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...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to < SHIAWASE ARC0125 "Grena" >
>Welcome to /srg/ Citizen

>Observe one's rear side
>Project lead in an accurate fashion
>Use ammunition sparingly
>Do not enter in to a fiscal agreement with Wyrmus Majoris

>Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/SsWTY7qr
>Chummer 5: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p5yimzsgljq3nnn/AAAa2q6l970NAkUUtZ4CvOgpa?dl=0
>Issue tracker: https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/issues

Recently Downloaded files;
>A Brief History Of Metahuman Rights.pdf
>Brothers Under The Scale: An Examination of Naga Psychology.avi
>Nella The Whorc Barbarian vol.23: Spear of the Troll King.btl
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Personal request for the other deckers or technomancers out there.

What does your Matrix icon look like? Could you describe it to me?
>Do not enter into a fiscal agreement with Wyrmus Majoris

Do not enter int ANY GODDAMN KIND of agreement with a wizworm, chummer. Scaly bastard will find more ways to turn it on its head and fuck you over than you can imagine existing!

The only 'good' wizworm was Ole D, and he got himself blown to bits because some idiots didn't like the idea of a dragon being president.
>some idiots didn't like the idea of a dragon being president.

You mean like other dragons?
Short-haired kid in a parka, with large goggles and two infeasibly large forearm-covering gauntlets.
(From the last SRG)
>A mundane street sam is capped at 13 skill points at a thing. The adept can take powers to ignore this.

I've been wondering about this.
It says on page 129 (SR5) under Skill Ratings: "The skill Rating is a numerical value ranging from 1, representing the most rudimentary skill, to 12 (or 13 with the Aptitude quality)"
This could be understood as "a skill Rating can't be higher than 12(13)".
Then on page 309 (SR5) under Improved Ability it says "This power increases the Rating of a specific Combat, Physical, Social, Technical or Vehicle skill per level of the power."

Is it pointed out somewhere that adept powers can actually go beyond the cap of 12(13)?
Am I missing something else?
No idea, chummer. Lots of people have been digging long and hard to find who was behind Dunkelzahn's assassination, but so far, no hard evidence had ever been brought up. All we have is theories and suspicions, ranging from another worm to Humanis to the NAN, to basically anyone who might have a reason not to see a dragon in power.

Yes, I know OOC that Dunkelzahn sacrificed himself. But this is the POV of "average Joe" on the streets.
If a Dragon's dealing with you, then you shouldn't take the deal.
Not because they're going to fuck you over, but because if they're revealing themselves as your employer then they either NEED the job to work and thus are using it as an unspoken threat against failure, or they're so pressed for time or so shitty at their race's favourite pass-time that you're probably being hired for a job that you have next to no chance of success at.
Actually, there is a cult devoted to Dunzie that seems to know what's up, as they take Dunzie as a jesus figure that sacrificed himself to save the world from the horrors.
Foolish metahuman, blindingly believing you have any choice in the matter. You should have been content to have been granted the illusion you had one...
Just saying, if you're so shitty that you have to reveal to us you're a Dragon then you're about 5 steps behind the rest of your lizardy kin.

Or perhaps you're just so crap at hiding your trail that your Runners find out. In which case your Nuyen isn't worth the credstick it's passed over on.

You're not convincing anyone, chummer.
For whomever is doing the edit on this shit footnote 40 is all fucked.

>Pinche Azteca motherfucker!” (40)
>(40) Pinchar means “puncture.” In this fashion she's telling anyone of non-descript gender to “Puncture Atzlan!”

The slang she's using could be better translated as "pussy Aztec motherfucker" or "bitch-ass Aztec motherfucker".

Pinchar = to puncture, yes. Puncture = to make holes. Pinche = pussy. Get it?

GT is also telling me that the word translates to "scullion", an antiquated form of the term "bitch-ass nigga".
Improved [skill] only increases the dicepool, not skill rating.
There is no "Improved [skill]" power.
My bad.
it's Improved ability [skill] Power and RAW it increases the skill rating.
Yes. I'm trying to figure out if the power is also subject to the 12(13) cap and why not if it isn't, or if 12(13) really even is a cap.
File: 1427862632607.jpg (1 MB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1500x1000
So when in the matrix, your deck normally takes the dmg unless biofeedback and cold or hot sim, right? What about link-lock then, does it still do dmg to your deck and what happens when your deck get's bricked and you are link-locked?
Bricking someone's deck when he is link-locked terminates the link and the poor chummer suffers dumpshock.

You don't linklock someone when you want to brick his deck. You do it when you want to kill him with biofeedback.
So when if i fight in the matrix, when does the damage go to my deck and when to me?
Both you and your deck take damage if the attack against you is reinforced by a biofeedback program. Otherwise, only your deck suffers.
So unless biofeedback and cold or hot sim only deck takes dmg?
Page 88
>After character generation, the highest rating a skill can hit is 12 (13 with the Aptitude quality).
And I find this kinda stupid. So, improved ability and reflex recorder only help you to save some karma, not to rise your skill beyond the impossible.
It should be.
A gear, with 8 spokes.
You mean "a lot"?
So far in 5th ed, yes.
Thanks for finding that bit, it's what I was looking for. 12(13) really is a cap.
Which means unless someone finds a rule where it says the cap doesn't apply to adept powers... yea, looks like they only help you get to the cap faster / easier.
Reflex recorder, yes.
As for adept power... You need to go through Initiation and then raise your magic. Or sacrifice other powers to take improved ability. Or make qi focus, which also takes karma. I am to lazy to make calculations, so I am not sure if it really save "a lot" of karma.
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Cross 18.jpg
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Build 163
Administrative Change:
- Controls (Skills, groups, etc.) moved into a separate folder because I'm tired of looking for them and can't be bothered prefixing. Organisation is love. Organisation is life.

Application Change:
- AUTOMATIC UPDATES ENABLED. Now I just have to not forget to update the version metadata every time I fiddle with something...
- To use automatic updates, open the Tools window and click on Check For Updates. Any new file versions should be available for download. Select the files, hit the download button and cross your fingers.
- Fix for Friends in High Places causing a crash due to invalid bounds.
- Fixed an issue with free karma knowledge reverting values to 0.
- Rewrite of Knowledge Skill BP calculation to support free points. Needs some logic validation.
- Fixed an issue with the Blind (Mage) quality causing an exception.
- Added functionality for the Jack of All Trades, Master of None quality.
- Added functionality for the College Education quality from Run Faster.

Data Change:
- Updated some spells with correct ranges, from the errata.
- Updated some martial arts, courtesy of Urs Zeidler.
Thank you based person.
I've been trying to figure out what to call you for a while now since it's not like you're anonymous, but you don't really have a name.

I want to suggest !KEA, since you spend all of your time trying to help people build things and updating your catalog inventory. Plus it's how I imagine once tries to phonetically pronounce !yekka.
Honestly, I don't much care for names. I prefer being a function rather than a personality.

In related news, I appear to have slightly broken priority and sum-to-ten. You need to enable the house rule to give free contacts in karmagen for them to be available in priority or sum-to-ten, otherwise you're limited to making purchases with karma.
Basically my street persona: fitted jeans, dark peacoat, and a voltage bolt super-imposed over my head.

Here's a question: Only hosts/IC can link-lock you, right? Other deckers can't do it?

Karma points still transfer from karma build if you don't use them. Free contacts for karma build still don't work, so the houserule option does nothing.
"Another danger in the Matrix is having your connection link-locked. This is when another persona or device sends keep-alive signals to your deck (or other device) that force it to cancel any attempt to leave the Matrix" (SR5 229). It doesn't say anything about only being from IC or Hosts, so I think anyone who can get enough marks should be able to do it in theory. Though I will admit I'm not hugely sure.
Lockdown program Link-locks your target

'Lockdown: When you cause damage to a persona, he or she is link-locked until you stop running this pro-
gram or they successfully Jack Out.'
pg 246
Mystery solved. I'm unsure how I missed the lockdown prog.
>you and your deck take damage if the attack against you is reinforced by a biofeedback program
Your deck resists damage first. Any actual damage, if it's biofeedback, that it takes after the resistance test you have to resist. If cold sim, stun, if hot sim, physical. So let's say you are hit with 10dv, deck resists 4 and takes 6, you have to resist 6 in biofeedback.
Ah ok i see now, decks can break pretty easily then huh?
I have a challenge for you - Describe your character in the most snowflake way imaginable. Make the mundane absolutely stupid.
Yes. With the rules currently as they are, bricking a deck is pretty easy, but killing the metahuman behind it with biofeedback is quite hard.
5e noob here. are technomancers squishier due to goin in deckless?
>make tarot card wielding druid
>decide to name him Wildcard
>be reading 2D's storytime through for the first time
>get to the chapter about Dylan Cadbury

File: 1402772020327.png (703 KB, 1809x1697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
703 KB, 1809x1697
Edgy as fuck, but also hilarious.
>dat pigeon toed stance
Can the Prejudiced quality be taken twice? Like once for Non-elves, and once for Non-awakened? Or is it just taken once and listed as Non-elves/Non-awakened.

