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I've got a ton of Western cosplay porn,...
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I've got a ton of Western cosplay porn, and I've decided to share. Simple as that.

Previous thread with a bunch of content is here >>642010

When that goes down, anons were kind enough to archive it, so go here: https://4archive.org/t/thread/642010

And I also have a tumblr where I mirror all of my downloads, and post cosplay sets of my small equines which wouldn't be welcome on /t/ which is here: http://koalascosplaybabes.tumblr.com/

If anyone else has stuff I don't have, or wants to dump their Western cosplay, then you're more than welcome to do so!
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So where is the torrent? Thanks and all for the other thread but whats the point of this thread? To help push the other one off the back end? Cause I'm seeing a critical lack of any form of torrent.
Not OP.
Other thread reached bumplimit and will leave board in nearest time. I think it's a good idea to make a new one with the link to the old.
Also, torrent will be in a nearest future, I think. So far OP provided a great amount of stuff.

Sure did. But where is the torrent for this thread? At this point its just a place holder at best. At worst its tumblr spam thats pushing some other thread off the board.
Well, I apologise for listening to anons who told me to post it now rather than later. I thought it'd be better to leave it until I had the next set ready to go, but I listened to them instead.
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>>647063 (You)
With that in mind, and to stop it being a place holder (only reason I included the tumblr was for the banned content anyway) have this.

Christina Carter's Wunder Woman - Dark Dimension

Direct: https://kickass.to/christina-carter-s-wunder-woman-dark-dimension-t9658961.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:431121B9BA426D001BC52C33913C1A98A2368B33&dn=christina+carter+s+wunder+woman+dark+dimension&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
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[Cosplay Deviants] Switched On - Bad Charlotte [Blade Runner]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-switched-on-bad-charlotte-blade-runner-t10232088.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:366B06AC697128691F035140755B36E7BD42A9B4&dn=cosplay+deviants+switched+on+bad+charlotte+blade+runner&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
can you get First class exorcist from Maryjane and Sensation from Dovah?
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[Cosplay Deviants] Believe It - Koyomatsu [Naruto]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-believe-it-koyomatsu-naruto-t10236187.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5ACFAFF52669D648FAFD640ADF31ECC5974DCEE6&dn=cosplay+deviants+believe+it+koyomatsu+naruto&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Big Fat Kill - Mira Shiver [Sin City]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-big-fat-kill-mira-shiver-sin-city-t10236198.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B22B5AAF2783CF237F6C0E9C3B8E6D23C3BE280E&dn=cosplay+deviants+big+fat+kill+mira+shiver+sin+city&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Funny Stuff - Lolita Zombie [Lollipop Chainsaw]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-funny-stuff-lolita-zombie-lollipop-chainsaw-t10236212.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0615C5AF92DCE2145E6784DC5798496B446F3396&dn=cosplay+deviants+funny+stuff+lolita+zombie+lollipop+chainsaw&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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1 MB, 800x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Mischief - Mew [Thor]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-mischief-mew-thor-t10236237.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A2E201F036812104C2333A4ACAF9E355087D392F&dn=cosplay+deviants+mischief+mew+thor&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Night Surgeon - Hada Pixie [Repo - The Genetic Opera]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-night-surgeon-hada-pixie-repo-the-genetic-opera-t10236244.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7821D984D452AA76C5BDF551A3F3E05DD58860AF&dn=cosplay+deviants+night+surgeon+hada+pixie+repo+the+genetic+opera&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] R2 Double D2 - Renee Storm [Archer]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-r2-double-d2-renee-storm-archer-t10236251.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3488B106DCE87ADF7D0F79C3E8B9FCD0069C7518&dn=cosplay+deviants+r2+double+d2+renee+storm+archer&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] The Magician - 18fly [Hunter x Hunter]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-the-magician-18fly-hunter-x-hunter-t10236263.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EB2F3F05E1B6AA74ABA252075F68A93C317EA2FE&dn=cosplay+deviants+the+magician+18fly+hunter+x+hunter&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Got anything that's not bullshit Cosplay Deviants?
Yes. I've already posted Cosplay Erotica and Cosplay Babes in the previous thread.
Cosplay Deviants is fine.
Anyone know of any decent gay cosplay sites? Only stuff I know of is the male cosplayers on CD, and there's only a handful of them.

I ask because I set up a second backup tumblr for the male cosplay sets from CD, since it doesn't really fit with the first sites theme, and I'd like to have it somewhat populated.
Pixel Vixens has few male cosplayers, but no gay interaction, mostly straight sex
Doesn't actually have to have gay interaction. Just cheesecake posing and shit, you know?
Beefcake, not cheesecake.
sadly I don't know any male cosplaying site, mostly are female only

btw do you plan to upload the CD duo sets, male and female mostly
File: 1.jpg (644 KB, 1200x801) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If it's on CD, it'll be uploaded.

[Cosplay Deviants] Phantom Queen - Bear [The Venture Bros.]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-phantom-queen-bear-the-venture-bros-t10247376.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3C3E8B027A046242B1AADDA92827B70BE90514C6&dn=cosplay+deviants+phantom+queen+bear+the+venture+bros&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
You guys probably saw the thread, but there's an entire sitrerip of CD up over at Empornium right now.

Direct (sort of):


This is the entire site gallery as of yesterday. So that's set 1. Rei all the way to 599. Phantom Queen, which OP just posted. The only things not included in the torrent it seems are the videos and the live event pics.

You might need to make an account to get the links to work, but it's worth it. For one, it's free. Second, Empornium is one of the bigger and better porn torrent sites out there. If you're a veteran of the porn torrent community, the name might even sound familiar to you That's because it's named after what was one of the biggest porn torrent sites that was seized some years ago. When that happened, the entire userbase went over to Cheggit. That didn't last long, though. Almost one year to the day after the original Empornium closed down, the owner of Cheggit "shut it down" as well. I put that in quotes because he didn't technically close the site. It remained open, but the torrents were all removed. He left the forums open for people for a bit. There was a brief time where no one knew where to go after that, but then the new Empornium came along, and everyone migrated over there, pretty much having everything go full circle.

If you do decide to make an account, this is a good torrent to start with. It's on freeleech right now, so it'll help you build up that initial ratio. Sorry for being so long winded. Enjoy bros.
Which is useless because you can't register.

Works for me in Deluge and BitComet. Downloading at 934.1KiB right now. May not last though. Usually I fucking hate Empornium, along with every other private tracker. But in this case thanks for you collective bandwidth.
I'm getting nothing on my end.

Can't register.

It says it's downloading, but the progress bar is red and it says password not found under the trackers.
Whelp. I wish I knew about this guy's project before I started trying to rip the site myself. I guess I'll just go back to cosplaybabes and cosplay erotica, and wait for the next CD update.

I've came across some other stuff as well that I think you guys will like.

It finished for me sometime this morning. No problems or snags. If you want I could create a magnet for you guys. Mind you at 23GBs it may take a while for me to share.
Are you already a member of empornium? You seem to be the only one who has it.
well you can still upload the newer sets when they get released, I didn't expect someone would do a full site rip
>If you want I could create a magnet for you guys.
It would be nice. For me torrent died after I downloaded only 1.5 Gb
That was what I meant by wait for the next update anon.
An anon in the other thread theorised that the original poster would be banned from the tracker due to his unique ID showing up on multiple clients. This could be what has happened.
Nope. I dislike all private trackers and give them a wide berth.

Right. Incoming magnet. Like I said before this could take a while to seed. All glory to OP and SiteRipAnon!

