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okay, mystery and wonder time. in this map...
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okay, mystery and wonder time. in this map (1), we can see talismans of vaul to the galactic north, naogeddon to the east, moon of the night mares to the west. There are also dark gates of rhidal in the centre of the map, lyriax sphere in the south and pavonis to the south-east.
ath ethon in the south. 'There can be no peace while alien feet still tread on Ath-Ethon.' nothing more, but clearly a xenos planet. also monitored by eldar, and lies within nihilakh dynasty
cursus of alganar is an ancient portal to the warp

shrine of elronhir- a shrine dedicated to the eldar hero. nuff said
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on the map (2) which shows the webway gates of the eldar, we can again see the nightmare moon marked in the same location, just as the talismans, pavonis and naogeddon. all of these are marked with same rune and are a 'monitored site'. the ymga monolith is also marked but with a different rune indicating that it is not related to the other objects, or it might not be even of eldar origin. rune used is the same as rune used to mark the hadex anomaly.
in the centre of the galaxy there is infinity spiral. i guess that it is a massive infinity circuit that eldar use. it is possible that there is connection to the eldar myth of the end times and creation of ynnead. now it would make sense that the dark gates of rhidhol are actal gates, or passage to the infinity spiral (which is arked as a webway gate here, said spiral could be kept in the webway). this would explain why the c'tan have to be kept outside of the gates, but also there is evidence that there might be a c'tan beyond the gates.
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map (3). gates of varl are marked near the centre of galaxy. probably the same thing as gates of rhidhol. ymga monolith is marked with the 'unknown' symbol. the same symbol is used to mark XCV-104 in the north. this location corresponds to the location of talismans on map 2
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map (5). noageddon is near atun necron dynasty and is/was home of the deceiver, just as pavonis was home to nightbringer and is located close to sekemtar dynasty. lyriax is avoided by the tyranid swarm and most likely is the location of the outsider, which also is near aroptek dynasty. moon of nightmares is located somwhere near thokt or sarnekh dynasties, and most likely is related to necrons, just like most of eldar monitored sites. ymga monolith is close to sautekh dynasty which also is most powerful and most influential. the theory i have is that ymga monolith was constructed by necrons to attract the tyranids. tyranids would cleanse the galaxy of all life while the necrons were sleeping in their tombs. this would further weaken the c'tan. this would also explain the presence of ymgarl genestealers and other tyranid species encountered before any of the major hive fleets reached galaxy. if the tyranids were attracted by the astronomican, they would have 10000 years to travel to our galaxy. however they do not have faster than light travel and so , they would need much more time to travel.
in the centre you can find cocholus, which is in region where the gates can be found.
of the interesting locations on this map, there is black planet, and the well of time and seidon
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map (6). eldar map, and again we can see the moon, taismans, lyriax, naogeddon, ath ethon and the shrine. the cursus of alganar is not marked but in its place we can see the battle of two hundred pyres. there also is another battle of cursus indicating that there is more than one eldar made warp gate.

now rhidal and rhidhol and varl are used to describe the same 'gates'. Rhidol is only used in eldar lexicon in sentence 'The Eldar maiden who weeps tears for the warrior-folk in the starlight of Rhidhol during the winter.' Rhidlhol is also an exodite world in north east of map 2. nothing found on what or who varl or rhidal is.
So what's your point in this thread, OP? Yes, tl:dr

can I have the tl;dr version please?

Or better yet just ask a fucking question.
OP might be on drugs.
i meant what do you think
tl;dr mysteroius objects on wh40k maps
direction of thread unclear, please repeat orders, Sir!
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seriously, noone read it?
Pretty interesting. Do you think they are leaving the less explained sites as places for you/GW to come up with your own ctan?
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