It seems to me like it should be able to be taken more than once as in this case, the character hates non-elves much more-so than non-awakened
File: rateme.jpg (177 KB, 1022x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 1022x541
A 76 year old nosferatu illusionist who is also an ordained priest. He is inhumanly charismatic and has iron willpower. He used to be really into hallucinogens and other drugs but he got over them. In his past he was heavily involved in organized crime, but he got out. He is a mysad, so he channels essence to power both his spellcasting and his body. A competent strategist and a master planner, ______ is a force to be reckoned with. How did I do?
>I prefer being a function rather than a personality.
Any programmer who has functions like
public void !yekka6.TX6(a,b,c,d);
needs to be publicly crucified, especially if they didn't leave any comments.
In a stand-up Matrix fight, yes they are. However they have the advantage to be able to send their Sprites do things rather than do it themselves, which mean they often can avoid fighting.
That's not ridiculous enough, I could see that appearing in an actual property.
Hey /srg/! Could I get some quick feedback on a character I've been working on? I'm still getting the hang of squeezing the most out of Priority Gen, but I'm pretty happy with this build so far and I wanted to see if there were any areas where you guys would recommend cutting back or improving.

Concept is a magician variant of the "Burned Company Man" archetype - a free agent shaman who used to work for one of the AAAs until something drove them into the shadows. Character's meant to serve as the magical support for a more black-trenchoat styled group of professionals, as well as serving as a secondary face to the party. I'm confidently rolling between 9 to 14 dice on all of the important stats, averaging out mostly at 11, but if I'm missing anything crippling I'd like to catch it before I start playing.
You could conceivably squeeze a few more dice into your magic pool if you wanted to dump a lot of your gear and grab a power focus (or even just a spell focus of your manipulation spells), but none of your gear strikes me as useless for what you seem to be going for so I'd say this is really solid.

Spirits of Man is a kind of weird summoning specialization since you'd use that as a Shaman to sustain health spells and the only health spell you have is Heal. I'd suggest Beasts so you can have some combat support.

Maybe see if you can pick up a disguise kit, if you're going to have 9 dice in disguise.
Huh. Someone else shelled out for HeroLab. Thought it was just me.

Guy looks good to me, but I don't into 5e, so take that for what it's worth.
Some of the suest shit I've heard. Pretty cool, dude.
File: 1413878049217.jpg (191 KB, 1169x827) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If no one in my team has a assault rifle or any kind of BF/FA weapon how much of a asshole would I be to mod a sniper rifle with BF?

The last few fire fights I have been was too close due to most of the team having pistols.
On the other hand I could use a shotgun but I was never too clear on how good they are due to 5+ ap they have
If you ignore the 'must spend an edge to fire it without setting it up', then yeah.
File: frowning cat.jpg (45 KB, 640x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
frowning cat.jpg
45 KB, 640x427
>mod a sniper rifle with BF?

You'd be forced to fall back on your "automatics" skill. Unless it's as good as your "longarms" skill, it's probably not worth it, especially with the recoil modifiers on top.
when did modding a fire mod made it into automatics?

I can deal with that
It sounds to me like it's a GM ruling thing.

I made an Ares Predator full-auto, but my GM still ruled it as using Pistol skills. I'd fully understand, however, if it was ruled to using Automatics while firing burst or full-auto.
No you wouldn't Firing a FA pistol is still pistols, firing a FA longarm is still longarms. You would still have to deal with setting up, though
>Firing a FA pistol is still pistols
The only FA pistols in 5e are machine pistols and those specifically use "Automatics" except for SA fire.

>firing a FA longarm is still longarms
The only full auto longarms in 5e are assault rifles and those use "Automatics"

Core Rulebook pg. 427-428.
I don't know if 5e has the rules, but he's not talking about a gun that has FA by default, he's talking about modifying a gun.

A gun that doesn't have FA or BF by default wouldn't use Automatics.
He might want to take it up with his DM directly, rules to modify a gun's firing mode have yet to come out for 5e. By RAW, a gun that doesn't have BF/FA by default cannot get it.
4e sorry.
The answer is that yes, technically by fourth edition rules modifying a pistol to fire full auto still uses the pistol rules, mostly because the game has it so that with the exception of guns that can swap parts (like the weapons platform) it will always use the same skill. by the same notion firing a rifle on single shot will still require automatics rather than long arms. If you really need a justification then consider that it might be that you get use to the way a certain type of gun feels and aims rather than how it compensates for recoil, I'm not very familiar with fire arms and I'm sure it's showing.
>>39503607 as this one mentioned, D has a pretty big and rapidly growing religion following him now so it's probable that it ranges from one to another. He seemed to have good PR though so likely connecting his death with some Humanis group to toxic shamans to blood mages to terrorists or even the belief that he has become our new jesus, sacrificing himself to save us from something horrific like another Ghost Dance or something. POV will likely change, best guess is that a majority will have neutral to positive opinions of him.
Sporting rifles longarm spec when?
You got a template for that. I'm in the mood to put my character into one.

Because he's going to die pretty soon.
I didn't even notice that sporting rifles were a thing. I'll throw it up in the next version. As an interim, open up skills.xml, find longarms and add <spec>Sporting Rifles</spec>.
File: temp.jpg (2 KB, 203x90) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here you go.
What is this, a template for ants?
What would ants be doing in a Shadowrun thread?
File: whatisawtemplate.jpg (24 KB, 1022x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My pc is all kinds of fucked, was saving it as glitches before. Lemme try again
I'm new to Shadowrun but not pen and paper and I'm about half way through the 5e book, but I have a question if anyone is willing to answer. Are there any stats or similar that are only available, or at least easily available, at character creation? Or is every kind of improvement available after character creation? This priority system has me concerned I'm going to be sorely lacking in some crucial character aspect of the character I plan to play that I won't be aware of until after I've had some experience with it.
>only available at character creation

Mage, Adept, or Technomancer.

Barring MAJOR GM-fiat in your favor, the only way to pick these qualities up after character creation is through the Latent (X) quality, which is also a quality that must be taken at creation.

Other than those, no, I think you're good.
Latent isn't available in 5e yet.

Okay, that's cool, thanks. I was planning on making a technomancer anyway so I'm good there. I'm just trying to find the balance between being good, and being broke because ¥6000 isn't much to work with.
Here's a warning.
Latent means you start with Magic/Resonance 1.
To increase it to barely sufficient levels (4+) you need to spend at least 45 karma.
Plus all the skills, and complex forms you'll need.

The only worthwhile latent is awakened and hope for (the proportionately high) chance that you go Adept.

Thanks, since I'm going with technomancer anyway I should be good.

Can anyone recommend a sample TM priority list that won't leave me broke or useless off the bat?
Word of warning, you should be an adept decker if you're a newbie and want to jump into the matrix immediately.

I'm aware of the complexities, I like to challenge myself.
So an adept decker is a better way to start up decking instead of a standard decker?
This isn't the case. If you want to specifically be the best at decking, then an adept will do that. They're adepts because you can make them really good at something, but you lose versatility in the tradeoff. If you want to actually do stuff that doesn't involve decking, mundane would be better, and for decking specifically money is far more important. Even with shitty stats you can have a bitchin' deck.
A rotting dog's head stitched onto a nice suit.
File: shockbeam.png (5 KB, 528x54) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 528x54
Is there any reason to grab one of these? How does the damage stack up against SnS?
Meh in all honesty 5th put a far greater emphasis on characters having a distinct role so you might as well go all the way and be an adept decker.
S&S is 6e and can be used with bf/fa weapons with the same ap cut
A giant floating hand that, based on the viewer's country of origin, changes into various culturally appropriate obscene gestures.
Pic Related, works pretty well for a Cyborg. Also requires Wrapper to be active according to my GM.
I would rather put a cerebral booster 3 in my head and not worry about magic. I think the only good reason to go adept decker is so that you can also be a face.
You configure and create your own persona's appearance. Wrapper is for altering the appearance of devices and such that you don't have any control over the appearance of.
I'm aware of that, but my GM has some... let's just say very strong opinions on certain subjects.

He says it's just too weird to be within the normal programmable limits. And not like I care much, I use wrapper to disguise half my stuff anyways.

For a human TM priority list, I'm thinking A Resonance B Attribute C Skills D Resources E Metatype special points whatever they're called. This should ensure I'm well prepared enough that I won't need much Edge, but I have a few if I need it.
With adept powers, you can do things like reduce a single penalty by your magic rating * 1.5 (Adept Centering + Heightened Concentration), use AR as fast as a mundane decker uses VR, sustain the Increase Logic spell your mage cast on you, and more.
File: 141948704158.png (436 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 1000x1000
Sailor suit? You better know how to swim or that outfit better double as a flotation device, because there was one GM who had me try to sail a boat and I failed miserably... ended up drowning too. All because he wanted to punish me for having a character who wore a sailor suit.

I wasn't even weebin' It was just her thing. I played her like she didn't care what people thought as the outfit was the one thing that brought her joy to her otherwise bleak life. The GM was sort of an asshole like that. Luckily I got to play as her again and get some epic undead slaying in. Eventually everyone nicknamed her Buffy.
With my new character, I have 2 group skill points during chargen. Without being able to break group skills in that group starting out? Or do I just have to dump those group skills into something I only want 2 points in?
>All because he wanted to punish me for having a character who wore a sailor suit.
The fuck is his problem? The Sixth World is relentlessly 80s and Japan-influenced, weird fashion and all.
>Without being able to break group skills during chargen, how can I get 6 in those skills.

what I meant to say
You can break skill groups in the final stage of chargen by spending your freebie Karma, after you've spent all skill points and skill group points.
Go A attributes B skills C resonance D human E broke as fuck. Then use your SAPs to raise Resonance to 6. Trust me that would be better.
Yeah, that's where my complex of requesting proper safety gear comes from in RPGs. Hence why my post of the second go round with "Buffy the Elf Vampire Slayer" usually came with a milspec plate-holding life preserver.