>[Cosplay Deviants] Full Siterip

Thats more than likely what happened. Once the tracker notices all the different clients it normally bans the ID.
File: 1.jpg (517 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[Cosplay Deviants] Weapon X - BriarRose [X-Men]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-weapon-x-briarrose-x-men-t10254947.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:16D6E0FA17ABA6D5BB376C6ED92BBB09547AF7A8&dn=cosplay+deviants+weapon+x+briarrose+x+men&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 3EyvVSHnXp[1].png (197 KB, 640x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197 KB, 640x368
[Cosplay Deviants] Strip Poker Part 3 [Marvel Comics]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-strip-poker-part-3-marvel-comics-t10255044.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:97A11E805CB9CF6C6619D406176260246496B760&dn=cosplay+deviants+strip+poker+part+3+marvel+comics&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Molly Jane - Before Wunder Woman [DC Comics]

Direct: https://kickass.to/molly-jane-before-wunder-woman-t10256538.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:312EE4E9523C5F78D4484171471BE6B4D01DE9D8&dn=molly+jane+before+wunder+woman&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Molly Jane - Batgirl Sees A Therapist [DC Comics]

Direct: https://kickass.to/molly-jane-batgirl-sees-a-therapist-dc-comics-t10258616.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6893C704B3DEA9C3EDB3559CFC949DBE685B1593&dn=molly+jane+batgirl+sees+a+therapist+dc+comics&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Anyone got anything with Harley Quinn?
do you plan to upload the conclusion?, Envy is a curvy goddess
Take a look through the old thread. I recall seeing 2 or 3 sets with Harley.
I uploaded a handful of stuff in the old thread.
Of course. I just have to record it first.

Liberty and Justice - A sister's sacrifice [Niki Lee Young & Allie Rae]

Direct: https://kickass.to/liberty-and-justice-a-sister-s-sacrifice-niki-lee-young-allie-rae-t10259856.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:840755D55961029A63C2BF038AB125F5C086A1F4&dn=liberty+and+justice+a+sister+s+sacrifice+niki+lee+young+allie+rae&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (816 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
816 KB, 800x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Arsenic Catnip - Twitch [Homestuck]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-arsenic-catnip-twitch-homestuck-t10262643.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7AD50A733A0216EDB8DE28B6D80638BC95062D8D&dn=cosplay+deviants+arsenic+catnip+twitch+homestuck&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

Awesome, bychance did you see any more Homestuck?
Fucked up that. I accidentally deleted the originals, before it could be uploaded.

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-arsenic-catnip-twitch-homestuck-t10263016.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:87BF8051525533E4616E750CC9BD351EBD5FC566&dn=cosplay+deviants+arsenic+catnip+twitch+homestuck&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

Unless you can point me towards anyone who's done it, afraid not.
File: 1.jpg (1003 KB, 674x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 674x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Shatterheart - Shiny [Final Fantasy XII]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-shatterheart-shiny-final-fantasy-xii-t10263769.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1930928C4E8F67B93F023950D94B1E1BC8C6278E&dn=cosplay+deviants+shatterheart+shiny+final+fantasy+xii&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

Siterip didn't seem to include guys from what I could tell, and since I'm ripping them anyway, might as well post them here for anyone who wants them.
could you rip the sets that include both male and female cosplayers?, I know there are few of them, but those are hard to find
There's only a handful of them, and they seem to be older ones, but sure, give me a few minutes.

[CosplayBabes] She's A Trooper - Vellocet [Star Wars]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-she-s-a-trooper-vellocet-star-wars-t10263949.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6A1255F19DD45012E3208EEA03A8C2304BBAB0FE&dn=cosplaybabes+she+s+a+trooper+vellocet+star+wars&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
>the magician
>not even calling him Hisoka

How fucking pleb are these faggots?
None of the sets are named for the character, or series. I dunno why to be honest. Can't be copyright or anything, but I'm taking the personal opinion that it's just to make my life harder since I have to go looking for who the hell it is, and what series theyre from.
File: Kombat_000.jpg (487 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[Cosplay Deviants] Kombat - Nova & Monkey of Steel [Mortal Kombat]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-kombat-nova-monkey-of-steel-mortal-kombat-t10264204.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:25F96EA0E93DDEFD60AEAFFB6B470705814824EB&dn=cosplay+deviants+kombat+nova+monkey+of+steel+mortal+kombat&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Funny story, I had a membership with them up until yesteday and was ripping a few galleries a day. I have a big hole somewhere in the middle though. Maybe next time I have some extra cash to burn I'll fill it.
Does anyone have the set of the Ellie LoU cosplay? Seemed like it was softcore/modeling.
If you tell me what ones you're missing, I could save you the money and get them for you.
Is it a set from Cosplay Deviants you mean?
File: PrincessPirate_000.jpg (576 KB, 533x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
576 KB, 533x800
[Cosplay Deviants] Princess Pirate - Lexi & Braunson [The Princess Bride]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-princess-pirate-lexi-braunson-the-princess-bride-t10266325.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7C7C41CF617769605331EDDDCA5536F0539347B1&dn=cosplay+deviants+princess+pirate+lexi+braunson+the+princess+bride&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Well, going through it seems like quite a bit so unless you have a torrent going or something it's probably too much work.

I ripped everything from Weapon X 02/21/15 to Asgardian 06/07/13 myself and apparently am missing everything between Asgardian 06/07/13 and Boss 07/09/11

Also I tried to format them all so the image names were the gallery title and the folders were "Character (Source) [Model]" and then grouped by model. How are you formatting yours?

Also, there were a bunch whose character I didn't recognize, maybe I'll post them sometime and ask so I tidy it all up.
Possibly? I think so? I don't really remember
Anything on Feywilde Cosplay by any chance?
Meh, I'm uploading the torrents anyway. Although you might want to just check out the full site rip the other anon posted. While the full torrent is something like 23GB, he's zipped each individual set which is handy for people like you that just want a specific range.

As for formatting, I just do "[Site name] (Set name) (Model) [Source material]" I don't group them by model or anything. I probably should come to think about it.

Also yeah there's a bunch of characters I never recognise too. I try to check the comments first, since sometimes people will ask for the source, or give a clue. If that fails google the set name. While they're sometimes a little obscure to non-fans, they tend to be a name or term from the source material. If all else fails, I just look at their DA page, since they tend to announce a new set on there.
I'll check now. I did post some Ellie cosplays in the last thread if that's what you're thinking of? They were strictly softcore though, from Cosplay Erotica.
Never even heard of them before, so I'm afraid not. I'll look around, but no promises.
> I try to check the comments first, since sometimes people will ask for the source, or give a clue. If that fails google the set name. While they're sometimes a little obscure to non-fans, they tend to be a name or term from the source material. If all else fails, I just look at their DA page, since they tend to announce a new set on there.

Haha, yeah that was prettymuch my system too, that and rule34.
File: 1.jpg (827 KB, 797x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
827 KB, 797x1200
Newest CD update. Sorry for not being around for a few days there.

[Cosplay Deviants] Urge to Roar - Rykku [Monster Hunter]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-urge-to-roar-rykku-monster-hunter-t10280198.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5CD62392FDAFB3E428FA3A914DC30B05EABC2675&dn=cosplay+deviants+urge+to+roar+rykku+monster+hunter&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Whelp, just found out that it isn't Monster Hunter, but it is in fact Final Fantasy - X2. My mistake.
if you can, upload the Golden Child set, is getting released tomorrow
anyone got the Angela fang set from CE yet?
File: 1.jpg (871 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
871 KB, 800x1200
You don't have to ask me to upload new sets. I do it anyway. I appreciae the enthusiasm though.
There's the siterip above, or I can go get it for you specifically if you wish.

Getting these out of the way while my laptop is working on the newest set.

