what happens to bad boys for strolling lessons and believe me they do not seem enough

File: 29312.jpg (96 KB, 600x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Maid in Heaven is a tart little two episode OVA focusing on the rather sordid relationship between Yuusuke Matsudo and his childhood friend Nagisa, who’s also his newly hired maid. Of course, it would be more accurate to call her his maid/willing sex slave, since when she isn’t cleaning or making food, he’s showing her all the ways to be a true maid. How should a true maid act you ask? By being sexually subservient and promiscuous of course! She’s not quite there yet though, and Yuusuke’s on a mission to train her to be a true maid, ready and willing to please wherever and whenever he so desires!

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=953680
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=956828
>Dark existences were secretly invading Tokyo, the diabolic city.
Behind the success of ninjas of justice called Taimanin, the darkness starts the action...
Hell knight Ingrid revealed the betrayal of a diabolic doctor, Sabato Kiryuu, who has belonged to a group of darkness, Kanomado. She follows after him who managed to escape from the spot.
However, she gets the counterattack from Kiryuu in a certain hideous church and becomes captive.
With vengeance, Kiryuu tries to destroy Ingrid's noble soul and decoy her boss, Edwin Black the vampire, into coming to save her.
He encourages a group of monsters who have the desire for revenge against Ingrid to disgrace her body...

File: 37391.jpg (79 KB, 600x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 600x933
>Momokichi Momoi is a brutal baseball owner with mob connections. A mysterious old man hires Mikura and the Danger Service Agency to kidnap Momokichi. But the DSA has bigger problems standing in their way, namely Momokichi's daughter Momomi, a young girl with a twisted mind and a loaded gun. Momomi has a reputation as a cold-blooded killer who strikes fear in her adversaries. Now the DSA must find a way to accomplish their mission without getting slaughtered in the process.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=992387
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=997493
TSF Monogatari
Harem the Animation
Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival
Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu: Mao Hen
Idol Kouhosei
Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G
M-ogui: Last Order / Feast on Mashocist men
Maid in Heaven SuperS
Makai Kishi Ingrid
Mezzo Forte

Don't know why I didn't title them sooner.

Mesu Saga: Persona
>The story about a girl who has recently got married. As time went on. Hubby gradually lost interest in his wife, who wanted diversity in sex and more sex. And so, our heroine meets with the guys and they promise to her that her life was abruptly changed after they met.

Nee Summer!
>Yuuta is a guy is in his high school senior year. While he prepares for his next entrance examination for college during the summer break, his cousin Kei does him "the favor of studying with him", but it turns out to be somehow different than what our hero expected.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=90204
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=129593
File: 531beae5ba01f.jpg (199 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okusama wa Moto Yariman
>You have to live alone due to unforeseen events. This fact attracts indigenous ladies, forcing them to take care of you. In early summer three neighbors: Kirisaki, Megumi, Okudera Anna, Suzumoto Mako learned that you are going to spend your season of birth alone. So they decided to come to You to celebrate. "What do you want to earn money as a gift?) Luxury busts, beauty and enchanting voice forced the guy to forget, because they were wards of the Academy of the Holy Whore, schools for troubled women who love sex.

File: 59319.jpg (96 KB, 600x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 600x848
Pandra The Animation
>Pandora's Box - the legendary thing that takes any desires. The main character, Shirley White, transferred to the Royal Academy of Olympus in order to find Pandora's Box, and to start "asks" tentacles head of the student council and the main librarian.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=430946
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=706413
Please Rape Me!
>Hosaka Ippei has a covert rape fetish which he has not previously had the courage to act upon. One day, he comes across the unconscious Sally. As a result of certain unfortunate actions, he is blackmailed into letting her stay with him.
Whilst watching TV, Sally suddenly remarks: "This woman wants to be raped." Looking at the screen, Ippei sees that she was referring to Kouno Sakura, a popular idol. Sally further explains that she has the innate ability to see a person's desire to be raped.
Subsequent to that incident, he meets Chidori Yuuma while at work. Yuuma was a classmate of his back in high school. Even back then, she was beautiful and popular.
>More importantly for Ippei, according to Sally, Chidori too wants to be raped!

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=134336
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=227579
File: 10759l.jpg (98 KB, 600x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rape! Rape! Rape!
>A whole lotta rape.


I'll be back later
You have the TSF Monogatari link in place of the Euphoria one.
Fucked that up, sorry.
File: 63537.jpg (54 KB, 600x843) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah I fucked that one up, thanks for noticing

Correct Euphoria link:

PeroPero Teacher

Princess 69 / Shintaisou: Kari
>A P.E. teacher, Nikusuke, happened to obtain a brief of "Dark Rhythmic Gymnastics Project". It is a competition where the players compete with others their lewdness. Following the project, Nikusuke looked for the players with Tomomi, a granddaughter of the board chairman. Their first game was Miku. Tomomi deceived innocent Miku, and she invited Miku out at night.

File: 63419.jpg (76 KB, 600x856) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 600x856
Sei Shoujo The Animation
>Tokisawa Naomi, currently unemployed, is a worthless drunk who can't even pay for his drinking bill of the day before.
Luckily, he has a job offer to be a teacher from a prestigious high-school. While Naomi indeed has a degree in teaching music, that's not why he is offered the job—at all.
Tokisawa Naomi is a renowned pimp and trainer of prostitutes. Though he doesn't simply break the girls; Naomi awakens their secret desires so that they are selling their bodies willingly. The high-school doubles as a modern place to train prostitutes for the country's upper class. Naomi has to train five students. He accepts but only under the condition that he is free to choose the girls.

Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki The Animation / Saint Slut Academy Dating Diary
>A successful businessman finds himself in the middle of a life crisis. His wife and daughter left him making him question the purpose of his hard work. A young woman suddenly approaches him one night and offers him sex for money. He discovers the joy of sex after being celibate for many years and realizes that age is not a hindrance to start a youthful adventure.

Shin Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki The Animation / New diary
>Saiki Yasuo is a 45 years old office worker. After 20 years of marriage, his wife asked for a divorce and left him. Now, depressed, he spends the nights drinking alone, until one night a girl from the St. Marian Academy approaches him looking for a client.

Seifuku Shojo the Animation / Virgin in the School Uniform

>The anime itself depicts teen-aged (and well endowed) school girls getting raped—by her teachers (the first episode), by some "businessmen" who mistake the girl for a hooker (the second episode), by a class mate in mad love with the girl (third episode), and finally two sisters being raped by the school janitor.