One question, any way to build a gunslinging, vampire slaying elf decently well in 5? In 4 I could do it just fine. That and stat her kit out.
Try something like what >>39519058 said but with an Adept, using SAP to fill in Magic. Accurate guns aren't very cost-prohibitive, and you don't need a very high Magic to get access to your core powers.
Attributes A, Magic B, Skills/meta C, Skills/meta D, E broke as fuck. Alternatively go with sum to 10 generation option for B attributes, B magic, C Poor little elf girl, C skills, E cash.
Gunslingers are fun and easy to build.
Okay for you creative types with the system, how could a protective vest like this be statted out in Shadowrun 5e (with a cost)?


I might opt for the aviation version.
Looks like the milspec armour flotation system, from Arsenal (4e). Open the back of the book to find the table with the price, and port it straight over.
Yeah might try to convince a local GM to run a game around sunken LA.
I think the flotation system carried over to the milspec stuff in the 5E guns and gear book.
You'd think so. No unique mods in 5e, yet.
I'm dissapoint.

Oh well, most of the GMs in my area are nice enough, and don't really see shadowrunner floaties as a threat.
Care to tell why would you want that thing?
I might have it in the avaliable gear my character has. Most of the time my GMs run games based here in Minnesota, you're liable to be traveling on a lake here, and there is also Lake Superior. So, having a armor vest with a flotation option becomes smart.
Is swimming skill not enough? If you're floating you're a static target without an option to dive down.
More for the times I'm knocked out and sent into the water in one hit. Otherwise if I was intending to go into the water I'd just set it to manual. If I remember correctly the milspec flotation option could be set to arm from your PAN.
Wouldn't it be smarter to invest in not getting knocked out in one hit instead?
Oh one more thing, you're not stationary as you can swim about, BUT diving... not a option. Trust me I've worn one before, I know what the limitations are. And I put thought into it.
>Is swimming skill not enough?

Not when you're wearing 55 kilos worth of armor.
I'm kinda new here, is this an update to "chummer5"? If so how can I download it
Dropbox link in the OP.
Goddamn I'm stupid, thanks!
Dropbox or https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/releases/latest. Once you're on this version you can just go Tools > Options > Check for Updates
How about not wearing milspec on a boat?
Can't tell the dice what to do, chummer. They want you knocked the fuck out and sucking water, they'll make damn sure it happens.

Also, do you put a point into every skill in the book?
Well we're just using the option not the full goddamn suit, buddy. A standard armor vest is far, far lighter than that.

Try harder, okay?
Biomonitor+auto-injector with stimshit is enough.
Ooookay? That really isn't the solution for all problems. Some of us have to invest in shit like our guns and our bread and butter shit. That and I play a Physad usually so cyber/bio isn't a fun option.
Oh and before you say something, my abilities usually focus around the gunslinging, not swimming the 500 meter at Olympic record setting time.
>Well we're just using the option not the full goddamn suit, buddy.
Then you reply to the wrong guy, friend.
>Flotation System: Since people in heavy armor sink like a rock when they fall in the water, this safety system provides an emergency life-saving mechanism for units deployed along waterfronts or on ships. When activated (either manually or via PAN), this system deploys and immediately inflates numerous airbags that provide enough buoyancy for the armor to float. The character remains immobilized until rescued, however.
Anonymous board, shithead. Deal.

So now that that is all settled... who here has built the most scary, DO NOT CROSS ME type of mage that has ever stomped this mudball?
That's armor mods, not 'ware!
By the way swimming is a part of Athletics skill group which is useful for a gunslinger to have.
>Also, do you put a point into every skill in the book?
Yes, except Escape Artist (that's for loosers who can't break handcuffs).
File: 1411142877398.gif (44 KB, 700x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 700x368
Okay so how does that immobilize you when we're adapting it to a simple armor vest? Or are you so autistic that you need to stick to the book on every little thing?

Sure sounding very NFA neckbeard around here.
>55 kilos
>wearing milspec on a boat is a shitty idea
Use your brain already.
If you're talking about a starting mage then that would be a black mage with a F3 power focus.
No need to be a fuckwit about it.

I'd use the RAW passage when you want something that will keep you afloat with no risk of drowning. The stuff that will ensure you're headways pointed toward air, no matter the conditions.

If you want to move around, then it's not going to be quite so effective.
Then again I wouldn't be using it unless A: I thought I needed it or B: I had the auto on before a fight broke out and I got unlucky and tossed overboard knocked out.

Also again, I've swam with a inflatable life vest before, and it's not difficult. Backstrokes, man. Backstrokes.
If you worry so much about being knocked unconscious then strap this>>39521026 to your armor. It will work on the ground, too.
A flying kitten in a tophat
Well /srg/, would his plan have worked?

I thought I saw Latent Magic in Street Grimoire? Or was I hallucinating?
So long as the virus didn't mutate and cross species barriers. But what are the chances of that happening? It's not like dragons can mate with metahumans, oh wait......
That's Adrian Vauclair, right? Hard to say, he seemed to have some trouble getting his "Dragonslayer" virus to work.
Question about guns in 5e: if a gun comes with some kind of modification, like an internal smartlink or a gas-vent system, does the statline already reflect the mods? So something like the FN-HAR that has a gas-vent system of 2 and a recoil of 4, does it have a natural 6 that the gas-vent reduces to 4, or does it have a 4 that gets reduced to 2?
Probably not, Lofwyr was right on top of that shit hours after it ended and suggested that he was the one to send you there in the first place.

Vauclair was right though. Dragons need to die, they take everything and produce nothing. There are no benefits to dragons. The problem is that there are only two weapons known for working and both were made by Vauclair, one of them took something like 30 years to develop and even it was suspect.
Im glad you took out the Router part in your intro.
As an IT specialist that part always made me cringe at the level of stupidity.

I'm studying to get a degree in Networking, and everything about the Matrix makes my brain hurt.
you only had problem with that part? His entire intro sequence is cheesy and trying too hard.
The amount of recoil depends on what kind of fire modeyou are using and is independant of the exact gun model. The gun's statline gives you the built-in compensation under RC. If it is between brackets, it means (some) feature(s) giving compensation can be switched on and off (collapsible stock and the likes)
>There are no benefits to dragons.

RC in the statline stands for Recoil Compensation.
how the recoil affects you is dependent on how many shoots you fire.

and all modifikations in the fluff are accounted for in the statline
This is what happens when you give writing privileges to delusional manchildren who think they know how networking really works.

If you dont know what im talking about...
Its like listening to flat earth theorists explain astrology.
You got it wrong. FN HAR has a recoil COMPENSATION 2 (gas-vent 2)+2 )from your strength). The higher this number the better.

well might as well say astrology for flat earthers cuz its just as stupid.

Understood, thanks everybody.


To be fair, it kinda fits the cheesy 80s ideas of what virtual reality could be, but it's far from accurate.
>cheesy 80s ideas of what virtual reality

I really wish they'd update the matrix section to something more modern and somewhat more believable.

It's to make it more interesting than real hacking.

Runs would be kind of fucked if your decker had to stop everything for 40 hours to write up a new script and compile it or do a stuxnet dump and certainly more exciting than code injection or sitting around waiting for a ddos to do its magic.
SR is full of unbelievable shit, why does the matrix specifically have to be fixed?

Would that be more fun, though?
Like what?
>Implying all of the srg intros aren't terrible
Brain hacking!
/srg/ is terrible. Generals are terrible.
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That fucking cat.jpg
12 KB, 298x296
God I can't wait for them to come out with more blood magic rules, just so Johnsons can start forcing you to swear blood oaths at a meet, and so you can create dying acts that involve curb stomping them into sub-basements.

Oh, and ten bucks says Aina Dupree lives as a gestalt entity between the Crusader, the various IE's present at the moment of her rite and said present dragons. Bitch has more lives than a cat.

Although I still don't know who the crusader could be, I think the fucker is unique in fiction so far.
Or worse, they were completely invalidated in their archetype because the corporate black site manager wasn't stupid.

"Sorry, decker, looks like you're going to have to rely on social hacking to do this one."
>you to swear blood oaths at a meet,
or just don't take the jobs at all even if the other 80% of the party is ok with that shit.
So this happened.
>Male Elf Weapon spec is out shopping at the mall with the female Dwarf Face while the rest of the team is back at the hideout between jobs.
>Suddenly they both get an automated comms warning that the hideout security system is going off
>Hideout is being raided!
>The decker's deadmans switch message pops up minutes later
>Two guys in a black suit walk out of the store ahead of them
>The weapon spec stuffs the dwarf face under his arm and takes off running
>The Face is panic spraying automatic gunfire to cover their retreat
>killed 10 people, hundreds wounded
>Steal a car, high speed drive to the harbor
>They burn their sins, toss their comms into the sea and steal a speed boat
>Haul ass to South Florida
>Build a new team, start a new life as smugglers and pirates
>Meanwhile the original team is sitting around the hideout wondering what happened
>The Decker was playing a practical joke
>Now he's too embarrassed to tell anyone
The only good thing about their current rush to get all of 5e's core books out in the last few years is that I've had time to forget how horrible Shadowrun's metaplot is.