[Cosplay Deviants] Duelist - Leon [RWBY]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-duelist-leon-rwby-t10285280.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:AF22679323156E36E0D31677F73122843E3CBD2D&dn=cosplay+deviants+duelist+leon+rwby&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: reformed_000.jpg (408 KB, 533x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 533x800
[Cosplay Deviants] Reformed - Kandie & Zerk [Runaways]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-reformed-kandie-zerk-runaways-t10285323.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:873EAFA65D297AA8E4400B4CB316F0F80090C983&dn=cosplay+deviants+reformed+kandie+zerk+runaways&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: Safehouse_000.jpg (507 KB, 600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507 KB, 600x900
[Cosplay Deviants] Safe House - Zerk & Kandie [Left 4 Dead]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-safe-house-zerk-kandie-left-4-dead-t10285385.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:65CB519914FA48EB03F8C38771CEC15FF8F52BE6&dn=cosplay+deviants+safe+house+zerk+kandie+left+4+dead&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Summoner's Illusion - Nova & Monkey of Steel [Final Fantasy X]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-summoner-s-illusion-nova-monkey-of-steel-final-fantasy-x-t10285468.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:448A1D2E383A9A36B3AB5FF8DE082F0D5BA9140F&dn=cosplay+deviants+summoner+s+illusion+nova+monkey+of+steel+final+fantasy+x&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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fc _2_.jpg
373 KB, 800x533
[Cosplay Deviants] Teammates - Nova & Monkey of Steel [X-Men]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-teammates-nova-monkey-of-steel-x-men-t10285554.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4A3DC2E9818CF26F6F17E0DE56EC1A801355C0A0&dn=cosplay+deviants+teammates+nova+monkey+of+steel+x+men&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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Washed Up_000.jpg
580 KB, 900x597
[Cosplay Deviants] Washed Up - Zerk & Nana [Black Lagoon]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-washed-up-zerk-nana-black-lagoon-t10285599.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DAAC4434DFBF499431613758E0D0ED288509834C&dn=cosplay+deviants+washed+up+zerk+nana+black+lagoon&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (720 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
720 KB, 800x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Golden Child - Domi [Naruto]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-golden-child-domi-naruto-t10285967.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4462A872100722B5A6A92583720261BE032DA35B&dn=cosplay+deviants+golden+child+domi+naruto&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Are there any more RWBY sets?
Not as far as I know no. Shiro has done one, but it hasn't been submitted to CD yet. At least, that's what her last update on her profile says.
No cosplay-mate?

Cosplay deviants always seemed to have the best models, but it's too softcore for me to really enjoy it.

On the other hand, cosplay erotica does a lot better with going the extra distance, but their models all look like hookers they pulled off the street with too much airbrushing to cover up their bullet wound scars.

Cosplay-mate always seemed the the best middle-ground IMO.
I'm not made of money anon. One site at a time.
thanks a lot OP, you are doing an amazing job with all this

kek, that's how I feel with cosplay erotica, the way the model looks and how unclean the scenes feel, is a huge turnoff
You're the best anon. :)
empornium got the entire site rip
You're welcome.

I'm downloading the remaining male sets today, in order to have a complete collection - thanks to the siterip poster btw - and then I'll record the videos. I believe I have all the event photos, but I'll have to check to be sure.
File: Senpai.png (166 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1366x768
I go for a nap, and in that time one of the models from Cosplay Erotica starts following me on tumblr, and tumblr hits me with a bunch of copyright claims. Whelp.

Won't mean much for you guys, since I post things directly to here, and I'm not going to stop posting them on kickass, but just a bit of a pain.
File: 1.jpg (436 KB, 664x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 664x1000
[Cosplay Deviants] Crusher - Shiny [Tiger & Bunny]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-crusher-shiny-tiger-bunny-t10290568.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9231C4769BA5C870C1784AC54987D82E74C0C2BD&dn=cosplay+deviants+crusher+shiny+tiger+bunny&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (287 KB, 536x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287 KB, 536x800
[Cosplay Deviants] Sergent - Stiffun

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-sergent-stiffun-t10294946.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:25B29FB770248D9811FB8244A1E1FA0E2891F742&dn=cosplay+deviants+sergent+stiffun&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (354 KB, 533x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[Cosplay Deviants] Corps - Zerk [Green Lantern]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-corps-zerk-green-lantern-t10294959.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:48532C9A8AA07FA703CCC9182996AC0156043460&dn=cosplay+deviants+corps+zerk+green+lantern&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Cursed - Livingsasuke [Naruto]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-cursed-livingsasuke-naruto-t10294967.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E592C95B093AF335CCDCCE396D315FE7CE5CA5B2&dn=cosplay+deviants+cursed+livingsasuke+naruto&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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479 KB, 600x900
[Cosplay Deviants] Easter - Yashimaru [Shugo Chara!]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-easter-yashimaru-shugo-chara-t10294972.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:74128FFA2911A0E6E2B389FE82C7FDFB199AC3B8&dn=cosplay+deviants+easter+yashimaru+shugo+chara&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Espionage - Monkey of Steel [Metal Gear Solid]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-espionage-monkey-of-steel-metal-gear-solid-t10294977.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:33893145604A77E0EE93E8AFCBFA0372A25231AF&dn=cosplay+deviants+espionage+monkey+of+steel+metal+gear+solid&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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415 KB, 665x1000
[Cosplay Deviants] Explorer - Firebrand [Uncharted]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-explorer-firebrand-uncharted-t10295026.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BBEA0AF95FE74F92EC43D1D26F0E1971D627E8FB&dn=cosplay+deviants+explorer+firebrand+uncharted&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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[Cosplay Deviants] Fighter - Monkey of Steel [Street Fighter]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-fighter-monkey-of-steel-street-fighter-t10295036.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E4DC286B7C4509365F3DC5FA1FC932267F2EEAFA&dn=cosplay+deviants+fighter+monkey+of+steel+street+fighter&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (625 KB, 666x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
625 KB, 666x1000
[Cosplay Deviants] Great Power - Starcy [Spider-Man]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-great-power-starcy-spider-man-t10295044.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D75373C98BD86FC652BD12A3BE7D68AA60343441&dn=cosplay+deviants+great+power+starcy+spider+man&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (339 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 800x533
[Cosplay Deviants] Ohagi - Jinn [Bleach]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-ohagi-jinn-bleach-t10295058.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EE1B0B36AE540B484BF5F27B69DF8B4A9572C725&dn=cosplay+deviants+ohagi+jinn+bleach&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (318 KB, 533x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
318 KB, 533x800
[Cosplay Deviants] Patriot - Zerk [Young Avengers]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-patriot-zerk-young-avengers-t10295067.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0FAF1F2A1474AF0FC69477FCB71056FD57776D8B&dn=cosplay+deviants+patriot+zerk+young+avengers&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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549 KB, 667x1000
[Cosplay Deviants] Prince - 18fly [Dragon Ball Z]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-prince-18fly-dragon-ball-z-t10295075.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:474C8041A40CE133B40CFC5D5E95DB800A1E76D8&dn=cosplay+deviants+prince+18fly+dragon+ball+z&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (336 KB, 721x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336 KB, 721x1080
[Cosplay Deviants] Retribution - 18fly [Soulcalibur]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-retribution-18fly-soulcalibur-t10295084.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:98B741AE7BEE4993AD7FBDA6A6CE5C2D8E62EE39&dn=cosplay+deviants+retribution+18fly+soulcalibur&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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522 KB, 900x506
[Cosplay Deviants] Special Agent - Leon [Resident Evil]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-special-agent-leon-resident-evil-t10295088.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F310A44E71EC852E4A1AF5EF4D8F5F365DFDCDAF&dn=cosplay+deviants+special+agent+leon+resident+evil&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (583 KB, 1080x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583 KB, 1080x715
[Cosplay Deviants] Special Agent II - Leon [Resident Evil]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-special-agent-ii-leon-resident-evil-t10295100.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CDF3C44981408BBD6A864FA4B04E9C7FBA34501C&dn=cosplay+deviants+special+agent+ii+leon+resident+evil&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (191 KB, 673x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 673x1080
[Cosplay Deviants] William the Bloody - Thaitan [Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-william-the-bloody-thaitan-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-t10295103.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:591F8C9DBC42D6C3FBE36EDD3B5607E9E0CF7A38&dn=cosplay+deviants+william+the+bloody+thaitan+buffy+the+vampire+slayer&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (587 KB, 675x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
587 KB, 675x900
[Cosplay Deviants] Solid - Zerk [Heroes for Hire]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-solid-zerk-heroes-for-hire-t10295112.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:834EDAA916B2805C916D76731D311E7EF8E4A4BF&dn=cosplay+deviants+solid+zerk+heroes+for+hire&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 1.jpg (603 KB, 801x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
603 KB, 801x1200
Latest update.