Seikoujo: Haitoku no Biden Dorei / Dark Chapel

>Sister Rosaria is working at the village`s local church. Everything has been peaceful and many days of happiness have passed. One day a new priest and a sister arrive...and her happiness is suddenly shattered. The two are imposters, villains on the run for theft and murder. But that isn`t the only problem...the man is a former priest who sexually assaulted sister Rosaria many times in the past. Now, the village`s peace is in her hands; if she doesn`t obey "Father Edwards", he has sworn to kill every single one of the villagers...

Shin Hitou Meguri
>Based on the erotic game. Hot spings, quality sex scenes, good animation, one of my favorites

Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker
>Based on the eroge "Shoujo Senki Soul Eater" by Lune.

File: 33413.jpg (132 KB, 950x1474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 950x1474
Taimanin Asagi

>Asagi Igawa is a veteran Shinobu. After defeating an arch enemy a long time ago, she thought she could finally settle down. Yet, her arch enemy was revived from death through a pact made with the head demon in the city and swearing to take revenge on her by hurting those who are close to her. Her boyfriend, sister (a Shinobu) and her are part of the act being abused emotionally and... sexually...

This is probably my all-time favorite.
File: 52a68cd629bee.jpg (158 KB, 950x641) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 950x641
Taimanin Yukikaze

>Yukikaze, a student at a ninja training academy, learns new demon-fighting techniques. One day, she and her friend Akiyama Rinko decide to infiltrate an evil organization in hopes of finding Yukikaze's mother; however, to do so, there is a great price they have to pay.

File: 29456.jpg (156 KB, 950x1360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 950x1360
Tentacle and Witches / Tentakuru ando Uicchizu

>Morino Yuuko is an ordinary teacher at first sight, who owns a mansion on a hill. But she is in fact a witch. Her secret is known by Tachibana Ichirou, one of her pupils. One day he decides to pay her a visit to see her magic...

Uhou Renka

>Ryouhei is suddenly summoned back to his hometown in the countryside. There, he meets Karen the mascot-girl of a lodging house. As he stands entranced by the sight of her bewitching proportions, Nagisa, the sister of Ryouhei's ex-girlfriend and the one who introduced him to Karen, looks on uneasily.

File: JDXA57103.jpg (201 KB, 1000x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 1000x671
Waisetsu Missile The Animation / Obscene Missle

>Screen adaptation of the collection of short stories authored Taropun. In one episode, filmed 2 stories: about a girl is raped three classmates and the second about a girl-cow that had once bought my mother saying, "Now we have a jelly can not worry!"

File: QNB013.jpg (181 KB, 950x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 950x637
Zecchou Rocket / Orgasm Rocket

>Three random stories in which to tell about it first izvraschentsev.V bude girl loves sex toys and hard fuck preferably with double penetration. The second character will pursue a spirit maniac and will fuck it, at school, on the street, and when she finally tries to get rid of him she did not work and spirit will continue to delo.Nu and third story, about a girl whose like sex with strangers.


Be back later
oh shit I read that cowgirl manga!
This one is fine until they suddenly shit in one of the chick's mouths. Literally. It's high-quality relative-vanilla hentai bondage stuff, and then sudden one of the characters shit's in a chick's mouth. Deleted.
whats the hentai where the girl doesnt understand human emotions or whatever and they convince her to dress up in some lewd cosplay then a crowd of onlookers all gang rape her but shes fine with it because shes either a robot or an alien or something? theyre in broad daylight and everyone just decides to bang her
Fuck you, now I have to download it.
Don't try watching night shift nurse then. By the end of the first season you actually feel lucky if you got away with some scat :/
It's upsetting because I love pretty much everything else in NSN but jesus scat is just insta bonerkill
Any place where I can watch hentai on my phone (android) thanks
the couch is generally a good place, although some people also do it on trains
Reminds me of that really shitty anime from last year, Wizard Barristers.
ey das hot
File: Hentai Pack.jpg (114 KB, 661x884) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hentai Pack.jpg
114 KB, 661x884
Uncensored subbed, dual audio.

will there come an second episode?
damnit its offline atm..
I highly recommend the onichichi series

whats offline?
Anybody got one with lolis?
Mine is downloading as we speak
does anyone know of a hentai with scenes as fluid as this? it seems to have come out 13 years ago but the animation is vastly superior.
this please
My dick thanks you, friend.
New one was vastly inferior

Are you thinking of Kite?
Suki de, Suki de, Suki de.

>The story follows two girls and their relationships with their older brothers.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=985876
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=985877
bump is there actually any anal scenes?

props anon for all this effort
Cool, hoping for more soon
File: 1418128297912s.jpg (4 KB, 250x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 250x138
what is the name of the first gif anime hentai
its neither its a music video for a song by teddyloid called me!me!me!

Is it any good?

That is a rather subjective question, but I liked the song and the video.
domo arigatou
Anyone know some hentai where the girl gets pregnant? Ive only seen one where the guy gets NTRd in his "dream" and other where a guy is transformed into a girl and cant stop fucking random guys.
see episode 2 of >>635272
Guy turns into a girl due to medication, gets knocked up in episode 2, prostitutes herself for money, girl that likes him(her) decides to grow a cock, fucks him(her) silly in the end.
God, TSF Monogatari is my favorite hentai ever.
File: page_01.jpg (1 MB, 1406x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1406x2000
Anyone have a torrent of all the shit that got purged from sad panda? Most of the Wani Magazine stuff?
Yeah, that is the one i saw.
I'm back for some more hentai dump, but one of my 2TB drives fucked itself over so I'll be a bit slower

Inda no Himekishi Janne The Animation

>There is a beautiful princess, Janne, in a beautiful country. She has a special ability in sword technique and magic. The country is peaceful but monsters called ogres start to attack them. Janne takes an initiative and battles the ogres but her younger sister Yuwa is taken by them. Janne goes to Dark Elf's fastness by herself but she is trapped and caught by them. Janne is given a sexual training there and her body and spirit gradually change.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=824321
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=824322
Saimin Jutsu Zero

>Mind Control, big breasts, Oral sex, Virgin, mastrubation, toys, Group, Pregnant, naked basketball

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=262500
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=403257
File: 523ddf98eb29e.jpg (1 MB, 3220x2154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3220x2154
if I don't find a synopsis for the hentai I'm linking to, I will be using tags instead

Rin x Sen + Ran->Sem: Cross Mix

>Drama, school, teachers, Humiliation, Big tits, rape, Anal, group, blowjob, gangbang, Peeing, Bukkake, Yuri, Mind Break, Pregnant

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=318759
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=318760
File: 43451.jpg (55 KB, 225x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 225x350
or I could post both the synopsis and the tags.