Thanks for reminding me Anon.

Thanks a bunch.
This is why you shouldn't work with Deckers not old enough to buy their own beer.
in that kind of work that's not really a joke why did he never call them back?
What about Technomancers not old enough to buy their own beer? You know, the kind of 'mancer that install an overlay on your smartlink to make your opponents appear like 'bad guys' from the latest trividgame? (and that's when he likes you)
They're generally more tolerable.
They're less likely to be some spoilt Corp Punk or another fragging "Hacker Prodigy" dime a fucking dozen these days (it's probably something in the water).
Can a Ares Predator V fit in a skin pocket bioware?

Also can goggles be worn under a helmet or am I better off just getting contacts for my smartgun system?
Not saying there aren't cool things you can do as an adept decker, but when it comes down to it, cerebral booster + hotsim will get you about the same results without having to worry about raising your magic or keeping your essence, or having someone else boost your stats. Speeding through the matrix with AR is great though (but you lose out the +2 bonus on everything from using hotsim); but nothing a Synaptic Booster can't match. Money does buy happiness, especially for a decker.

>Can a Ares Predator V fit in a skin pocket bioware?

The Skin pocket is a bioware version of the smuggling compartment, which is stated to hold things of light pistol-size or smaller. Ask your GM if you can try it but with a reduction to the concealment rating.

> Also can goggles be worn under a helmet or am I better off just getting contacts for my smartgun system?

Most helmets have space for visual mods, so just put an image link in the helmet and bam, instant HUD.
>when it comes down to it, cerebral booster + hotsim will get you about the same results
Not really, unless you mean over a very short span of game time. Even that's iffy. Doubly so when you can take the adept decker and either get the same results through magical means, or throw the cerebral boosters at the adept decker instead. That means a minor loss of magic & essence, (but opens up space for a few other augs) while keeping the potential for growth that being an adept is over being mundane.
>Long running Shadowrun game
>The most pink mohawk thing imaginable
>Lofwyr wants us dead
I have 40 noteriety
40 notoriety and you're still alive and well? Well, shit!
We're all newbies to this system, I'm the GM, and the decker (5e) is way overconfident. Like, he hacked into the facility's system, did what he needed to do, but sprung the alarm, then logged out. Then he has another idea and JUMPS BACK IN. Am I nuts for thinking he should be a little less kick in the door in the Trix? And how do I enforce that? I don't really know how to handle Matrix stuff well yet
Guess who is up for storytimes?

I once had a character screw up a run on trideo so bad he became a viral meme in setting. Retired the character, of course, but I've been wondering how much Notoriety that should have been worth.
Like I said, its pretty pink mohawk. We have a convention and tv series based around us.
You sure? It'll take me a long time to write down all the shit we've done.
That's more a question you have to ask yourself. I'm coming back in 6 hours or so.
Fair enough. Here's session number 1.
This all began about 4 years ago, we had never played a tabletop before and took interest in shadowrun
We make our characters and meet up to play.
Bear in mind, this started out as a serious campaign before it turned to madness

>Uncle Shepard, engineer/getaway driver
>Rory "The Spoon" Beneman, face/sniper with no skill in longarms/mage
>Dick von Lichtenstein, street samurai
>Jack Slenderman, infiltrator/sniper
>Professor Caiden Justham, doctor/chemist. introduced after first session as the player was co GMing for the first one

>We are contacted by our Johnson who tells us to steal something from a facility in Ireland known only as the leprechaun
>Tells us to meet his contact in the small town nearby
>We started in Japan and can't afford to fly over yet even with The Spoon trying to seduce the airport workers
>Head down to the docks to get a boat, meet a cyborg troll who calls himself Max Fightmaster
>Max agrees to take us as long as we help him deal with a gang who has been harrassing him
>Due to GM's lack of foresight, he gave Max 1 charisma and no social skills
>Spoon and Slenderman stay behind to watch Max's boat for him while Shepard, Max and Lichtenstein go to deal with the gang
>We arrive at their hideout, sneak inside and peer around a corner
>A gangmember spots us moving out the corner of his eye and goes to investigate
>he turns to corner to look at us and critically fails his perception check

Yes I know a perception check for that is dumb but we'd been playing for like 10 minutes at this point and barely read the rules, as you'll notice from this entire first session.

>We start attacking him. A bullet to the face and neck don't kill him
>Lichtenstein starts slashing him with his katana and he keeps fucking resisting the damage
>5 more rounds of this, Max Fightmaster punches the gangmember and he turns to red mist
>Lichtenstein throws a flashbang around the corner at the other gangmembers
>They fail to perceive it
>Max runs around and destroys them all with his 18 strength and 4 initiative passes
>He thanks us for the help and agrees to take us to Ireland
>During the trip we joke about The Spoon forming a relationship with Max
>Arrive at the small town fairly close to the facility
>We didn't ask who the contact is
>Deduce that it must've been the bartender, we meet up with him to ask for more details
>Spoon fails his social roll, the bartender doesn't believe we're the guys he's waiting for
>Form a plan to break into his room at night and have Spoon mindprobe him for the information
>Plan doesn't go exactly to plan, it turns out the Spoons only combat spell is napalm and we set his tavern on fire as we question him
>Mindprobe repeatedly fails, he falls into overflow
>Good thing Spoon also has heal
>Get the information and leave him to share the same fate as his tavern
>Now The Spoon wants to put his theft skills to the test
>He walks into the first shop we see and tries to steal a wheel of cheese
>Of course, he fails and the GM is sick of his shit. Makes the shop owner ex lonestar or something like that
>Spoon runs out with his cheese
>I place a bear trap outside the door, shopowner gets his leg trapped in it
>I should also mention that the Spoon also has the spell Orgasm
>He casts it over and over on the shopkeeper while we shoot him to death

End session 1.
my axe troll can do that already
>After leaving the town in ruins we begin travelling through the forest towards the facility
>Get attacked by a few creatures along the way, including a giant snake thing(I don't remember what exactly it was) and a pack of wolves
>I nearly fucking die to the snake's poisons
>Arrive at the facility, its surrounded by a chain link fence
>I point out that I have a toolkit installed in my arm
>Lichtenstein instead opts to slapping the fence uselessly with his katana, creating a lot of noise
>A guard comes over to investigate just as we finally get through the fence, murder him in cold blood
>Slenderman disguises himself as the guard and notes the locations of guards and cameras as we progress throughout the facility
>We somehow manage to get pretty far without murdering anyone else
>Eventually a firefight breaks out in a large warehouse
>Justham makes his appearance, has a staredown with me as the others clear up the fight

At this point I had never said "I say X" throughout the entire game so the other players assume Shepard never uttered a word so I rolled with it. To this day Shepard has never spoken.

>It turns out Justham was a solo runner who was spying on the facility for a seperate Johnson, and due to our activities his job is now impossible
>Joins us so he can get paid and not get murdered by his old Johnson
>We take the leprechaun, which happened to be a special magical creature, and blow the facility up while escaping in a helicoptor we found
>Return to Max who takes us back to Japan and complete our job

End of the first campaign
Campaign 2

This one was a prewritten campaign the GM found, and honestly none of us really liked it and I don't really remember what happened. Eventually we decided that the entire thing was a fever dream
and we were captured some time after the Ireland thing by Justham's old Johnson. In addition, Slenderman's player didn't really enjoy playing so he left the team after the Ireland job.

This one was ran by Justham's player.

>We all wake in prison cell with our gear stripped from us with Justham nowhere to be found
>An orc is here with us, he introduces himself as Roland Wharf.(Played by the usual GM)
>Working together we manage to break out of the cell.
>Roland chokes a guard to death and pulls his face off
>A wallet falls out of his pocket, landing on a picture of him with his family
>Lichtenstein is a psychopath now, he takes the wallet and laughs
>Take the guards guns. Progress a little further and capture another guard alive
>We interrogate him to find out where we are and who had us captured
>He give us the information, telling us that a Johnson was not very happy about Justham betraying him in lieu of joining us
>Lichtenstein, decided to cerment his role as the party psychopath begins to harvest the guard's organs to sell on the black market
>Not much happens for a while, we climb up the building in search of Justham
>Wind up in a kitchen, heavily cybered up orc chef activates his arm blades and vaults the table to attack us
>We defeat him in less than one combat turn despite him meant to be a midboss
>Progress into a small room with a large tank in it, the door shuts behind us
>Over an intercom someone tells us that we will progress no further and that we're going to die now
>>The tank begins to shake violently
>Roland begins trying to force the door open to no avail
>Using my engineering skills I disable the tank and prevent it from exploding
>In the next room we find some scientists
>One of them is wearing a fucking mech suit
>They notice us and the scientist in the mechsuit begins spraying fire and acid everywhere
>One of the others runs up to the Spoon and Lichtenstein, he sprays breathless at them and they go down
>I get lucky with my rolls and manage to take two scientists down while Roland fights the one in the mech suit
>Roland picks up a flaming table uses it as a shield as he advances on the mechsuit scientist and throws it at him
>Critical success. His fucking head explodes
>We slap Spoon and Lichtenstein awake and walk onto a helipad
>Justham is being transported by a cybered up elf
>Elf notices us and takes some blood of Kali
>Charges us but we manage to kill him because apparently he sucked
>He begins beeping post mortem, we panic and Roland throws his body into the room with the scientists
>Escape with the helicoptor with Justham on it
>The elf explodes and the pipes that run to the tank in the trapped room and throughout the building rupture
>The building is destroyed

End campaign 2

Is anyone reading these?
Yes, I am. Please continue, it's quite funny to read.
Fairly basic question, what are the ideas behind goblinization in the current era? I've got some sources saying it happens at puberty to normal kids, and some that say if your parents are orcs you'll probably come out with baby tusks.
The answer is: both. Ork dad + ork mom = ork babby, but there are still a few cases of random Goblinization happening along with U.G.E and S.U.R.G.E mutations.

ampaign 3

Fucking brace yourselves for this one. I don't believe its possible within the setting.

