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Civ Part 11 Dark Elves.
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Reporting in
Lets do this.
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Awesome now all we need is one more player and it is time to begin.
lets do this.
Given any thought to stats sheet/what not.
Some thought haven't written anything down though.
I was feeling like I would phase it in a bit at a time, if that sounds good to you guys.

Just give me a bit to type the first post.
Also fair warning, posts may take a bit longer now.
The dawn has arrived.
Delim has decided that he wishes to visit the mountains in hopes of forging an alliance with the Dwarves.

Sargeras's Undead work on expanding the farm, soon there will be enough food to not have to worry anymore.
(Will be complete in 3 days/9 turns)

What do you wish to do next.
>Visit Dwarves
>Explore twisted tower
>Barter with demon for spells
>Train abilities

(next post is stats.)
>>Visit Dwarves
I will train my ShadowForm
File: Capture2.jpg (159 KB, 1111x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1111x528

Alignment: Evil
Morale: Good
Army Training:Moderate
Diplomacy: Negative bonus with good races


1x Skaven Prisoner

3x Lizard Knight Prisoner

8x Commoner

6x com Plate +15hp
35/35 hp
(Scutum) B-axe (1d8) 35 hp

4x Com Chain +10 hp
20/20 hp
Crossbow (1d8)

Misc Items
4x Skaven corpse (can be eaten)
12x Lizard corpse
9 Food (20 turns)
15x Pitfalled homes (fit 6 units each)
1x Volcano Camp (Fit 30 People)
1x Fire elemental remains
1x Iron mine

10x Clay targes +1 hp (EQ)
17x plate +15
10x chain +10
13x light armor +5 hp
23x scutum +10 hp
2x Full Plate armor +20
1x Enchanted Full plate +25 (EQ)
1x Magic cloak +5mp

10x Great weapons (1d10)
5x dagger (1d6)
5x Staff (1d4) +1 Mp Recover
5x Longsword (1d8)
1x Holy sword (1d8) (3d8 Vs undead)
2x Enchanted Weapon (2d8)
2x Enchanted GA (2d10)
5x Farming tools (1d3)
9x steel axes 1d6 1x hit 1x dam (EQ)\
18x Bearded axe 1d8 1.5x .75x 6(EQ)
1x Bow (range) 1d5 1x 1x
10x crossbow 1d6 4 (EQ)
4x sword (peirce) 1d6 1x 1x (EQ)
1x Warhammer 1d10 1.5x 1x (EQ)
15x pick 1d3
Large hammerpick 0.75x(HR) 1.5x

65 gold
1x Magic Gem
8x gems (worth 5 gold)
930x wood
3x food barrel
5x bob sled
14 ore 86 bar
25 stone 47 ash

Farming 1/4 food cost
5 commoners working.

1 ore per unit per day

5 stone and 8 ash a day per unit.
>2x Enchanted GA (2d10)
Melted down

Also last match I think I spent a few turns training on undead limit.
Anyhow, I'll be training non stop on raising undead limit till max again.
Delim takes a journey to the mountains past the twisted tower catching a glimpse of the smoky beast that guards it on his way past.
He arrives shortly after noon and sees a cave entrance in the side of the mountain.
He enters and takes a few steps in, there is the sound of swishing metal and he hears a gruff voice.
"Hwat do you hwant, Manling, it hwoud be foolish of you to not have come in peace." Delims eyes adjust and he can see a small stout humanoid about 3.5 feet tall, it has a beard reaching almost to its feet. It is also covered in what appears to be armor made of a whitish metal and wielding a large axe.

What part do you hope to be able to convert next?

You are correct, and it will take 28 days to reach full potential at a rate of +1 to cap per day.
(Also, does it otherwise look good insofar?)
Legz :)
You work on training your shadow form so that your legs can become shadow as well.
Once it is complete you will be able to walk in complete silence if in low level light.
(remember too much light will turn you back to flesh)
You will learn how to do so in one week.
You may try to speed the process at the cost of possible permanent hp loss.
I:E 3 days
Roll d20 if interested.
Believe so.
Just add in how many people/undead we have laboring on what.

10 at the quarry
5 collecting wood
5 At the mine*mining ore
Dark elves should be working on expanding the farm.Unless anyone thinks they should be doing something else.
Also you guys know what you want to do to our prisoners? hard labor with the undead?
I'll just wait
Hey guys just wanted to come in and say sorry for not being in the past threads. Helping some people make a homebrew and the times coincide pretty much exactly during this time. Again I'm really sorry and hope all of you have fun.
It's true I have come in peace. I hope to ask you fine craftsmen for help with a problem. One that will need more that this holy sword.
No prob, I'm actually brewing more depth into mine too at the moment.
It is only fair, I am not the only DM in town.
It's cool. Will you be staying around this time?
It is noon
Miekix decides not to test his luck and train steadily.

Sounds good.

The surly midget looks at you.
"And hwat prooblem hwoud that be?"
He says raising a great mass of hair that must be his eyebrow.
all good.
but that's a war prize that we looted off the dead bodies, of their possible business partners

Anyway, we've a shit ton of gold and gems.

And I was thinking of expanding the farms, just so we could trade food with the dwarfs, living undead does have it's downsides. Dwarfs usually always need food.
With all the wood and ore/stone and ash
I feel like I missed something, whats ash good for? We shouldn't need to buy materials only made weapons/blue prints
Bluetwo is making a concrete wall around the Volcano camp.
That's why he was quarrying stone and ash.
I feel like were gonna end up separating into groups...

Good VS Evil...

Watch yoself Delim...
One of a unkind nature, It has a minion of fire and a heart of darkness.

... In truth, as we speak, I believe it worms deeper into the minds of my friends.

I know, but being upfront and honest will probably be the only way to do this well.
I thought you planned to kill the Unseen at some point in the future?

"Do you mean the Unseen?" the dwarf asks.
"If so stay clear of that slimy hwore, he seeks death for all so hwis army can grow." it states with a shudder.
"If you wish to see the clerics you may, but be warned we are a goodly race but shall punish any treachery severely."
I was under the impression we are going to back stab the unseen. If this is not the case then, maybe. Character wise I believe that we are grabbing power from an evil person and I'm making sure we don't die from it.
I'm just messing with you. My character is completely loyal to the Unseen though. Dunno 'bout the others, but I might be a problem for you. (I think us ending up splitting might be fun :))
I believe you said something like
"Become his right hand and strangle him with it"
Yes I do.

I'm a honest elf, I care for the people and will bury the dead. Treachery will be something I don't, unless there's evil to be dealt with.
Well I don't fully know where I'm going yet tbh
I like the unseen.
Don't mind staying with him for a while,
The phantasmal hands, are there limitations on what they can do?
As in can I order them to build a house?
It will have its moments, but best to stay on the same page.
We shall see what I do. Probably won't join the Unseen, but who knows.
The way your hands work is not as A minion but as an exstention of yourself.
You can use them as your own hands but they are not commandable.

"I see" says the drwarf
"So what can I do for You?"
So much misspelling, fuck.
Ah well, to err is human and so on and so forth.
I'm in need of holy magic or weapons and armor to take on a demon of fire and a unseen. I will understand if it cost a lot and if I can I will do odd jobs to pay for it. So if you can please help me deal with this evil that plagues my friends.
I think the thread is dying so I'm gonna call It a night for today.

Same time tomorrow guys?
Yep. Thanks for running!
have a good one.
You guys too.
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