Mouryou no Nie

>Big tits, Pregnant, Tentacles, Monster, Group Sex

>Hundreds of years ago, a big war between humans and monsters happened. Humans somehow won the war and sealed up the monsters deep in the mountains.... Hayato, Chihiro and Suzuna work hard to eliminate and seal up evil monsters every day. They are actually monsters, but they just want to coexist with humans. One day, they hear that the monsters sealed up hundreds of years ago are about to come out.... To stop it, they decide to visit the place.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=726751
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=726752
Mahou Shoujo Isuka / Magical Girl Isuka

>Rape, Tentacles, Demons, Magical Girl, X-ray, Pregnant, Egglaying, Ahegao

>The evil stone conceives a part of the king of the hell's power in a different world. To prevent his revival, the stone is implanted into a body of a magical girl! Now the clans from the hell follow after her. The evil stone cannot be regained by a simple destruction of the body. Thus, they start disgracing the magical girl in various ways

Otome Dori

>Drama, Mature, Big tits, Straight, Rape, Tiny tits, Bukkake, Double Penetration, Gangbang, Group sex, Pregnant, Netorare,

>Okino Kazuki is a normal student who is happy with his staid life. There are two important girls in his life: his sister, Rinka; and childhood friend Sakuragi Otome. His elder by one year, Otome is a beauty and the dream of every guy in school. Although Otome and Kazuki aren't a couple, they hang out with each other constantly and get along very well. In fact, Kazuki believes that as long as things proceed as they currently are, the two of them will eventually be together as a couple, and even marry. However, Kazuki's faith is shattered one day when he receives a damning DVD

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=717954
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=719997
Dorei Maid Princess

>Fantasy, Princess, Virgin, Anal, BDSM, Big tits, Group sex, Rape, Oral sex, sex toys, Tentacles, Pirsing, Maids, X-RAY, Milk Lactation, Pregnant

>Based on the game by Black Lilith.
Taken prisoner by the main character, battle princess Lotte has ended training to be a slave made in order to prolong her life. Slave maids are specially trained maids traded among the noblemen. While providing sexual services, they also live by working as guards who put their lives on the line for the protection of their masters, making them very valued to both royalty and noblemen. The battle princess loses her virginity and has to endure dirty and degrading training in order to turn her whole body into a sex toy.

File: 9159l.jpg (72 KB, 320x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 320x460
This concludes the Pregnant tag.

Tsuma Shibori

>Straight, Blowjob, Anal sex, Romance, Housewives, Mature

>Kousuke lives a boring life without women.... One day, his father introduces a woman, Madoka, and he is forced to live with her. Madoka's older sister Sakura starts to live with them to keep watch on them and his cohabitation with two beautiful sisters starts....a world filled with wives in need of some attention awaits him.

Chibimun ( mozaiku ari han )


Couldn't find a torrent for this, but I like it a lot personally, so I uploaded it to mega:

Be back later
So I see a lot of people talking about the shitty casting of the live action Ghost in the Shell movie and how the creator wouldn't have wanted this casting.

I want to share with everybody some of the hentai Masamune Shirow has been drawing since Ghost in the Shell.







Yeah yeah I'm sure he cares deeply about the casting.
thanks for this, ive heard about his hentai works but never seen em. thanks for that chance dude
>Wani Magazine

Name of the managa?
It's by Homunculus, named Winter Beast - Fuyu no Kemono (COMIC Kairakuten 2014-02).


(OLD) Wani stuff archive: https://mega.co.nz/#F!d5QBWTiJ!eDb2HV2ji35y9WFhvqqYiA
It's not up to date, I haven't been tracking s/a/dpanda.
It still here. Your just not cool enough to get there.
>The torrent you are looking for does not appear to be in the database.
Nevermind, i'm retarded.
just finished it like a week ago. episode 11 was a joke.
Does anyone remember a loli hentai when a girl constantly teases everyone on the train and they get revenge by raping her on the train? it used to be on badjojo even, but the name was in fucking japanese
File: 403jdra56735rpl.jpg (153 KB, 800x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 800x541

Hitoriga Counseling, maybe?

anon, fucking love you

Here is Vol 1-4

>Otome Dori
Fuck off
Is there some alternate link? Deluge won't start the download for some reason?
Poor baby. Does the NTR make you sad?
Is this the one where the guy eventually goes crazy and ends up killing everyone by the end?
Yes it fucking glorious.
Yeah I have this one.
Too fucking bad is censored.
Newmanoid can?
File: 1380697092809.jpg (42 KB, 479x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 479x720
>heh nothin personnel kid
I cant help but smile at this description. Describes me well, except for the wife and kid leaving part.
Link doesn't appear to be working for this one.
torrent removed
here's replacement

Next time just input name of the hentai into nyaa's search
Me!Me!Me!Me! teddyloid
> 361 gb collection

nice job anon
just look at dem ratings
also protip, you can look up hashes

Anymore like it? Kinda looks like those VIper scenes. Quite good.
disloyal scum
There aren't any guro h-anime?
Pigeons blood
Bondage Game
Crimson Climax
Depravity: Destruction of a Female Teacher
Desperate Carnal Housewives
Harvest Night
Heartwork: Love Guns
Humiliated Wives
Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress
a movie where theres a bbunch of girls strapped to tables with vibrators and a dude strapped to ceiling with rock hard dick. he keeps cumming while restrained above the girls

Hey, no offense taken
Euphoria ALMOST got me into guro, scat, bdsm, etc. It looked THAT good.
Since this is the general hentai thread, does anyone have a torrent of this? I need to find more.
It's not a hentai anime, rather it's a game that was released on DLSite. Here's a sukebei link for it

However apparently people have had issues running it on a non-Japanese locale PC and the "region-free" ones appear to be dead. However if you just want the animations without fiddling with a game they're on various boorus and sadpanda.
Thank You!