>After escaping the building in the helicoptor we part ways with Roland
>A week later we are contacted by a Johnson who knows about everything we've done and has taken a special interest in us
>He informs us that they have a top secret testing facility that has gone dark and he needs us to investigate and recover as much research as we can.
>The only thing unusual about this is the fact that the facility is on Jupiter's moon Titan
>Johnson assures us that we will be handsomely paid for completing the job
>1 million nuyen in total as a payout, and an additional 2 million if we can recover the research
>he also doesn't want us to take any weapons
>What a cunt
>He agrees to let us take melee weapons in case we get into any danger
>We make our preperations and blast off into space
>Reach Titan, we land around 1km away from the facility
>They say they'll return for us in 2 days. Until then it'll be complete radio static
>Make the journey to the facility, nothing of note happens
>As we get closer its obvious that something has gone terribly wrong
>The uppermost level of the facility has been crushed
>We shit our spacesuits and proceed into the facility
>We advance through the airlock and there is air inside so we deactivate our suits to save oxygen.
>We get into the next room and look around
>The lights are broken
>The walls are shredded
>There is blood everywhere
>Oh god what have we gotten ourselves into
>We find the engineering area, theres a bullethole on the ceiling
>We activate the power and check the nearby computer
>Read a journal left behind by an engineer explaining that there were some earthquakes coming from below
>The next one says that the engineer has been hearing screams through the lobby and the head researcher hasn't showed up since he went to inspect the biodome
>The final entry has the engineer commiting suicide
>its clear that a lot of people have died but there are no bodies to be found
>The research lab is locked up, we have no choice but to enter the biodome to find the key
>Using a long length of rope, we tie ourselves to the entrance of the biodome and tie ourselves together
>This way no one can be dragged to their deaths without someone knowing
>Progress through the biodome. Not much occurs until we reach a body. We inspect it learn that its the body of the head researcher
>We get his keycards and hear a rustling around us
>Housecat sized black crabs with spiked shells are scuttling towards us
>The Spoon begins throwing fire at them and kills one
>The rest of us begin throwing rocks
>One of them fires a shell spike at Justham, he screams in pain as the area of the suit where the spike struck begins to burn
>Pick up Justham and sprint for the exit
>Escape without any further injuries
>Justham has been poisoned, find a medical bay and replace his blood to prevent any chance of him dying
>Find a suit that fits him and let him rest for a few hours while we make sure there is nothing else that can harm us in the area
>The spoon begins throwing fire at them
Your GM a shit.
>We enter the research lab using the keycard and a computer explains that the awakening affected other areas of the solar system, including Titan
>Magical fish have been observed in an underground lake, among some other creatures
>What stood out most of all were some bacteria that consume organic matter and grow
>It was also shown to be able to assume the forms of other creatures
>Its the fucking Thing
>I guess thats why we've found no bodies
>We find an elevator to the lower level and head down
>One hallway at the bottom leads to the armoury
>Praise Jesus and aquire weapons so that we're not completely helpless anymore
>Down another hallway we hear a shuffling behind a door
>We check it out, theres a guy cowering behind the couch
>After calming him down he explains that he was undercover as a technician within the facility
>Around a week ago there was a massive rumbling coming from the test labs and the place started falling apart but he doesn't know the specifics
>He wants a copy of the research we are after to sell to the people who hired him for safety and tells us that its located in the observation deck under the lake
>We agree to collect the research and head down to the lake
>As we arrive its clear that the quakes have damaged the observation deck and its now flooded
>Lichtenstein opts to swim down to aquire the drive the research is saved on
>As he approaches the bottom he is attacked by something unseen
>Again and again
>The technician neglected to mention that the fish were aggressive
>Lichtenstein grabs the drive and frantically swims back to the surface
>One last hit, Lichtenstein falls into overflow and sinks to the bottom of the lake


Yeah, we didn't know that magic could only exist on Earth at the time.
>I burn 2 edge, we throw some stun batons we found in the armoury into the lake which both stuns the fish and revives Lichtenstein
>We dive down and rescue Lichtenstein and the research
>After fixing him back up, we return to the technician to fuck him up
>We bust down his door, knock him out and tie him up with some rope
>After he awakens we slap his shit and opt to explore the facility some more
>We hear some rustling within a storage room and figure it must be another survivor
>Open the door up, theres a figure at the far end of the room staring at the wall
>Try to speak with them and they turn to us and emit a blood curdling scream
>It advances towards us, GM describes it looking like a regenerator from Resident evil 4
>We gun it down and burn the body
>Decide we need to destroy the creatures in the test labs

>Go back to the technician and interrogate him
>He informs us that he is a spider and he tells us that he was also sent to see what our Johnson's company was working on
>According to him the bacteria we read about will have consumed nearly everything in the facility and grown to a massive size
>We go to scout out lab A, we can't lab B so it must be at the other end of lab A
>Lab is pitch black, we can't see shit
>Carefully advance forward
>Something is dripping down onto us from the ceiling
>Metre long, chalk white worms fall down and begin crawling towards us
>Shoot them into mush
>A loud roar comes from the darkness
>An awakened creature that looks remarkably like a lion steps out
>It casts control mind on Justham
>He critically succeeds and stuns the lion
>We begin fighting it, it leaps forward and attempts to gore me
>Good luck faggot, I have like 10 amour
>Resist damamge, just get knocked down
>Kill the lion
>Test lab A is now cleared out, we hatch a brilliant plan for the deal with the thing
>Head back to the spider guy
>Remove most of his organs while he's still alive and replace them with explosives, then wheel him into the room with the thing and detonate him
>The facility begins to shudder as lab B begins to shake and the thing starts advancing upon us
>Sprint up to the surface level and run out onto the moon's surface
>The thing begins slowly crawling towards us, the spoon turns and throws napalm at it
>It shudders and expels the burning parts of itself, becoming noticeably smaller
>We run further away and the spoon throws so much napalm that he knocks himself out
>We all turn and riddle it with bullets as it burns
>It shudders one final time, then stops moving
>Return to the landing site and make a copy of the research for ourselves
>Go back to earth, hand the data to Johnson and collect our money

End of campaign 3
Like Gibson?
>make a personal copy of paydata
You guys really didn't give a fuck about your rep, did you?
Eh, it's okay, it's not like they sold it to their Johnson's concurrent(s) and then bragged about it.
>Hard to say, he seemed to have some trouble getting his "Dragonslayer" to work.
He's getting old.
We did it with good reason. We wanted the data in case they made another one of those fucking blobs and the data might have had something we could know about it
How crunchy is shadowrun? I have been DMing D&D 5e for a few months and for somebody who never played RPGs before it was very easy to pick up and play. How does SR compare, is it more complex or not?
Since it's probably not worth making a new thread for this, did anyone here tried Interface Zero 2.0 for Savage Worlds?
>murder a whole bunch of people in cold blood
>have enough of a conscience to prevent a biohazardous disaster
Don't ask me man. I haven't murdered anyone with that group
>How does SR compare, is it more complex?

Yes. A lot more crunch, especially if you want every possible flavor of Runner in your group.
Very,very crunchy, more so than regular gurps. Everything has basically the same resolution model, but different actions have different stats+skill associated with them, and everything has a defense roll and a resistence roll. There are also three different combat systems (meatspace, matrix, astral), and it just gets more complicated from there. If you want to know the basic complexity, go the pastebin and look up the cheatsheets.

I mean, you get better at it once you understand how each different thing flows, but it's still crunchy.
I can't say I've heard of Zero 2.0 but to answer your other question, rather crunchy. The game is complex to the point of sometimes feeling overly so, though it's no phoenix command. I personally find it preferable rules wise to DnD because it only uses one type of dice and every test is in the form of [skill + stat + modifiers] so once you get the hang of it, all the parts fall into place. I'd say its a game where you have to be rather familiar with the system to gm and be forgiving to new players for a while.
Shadowrun is crunchier than pretty much any edition of D&D, let alone 5e which is the lightest. It's a lot more complex, it has many more complicated subsystems, more variables to combat, more character options, and so and so on. Hell, there's a rule that technically require a calculator (unless you're some kind of savant.)
Okay, I'll probably avoid SR just because my group seems to prefer light games. I'll probably give it a shot when my group wants to play something else.
not to be rude, but which rule is that? I genuinely am now interested.
The other thing to keep in mind about shadowrun is that the game generally requires a different mentality from DnD as the game is more about problem solving than getting into fights. While you can have a character who is a (meta)human blender, winning combat is only a part of the game, unlike DnD where, with the odd exception, combat is the name of the game. Honestly in shadowrun, if you can complete the run with no conflict (due to your planning) it's consider an outstanding success.
/srg/, how do I learn Shadowrun?
Are there any helpful video tutorials or recorded sessions I could watch to learn from?
Probably for the best, light is a word that will never be used to describe Shadowrun (at least not in its present form.) Personally there's a lot I actually hate about SR mechanically, but I still have a soft spot for it.
I really wish there was a 13th Age or D&D 5e equivalent to Shadowrun, something not quite Fate-light but relatively lighter.

