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Dystopia Rising
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I recently went to a Dystopia Rising game. Dystopia Rising is a weekend long post-apocalyptic LARP game. There are 10 chapters around the USA and Canada. Every weekend there is an event going on somewhere and as I type this there are literally hundreds (700 at least is one estimate from a source on site) of folks fighting a war for a shelled town in Texas. It's played with Nerf guns and Boffer weapons.
It's set 4 generations post a zombie outbreak and your PC's are a 'strain' of humanity. A psudo-human, mostly alive but evolved to be not only resistant to the infection but strengthened by it.
I went with very little preparation and no LARP experience (or even the desire to, frankly) and had an absolute blast. It's a sandbox game, totally in character and felt more like a Renaissance fair or street theater than a RP. All in all I find the game to be well designed, the community to be welcoming and the business model effective as they keep on growing.
I'm curious to hear what you fa/TG/uys and ca/TG/urls have to say on the subject.

Pic related- a commission weapon by a player for a player, done in private through social media.
The town in Texas has been around since the game started in 2002 (?) Anyway, what's important is they had built an in-game Nuclear Reactor and had powered the whole fuckin' place, only to have it leveled by some Religious fanatic called General Mustang. This Mustang somehow found working artillery and shelled the town into submission the massive influx of travelers represents the relief effort by concerned citizens and armed forces alike from the rest of the nation to curtail this madman's bid for power. It started tonight at 9 CST.
Characters are Body (HP) Mind (MP) and Infection that represents your ability to shrug off death because of your tainted DNA and your link to the gravemind. You choose a strain that gives you a starting Body/Mind and Infection, then choose a profession and buy skills from your pool. (Profession skills & Strain Skills)
I played 'Merican gunslinger and regret not bringing a camera along or at least taking pics with my phone. they discourage that sorta' thing in character but out of character it's no biggie. you wear a green bandanna to signify if you're out of character at to be ignored.

Hey there! I play a Doctor/Sawbones down in Gatorland... I couldn't make it to uprise. How did it go?
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You know what I hate about DR?

Some of the rules are such player punishing shit.

Ok, lets say you are a crafter of some kind, like a Tinker or Engineer. You have a 3x5 Work Area....if you walk outside of that area.. ALL MIND POINTS WASTED AND MATERIALS LOST.

Its more like Im playing a LAMMO and not a LARP.

There are so many rules like this that make it feel more like a damn computer game then a LARP.

The main reason this bothers me?

Because the game bills itself as 100% immersion 24/7.
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Or dumb shit like this... There is a new playable race in th game called Saltwise... they have a racial advantage of being table to breath underwater....

But apprently due to the rules being such utter fail (despite the book being 500+ pages)no one thought to include enviornmental damage such as fire or suffocation. So its impossible in game to knockout, tie up and drown an NPC or PC because there is no rules mechanic for it, therefore you would never do it.

I like the people who play, I like the storytelling staff, but jesus fuck the game dev and his shit rules system suck so so much...

The following pictures are from the OFFICIAL DR forums.
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and now the official reply from the Game Creator and Game dev.
That costume is nice, if that is you; what is it made up of?

The spectre is pretty ace, I have one too although I prefer the color scheme on mine (possibly biased), I feel nerf guns suffer a little if their paint jobs are a little too black/grey/brown/dark green.
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How the fuck hard is it to add a paragraph to the rules...

"If a character is in a situation where there are unable to breath for X amount of time, they being to take Y Damage directly to body every Z Seconds until they enter bleed out"

or Fire

"If a character is in a situation where they are engulfed by flames, they take X body damage every Y Seconds. A player may extinquish flames by doing nothing else but focusing on extinguisihing flames i.e. stop drop and role for 10 seconds."

Seriously this shit is not rocket science.

Where did you DR, op? There's a DR chapter not an hour from where I live and I was thinking of heading up there this season.

Where do you live around?

DR is full of fun, and cool people, it has a nice national (and now international community) community. However be ready to run up against some super shit rules.

Im my opinion the people, the staff and the fun more then make up for the shit rules system. I believe that people should know about them in advance however.

Rhode Island. Chapter up in Mass. My GM and a few acquaintances of mine sometimes go.

Despite my hatred of the rules, you should go. LARPing is good fun.

You can get the rulebook in PDF for free here.

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NERO here, DR can go get wrecked.
The rules still look a hell of lot better than the rules for my local larp (No rest for the wicked) where the rules are a massive bodgejob or edits and alternating systems crudely cut in.
> (despite the book being 500+ pages)

American larpers.

they just dont get it, do they?
Whilst I get the referance, there are a number of problems with my local one
>Money has no value because the everychanging system allows no correlation between wealth units and anything tangible
>Melee is twice as good as range because even a vaguely statted combat character can have dozens of hits and chop a shooter in half in seconds
>Gear and equipment is poorly statted so basically you either have unique gubbins, talent enhanced weapons (one of the combat classes) or you hit for basically nothing.
>Serious geriatric problems with the best characters vastly outbeating the lowest.
>Scouts are too powerful with the ability to stealth at will (and noone has enough awareness [skill] to outmatch someone speced solely for stealth combat)

Whats the name of the game again? Do they have a website?