[Cosplay Deviants] Cleaver Girl - Eevee [Higurashi When They Cry]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-cleaver-girl-eevee-higurashi-when-they-cry-t10295149.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E9387D4E7E60F26DCB8FBA724A6C8EA9C2C020EA&dn=cosplay+deviants+cleaver+girl+eevee+higurashi+when+they+cry&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
I'm stuck at 89.5 with this torrent and can't find any seeders. Can anyone help?
Caged Heroine. That doable?
OP, I am not able to find the newer cosplay erotica siterip with the angela's fang cosplay.Can you post it again? Thanks
You need to use the second torrent. The first was never finished.
Once the site is back up, yes. Although I don't know if it's down, or just is 403'ing for me.
File: 01.jpg (988 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
988 KB, 1000x1500
Son of a bitch. I think they've banned me. I'll give it a whie, see if it resolves itself, but yes I believe that they've banned me/my membership has ran out, so no new CD sets from me for a while.
Sorry I was talking out of my ass. I thought you meant a CD set.

[Cosplay Erotica] Feral Fantasy - Angela [Final Fantasy XIII]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-erotica-feral-fantasy-angela-final-fantasy-xiii-t10298740.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A8D0B9D46F3989C4AAF8F93376BE9EA108BAA914&dn=cosplay+erotica+feral+fantasy+angela+final+fantasy+xiii&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 01.jpg (712 KB, 795x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712 KB, 795x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Caged Heroine - Marie Jane

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-caged-heroine-marie-jane-t10299680.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A458AD23D51543E5F4F7CECB09A163CCDCA87299&dn=cosplay+deviants+caged+heroine+marie+jane&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 01.jpg (551 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551 KB, 800x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Survey Corps - Foxy [Attack on Titan]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-survey-corps-foxy-attack-on-titan-t10299697.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1361F8584838DF62E64381A3A1862E330A95AB47&dn=cosplay+deviants+survey+corps+foxy+attack+on+titan&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Mutant Super Heroine - Vellocet [X-Men]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-mutant-super-heroine-vellocet-x-men-t10299762.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B832A3F3F4ABB2D2E388951A7CFD84E5C7B49E3C&dn=cosplaybabes+mutant+super+heroine+vellocet+x+men&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[BaDoink] Mirror's Edge - An XXX Parody - Marcia Hase [Mirror's Edge]

Direct: https://kickass.to/badoink-mirror-s-edge-an-xxx-parody-marcia-hase-mirror-s-edge-t10301883.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:378F660FD44FF70EF6E546941C668DA88CABC6EC&dn=badoink+mirror+s+edge+an+xxx+parody+marcia+hase+mirror+s+edge&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 51385000.jpg (275 KB, 600x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 600x902
[DDFBusty] Cosplay With Cantaloupes - Lucie Wilde

Direct: https://kickass.to/ddfbusty-cosplay-with-cantaloupes-lucie-wilde-t10301983.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C9809238D06C4D88BAAB452F85A1F04F15C2209C&dn=ddfbusty+cosplay+with+cantaloupes+lucie+wilde&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Princess Bubblegum's not so sweet - Yuffie Yulan [Adventure Time]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-princess-bubblegum-s-not-so-sweet-yuffie-yulan-adventure-time-t10302039.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EB8F890E06C5F2C96353EC58F8B43432E29623EB&dn=cosplaybabes+princess+bubblegum+s+not+so+sweet+yuffie+yulan+adventure+time&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

wow, nice
[Cosplay Babes] Spidermans Biggest Fan - Yuffie Yulan [Spider-Man]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-babes-spidermans-biggest-fan-yuffie-yulan-spider-man-t10309073.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C60DD079D524D83396936B9F6744D77B78C3804D&dn=cosplay+babes+spidermans+biggest+fan+yuffie+yulan+spider+man&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
I am using the second torrent. I don't know, i got most of it. Might leave it at that.

thanks TC for giving me a new fetish, I didn't even know those cosplay sites existed
Not sure why it's not working for you. It's seeding on my end. I've tried posting a link to it on rapidgator for you, but it gets blocked as spam


Also as far as I know, they're not cosplay sites. They just happened to put out cosplay related stuff. I know DDF isn't really a cosplay site, but more of a general big boobed girls site
[Cosplay Deviants] Clumsy Assassin - Sophie Parker [Tales of Phantasia]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-clumsy-assassin-sophie-parker-tales-of-phantasia-t10312197.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3F0B5270E9FD0EF5FBC7ACB3DF83D07E5F3E560F&dn=cosplay+deviants+clumsy+assassin+sophie+parker+tales+of+phantasia&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Quick request. Black Rider?
I need something more to go off than that.
I think he meant OP
She got some tan nipples...I kinda like that
File: 01.jpg (673 KB, 795x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673 KB, 795x1200
I just realised that I've said this is Cosplay Deviants, when it's actually Cosplay Babes. I'm sure everyone is terribly disappointed in me.
That makes more sense.
Tan lines are god-tier. It is known.

And now because a follower asked for it;

[Cosplay Deviants] First Class Exorcist - Marie Jane [Blue Exorcist]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-first-class-exorcist-marie-jane-blue-exorcist-t10313572.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C4EA62A2BA52CBBBC080D3A52362012EC2FAFDD5&dn=cosplay+deviants+first+class+exorcist+marie+jane+blue+exorcist&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Thanks anyway.
File: Homestuck.png (53 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 1366x768
Best I can do. Hope it's everything you had hoped it'd be.
It's impossible to find. She's even posted on her facebook saying that one of the most popular ways to find her site is by looking for torrents of her photosets.
[CosplayBabes] Killer Bee - Anna Darling [Street Fighter]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-killer-bee-anna-darling-street-fighter-t10314266.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:50D8E976770409CF0D3615B29F8C57299CF1ACF5&dn=cosplaybabes+killer+bee+anna+darling+street+fighter&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 0585190043.jpg (778 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
778 KB, 750x1000
i have a request, i dunno who ther person is but i know they're cosplaying makoto from blazblue and its hosted on cosplay deviants so yea.
File: 01.jpg (663 KB, 1200x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
663 KB, 1200x800
While searching for >>649985 I came across this set, which >>649875 asked for. So I'll take this time to remind you guys that I'm not psychic.

Specify the website you're referring to, and please dear god, find the set name. It'll take you less time than it'll take me, considering the gallery is open to all to browse through, and I have to use a proxy to even access the homepage these days. It's the least you guys could do.

[Cosplay Deviants] Black Rider - Pepper [Durarara!!]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-black-rider-pepper-durarara-t10316673.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2DAB95AD2AF52C5AFA3A70B4D886DCB60137FDA3&dn=cosplay+deviants+black+rider+pepper+durarara&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 01.jpg (1 MB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 750x1000
[Cosplay Deviants] Beastkin - Megumi-Chan [Blazblue]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-beastkin-megumi-chan-blazblue-t10316708.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5948872F975231CAAA7FB977C52716CFA32EBF2F&dn=cosplay+deviants+beastkin+megumi+chan+blazblue&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[DDFBusty] Cosplay With Cantaloupes - Lucie Wilde

Direct: https://kickass.to/ddfbusty-cosplay-with-cantaloupes-lucie-wilde-t10316801.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:96723BCDF8A07B8DFBC5951C65DFA3804FD646D6&dn=ddfbusty+cosplay+with+cantaloupes+lucie+wilde&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Aww shit thanks mane, wanted to dl her pics but didn't want to click and wank at te same time
[CosplayBabes] House Of Targaryen - Ava Austen [Game of Thrones]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-house-of-targaryen-ava-austen-game-of-thrones-t10318131.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A33B0034A246DC8A88E55FDD4AB85A1B4E368C57&dn=cosplaybabes+house+of+targaryen+ava+austen+game+of+thrones&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
I must admit that her moaning sounds are to fake.
To make up for my earlier goof. I'll specify this time. Number 4- Koyomatsu
Any other blazblue sets?
File: 01.jpg (892 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
892 KB, 800x1200
Appreciated anon.