DV for the damage of explosives is calculated as explosive's rating*sqrt(kg of explosives) rounded down.
File: 2D storytime.pdf (2 MB, 1x1) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
This and play the game.
D = R*sqrtM, then round down? Easy, call me when your players steal the blueprints to implosion grenades.
Quickstart Guide. Read it. Understand it. Gather a couple of players and have fun with it!

Then dive into the core rulebook.
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>tfw in that crazy campaign only Tank actually dies. Victim of shit qualities and a shit player.
Campaign 4

>We call our only contact, Ted (who has 1 connection and 1 loyalty)
> With his helpand our new wealth everyone but The Spoon gets decked out with top of the life cyber and bioware
>It was around this time we discovered that having enemies increases your noteriety
>I gave Shepard 10 enemies at character creation so he started with 10 noteriety
>This added to enemies we made throughout our adventures, orc bartender from Ireland and Robochef from when we were captured
>This added to the noteriety we gained ends up giving Shepard 35 noteriety in total
>Everyone else has 20+
>We decide that Shepard has so much more than everyone else because he attributed to the crimes the rest of the team commited
>Shepard is actually a pretty chill guy
>We are now known across the world

>Anyway we are contacted by another Johnson who wants us to investigate an Aztechnology headquarters in Egypt
>He also has proof that the group who wanted Justham captured has been operating in the area and gives us a picture of their leader
>I really want to use my new minibus with all its fancy upgrades
>The Spoon convinces Johnson to let us take it with us to Egypt
>We finish our preparations and begin the run
>Arrive at the town and stop by a small farm on the outskirts
>Speak with the farmer, he tells us of an outsider who had recently shown up and took up residence at a nearby abandoned house
>We check it out, it might be the guy we're after
>Drive down to the house and The Spoon astrally projects to check it out
>The place is trashed, theres a woman dead facedown on the ground
>The Spoon returns and informs us, we head down to check it out
>We check out the body and turn the woman over
>Shes the one we're looking for
>Theres a symbol carved into her head, we write it down to enquire later in the town
>As we leave we roll perception and notice a woman in a red cloak watching us from a ridge above us
It's sqrt rounded down, so it's not like you can find it with a couple of guesses by squaring the value you expect and bracketing the weight.

Sure, a calculator would be faster but, c'mon, mentally calculating the square of a couple of numbers isn't that hard nor time-consuming.

>Drive the minibus up a 90 degree angle after her but she is nowhere to be found
>Return to the farmer and ask him about the town
>He gives us some milk to drink and informs us about the local factions, The Sons of Ra and The Order of Osiris
>Show him the symbol we found and he tells us it belongs to the Sons of Ra
>Also tells us about a local gang who is allied with the Sons
>Thank him and go on our way
>Push our way through crowds and end up in a local bar
>At this point the GM tells The Spoon that he has been robbed
>He immediately shouts out that it was the farmer and that he used the milk as a distraction
>Vows revenge on the farmer despite that it clearly wasn't the farmer
>We sit down at the bar and ask the bartender some questions about the local gang
>The Spoon buys everyone a drink and buys Shepard some orc beer
>He keeps buying more and more orc beer for Shepard
>Shepard is swaying at this point
>This display of fortitude attacts the attention of some local orc women who take an interest in Shepard
>The Spoon immediately casts orgasm on the orc ladies
>One of them then grabs Shepard and take him back to their house
If it's just the square root rounded down then it's simpler, but I never took the rules that way. I always saw it as floor(r*sqrt(n)) and not r*floor(sqrt(n)). It's kind of ambiguously written so that the "(rounded down)" could apply to the squaring or the whole equation. In 4e they don't even indicate how you should round at all.
Either way, calling for the use of square roots in an RPG is silly.
>DV for the damage of explosives is calculated as explosive's rating*sqrt(kg of explosives) rounded down.
I want to create a troll who's only purpose is to soak the damage for BEING the tamp with explosives. Just holds a block of explosives in one hand against a wall, and a detonator in the other. Boom! 2 square meter hole in a concrete wall from some shitty commercial explosives.

Is this possible?
chunky salsa.

Maybe if you get a really good EOD vest and high body
Chunky salsa would only apply to the space between him and the wall. The only thing he'd be subject to is a tamped explosive against his hand.
Oh then maybe he can get something to cover explosive when he hold it to the wall then

>The rest of the group asks around local bars and stores, finds out that the leader of the gang is known only as "G"
>We begin calling him Gilf. As of writing this the GM doesn't even remember what his name was supposed to be
>They find a few gangmembers and follow them back to their hideout
>Break into a nearby house to watch them and plan their next move
>As luck would have it, Shepard was in that house with the orc woman
>They notice Shepard, kick the door down and tie the orc woman up in the corner
>I point out that we should ask to speak with Gilf rather than attempt violence
>The others won't hear a word of it so I just roll with it
>Justham rigs up some explosives to blow up the side of Gilf's house
>Take our positions around the building and detonate the explosives
>Gilf's men run outside and we begin fighting
>The Spoon critically succeeds at casting orgasm on one and kills him
>Lichtenstein nearly gets killed
>Its soon obvious that we shouldn't have fucked with Gilf
>We retreat back into the orc woman's house to make our final stand
>Spoon casts chaotic wall on one group of Gilf's men to keep them out of the fight
>The others stay downstairs to hold them off
>It was at this point that The Spoon took 20 damage to the back of the head
>We share a look of terror
>Lichtenstein takes every drug in his autoinjector and goes upstairs as a demigod
>He finds the woman in red from earlier, rifling through The Spoon's belongings
>With a scream of rage, Lichtenstein sprints to the woman and cuts her to shreds
>He has like 15 agility, strength and like 6 initiative passes with all these drugs
>Grabs the frightened orc woman and throws her throw the window and dives out after her
>Murders every person outside minus Gilf himself before they can even react
>Cuts off Gilf's leg and he surrenders
>Why did we do this to him
>Head upstairs and mourn the passing of the saintly Spoon
>>Lichtenstein takes every drug in his autoinjector
you can't OD in SR when I think about it
The Gm did say he would take about 50 damage in a few hours after he came down
I can understand that but how much leeway drugs is funny
Look up the arcology podcast.

>GM informs us that Lichtenstein is going to take enough damage to kill him instantly in a few hours due to the drugs
>Instead of being normal, socially adjusted people we decide to break into a nearby pharmacy and rob them blind instead of asking for what we need
>The guy at the desk never stood a chance against PCP tier Lichtenstein
>Tear the pharmacy apart stealing what we need
>Replace Lichtenstein's blood and give him whatever else it was that he needed
>We then contact Ted and let him know we need a new face after holding a funeral for The Spoon
>He tells us he knows a guy in the area and to meet him at a local bar
>Enter Jens Christmann, black gnome cowboy mystic adept face
>We don't know what to do with Gilf at this point
>Decide on leaving him tied up in the minibus for the time being
>I forget exactly what happened next but we end up in the Aztechnology headquarters
>Begin speaking with the woman working at the desk and try to convince her to let us look around
>Begin social roll
>GM pulls out 20 fucking dice
>What the fuck man
>Jens rolls his assensing and finds out shes a social adept
>What the fuck man
>We don't convince her to let us in
>Climb the building and thermite our way inside
>Eerily enough there are no guards to be found anywhere
>Climb our way down to the ground floor, still no one inside
>Leave a picture of us giving the middle finger to the receptionist and sign it
>Check her computer, Aztechnology is connected to the Order of Osiris
>Head down into the basement, roll well on perception and hear some people in the next room
>Jens pulls out a white phosphorus grenade and throws it in the room
>We wait until the screaming stops and continue onward
>At the very bottom of the building we find a ruined doorway
>We find a hive though the doorway
>oh god no

>Full fucking alert as we progress through the hive
>Thankfully we find nothing except an emaciated corpse in a pod
>As we leave we find a hooded figure hanging around outside the minibus
>He's an insect shaman
>Kill him and throw his corpse onto Gilf
>At this point we got mixed up with the two factions and we went to the Sons of Ra headquarters and nearly get taken out by a sniper
>As we reach the main building, some high up looking people exit to speak with us
>"Hold on guys, why the fuck are we here"
>We leave
>I forgot what happened next, but it turns out the Order of Osiris has summoned an insect queen in the ruined slums of the city
>We briefly entertain the idea of killing the queen
>Head down to an armsdealer but he won't let us in
>They call me over to the door
>He knows who Shepard is and begins visably sweating
>He allows us inside and offers to sell us some weapons
>We then decide we're not fucking retarded and don't even go near the queen
>Contact our Johnson who thanks us for our work and tell us that will be all
>Return home and get paid
5e, you take stun damage equal to the sum total addiction rating of every drug dose that has a shared effect with another dose, resisted by Body + Willpower.

4e, it was up to the GM, but +1DV per [Body] doses was the given example.

So, "All the drugs!" *Snnrrt* is basically a very quick way to end a character.