I actually couldn't sleep last night so I was searching for them. Ended up finding them on different sites too. Can't really find the games, but I found the web version rar files. Finally downloaded all of them today.
>"region-free" ones appear to be dead
The "status unknown" one is alive and kicking.

t. cool guy
LInk is dead. Sounds awesome though
>Mahou Shoujo Isuka / Magical Girl Isuka
Disregard I am a faggot who doesn't know how to use the search bar
found an alternative mega link that doesn't require Japanese Local. Works on Us machines
anyway to translate these moon runes?
Here's the magnet link for the .mkv version. I have this one downloaded and will be seeding for a while. A good hentai indeed.

please tell me most of these have, at least, english subs?
just read the torrent filenames, if it doesn't say something like "eng sub" then no, it doesn't

I'd say about 50% have subs

>Now you know what it feels like!
To bad the new stuff is not getting uncensored anymore
is there any hentai that focuses on insects, worms or larvae? That really gets me going.

i found a game but not a vid

hm, inyouchuu maybe? that stuff generally isnt my thing
Yeah Inyouchuu is the only one that focuses on insects, god damn there isn't enough insect hentai.
thanks anons
This is the best hentai I've ever seen.

do take note that game is password protected , just downloaded both parts and i have no idea what's the password. gg anon
its on the website
should be hentaibedta
yep , found it bit later after posting , my apologies dear sir but after extracting it with winrar and 7zip it says that the files are corrupt and that i run an antivirus scan and reinstall the application , no results , maybe i'm not the only one....
Back for some more hentai dump
Nana to Kaoru

>Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin who has an S&M fetish. He has always dreamt about an SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana, who is looked upon as perfect and is always the target of boys' eyes. Their relationship has somewhat deteriorated through the years, due to them hanging out with different people and because Kaoru is not taking his education too seriously. One day though, Kaoru's mother gives some of his S&M toys to Nana for safekeeping. Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on but accidentally locks herself in it and doesn't have the key! Kaoru frees her of the one-piece, but then Nana realizes she may like Kaoru's hobby more than she thought. Subsequently, the two of them start engaging in so-called "breathers." These breathers are intended to relieve Nana of stress that originates from her attempts at keeping her grades and name perfect.

No penetration, no blowjobs, not even a nip slip, still came harder than ever.

Forgot to mention that Nana to Kaoru manga is highly recommended
朝まで授業 Chu! | Asa made Jugyou Chu!

>Kagami Yuuki has always wanted to a scholarship to the prestigious Houri Academy. However, due to a mistake by a teacher, Kakinozaka Ayana, he ended up in the Academy's girls' dorm! Further, the situation cannot be corrected, and Yuuki must live and dress as a girl if he wishes to study at Houri. And if his secret should be revealed, he would be instantly expelled. To make up for her error and to assist Yuuki in his deception, Ayana-sensei offers to be his room-mate.
File: 53461f007dcd9.jpg (257 KB, 1000x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 1000x671
Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao

>VA-episode collection on manga Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao authored Yusuke N. He noble draftsman incest, and not so long ago, his other work Ane Koi filmed Pashmina. Ovashki which removes Pink Pineapple, called Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao with Imouto Lip (Other Shiba face and lips sister). In the original, this two-story incest several chapters. In the first schoolgirl pulls father, the second - the younger sister found her brother porn, only had time to watch a blowjob before sleeping, but it has been unstoppable. Even in the bathroom brother disappeared - came and sucked.

File: 58159l.jpg (77 KB, 315x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 315x450
Futabu! / ふた部!

>Based on the adult doujin by BOSSHI.

File: 29388l.jpg (75 KB, 314x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 314x450
I'll start including tags again for clarity since some of these lack description

>bondage, comedy, ecchi, female student, large breasts, romance, school

>Comedy, School, Yuri, Big tits, Spanking, Crossdressing, Ecchi

>School , Student, Oral sex, X-Ray, Incest

>nal sex, Big tits, Tiny tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Futanari, Students
Onmyouji Ayakashi no Megami: Inran Jubaku / Onmyouji: Youen Emaki / 陰陽師 妖かしの女神 淫乱呪縛
>BDSM, Big tits, Milk, Oral sex, Fantasy, Rape, Demons, Futanari, Tentacles

>Seimei is an onmyouji with spiritual powers which threatens the evil Douma's reign of the land. In order to get defeat Seimei, the Douma traps her with a spell which makes Seimei lust for a man’s penis.

File: 50061l.jpg (45 KB, 240x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 240x350
Hainuwele Shuukaku no Yoru / The Harvest Night / Shukaku / ハイヌウェレ 収穫の夜
>Anal sex, BDSM, Big tits, Group sex, Torture, Oral sex, Drama, Rape, Virgin

>In a town divided by a bridge, both sides are like night and day. One side, a violent, immoral,abusive sexual decadence. The other side a paradise. Should one cross that bridge from day to night, there is no turning back. No rule, no law, just total chaos.
There is a gang that benefits from sex and violence. This is the story of those gang members and the dark secrets that go with them

File: 56393l.jpg (85 KB, 350x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 SLG The Animation / 特別授業3SLG THE ANIMATION
>BDSM, Group sex, Oral sex, School, Rape

>In expensive prestigious college "Holy Virgin" can not get everything, but our hero Tomoe lucky because her invitation came . From this chance not refuse and he did not hesitate to rush there. Not having to knock on the door, on the threshold of his encounters charming girl invites go, offers a hot cup of tea and wait a little. It turned out that something spiked tea and Tomoya wakes up in an unknown place, like a brothel. He hears the following "Congratulations, you have taken in college. Your first task will be to meet this girl." At first, his shock was replaced by pleasure. Its mission is to - not to show any sympathy for the girls, because they were now his slave and to behave as a slave master.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1012439
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1012440
File: 55045ab58c06d.jpg (312 KB, 826x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 826x553
Swing Out Sisters (Complete Version) / スウィング アウト シスターズ
>Anal sex, Big tits, Oral sex, Romance, School, Incest, Maids

>This story takes place in the days leading up to their school's School Festival. One day, Chinatsu overhears Yuuta being invited to a soccer match by his best friend, for the purpose of "curing his sis-com". After they return home, as Yuuta is folding the laundry, he comes across a pair of racy panties! As he holds the panties in his hand, pondering its owner, Chinatsu creeps up on him from behind. When he comes to, Yuuta finds Chinatsu sucking his dick. When he protests, Chinatsu tears up, explaining that she's jealous of how close he is to Chiyo. When Yuuta hears that, he's relieved of his preconception that Chinatsu dislikes him. However, at that moment, Chiyo also appears.

File: 45415808_hpcausm.jpg (269 KB, 1000x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 1000x671
Oppai Infinity! The Animation / おっぱインフィニティ∞! THE ANIMATION
>Anal sex, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Titsjob, School, Rape

>Haruka - a beautiful young girl who is very popular with the boys school, as well as is not only a good student, but also the President of the Student Council. Once Chloe admits Haruka in love, but she rejects the feelings and everything else to knock the boys that they would be raped in front of her Chloe. But Chloe owe offender will not.