[Cosplay Deviants] Number 4 - Koyomatsu [Bleach]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-number-4-koyomatsu-bleach-t10318501.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C8555EC0792E3A6BF26DAF6A8E499ECDC610A99C&dn=cosplay+deviants+number+4+koyomatsu+bleach&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] The Flower Girl - Yuffie Yulan [Final Fantasy VII]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-flower-girl-yuffie-yulan-final-fantasy-vii-t10318618.html#technical

I'm starting to like yuffi yulan and so does my penis

yeah, the girl is damn nice, not complaining or anything, but I wish they at least cared with the sound of the video
Hey glad its appreciated. Oh and another quick CD. Essi- Seductive Pheromones
File: BOOM_000.jpg (357 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 900x600
[Cosplay Deviants] BOOM - Inochii [Blazblue]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-boom-inochii-blazblue-t10322319.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D5FCEE56B0C5CD45D3DD3B4BD1171BA2FEBC0824&dn=cosplay+deviants+boom+inochii+blazblue&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 01.jpg (786 KB, 776x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
786 KB, 776x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Seductive Pheromones - Essi [Batman]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-seductive-pheromones-essi-batman-t10322331.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:30EDEF86F28864172F35C33FE8CD7DDF73A2FBE6&dn=cosplay+deviants+seductive+pheromones+essi+batman&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] The Fairest Of Them All - Lucia Love [Snow White]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-fairest-of-them-all-lucia-love-snow-white-t10322582.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B26F57B83E27FC519708896F4D5488A8E167EDAD&dn=cosplaybabes+the+fairest+of+them+all+lucia+love+snow+white&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
You are the best anon this site has ever seen
Not sure I'd go that far, but thank you anon.

[CosplayBabes] Anal Venus - Jessica Jensen [Sailor Moon]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-anal-venus-jessica-jensen-sailor-moon-t10331245.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:32CBBE04AAF62DF1487AA07BBFC7C29707D7FA4A&dn=cosplaybabes+anal+venus+jessica+jensen+sailor+moon&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
Hmm, seems to be an issue with that upload. Should be fixed with this.

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-anal-venus-jessica-jensen-sailor-moon-t10332027.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CA0240ECF3D861993AA2676DA9966F53B1665976&dn=cosplaybabes+anal+venus+jessica+jensen+sailor+moon&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

Could you reupload it?
I have seen Peper in a photo of her future set "Junior Detective", and she looks so hot!
You should be able to use the magnet, but sure. CD seems to be taking some of them down as fast as I can upload them.

[CosplayBabes] Game Of Boners - Lucia Love, Zara Du Rose & Elouise Please [Game of Thrones]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-game-of-boners-lucia-love-zara-du-rose-elouise-please-game-of-thrones-t10334810.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0A49C9B08E88DB92757800A0554A04F054F93E45&dn=cosplaybabes+game+of+boners+lucia+love+zara+du+rose+elouise+please+game+of+thrones&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Thanks to the good folk ripping this shit for us.
God's own work.
[CosplayBabes] Naughty Or Nice - Tina Kay [Batman]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-naughty-or-nice-tina-kay-batman-t10335584.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BEA30144A06D60129486926691D03F6488A55F84&dn=cosplaybabes+naughty+or+nice+tina+kay+batman&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Does anyone have a link to that Pixel Vixens video where the black chick dressed like Buttercup from the PPG gets facefucked?
[CosplayBabes] Poke Trainer - Harmony Reigns [Pokémon]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-poke-trainer-harmony-reigns-pok%C3%A9mon-t10336396.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C944C595252A38D750F40BDE86256D1124D40124&dn=cosplaybabes+poke+trainer+harmony+reigns+pok%C3%A9mon&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
And I was planning to stop jacking off for a week and this torrent is up... T-thanks stranger
Whadda buying? Whadda selling?

[CosplayBabes] She Will Punish You - Kerry Louise [The Punisher]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-she-will-punish-you-kerry-louise-the-punisher-t10336578.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FBF887507B37D01E224D87ECCEB9E2CD01A9679C&dn=cosplaybabes+she+will+punish+you+kerry+louise+the+punisher&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Supreme Being - Samantha Bentley [The Fifth Element]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-supreme-being-samantha-bentley-the-fifth-element-t10336962.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:E343B2A94655D696E7EF757AFF3A1BE0C32D4520&dn=cosplaybabes+supreme+being+samantha+bentley+the+fifth+element&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] The Iconic Metal Bikini - Elizabeth Bally [Star Wars]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-iconic-metal-bikini-elizabeth-bally-star-wars-t10337033.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B0174F42DC4C94162DC14D509A659637A3D05786&dn=cosplaybabes+the+iconic+metal+bikini+elizabeth+bally+star+wars&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] The Yellow Ranger - Yuffie Yulan [Power Rangers]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-yellow-ranger-yuffie-yulan-power-rangers-t10337160.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B0151C42D420F2F0F89BA7272D7D76EAB0A9D2DD&dn=cosplaybabes+the+yellow+ranger+yuffie+yulan+power+rangers&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] They're Not Invisible - Kerry Louise [Fantastic Four]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-they-re-not-invisible-kerry-louise-fantastic-four-t10337259.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6EF6ACE3EB684593E5E3A5F339AFF27C9065B9E8&dn=cosplaybabes+they+re+not+invisible+kerry+louise+fantastic+four&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
It has 34 seeds.
do you have that christina carter video where she's trapped in an airplane? I've been looking for that for so long
File: cc20101027-003p.jpg (15 KB, 167x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 167x250
pic definitely related
Have you considered posting the torrents somewhere that doesn't take them down?
Any chance we can get some stuff from Cosplay-Mate?
If you give me the name, it'll help. It does sound familiar though.
Such as where? I'd be happy to.
can you upload Bravest Warrior from CD?
Is that a new set? Because they banned me.
looks like, and ouch, too bad
Meh, it's not really going to stop me. I'll wait a while and then do another rip of the sets I've missed.
[CosplayBabes] Arabic Princess - Nicola Kiss [Aladdin]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-arabic-princess-nicola-kiss-aladdin-t10341647.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D1330588A00A026415A52CCE941444E4002684C0&dn=cosplaybabes+arabic+princess+nicola+kiss+aladdin&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Apologies. No idea why, but it's refusing to admit that the files are on my computer. Reuploaded.

[CosplayBabes] Arabic Princess - Nicola Kiss [Aladdin]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-arabic-princess-nicola-kiss-aladdin-t10341782.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:86FCC1F49B6A2C1180D3A23FB72385ED1B72961B&dn=cosplaybabes+arabic+princess+nicola+kiss+aladdin&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
TPB is back, and apparently still isn't taking anything down.
Has anyone seen this?
Its on Clips4sale

Add this to the end of the C4S url: 73989/12301869
Hmm. If you can point me to the legit site, which preferably actually has a way of uploading, I'll be happy to.
Can't find anything from her sadly.

[CosplayBabes] Attack on Mikasa - Yuffie Yulan [Attack on Titan]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-attack-on-mikasa-yuffie-yulan-attack-on-titan-t10344326.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:15586DED1018B7585F15FAB8A369427C8C69ED39&dn=cosplaybabes+attack+on+mikasa+yuffie+yulan+attack+on+titan&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Cheating on Shinji - Amarna Miller [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-cheating-on-shinji-amarna-miller-neon-genesis-evangelion-t10344446.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D6CEBD9F0991B51450B96678151C170D86D9A0A2&dn=cosplaybabes+cheating+on+shinji+amarna+miller+neon+genesis+evangelion&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Destiny Island - Jaye Rose [Kingdom Hearts]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-destiny-island-jaye-rose-kingdom-hearts-t10344820.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:14AC980DD96638DD67342D542B89C238411FE185&dn=cosplaybabes+destiny+island+jaye+rose+kingdom+hearts&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
It's back on .se again.
I can't seem to set up an account for some reason.
[CosplayBabes] Cos-Cafe Maid - Adreena Winters

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-cos-cafe-maid-adreena-winters-t10344938.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7EE9207A6023F6545AA980AA8F8411952A2174DA&dn=cosplaybabes+cos+cafe+maid+adreena+winters&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Yes i have!
is there a link to a full siterip of all these cosplay porn sites? i like everything i see. but dont wanna torrent each thing seperately. if any anon could start pointing me in the right direction. thatd make you a scholar and a gentleman.
In that case, just stick them on torcache.
There's just the CD siterip posted earlier.
Pretty sure Kickass automatically puts your stuff on torcache, so that would be kind of pointless for OP.
Not at all. KAT honors takedowns, torcache does not. What you end up with is a link to torcache on a page on KAT that may disappear. Just uploading them on torcache takes out the middle step and leaves a link that's not likely to disappear any time soon.
Yes, but the magnet never goes away. So what would be the difference?
Apparently some people can't handle magnets.
Bugger em.
We need more CosplayBabes videos, like now.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense. I really appreciate what you're doing here. As far as I'm concerned you are a god amongst men.
do you have any of the new pixel vixens stuff?
Any anon got the Cosplaybabes, The Dark Phoenix video with Sophie Parker? the ones I found labelled that were the wrong video
This torrent is stuck at 99.9%. 5295 pieces down, 2 to go. The wait is agonising.
Running a manual hash check right now. As soon as its done I'll reseed.
Anyone got this?
Your wish is my command.