Campaign 5

>As a result of the hand of god on Titan, Lichtenstein now has lymphoma with 8 months to live
>With the wealth we now possess from our missions we purchase a tower near the sea
>Play Lichtenstein into cryogenic storage while we decide what to do with him
>People on the streets now notice us and ask for our autographs
>See adverts for an event called "UncleCon"
>We attend the event, it turns out there is an anime series based around our adventures
>We wonder how the fuck they know what we did on the moon
>Turns out The Spoon had a blog and posted everything we did on it
>Fucking Spoon
>There are people dressed up as us, they assume we're cosplayers too
>Hang around the booths, I purchase the entire anime series out of interest
>I forget how, but the fans know about Jens and they are not happy
>They treat him as a shitty Spoon replacement and Jens isn't happy about it
>There is a booth that has a meeting with real life shadowrunners nearby
>We attend as the runners and brag about shit
>After that ends, we join the cosplay competition
>Introduce Urtel "The Oak" Peterson
>He's disguised as Shepard and attends as the real one
>We're bewildered
>I do not win the contest for Shepard, as the other entrants were dressed as the wildly inaccurate anime version of myself
>After the contest they annouce that there will soon be another season of the anime as the team will be soon taking part in the Red Line
>No we're fucking not who signed us up for this shit
>We meet with the event organizer afterwards and reveal who we are
>He's starstruck, we ask who signed us up for this event
>Some fucking neckbeard living in the suburbs
Hey, does anyone want to run a 5e game for a group of 3?
Me and my friends are looking for someone to GM biweekly at 8:00 EST
We've never played Shadowrun Tabletop but we've all been looking for a cyberpunk game to play together.
Ideally, Roll20 + Skype

Contact: m8r-p22844@mailinator.com
>biweekly Fridays at 8:00 EST

Accidentally left out the day of the week.
for the record, these are great and I'm getting super pumped about my upcoming SR game. keep up the great work, chummer.
Its almost over sadly. The GM didn't want to run it anymore due to IRL issues. The Justham player is willing to GM it himself though with a timeskip and moving to 5E. I'll address specifics when I write whats left
File: Borma Mamoru.pdf (51 KB, 1x1) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Borma Mamoru.pdf
51 KB, 1x1
The optimal amount of explosives to use is P for plenty, but if you can't scrounge up enough, 4 kg gives you a damage multiplier of 2x.

An explosive in contact with a target doubles its base DV, as well as halves the armour rating of the target. A tamped explosive adds another 2x modifier, for a total of 4x.

Commercial explosives are rating 5, and a demo skill of 12 averages 3 hits, giving you rating 8. Using the above multipliers, that gives us 64P, AP -half.

A heavy structural material such as concrete walls have structure 12, armour 20. The wall would roll 22 dice to resist 64P, averaging to 57P, and creating a 4.75 square meter hole or approximately 2.2mx2.2m hole.

Borma rolls BOD (10+2 bone lacing) + Armour (32/2 = 16) to resist, in addition to gaining 23/2 round up = 12 automatic hits from hardened armour. The sheet is wrong, it adds the ballistic mask and PPP guards when you can't add them to milspec armour. This gives Borma an average soak of 21. Dangit. Borma still gets instagibbed. I'll admit the idea was a bit ambitious. Unfortunately, R&G doesn't specify if shaped charges completely eliminate any blowback. I suppose Borma could always hold up some steel plate he finds lying around (S8/A12).

But lets try with less explosive. 1 kg commercial against S10/A16 (brick, plascrete). Average 32P resisted to 26P, gives 2.6m^2 or 1.6m x 1.6m hole. Borma resists with 21 hits, taking 11 damage. He barely makes it out. Eh, close enough.
And yes, I know he doesn't have cybereyes. He's close enough to being a zombie as is.
>[didn't take cybereyes because essence is] close enough to being a zombie
Doesn't work that way, mang.
File: jotaro.jpg (69 KB, 400x483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 400x483
Can multiple spirits aid the same sorcery?

Im concidering making a shaman that can cast a mean magic fingers and punch with magic

>We track the neckbeard down and knock on his door
>His mother answers the door and calls him down
>He invites us up into his room
>There is a Waterproofed body pillow of Konata from Lucky Star
>Tell him he'd better have a good reason for signing us up for the Red Line or he'll find himself in a shallow grave
>He apologizes and says he didn't really sign us up, he only said he did to get our attention and hopefully get us to sign up ourselves
>We leave and I roll intimidate
>Due to my noteriety I have an incredible amount of dice
>He shits himself
>Ted tells us he has a replacement for Lichtenstein. The replacement being Urtel and he asks us to meet him
>We tell Ted we appreciate what he does for us and we take him to a classy resturant as thanks
>+1 loyalty
>Urtel, being the fucker that he is disguises himself as a woman and seduces Ted, who invites Urtel to the dinner
>During the dinner Ted calls Urtel on his Commlink
>Urtel is sat with us, his commlink starts beeping
>"She" excuses herself and climbs through the window and pulls it out of the wall in the progress
>Urtel walks into the resturant as himserlf with the dress refashioned into a ruined toga and a window around his waist
>We all realise
>Ted failed his perception roll and has no idea
>Urtel throws his voice as though to have people in the resturant say things such as "Is that Urtel "The Oak" Peterson in the flesh?"
He sits down with us and tells us that he's a huge fan of our anime
>This fucking guy
>We agree to let Urtel join the team and we finish dinner
>Offer Ted a ride back to his home but he says he'll stay for a while and speak with the other customers
>I forgot to mention this at the time, but we still have Gilf tied up in our tower
>We have no idea what the fuck to do. Apparently the others developed a conscience after the mission in Egypt so they don't just kill him

>We meet with the megacorp who hosts the Red Line
>They confiscate our weapons before we head up into the meeting
>Sign the contract, we agree to attend the Red Line
>Its a high stakes race with extremely powerful cars
1 million nuyen entry fee, winner gets everyone else's entry fee
>They are able to put us in contact with many powerful corperations including Sader Krupt in order to upgrade our minibus to its final form
>The Cragleg Minibus

Throughout the entire time we've played Shadowrun, the Crableg Minibus has been a running joke
Basically we want to install crablegs onto the side of the minibus allowing it to scale walls and we'd place weapons inside the pincers
My dream from the start was to get a mercury ship laser installed

>As we leave the meeting, Justham hacks the speaker playing elevator music and causes it to begin playing rap music and we all begin to dance
>We leave the elevator and some men walk into the room and pull guns on us
>We dive for cover, Jens is a throwing adept and starts throwing random objects at them
>Urtel uses his ridicious disguise roll to disguise a packet of cigarettes as a grenade and throws it at them
>They dive for cover and we take their weapons
>Kill one and the other three surrender
>Suddenly a sniper kills one of the assassins
>We throw the other one to safety
>Jens locates the sniper and casts turn to goo on him
>We get to the pile of goo, reverse the spell and capture him
>Tie and blindfold them both after retreiving our weapons and take them to the tower for interrogation
>Leave the sniper tied up seperately and interrogate the two assassins who survived
>They refuse to answer our questions and also refuse to eat the food we give them and they die of starvation
>Their choice, whatever
>Get around to the sniper
>He's the same guy who was taking shots at us from the Sons of Ra building
File: awyiss.jpg (443 KB, 1500x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443 KB, 1500x938
The "Hacker Prodigy" trope annoys the shit out me, but it's even worse when it's a spoiled rich brat with apparently "nothing else to do" with their life.

>Turns out the woman in red was a high up member of the Sons and they're pissed we killed her and fucked Gilf over
>He tells us the assassins were hired by the Sons of Osiris
>They're not happy with us either
>The Johnson had the queen nuked
>What the fuck can they do to us
>Speak with Ted, he's upset
>Those assassins we killed attacked the resturant looking for us and he's going to hide out
A few weeks go by, we're contacted by Sader Krupt
>They're willing to help us with our minibus
>We board a plane to Germany and travel to their headquarters
>Turns out Lofwyr himself wants to speak with us
>We get to the top level of the building
>The room is filled with smoke
>Lofwyr has multiple oversized pipes in his mouth and a flatcap
>He's eating giant handfuls of pies
>What the fuck
>He tells us he has a job for us related to the Red Line
>Another contestant known as David Cage has recently pissed him off
>He wants us to crush his hopes during the Red Line, if we succeed he'll reward us handsomely
>If he fail he'll be very unhappy
>We agree to help him, afterall, we've never failed a job
>After handing the engineers who work there the blueprints for the Crableg minibus we head back home to Japan
>Its Shepard's birthday, the rest of the team got him a pet dog

And thats where it ended I'm afraid.

Thankfully Justham's player has offered to GM instead
He gave us the rundown of what he had in mind for it we don't know much about it yet though
>We piss off Lofwyr in some way during the race
>He sends an army to attack our tower
>We're forced to escape, the fates of Gilf, the dog, the Minibus and Lichtenstein are unknown
>We're going to hide out in the suburbs for 2 years as we swap to 5E
>Ted's allegiance may also change

Tune in during the summer(hopefully) for the next episode of Pink Mohawk Shadowrun Z
I forgot to mention, we also plan to have Based Tyrone read out the news headline explaining the attack on the tower and the threat we represent to the world
This whole thing was so pink it's gone into ultraviolet. I am genuinely conflicted in how to feel about this.
Welcome to our world
My sides left. Orbit after reading a handful of pies
Goblinisation is mostly something that happens to the few ork children that are born human.
>What does your Matrix icon look like?

An animate gif of the Mandlebrot set at some point in Seahorse Valley.
I'm a helper!