I would love to get a look at this train wreck, at least DR is a constant train wreck.
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Its being reported that over 150 Bravo fighters have died in bleed out on the battle field, and thusly the gravemind has been fed at record levels... hundreds of undead are expected to take to the oil fields because of this loss!!

The Bravo Fighters were caught in one of General Mustangs Artillery barrages.

General Mustang is not expected to clear the field of the resulting undead as they hinder the Bravo forces more as he is in a fortified position.

Wait, isnt the "Gravemind" from Halo 2?
Apologies for my late reply.


Half the rules are in the forum (subforum 2.0 rewrites)
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Yes the Creator and GameDev Mr. Pucchi has stolen many a name and concept from other things for his 100% immersive orginal content do not steal game.
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>We are a full-contact LARP inspired by the Warhammer 40,000 setting with a focus on exploration, swashbuckling and intrigue

>Warhammer 40,000
>Focus on Exploration, Swashbucking and Ingtigue

It's pretty Rogue Trader Themed.
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General Mustangs bombers have carpet bombed the battlefield killing most if not all of the Bravo foces there!!!

The Bravo forces that were not on the battlefield at the time have been seen fleeing the area!!!

Bravo is now expected to surrender soon as General Mustangs forces have yet to suffer a single major loss in the war so far!
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The MAYOR of Bravo has walked onto the Battlefield alone unarmed and holding only a white flag!!!

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It seems the War for Bravo is over in under 2 days!!

General Mustang has taken to the field, it appears as if he and the Mayor of Bravo will meet in the middle the of the field alone to discuss the terms of Bravo's surrender!!!

The Mayor of Bravo, still holding the white flag in hand appears to be Talking to General Mustang.

The talk seems very headed...

OMG The Major of Bravo has broken the Surrender flag in half to reveal a hidden blade!!! He's attacking General Mustang!!

General Mustang is fighting back...

Its hard to tell who has the upper hand.....

It looks like... Mustang... Mustang has knocked The Mayor of Bravo down, and taken the sword flag from him..... oh god... oh god no..

The Mayor is dead.... General Mustang has driven the sword flag through The Mayors heart!!!!!


The War that was expcted to last 4 whole days, is over in barely 2...

The Mayor is dead, the town is gone...

Word is coming in now that Mustang is offering amnesty for anyone willing to join with his Army and fight on the front lines. This Amnesty will last only for the next 5 hours, anyone rounded up after that will be either killed or sent to the work camps.

Any and all Psions found will be killed on sight.
If a Psion is captured and brought in alive they can be traded for someone of your choice in the work camps. Mustang is also offering a reward/bounty of 50 Credits/Brass per Psion head turned in.

Reports say that a few of the Former Bravo Braves have already come forward to fight with Mustang on the front lines.

Follow up.

General Mustang himself is making these announcements via DJ vehicles equipped with Radios and loud speakers to any of the remaining townsfolk and fighters.

He continues to say that All Fighters and travellers from other regions who are caught will not be sent to labor camps, but will instead be disarmed and held until late sunday evening, when they will be released to return to their home regions to spread word of his victory at the oil field...

He Urges Gatorlanders to take special heed of this victory, as Gatorland itself will soon need liberation from the Final Knight forces, or The Rat-Trap families.
Huddled around radios and waiting by the telegraphs, the residents of Gatorland share worried glances, wondering if what they are hearing is all speculation, or if their neighbors to the west really have fallen. And, if so, what of their loved ones gone to offer aid?
I play in the mass, but I havent had a chance to see the new location.

Is this really a live feed of this weeks bravo game? Also wtf they have planes? I call bullshit.


He has Artillery, and I heard last event in Gatorland that he had Iron Birds.

Apprently Mustang has a bunch of pre-fall tech
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This may be our Last report for some time from Radio Bravo... can we even call ourselves that anymore if there is no longer a Bravo?

A DJ ride has just pulled up outside of our field radio shack... Mustangs soliders are getting out... they are... they.. they have a strange looking gun, it looks like a long metal or plastic tube... one of the soliders is sticking something in the back of it while another solider holds the tube on his shou....
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Your radio suddently comes back to life after a few minutes of silence..

The voice of an older male come across the distance and through the air to you in a raspy smokers voice...

"Welcome to my new America"
The citizens of Gatorland will remain vigilant by their radios and telegraph receivers, waiting for their signals. Waiting for any words of warning or messages of hope. Gatorland /is/ listening.
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