[CosplayBabes] Thinking of Sauske - Sophie Parker [Naruto]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-thinking-of-sauske-sophie-parker-naruto-t10364286.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4F8988F294E759E51E84F98D804BCDDACDCA5E23&dn=cosplaybabes+thinking+of+sauske+sophie+parker+naruto&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Don't worry about it anon, I was kidding. I do actually have some Cosplay-Mate stuff now, but I want to get up to date with Cosplaybabes first.
I don't think I have any PV stuff sadly.
I've noticed the same thing as you. All the ones I've found are actually the Punisher video. I've no idea why.

[CosplayBabes] Eco-terrorist - Jaye Rose [Batman]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-eco-terrorist-jaye-rose-batman-t10364744.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:82DE0ACED1674119A1AB6112CD569169F8679635&dn=cosplaybabes+eco+terrorist+jaye+rose+batman&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Got Milk - Harmony Reigns

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-got-milk-harmony-reigns-t10364895.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C37147B9E3E96FCF133B8F614ED4CDBD20C1C917&dn=cosplaybabes+got+milk+harmony+reigns&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
I just tried looking for pixel vixens shit. I scoured every inch of every site I knew and not a single fucking torrent.
File: 0V1GXvywnF[1].jpg (925 KB, 720x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
925 KB, 720x1080
Mhmm, it's the same for me. I've seen pictures, but no full sets. Sorry, I tell a lie; I saw one full set of...one of the MLP ponies. I can't remember what the name was.

I'll sign up in a bit for a membership. And since a follower asked for it;

[Cosplay Deviants] Mudblood - Fate [Harry Potter]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-mudblood-fate-harry-potter-t10366825.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BAE80CE44F7D5B5BC298EF59757E9AC0F5C28EA4&dn=cosplay+deviants+mudblood+fate+harry+potter&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 01.jpg (442 KB, 1000x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB, 1000x665
[Cosplay Deviants] Lithium Flower - Anna Cherry [Ghost in the Shell]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-lithium-flower-anna-cherry-ghost-in-the-shell-t10366875.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:53A9ECC0877C01F9D3F949C6C7B59ED2F0A8C929&dn=cosplay+deviants+lithium+flower+anna+cherry+ghost+in+the+shell&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
As Chris Rock once said

"And I, and I love it...
And I thank you, I thank you, my dick thanks you!"

That's a surprisingly good set
this is the reason girls with color wigs turn me on, I missed the CD stuff
same here
Any videos with that model?
CD doesn't tend to do videos.
Speaky of which. Quick CD request. Risu-Splash
That one is pretty good
File: 01.jpg (941 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
941 KB, 800x1200
[Cosplay Deviants] Splash - Risu [Pokémon]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-deviants-splash-risu-pok%C3%A9mon-t10380340.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:942B97D5A2354DA4365686A731B69AD09C9AD5E7&dn=cosplay+deviants+splash+risu+pok%C3%A9mon&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
all i think when i see her face is "hurr i made a naughty video, look i cans play with my big fun bags"
[CosplayBabes] Queen Elsa - Yuffie Yulan [Frozen]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-queen-elsa-yuffie-yulan-frozen-t10380988.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C04D66B20E737762556F231792F14CC310033F4F&dn=cosplaybabes+queen+elsa+yuffie+yulan+frozen&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
now shes aging like milk
She is most def. the wrong person for that cosplay.
[CosplayBabes] Strap On Girls - Jessica Jensen and Tina Kay

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-strap-on-girls-jessica-jensen-and-tina-kay-t10382535.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B49A4BED7B987158936DCEBD25FFE7F581A0AD8B&dn=cosplaybabes+strap+on+girls+jessica+jensen+and+tina+kay&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: Cn1RusDZWd[1].png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
[CosplayBabes] Straw Hat Pirates - Tina Kay [One Piece]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-straw-hat-pirates-tina-kay-one-piece-t10382640.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:65B3F52ED9DD607CEE09D2DE1B69B969ED5F4410&dn=cosplaybabes+straw+hat+pirates+tina+kay+one+piece&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
File: 01.jpg (932 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
932 KB, 1000x1500
[Cosplay Erotica] Distant World - Stacy [Teen Titans]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-erotica-distant-world-stacy-teen-titans-t10382740.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:34C72142136AAEDDE70AABBF72C78B3AE2D37B43&dn=cosplay+erotica+distant+world+stacy+teen+titans&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
File: capture.gif (519 KB, 300x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
519 KB, 300x173
[Cosplay Erotica] Distant World - Stacy [Teen Titans]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-erotica-distant-world-stacy-teen-titans-t10382756.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:104D921A1D0A01A9D5F1E8431ECB39B11787E901&dn=cosplay+erotica+distant+world+stacy+teen+titans&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Thank you! love the stacy sets
[CosplayBabes] Ultimate Despair - Danni Marie [Danganronpa]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-ultimate-despair-danni-marie-danganronpa-t10382973.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8A87BD8C141DA6050D2E768C4B1E7D76FD7BC0FF&dn=cosplaybabes+ultimate+despair+danni+marie+danganronpa&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

Almost up to date with Cosplay Babes.Soon I'll be releasing in time with the site itself. Although I might have to try and delay it, since I THINK that may have been what led CD to catch on to what account I was using and such.
[CosplayBabes] The Lieutenant And The Clan Leader - Yuffie Yulan and Charlotte Fox [Bleach]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-lieutenant-and-the-clan-leader-yuffie-yulan-and-charlotte-fox-bleach-t10383192.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D37381D34F99D3F63BC42F5AB9E292FDC582F00D&dn=cosplaybabes+the+lieutenant+and+the+clan+leader+yuffie+yulan+and+charlotte+fox+bleach&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Man, none of the women who work for Cosplay Babes are remotely hot. Not knocking the OP for it, it's not his fault, it's just... why would you get someone like >>650719 to pose for, well, anything? That is not a pretty sight.
Personally I like a few of them. Some of them get used too much though, such as Yuffie Yulan. While I do find her attractive, she's not always the best choice for some of the scenes.

Case in point, the next scene they're shooting is a Mad Moxxie cosplay, from Borderlands. I will bet that it'll be Yuffie Yulan again. Now, while she may have the tits to pull off Moxxie, I just don't think she's right for the character. But then again, I'm rather obsessive about cosplayers 'looking right', even if the costume is amazing.

It's why I so much prefer costumes which hide my face; as long as I get the costume right, then I don't have to worry about looking right. Hell, I'm going on a holiday with my friends next week, and one of the nights out is Harry Potter themed. So of course I start looking into buying a fifty pound bird skull mask, in order to go as Death, with a list of the names of all the characters that die, and start looking into proper robes and shit.

Then I look at my friend's and they're going as easy as fuck, cheap things, or being inventive and going as an acceptance letter. Anyway, stupid rant over. Back to cosplay porn.

[Primal's Darkside Superheroine] Wondrous Twins - The Ultimate Digrace

Direct: https://kickass.to/primal-s-darkside-superheroine-wondrous-twins-the-ultimate-digrace-t10383304.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:68A42615463A5644DFC701CC9B8092E535FF4541&dn=primal+s+darkside+superheroine+wondrous+twins+the+ultimate+digrace&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

That might be the best CE set I've ever seen.
Stacy is a cutie. I almost feel bad about posting CE stuff, since she and the other models have been kind enough to me on tumblr, and haven't been too bothered about me posting their stuff.