File: 20014l.jpg (65 KB, 318x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 318x450
Ryoujoku no Rensa / Chains of Lust
>Anal sex, BDSM, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Drama, Incest, Rape, Virgin

>Blackmail, lust, and unspeakable acts are performed in a secret room when two adult video store workers create their own erotic film with a cast of unwilling women. Soon the police start sniffing around the scene, but not to stop the illicit movie magic, they want a piece of the action.

Kunoichi Sakuya / くのいち・咲夜
>BDSM, Bondage, Large Breasts, Ninja, Rape

>Sakuya adores her beloved brother always. One day, she asks him if he has ever thought about getting married and he tells her that he would only accept the best of the Ninja for the wife. And so she promises him to be the best and to marry him. However, everything changes when her brother is declared a traitor and she is instructed to arrest him. The one that is, however, captured first, Sakuya is yourself.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=405707
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=405697
Can't believe I haven't posted this yet

Oni Chichi (complete): Oni Chichi (1-2 of 2) / Oni Chichi 2 (1-2 of 2) / Re-birth (1) / Re-born (1-2 of 2) / Revenge(1-2 of 2) / Rebuild(1-3 of 3)
>rape, blowjob, female students, incest, virgins

>Marina and Airi's mother divorced few years ago and got remarried recently to a young man. While Marina accepts her new stepfather, Airi detests him. Little do they know that really he's a pervert that sniffs their underwear and wants to make them his own by making a love drug that will turn Marina and Airi into a sex-hungry sluts. When Airi comes home and notices her schoolmate Sana giving him a blowjob, he sprays the drug on her. Now he will do with them whatever he pleases.

http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1342266&showfiles=1 (Complete)
File: 55215l.jpg (73 KB, 315x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 315x450
Koakuma Kanojo The Animation / 小悪魔カノジョ THE ANIMATION
>Big tits, Milk, Oral sex, X-Ray, Mystic, School, Incest, Rape, Demons, Futanari

>Naughty girl demon decided to visit a school for girls of a certain interest but in the end it exposes Kazuya guy from a neighboring school who stumbles upon her after school. Not even trying to hide his true face, tail and a sinister grin, immediately grabs him and drags to itself, causing it to please. Kazuya in confusion, although who am I kidding I bet he dreamed about this moment my whole life is not long. After a moment, he can not stop " more, more, more .... she yells to him " uttering moans excited. After their joy she comes across a girl in her class Mika who wanted to get acquainted with a new classmate. Maybe it's a fatal mistake, because Mika even knowing that in fact it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Under the guise of a cute girl hiding sukub insatiable. But now it's too late to make excuses because it will not stop until you quench your hunger.

File: 52875l.jpg (87 KB, 313x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 313x450
Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai / えろげー! ~Hもゲームも開発三昧
>Big tits, Tiny tits, Footjob, Milk, Oral sex, Titsjob, X-Ray, Comedy, Beach, Harem, Toys

>Mochizuki Tomoya is a guy that lives on his own with only a day job at a convenience store keeping him afloat. While he really likes eroge, he can't draw, isn't much of a writer or composer, and doesn't know much about business. Still, his dream is to get a job at an eroge studio in hopes of creating what he loves, eroge. Tomoya's luck takes a turn for the better when he sees a help wanted ad for the local studio Flower, and after a meeting with the company president (who to his surprise looks like an elementary school kid), manages to get a job as administrator of the company's website. Tomoya's glee at being part of the eroge industry is short-lived, as he soon learns that Flower is on the chopping block due to their first title being a massive failure.
After playing through Flower's first title, Tomoya realizes that his co-workers don't know anything about eroge, lacking the insight and understanding needed to make a good game. After some nudging from the president of Flower's parent company and some soul searching of his own, our protagonist takes it upon himself to save Flower by teaching the four girls on staff the ins and outs of what makes an eroge good. The story thus focuses on Tomoya's role as a psuedo-consultant while getting to know the four heroines of the story as the player is given an interesting look at the world of eroge development.

VOL 1-4 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=359649
VOL 5 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=464957
Hana to Hebi The Animation / Flower & Snake The Animation / Pretty Slave Huanuli / 花と蛇 The Animation
>BDSM, Big tits, Oral sex, Drama, Incest, Rape, Housewives, Yuri, Toys

>Shizuko, a 26-year-old housewife, is lured into a trap when her stepdaughter is kidnapped by the Kizakura gang. The kidnapping scheme was hatched by an evil CEO whose main goal is to make Shizuko his sex slave. Eventually, she's coerced into performing a bizarre sex show in front of a large audience. They force Shizuko to perform with her stepdaughter. Though she refuses at first, she gradually accepts and decides to roll with the twisted pleasure of it all.

File: 55469l.jpg (89 KB, 740x1056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 740x1056
Himekishi Olivia / 姫騎士オリヴィア
>Anal sex, Bondage, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, X-Ray, Fantasy, Rape, Monsters, Princess

>Like all princesses hentai Olivia becomes a hostage of another invader with delusions of grandeur. Seeking to conquer the world well, or at least most of it, to some extent it succeeds, and it captures the Princess. Blackmail he puts it a difficult choice, give up or I will destroy your kingdom. Instead, he promised not to touch her, at least until she asks about it. Certainly agree it was not going to, until it does not recognize that her sister was plagued by orcs in the dungeon and that would save his sister she has to do evil prince massage, of course I'm kidding, surrender to this scoundrel." Let even cute" One question tormented princess orcs were able to capture the fortress, the answer to this question is in the sequel where we learn about the elf, who missed the enemies fortress. What she got in return, or better to say that we will get to know soon!

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1016327
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1016328
File: 37375l.jpg (116 KB, 740x1151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 740x1151
Otome Chibaku Yuugi: Kutsujoku Baigaeshi ADV / Disgrace Return Play / 乙女恥曝遊戯 屈辱倍返しADV
>Anal sex, BDSM, Big tits, Oral sex, School, Rape, Students, Virgin

>Kaoru is a high school student. He has an old friend, Nanao, at the same school. She has been giving him sexually insulting orders in front of other students and he has always obeyed it. But one day, his patience runs out and decides to take revenge on her. While he still plans how to do it, he accidentally witnesses Mayu, his classmate, shoplifting. He makes up his mind to use Mayu as his pawn.