I liked it before they were hell bent on letting it evolve naturally instead of wanting it to diverge. They got away with not violating copyrights before, no need for it now.

Now you've got all the vanity characters of the writers being sooper-speshuls, stuff that directly contradicts earlier shadowrun books, let alone earthdawn and a pile of big old logical inconsistencies. Oh, and no more Ancient History, who I'll always love on the level I do Scriptarius, even if his Drake rules were the most ridiculously overcosted things I've ever seen.
Didn't AH quit the scene in a huff after the whole Trollman thing blew up?
File: Anita Jewkesian.jpg (101 KB, 584x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Anita Jewkesian.jpg
101 KB, 584x680
I'm not sure if it was before or after, but it was pretty close. I'm kind of curious exactly how much he was responsible for, because all of the books after his departure were kind of a shitfight, both stylistically and otherwise.

5e is better, but nowhere near the same quality. Massive copy/paste job. He's got a blog somewhere, but no idea where it is.
>I don't believe its possible within the setting
It's possible ... it just screws any awakened PCs like a bull at a no-hands pie eating contest, unless they've done made serious effort to grow plants and spread bio dust everywhere.
SR5 is "FUCK THE AWAKENED" edition.

I know they wanted it more lethal, but given that by canon everywhere has at least a level 1 background count (except for your local fairy circle in the local woods), noone can operate at 'full strength'.
File: icon.jpg (152 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hahahaha ... no.

Background counts have been a thing forever, and haven't changed in terms of where you find them. (at least since 4e)

If 5e BGCs screw you, 4e BGCs just bent you over and split you apart. Instead of a penalty to tests affected by magic, you straight up lost magic points and could temporarily burn out.
Yes. And that was fucking stupid too, but Bull went and clarified some rules on the '-1 to everything'. In 4 you just lost powers. In 5 anything even tangetially related you lose dice. The stupid fuck is pushing it as' everything', so the Awakened are more like spirits.
In a perfect world, we'd have some sort of mana forge metamagic that lets them burn a point of magic to insulate themselves from a level of background count. Then two. Then three. Etc. Or an adept only one that insulates their PP by their initiate grade.
I have a question about drones.

If a rigger is using a drone to attack, and the drone does not have a target autosoft. Is the dice pool just the rigger's Pilot? Since the rules say Pilot + Weapon Targeting, I assume it's just Pilot if you don't have the weapon targeting.
And a -2 for the default unskilled.
What if its an adept power like energy aura? That doesn't give andy dice bonuses unless its fire.
In 4e you lost your magic. In 5e you take penalties to tests. If you play by Missions rules, it's just skill tests. If your penalty is larger than your bonus, you can turn the power off. Most BGCs aren't that high rated, so unless your powers are shit, it's not a net loss.
Even if yes, your GM will punch you in face for it.
I have another drone question. Is there a way to increase a drone's sensor rating past 3?

It just seems like my pimped out surveillance drone, with it's perception dice pool of 11 dice, should be able to get more than 3 hits.
>If you play by Missions rules, it's just skill tests.
Hilariously, Missions makes a big point about how the CZ is full of terrible things that cause a different background count, to the tune of -2 basically anywhere, unless specified otherwise. The first time they bother to describe a different background count, it's a -1 a couple of kilometres away from the cermark blast centre, in a facility used to research the effects of mutated FAB-III for inducing awakening in unwilling subjects by a toxic shaman.
Medium or large drone? Buy a new sensor array.
Increase the rating of the individual components within the Sensor Suite. I'm not sure how correct this is for 5e, but in 4e if you had a sensor within a suite which had a Rating (such as Cameras) you use that Rating instead of the Sensor Rating.

There was also the option of allowing you to recalculate the sensor rating based on what Rating of sensors were within the Drone.

Nissan Roto-Drone comes with Sensor 3 (it's a Medium Drone so it has a Sensor Capacity of 6 which also sets Maximum at 6).
You buy a:
>Rating 6 Camera
>Rating 6 Microphone
>Rating 6 Cyberware Scanner
>Rating 6 Olfactory Scanner
>Rating 6 Radio Signal Scanner
>Motion Sensor

There average Rating of those sensors with a Rating is 6, which means the Drone now has a Sensor rating of 6, and the Motion Sensor counts as Rating 6.

You just said two things. Which is it?
Slow down, omae. They're both right, but you have to pick an edition.
File: 1424106995029.gif (462 KB, 250x141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Errybody gets a call from a previous employer known as the Candlestick Maker
>We all head out to the designated meeting spot
>While we're there, the Rigger hires the Dwarf to deliver a briefcase full of coke to a contact of the party's
>Said delivery includes crossing the border from the CAS into the UCAS
>Bribe the border crossing agent with 1K Nuyen to let him in
>Make the delivery, almost get shot by the contact for making a Shaka Zulu joke
>Try to cross the border, realize I spent all my bribe money getting in
>Give the agent an ex-explosive round to the face from a shotgun and haul ass into the CAS
>Cue generic chase scene involving a pimped-out limo driven by a mad dwarf and a Border Patrol airdrone
>Somehow he outruns the drone and makes it back to the meeting place
>Everybody is fucking gone
>Apparently they all got hired by the Candlestick Maker to be his bodyguard while he lays low at the beach
>The party's faces when the Dwarf pulls a drive-by on federal agents
>Later, the Dwarf runs MonaLisa on a dude dressed up in a banzai outfit
>he's a fucking known assassin wanted for three murders
>Apparently a group of ninjas is after the Candlestick Maker for some shit he pulled back in his running days
>Some boring bodyguard shit happens
>The dwarf ends up clumsily stealth climbing three stories to gather Gargoyle poop
>The dwarf tries to give the gargoyle a watch as payment for the poop
>Leave with no poop but a grateful gargoyle and a respect for the majestic beast
>some more boring bodyguard shit happens
>Our employer propositions what is possibly a professional assassin and brings her back to the hotel room for private time
>Our shaman casts clairvoyance so we can make sure she doesn't kill him
>The GM describes it as three small children trying to ride a large horse and getting thrown off
>some more bodyguard shit
>Some hacker shit to find out why NeoNET is growing like crazy
>The GM describes it as three small children trying to ride a large horse and getting thrown off
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I've made my first character in chum5. Mainly i'm looking for peoples opinion on it if you want to look. I assume there's somethign important I forgot or could of made better choices with cyberware or qualities
Candledude is an ork and the women were elves and humans
The story only mentions one assassin being propositioned.
you're limited to alphaware or lower at chargen, as well as a max availability of 12, so no beta-grade muscle reaplcements

one thing you absolutely need is some initiative boosting ware. reaction enhancers aren't enough - you need the extra dice wired reflexes or the synaptic booster give. yes, this is very expensive in both nuyen and essence, which is one of the big things that hurts mundanes vis a vis adepts.
my apologies. there were three women, and one was believed to be an assassin because a MonaLisa search on her brought up absolutely no data, like she was erased. Turns out she wasn't an assassin.
You took Krav Maga as a martial art but no maneuvers from it. You get one free from taking it.
>Candledude is an ork
Troll you fuck, pay attention
>implying there is a difference between the green skins
>Last day of bodyguard
>Ninjas in the hotel room
>Everyone's like 'oh fuck' while the rigger scrambles the popo.
>One turn passes
>Everyone scrambles the fuck out of the room and kicks the door closed
>Rigger fires a frag into the room.
>No long, drawn out fight, just chunky, chunky salsa.
Ah alright. But I thought Restricted gear quality gave me the ability to get 24R gear no questions asked... am I still restricted to alphaware?

So i'm guessing i should go restricted with Wired Reflexes 3?
You took restricted gear (superthyroid gland) but you didn't purchase it.
Oh right i forgot to change restricted gear to Muscle Replacement I decided Suprathyroid sucked
So you didn't kill the shaman?
>green skins
Back to 40k with you.
I actually saved his life today. We've made up and embraced the life of the murderhobo.
I was flipping through Storm Front, and it mentions that Brackhaven is having continual headaches that interfere with his concentration. Add to that some of the other bits sited in books - what's the bet he's got CFD?
No bet.
File: alcohol fixes all.jpg (59 KB, 500x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alcohol fixes all.jpg
59 KB, 500x563
Oh, that and in the same story "THE VOICES IN HIS HEAD SCREAMED IN FURY". So that's interesting.
Isn't one of the CFD types called a "Rager"?
Seems the much hated humanis-loving corproate puppet's about to go batshit insane.
Yeah. OR he might collate into a manipulator.

Or a meta-lover. That'd be really funny. He's fucked anyway; splintered state (I think) has an adventure featuring a break in to retrieve data from his office planted by Seth Dietrich. One of the campaign options involves Bull Macallister, which is the worst posible option for Brackhaven, so guaranteed that'll be the one chosen for future books.
Forgot my Bull picture.
File: 1403231174604.gif (1 MB, 499x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 499x654
>The Dwarf's watch count is now up to 899
>He has spent over 40K Nuyen on watches since the first session
>He wears them all under his pimp coat
>It glows like the surface of the sun with all the LED displays
>He's already gotten Perfect Time and is waiting for the rest of his Time Lord abilities to awaken
Is there anything (other than my GM) stopping me from taking Corporate SIN at chargen for 25 karma and then burning it first thing I do when the character is up and running?
The fact that burning your SIN is gonna be really really hard in a reasonable situation.
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