[CosplayBabes] The Queen Of Fighters - Sophie Parker [King of Fighters]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-queen-of-fighters-sophie-parker-king-of-fighters-t10386636.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:20DDAE35D67AE5ABFDB8D5370A38D98A1BE00E50&dn=cosplaybabes+the+queen+of+fighters+sophie+parker+king+of+fighters&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Agreed 9001%, this set is the absolute best I have ever seen
Got any other Stacy sets?
I posted a bunch in the old thread, so check them out. I believe I have more sitting on my external, so I'll check for you.

[CosplayBabes] Not Fucking Snow - Nicola Kiss [Final Fantasy XIII]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-not-fucking-snow-nicola-kiss-final-fantasy-xiii-t10386911.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A27B9689F25630C5A343E874CE358B6386A886AE&dn=cosplaybabes+not+fucking+snow+nicola+kiss+final+fantasy+xiii&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
I might be being stupid but cant seem to find the thread in cataloge anywhere. Can anyone give a link?
It's in the OP.
[CosplayBabes] Suckerpunch This! - Pipa Lily & Yuffie Yulan [Sucker Punch]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-suckerpunch-this-pipa-lily-yuffie-yulan-sucker-punch-t10387592.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9C82C33587D43555F8B7B3EACD1D0F843E2CA585&dn=cosplaybabes+suckerpunch+this+pipa+lily+yuffie+yulan+sucker+punch&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Ayanami -The First Child - Molly Dae [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-ayanami-the-first-child-molly-dae-neon-genesis-evangelion-t10387946.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:77EB15AB18698F1079D1A0BB45359D5FC37C8245&dn=cosplaybabes+ayanami+the+first+child+molly+dae+neon+genesis+evangelion&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
holy fuck 95% of these chicks are haggard
[CosplayBabes] Highschool Of The Dead - Samantha Bentley [Highschool of the Dead]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-highschool-of-the-dead-samantha-bentley-highschool-of-the-dead-t10390222.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2FA11FC22C15776F0DA4F356F8D0B93AD7DA9008&dn=cosplaybabes+highschool+of+the+dead+samantha+bentley+highschool+of+the+dead&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-jinkies-fred-that-s-really-big-adreena-winters-scooby-doo-t10390442.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D21AE0573A227F648F2DD0890AE8E21FE6C7534F&dn=cosplaybabes+jinkies+fred+that+s+really+big+adreena+winters+scooby+doo&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] Immortal Girl - Samantha Bentley [Code Geass]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-immortal-girl-samantha-bentley-code-geass-t10390618.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:06B7A4472EB94D8066961F62AFC810514049E7AD&dn=cosplaybabes+immortal+girl+samantha+bentley+code+geass&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Cosplaybabes] Miss America - Vellocet [Captain America]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-miss-america-vellocet-captain-america-t10390808.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4CAB50BF4DFDB76672B1CC1726416C6A1A602E45&dn=cosplaybabes+miss+america+vellocet+captain+america&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

And now, with the exception of Sophie Parker's Dark Phoenix video, which seems to be impossible to find anywhere - I'll sign up again and get it myself in a few weeks - that's everything from Cosplaybabes.

For anyone who's curious, the next video is going to be Mad Moxxi, from Borderlands. After that it looks likely that it'll be Chun Li, Tsunde from Naruto, Elizabeth from Bioshock, Asuna from SAO and then generic assassin from Assassin's Creed, in that order.
File: 01.jpg (520 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
520 KB, 1000x1500
[Cosplay Erotica] Chainsaw Candy - Nikita [Lollipop Chainsaw]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-erotica-chainsaw-candy-nikita-lollipop-chainsaw-t10392284.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B1D8D3FB686B7143A94E3179AFD8CDA3C5AD89D1&dn=cosplay+erotica+chainsaw+candy+nikita+lollipop+chainsaw&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Cosplay Erotica] Chainsaw Candy - Nikita [Lollipop Chainsaw]

Drect: https://kickass.to/cosplay-erotica-chainsaw-candy-nikita-lollipop-chainsaw-t10396182.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DAEEC290B564B81770D379D2261AFD7BB729BF81&dn=cosplay+erotica+chainsaw+candy+nikita+lollipop+chainsaw&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Wonder Gurl And The Henchmen's Reward [Wonder Girl]

Direct: https://kickass.to/wonder-gurl-and-the-henchmen-s-reward-wonder-girl-t10396280.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D345F1D055936EFCEDFDF39C56A57B29755B038F&dn=wonder+gurl+and+the+henchmen+s+reward+wonder+girl&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Christina Carter] Wunder Woman meets Dr. G [Wonder Woman]

Direct: https://kickass.to/christina-carter-wunder-woman-meets-dr-g-wonder-woman-t10396388.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:28F5D917E180CCBCAAEE722894AA9A436C1AA4EE&dn=christina+carter+wunder+woman+meets+dr+g+wonder+woman&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Christina Carter] The Adventures of O-Girl - Denial

Direct: https://kickass.to/christina-carter-the-adventures-of-o-girl-denial-t10396728.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43E7B1B5EB78BCB216B530CF295819663C4C379D&dn=christina+carter+the+adventures+of+o+girl+denial&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Hardcore Gangbang] Veruca James -The Room of Pure Imagination [Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory]

Direct: https://kickass.to/hardcore-gangbang-veruca-james-the-room-of-pure-imagination-willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-t10396880.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:08D5903399B6FACBFAE438C6E39046573690F956&dn=hardcore+gangbang+veruca+james+the+room+of+pure+imagination+willy+wonka+and+the+chocolate+factory&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Christina Carter] The Adventures of O-Girl - To the Point

Direct: https://kickass.to/christina-carter-the-adventures-of-o-girl-to-the-point-t10396966.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B2D3D6FAADEB294DF7DA19F0E0C00B7CEA34B02E&dn=christina+carter+the+adventures+of+o+girl+to+the+point&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Christina Carter] The Adventures of O-Girl - The Return of the Black Minx

Direct: https://kickass.to/christina-carter-the-adventures-of-o-girl-the-return-of-the-black-minx-t10397120.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ED7B90071AE6C610EA7736ADEEB69BC443DFD869&dn=christina+carter+the+adventures+of+o+girl+the+return+of+the+black+minx&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[SexAndSubmission] Operation Americana - Americas Greatest Hero Cumming Like A Whore [Wonder Woman]

Direct: https://kickass.to/sexandsubmission-operation-americana-americas-greatest-hero-cumming-like-a-whore-wonder-woman-t10397198.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5D7665F32636F685B5B93A0D5782820C358A2049&dn=sexandsubmission+operation+americana+americas+greatest+hero+cumming+like+a+whore+wonder+woman&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Cara Loft Crypt Kicker vs The Pirate Queen 1 - Christina Carter & Diana Knight [Lara Croft Tomb Raider]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cara-loft-crypt-kicker-vs-the-pirate-queen-1-christina-carter-diana-knight-lara-croft-tomb-raider-t10401167.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1D2D9297BB8896317DA3CBA1579C38E6DF5B296E&dn=cara+loft+crypt+kicker+vs+the+pirate+queen+1+christina+carter+diana+knight+lara+croft+tomb+raider&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Cara Loft Crypt Kicker vs The Pirate Queen 2 - Christina Carter & Diana Knight [Lara Croft Tomb Raider]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cara-loft-crypt-kicker-vs-the-pirate-queen-2-christina-carter-diana-knight-lara-croft-tomb-raider-t10401664.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DE5C0EBADA2B0A7C97432F9A7FF6C7961BFBFCCC&dn=cara+loft+crypt+kicker+vs+the+pirate+queen+2+christina+carter+diana+knight+lara+croft+tomb+raider&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
Cara Loft Crypt Kicker vs The Pirate Queen 3 - Christina Carter & Diana Knight [Lara Croft Tomb Raider]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cara-loft-crypt-kicker-vs-the-pirate-queen-3-christina-carter-diana-knight-lara-croft-tomb-raider-t10401699.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EB1F286B77FF32E4E8E00B9BDE14D06B92B266B8&dn=cara+loft+crypt+kicker+vs+the+pirate+queen+3+christina+carter+diana+knight+lara+croft+tomb+raider&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[CosplayBabes] The Black Canary - Victoria Summers [Black Canary]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplaybabes-the-black-canary-victoria-summers-black-canary-t10401986.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8EB7DB1C4723554D9FEA7D315684468ECC953122&dn=cosplaybabes+the+black+canary+victoria+summers+black+canary&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: xW5TJltm7h[1].png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
[BaDoink] Tomb Raider vs Uncharted XXX - Peta Jensen [Tomb Raider & Uncharted]