Okusama wa Michael? / The Wife is Micael / Oku-sama wa Micael? / おくさまは天使[ミカえる]?
>Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Comedy, Mystic, Hospital, Rape, Futanari, Doctor

>Mika Amano, a newly married woman, discovers an alien who crashed on earth. This alien named Furuu can take the shape of any article of clothing. Her husband, Dr. Shinichi Amano, works at a small clinic and discovers an intresting side effect to a new experimental drug.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=985778
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=985779
虜ノ契 ~家族のために身体を差し出す姉と妹~ | Toriko no Chigiri: Kazoku no Tame ni Shintai o Sashidasu Ane to Imouto
>anal sex, big tits, drama, gangbang, oral sex, rape, virgins

>Two sisters, living peacefully with their grandfather who heads a Yakuza group, face a dilemma when their grandfather falls ill and another rival group starts putting pressure. The only way out is to accept the deal with another Yakuza group for support in return for one of the girls.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=409949
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=420594
File: 26561l.jpg (91 KB, 740x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 740x1050
Saimin Jutsu The Animation 2nd / Hypnosis / 催眠術 THE ANIMATION 2nd
>Anal sex, Big tits, Bondage, Group sex, Milk, Oral sex, Titsjob, School, Incest, Yuri, Futanari, Tentacles

>Susumu is negative and introverted. He is just living a vacant life, always been reprimanded by his mother and never resisting it. All that changed the day he met a certain person that just moved to the Condo he and his mother live in, that would bring a dramatic change in his life... he is been taught hypnotism! Susumu will use his new godly technique on his mother but first he will use it on his next door neighbours: that hot big busted Mother and her cute daughter.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1098378
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1111089
File: 33327l.jpg (139 KB, 740x1151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 740x1151
Samayou Midara na Lunatics / Wandering Dirty Lunatics / 彷徨う淫らなルナティクス
>Anal sex, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Fantasy, Incest, Princess, Tentacles, Virgin

>Afa and Alois, a lovely siblings before being the princess and prince of certain Kingdom, both destined to be its symbol in the future. Afa has a secret, she is in love with his brother but don't know how to make his brother notice her feelings for him, Rihiteri, the Queen and stepmother of Afa and Alois talks woman to woman to Afa and motivates her to express his love to her brother.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=21758
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=22614
File: 58161l.jpg (87 KB, 740x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 740x1064
Tenioha! Onna no Ko datte Honto wa Ecchi Da yo? / てにおはっ! ~女の子だってホントはえっちだよ?
>Big tits, Footjob, Oral sex, School, Virgin, Harem

>Hiroto Izumi in love with his classmate Himekawa Ami. Through secret channels he could get a picture of her in a swimsuit. Farewell lonely evenings! Now what will take your hands! Also, the hero finds out that she is in the Club culture lovers and best friend invited him to start there. Of course, can not miss this chance. But here's the surprise, the club made a few beautiful girls. Hiroto reluctantly decides to follow his dream and secretly spying on Amy. He was once again lucky - he sees a girl panties... but Amy saw where he was looking . Subsequent phrase was quite unexpected: "Hiroto - kun ... would not want to have sex with you today?" heart was ready to jump out of my chest, finally fulfilled his dream, but what kind of suspicious looks from other girls?" Nothing will happen because if I'm nice to them?

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=346591
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=383317
File: 57155l.jpg (96 KB, 740x1151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 740x1151
Kansen Ball Buster The Animation / 姦染 Ball Buster The Animation
>Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, School, Teachers

>The essence in the original one - the girls are infected crowds, whole school clubs, and raped men came to hand. The protagonist also is on the way rabid female athletes, swimmers and cheerleaders. True joy group pairing slightly overshadows the fact that among the infected his younger sister (in a bathing suit in the picture above) and a childhood friend.

File: 33715l.jpg (129 KB, 740x1156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 740x1156
あねき... MY SWEET ELDER SISTER THE ANIMATION / Aneki... My Sweet Elder Sister: The Animation
>Incest, School, Students, Female Student, Female Teacher, Large Breasts

>Takumi just cannot stop fantasizing about Saki-senpai, her voluptuous body just stands out anywhere. One day she talks to him on the train and they become friends. Whenever he can, Takumi stares at her form, always getting a hard-on. The next day he finds out they have the same fetish... and so the story begins

File: e39fccd166b1cbf4acee79d652008a6f.jpg (125 KB, 740x1091) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuurinkanzan / 風輪奸山
>Anal sex, Bondage, Big tits, Tiny tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Incest, Rape, Princess, Samurai

>In a distant realm of the state a bloody war where greedy king tries to enslave all around his kingdom built on the bones of their predecessors. Only one of the generals Sanada Hikosaburo challenged him promising that frees residents from oppression sinister monster what its all believe. But the king is not afraid of threats because he has an army of many thousands, and he clearly does not intend to deviate from the planned because of one obstacle, step by step, he enslaves village after village and with them takes a handmaid princesses as a trophy. What he gets up with them can only guess. Hikosaburo save us whisper to himself princess because more hope there is someone in the meantime, they have to submit to this pervert.

Junk Land The Animation / JUNK LAND THE ANIMATION
>Anal sex, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, X-Ray, School, Toys

>Not much of a mediocre romantic story of a couple of teenagers, why commonplace? Quite simply, the first thought that may occur when watching hentai is that our heroes are brother and sister, they are painfully similar to each other out. The first look is deceiving and I just did not exclude hasty conclusions. In fact it is a young couple, who clearly is not enough spark in a relationship. What would you like to change it they go to the sex shop is where they will find what they are missing. Beautiful lingerie ignite a spark in every man, without exception, and that will move the plot. Like teenagers who do not shy when thought about sex now overflowing desire, making love anywhere and with anything. Of course I'm talking about sex toys that hentai not deprived. So we will see and watch what their fun ends.

Dorei Usagi to Anthony The Animation / 奴隷兎とアンソニー THE ANIMATION
>Big tits, Oral sex, X-Ray, Comedy, Romance, School,

>A screen adaptation of the manga Akatsuki Myuuto. Hiroto - simple closed high school student who hates promiscuous girls and horny guys. One day in his class translates Blood Charlotte, who immediately declares that can read people's hearts (knows innermost desires) and that most preoccupied Hiroto pepper in school. Hiroto course outraged such a statement and did not believe it. Then Charlotte proved to him a passionate blowjob, reading his thoughts and executing them in real life.

Idol Kouhosei / アイドル候補生
>Big tits, Tiny tits, Oral sex, Titsjob

>It's a new century and men have lost their sexual desires thus decreasing the number of marriages and births. In order to repopulate the world, the government decided to start a program to improve men's sex lives. Sex idols, girls who can sing, dance, and have sex with innumerable men, are now in need to help improve the stagnant society.

Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu: Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi The Animation / かがち様お慰め奉ります 寝取られ村淫夜噺 / かがち様お慰め奉ります ~寝取られ村淫夜噺~ THE ANIMATION
>Bondage, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Netorare, Rape

>Tomikura Manami on the second anniversary of marriage noticed that her husband no longer feels pleasure from sex with her. The girl thought that the fact that she was not very experienced in matters of sex, but as it turned out, the reason was different. To dispel these unpleasant thoughts, she and her husband went to his home in a small village. In the village there is a tradition to organize festivals with songs and dances, but the main event is the sex. The ritual is performed secretly, and not everyone knows what a girl will be selected at this time. Thus people pleasuring snake that sleeps under the earth and protects the village from crop failure and disease. Manami was secretly chosen for the ritual so that even her husband did not know about it ( as she thought ). To his surprise, Manami experienced real bliss of what became a sex toy in the hands of strangers. When she returned she went to bed with a smile. Husband secretly podsmotrevshy the ritual, was satisfied. For him happiness wife thing in this life, though not the most achieved by conventional methods.

Yokujou Bazooka The Animation / Desires Bazooka / 欲情バズーカ THE ANIMATION
>Tiny tits, Oral sex, Fantasy, School

>Today we shall see a real masterpiece in the genre of hentai , is to come to mind might not for everyone. Imagine that you come across in the hands of a mirror that allows you to move any part of your body where you do not want . Here's our hero and such a contraption will fall naturally about good things can not walk and talk . It is time to realize their perverted fantasies . Who will be the first goal for his experiments that the school president , where to begin ? ) Girl from not understanding what is happening is trying to hide their emotions, but it can not restrain myself . Her moans immediately her issue , through our time magician confesses to her that it was his hands of the case and he is very sorry about it, " Cross your fingers with " Immediately they fastened love carrots and about the mirror immediately forget everything . Their relationship continues to evolve.

指先案内人 汁だく接待 おかわり三杯目 | Yubisaki Annainin Shirudaku Settai Okawari Sanbai-me
>anal, big tits, blowjob, bondage, group, oral, virgins, x-ray, yuri

>Nero Dokujima continues his erotic acts even while on the lam. Due to his relentlessness with an esthetician, Erika, Haruna comes to let homeless men "play" her. Yet new blood comes to Erika's salon without knowing what's going on there: A drop-dead gorgeous great lawyer, Mutsumi Nikaido, who's known to be a man-hater. When Nero toys her bounded naked body, she signals her strong intention to resist.

恥熱カルテ The Devilish Cherry | Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish Cherry
>large breasts, nurses, rape

>Chinetsu Karte is a tale about a young man who seduces the very beautiful nurse assigned to his room while he's in the hospital. He soon has her coming back again and again until she becomes his sex slave. In time, he makes a move on other nurses and even on one of the female doctors in the hospital until they, too, come under his spell.

File: 29377l.jpg (112 KB, 640x917) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 640x917
In`youchuu Etsu: Kairaku Henka Taimaroku / Insect Obscene Mystic Yue / 淫妖蟲 悦~怪楽変化退魔録

>For the final stage of their training as demon exorcists, sisters Mikoto and Takeru visit the village of Ayagami along with Yamato. Lurking within Yamato is a demon, sealed away by Hatsune, the girls' mother. However, to truly seal away this demon requires the ultimate spirit power of the Haramiko. For Mikoto and Takeru, no sacrifice is too great.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=404897
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=405384

Original In`youchuu The Animation:
Forgot tags
>Big tits, Anal sex, Oral sex, X-Ray, Mystic, Rape, Demons, Tentacles, Insect


Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera / Pure-Hearted Girl Et Cetera / 純情少女エトセトラ
>Big tits, Oral sex, Footjob, Romance, School, Toys

>>Kuramochi Kohn interested in reading, needlework and cooking. At first glance, the new student food was just mediocre . Is that her great growth and maturity of the external isolated girl from the crowd of new classmates . Literally from the first submission Kohn , her neighbor's party , Dzenoti Yuto , began looking for a way to get close to brand new . And the fate quickly throws him a chance to correct . Yuto habitually dined on the roof of the building, and when it came to the bento Kohn in his hands, he was incredibly pleased coincidence of their tastes. Do not delay urgent issue on the back burner , Yuto Cohn offers to be his girlfriend . Within a few days, the newly-formed couple moved to a more intimate level of relationships. Getting to know each other's bodies , high school students begin to gain experience in a classic sex, not forgetting , to love both of obscenities . Until one day , Kon notices Yuto in the arms of another girl.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=712632
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=714120
本当にあった人妻不倫告白 | Hontou ni Atta
>big tits, masturbation, netorare, oral sex, romance

>No synopsis has been added for this series yet.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=977114
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=459968
Soukan Yuugi 2 / Sexual Pursuit 2 / 相関遊戯2
>incest, Big tits, virgin, yuri, Oral sex

>Yuji just got himself a new board game and he can't wait to play. What Yuji doesn't know is that the game possesses secret powers, sexual powers, to be precise. He and his stepmother decide to give it a try. The game requires drawing cards from a deck that have sexual instructions on them. Though it starts out innocently enough, Yuji soon experiences sexual feelings for his opponent. As the game progresses and the sexual tension escalates culminating in a sexual free-for-all with his stepmother and stepsister.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1014732
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1043678

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1115770
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1557994
Imouto Paradise! 2 / 妹ぱらだいす! 2
>Big tits, Oral sex, Incest, Masturbation, Titsjob

>Sisters grew up in the prime age. The Keiichi, there was often that you will have an unhealthy feeling at the sight of such girls. Summer vacation and when I reached. Keiichi parents would go out to travel abroad. The sister thought, science people Nana a serious, brother erotic and becomes more and more vulgar in sloppily between parents absence, had to take a tough attitude Keiichi. However, our management that Nana even while saying I do not like things horny, are masturbating in secret.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1001257
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=1001259

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=793827
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=765211
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: San Shimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu / 彼女×彼女×彼女~三姉妹とのドキドキ共同生活
>Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Harem, Incest, Virgin

>Due to unavoidable circumstances, Haruomi is freeloading at his relatives', the Orifushi sisters', house. Since that day, his common everyday life has come to a screeching halt. The eldest sister is the gentle and maternal Natsumi. The second is Akina, a bright and cheerful girl for whom a smile is well-suited. The youngest sister is the bratty Mafuyu. The curtain rises on Haruomi's new life in the company of these three beautiful sisters.