Direct: https://kickass.to/badoink-tomb-raider-vs-uncharted-xxx-peta-jensen-tomb-raider-uncharted-t10404781.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3AF0466230B4DDD51AEB16CD3418CD9C9E16EC64&dn=badoink+tomb+raider+vs+uncharted+xxx+peta+jensen+tomb+raider+uncharted&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: PouqZTHsIU[1].png (299 KB, 848x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 848x480
[BaDoink] Resident Evil XXX - Serena Ali [Resident Evil]

Direct: https://kickass.to/badoink-resident-evil-xxx-serena-ali-resident-evil-t10404887.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:AC238EE50F963651ED9955E3682100DA6B8E676A&dn=badoink+resident+evil+xxx+serena+ali+resident+evil&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 3qmKn5rsiH[1].png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
[BaDoink] The Last of Us XXX Parody - Naveen Ora [The Last of Us]

Direct: https://kickass.to/badoink-the-last-of-us-xxx-parody-naveen-ora-the-last-of-us-t10404988.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:38C90A22F79A7EDDCB95685566C749170AD93713&dn=badoink+the+last+of+us+xxx+parody+naveen+ora+the+last+of+us&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fcoppersurfer.tk%3A6969%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: Plt1Tso2Kf[1].png (885 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
885 KB, 1280x720
[Stranded Teens] Mikayla's Wild Ride - Mikayla Mico

Direct: https://kickass.to/stranded-teens-mikayla-s-wild-ride-mikayla-mico-t10405065.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6B4F6F28B3A081C33230BD353500274A67F22017&dn=stranded+teens+mikayla+s+wild+ride+mikayla+mico&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 9trVZNvyWC[1].jpg (388 KB, 2505x3764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 2505x3764
[Cosplay-Mates] Kasey Olsen - Foxy Gal [League of Legends]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-mates-kasey-olsen-foxy-gal-league-of-legends-t10406324.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D47424E27F79E7A2A988D1B88E6D849F2186EE2A&dn=cosplay+mates+kasey+olsen+foxy+gal+league+of+legends&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: VChFsRmaI4[1].png (937 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
937 KB, 1920x1080
[Cosplay-Mates] Kasey Olsen - Foxy Gal - Movie [League of Legends]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-mates-kasey-olsen-foxy-gal-movie-league-of-legends-t10406397.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:54BE9F37B6D37ACA34080AD18D90C8F185C83925&dn=cosplay+mates+kasey+olsen+foxy+gal+movie+league+of+legends&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
File: 001.jpg (2 MB, 2504x3764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2504x3764
[Cosplay-Mates] Blazing Phoenix - Sophie [X-Men]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-mates-blazing-phoenix-sophie-x-men-t10409850.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B310B86C6A3A642AF489C3C514D2756E19CCB1A5&dn=cosplay+mates+blazing+phoenix+sophie+x+men&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Cosplay-Mates] Blazing Phoenix - Sophie - Movie [X-Men]

Direct: https://kickass.to/cosplay-mates-blazing-phoenix-sophie-movie-x-men-t10409940.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:759CCD48233E9A4E1CB0AF953CD2EC73817EAFBD&dn=cosplay+mates+blazing+phoenix+sophie+movie+x+men&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
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Top tier thread. Definitely seeding.

Don't suppose anyone has the Larkin PG content? It all got eradicated recently and it's impossible to find anywhere, other than the thing worst video the entire series.
I must have had a stroke while typing that.

*Impossible to find other than the worst video in the entire series.
Which do you consider the worst video in the entire series? I uploaded...one of her things a while ago. Pretty sure it's the original blowjob though.
The "Creampied and Fucked Hard" one is the worst.

OG Blowjob I remember being pretty good. The one with Supergirl was great. And the Tongue one was TOP TIER.
Pretty sure I have all of them somewhere. Will check after I put some washing on.
Radical. 'Preciate it.
File: HR9Dqi5UGm[1].png (421 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421 KB, 1280x720
Direct: https://kickass.to/power-tongue-girl-power-girl-t10415648.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A96E0E2A2BF12ED5CA8263143ED38D5918851A33&dn=power+tongue+girl+power+girl&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337
[Larkin Love] Power Larkin vs. Shrinking Foe [Power Girl]

Direct: https://kickass.to/larkin-love-power-larkin-vs-shrinking-foe-power-girl-t10415679.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ECA981E34F50A2D3A3A18453AD3345A605240804&dn=larkin+love+power+larkin+vs+shrinking+foe+power+girl&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fannounce.torrentsmd.com%3A8080%2Fannounce.php&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337

I'll be away until next Saturday, so don't be surprised if I don't post anything between now and then.

Thanks a bunch
File: 050.jpg (671 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
671 KB, 800x1200
any more usatame?
Anyone have this set from CD?
Why do almost all of the CosplayDeviants girls have shitty tatoos?
All of her sets have been posted.
Nobody cared who she was until she put on the mask
So thanks to you I now have a (mostly) complete set of Cosplay Deviants, but I'm wondering if there is an easy way to get the model's names for each gallery without paying?

Any tips anyone?
thank you for these I fucking love Larkin
I think she posted about her Power Girl cosplay on twitter, but I did not know it was a whole set. dayum
you should link this on /cgl/
File: Untitled.png (87 KB, 789x152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 789x152
Not that guy. But here's a link for 3 of her Power Girl videos. Those videos were kinda weak for me. She's hot but that stomach tat irks me. The funny thing is I don't even read comics but find this outfit sexy as fuck.

does anybody have Freckle Sue's Sniper Girl (Yoko Littner) set?
File: image.jpg (152 KB, 856x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 856x1080
oooh, sweet.
thanks man,
watch her earlier vids, dat tongue....
File: 1412400705812.jpg (378 KB, 720x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 720x1080
Anyone have this set?

cant find it anywhere
File: js.jpg (617 KB, 1481x1765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
617 KB, 1481x1765
Try this. Your set named "Production Pilot". There are other Jsica's sets too.
> http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/l6l9Nn1u/file.html
it's a shame she doesn't do stuff like she used to. like cam and do more risque photosets
Anyone else have any more Cosplay Babes or anything similar videos? (more than just a solo acts)
your my nigga
Guys , i need someone to get all the video of her : /the-unicorn-kween aka lady amalthea on clip 4 sale especially the one cosplay of Adventure time , can someone find a torrent?
Any progress on the Pixel Vixens front?
Does anyone happen to have any of this lady's cosplay sets? She's done a load of stuff, a lot while pregnant, if that sets people off. I think her name's something like Sirenalphania
Back from my holiday.

[Larkin Love] A Super Blowjob Bribe From Power Larkin [Power Girl]

Direct: https://kickass.to/larkin-love-a-super-blowjob-bribe-from-power-larkin-power-girl-t10452581.html

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:498FDD7878AEB5A24538485191CAFC6254527720&dn=larkin+love+a+super+blowjob+bribe+from+power+larkin+power+girl&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337%2Fannounce
No problem anon.
It's in the full siterip I believe, or I can post it individually for you. That is, unless it's a brand new one.
It's due to the 'type' of person who is into both cosplay and nude photography. Simple as that really.
All I can offer is the way that I go about it. If you find the name of the set (the siterip posted earlier has the set names) then you can search around the official CD tumblr and their deviantart page. Failing that, you can search within Cosplaydeviants using Google, for the set name.
I'm not lying. Unless I'm mistaken, all of her sets have been posted.
Again, check the siterip or I'll post it if you need it to be.
Very few sites out there do this sort of thing as far as I know.
No torrents exist, believe me.
It's in the works.
I'll see what I can do.
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