しおふきマーメイド プールサイドの初体験 | Shiofuki Mermaid: Poolside no Hatsutaiken
>anal, big tits, comedy, oral sex, virgins

>Makoto is an ordinary university student who often visits a nearby swimming pool to swim and watch women in swimsuits. One day, he is asked to teach Marina how to swim. It seems she can't swim at all. While he touches her body, he gets an erection. Marina notices it, and gives him a blowjob. When he touches her vagina, she cries out in pleasure and achieves female ejaculation. His unknown erotic ability comes into bloom! Make all women -from a university student to a married woman- ejaculate with your fingers!

Dark Shell: Ori no Naka no Namameki / Dark Shell: Lust in the Cage / ダーク・シェル 檻の中の艶
>Anal sex, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Drama, Rape, Military

>At the end of World War II, after dividing up the nation, the countries that defeated Japan failed to rule the island. As a result, many independent powers were established, fighting amongst each other and trying to seize control. They developed a hatred of one another, leading the country into a never-ending spiral of a civil war. Our story opens with a group of women under the protection of a gang of sexually charged soldiers. The women and the soldiers are trapped in enemy territory, separated from their main force, and they must find a way to rejoin the main force -- if they are to survive the war.

恋騎士PurelyKiss The Animation | Koikishi Purely Kiss The Animation
> fantasy, knight, oral, romance, straight, virgins, x-ray

>In the past as children, Kaname and Elcia were caught in a building in which a fire had broken out. Elcia got stuck under some rubble, and Kaname didn't planning on giving up on her, even though it seemed hopeless. Just as Kaname was about to run out of strength, a modern-day knight saved them. After the incident, they both decided and promised each other to become knights and to protect and uphold justice and righteousness more than any other. Years later, they fulfill their promise to each other and work side-by-side to protect and uphold justice, while love starts growing in their hearts.

VOL1 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=306602
VOL2 http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=393668
15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki / The Story of 15 Beautiful Girls Adrift / 15美少女漂流記
>Anal sex, Big tits, Group sex, Oral sex, Titsjob, Harem

>15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki is the brainchild of adult game creator Takahiro and anime character designer Kuroda Kazuya. The name is a wordplay on the Japanese title (15 Shounen Hyouryuuki) for Two Years' Vacation, a children's adventure story by Jules Verne. Toei Animation adapted 15 Shounen Hyouryuuki into a 1982 movie, and Nippon Animation remade the story into a 1987 television special. Like the original story and its two anime remakes in the 1980s, the new 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki project centers on 15 young students who are stranded on a deserted Pacific island by a tumultuous storm. Unlike the previous versions, 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki will feature 15 girls instead of 15 boys.

See you later
Where do you get such videos when there isn't any torrents? Is there a website that does it or I assume you record it when it airs or have it on DVD?
>new to this kind of this thing so help me understand
The content linked in that post never aired on TV (heck I don't think any hentai actually ever aired on TV in Japan), rather I believe it came from that getchu site or someplace similar.


ayy lmao
Thank you for all of these
Anyone know which one this is its been driving me crazy since 2005
Theres these two girls a mage type and a warrior and the mage one almost gets raped by this bandit gang and when thats happening this scouter type thing happens and shes like omg hes huge and theres this queen lady bad guy following them around with this lirtle dog that always eats her pussy when she starts making a speech
And they meet up with this little chick who was all along working with the queen and tricks them into a tentacle rape but then feels bad and ends up becoming a good guy
The English title is "Sex Demon Queen".
why u guys keeping posting big tits genre..
i mean.. come on
because loli thread is this way >>650368
Maybe someone just started the big one, then everyone did the same, (oh i like small one btw haha!)
Omg that's it you are amazing thank you is there a torrent
if you google the name and add "torrent" at the end you'll find at least 10 torrent sites where you can download it...think anon before you post
File: 1426958563706.gif (2 MB, 194x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 194x293
fuck yeah
I tryed before i asked then i looked up the Japanese name and found it
Really needs seeds
>Uncensored But Shit

Also, noticed there's no Star Jewel. Needs me some pettanko futa, but I'm too damned lazy to fire up an IP scrambler and scavenge a link. Seedin' a coulpa the gateway hentai though. New people must be inducted into our personal hell.
Newfag, please.
guys any good quality futas apart from bible black? Bİble black is shit.
Where do you get the tags/descriptions from?
I've wanted some sort of equivalent of exhentai for animated hentai for quite a while.
Well organized torrents on a great tracker.
The only other thing with futas I know about is Futabu. Probably not the best quality, but you can't expect too much nowadays sadly.

Sorry. I just get pissed about Japan's stupid censorship laws. You want a higher birthrate? Show a dude a non-mosaic pussy, and make sure he has time to actually watch the porn instead of working fourteen hours a fucking day.

Space Pirate Sarah, one scene in Discipline.
File: UchuuKaizokuSara3.jpg (17 KB, 400x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 400x224
>Space Pirate Sarah



HQ(1 seed)

File: 2.jpg (27 KB, 704x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 704x396
Saishuu chikan densha NEXT Molester

Episode 1


Episode 2


Full(1 seed)

[1st ep starts with a short lolixshota twin scene, the rest is all regular trainmob hentai]
File: chikan.jpg (48 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 640x480
Chikan juunin tai


trainmobs gon mob
File: 3.jpg (37 KB, 704x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 704x396
Seme Chichi



2 Iso

File: WR.jpg (119 KB, 750x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 750x421
Walkure Romanze





Complete Raws

File: saimin.png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
Saimin Jutsu Zero

File: sjt2.jpg (61 KB, 500x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 500x714
Saimin Jutsu The Animation 2nd Trimax

Could you at least Ctrl+F before you post? >>652494
Angel Blade + Punish!



This is a hentai?
Star Jewel is GOAT
Is it safe to assume that the ones with covers written all in english are uncensored?
lol no.
In some cases (Kite rerelease for example) a few scenes are even cut.
There's an uncensored hentai thread this way >>631809 Check it out.
Also check Ctrl+F for "uncensored" tag in this thread.
Torrents for this series could really use some seeders.
interesting. very nice animation. i hope there will be some nudity in the next one, though.
So can we get a general idea of what these are?
I don't want to waste my time downloading something I delete after the first three minutes.
wat is google
Posting here fwiw. >>13280606
Anyone know?
hey i remember watching that. unfortunately, have no idea of the name.
Fubuki triangle
Fubuki triangle
oh my fucking god i've been looking for source of this for ages.
I fucking love you
for me its down too
Change the .so part of the url to .to
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