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The party has finally arrived at the big...
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The party has finally arrived at the big bad's lair.

What is:
>1: The Monologue/quote just before the start of the battle.
>2: The Setting of the encounter. Be as detailed as you like.
>3: The music that sets the theme. Not always necessary but a nice touch.
Optional: Add a picture that captures the feel of your character.

Setting: floating islands or platforms in a vast emptiness. As the fight drags on, ghostly visions of the party's best and worst moments, their joys and sorrows, echo on the void around them.

Quote: BBEG "and here we meet.. At the end of everything."

Music: Comatose by Ayreon

The fight itself is a long, drawn out slugfest full of dramatic angles and slow motion, where every main character is cut down one by one, until the triumphant villain is the last man standing, but dies to his injuries, just after realizing why the heroes were fighting him and stops the undoing of all of creation.
Their who? The Bid Bad's or the party's?

This kind of thread comes up a reasonable amount so I didn't bother specifying. I goofed.
1: "So... We can't get into the Vault due to dragons already there. I aim to do as much damage as possible. Rip out their heart, get into their Garden and kill the thing they worship."
2: An elaborate arena of geometric shapes and swirling lights, pseudo-clockwork machinery whirring around them. Platforms shifting between locations on a moment's notice, thousands of constructs lining various pathways. Each dormant horde feels... Alive enough to stop you. But they don't. You enter this massive room, and see a pulsating mass of... Evil. In a circular throne, this dark energy writhes and summons the constructs you've been fighting through for what feels like years. You look in a puddle of water... And you know by your aged face it's been years. You ready your weapons and spells: today's the day you rip out the heart.
3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayczSpmO8Ho

I really like the idea of Vex okay, leave me alone.
Setting: The streets of the capital city somewhere down town. Potentially right outside of the capitol building. Full scale riots going on all around.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JQ0xnJyb0A

>Kill me now comrades and you'll only make me a martyr. The people have already started rising in revolution, there's no way you could stop them now.
>I'll never pass up a good dance though, so don't start putting your instruments away.
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Setting: the desert. Surrounded by wreckage and the dead, the ruins of her rebellion. Once a terrifying barbarous army, then routed survivors trying to flee. Now one more stack of bodies to be taken by vultures and sand.

>I had cause for what I did. I was pushed to my atrocities by the atrocities against me. Just as you were pushed to stop me.
>I won't be taken back in chains. This ends here, and now.
forgot the soundtrack, shit.

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>1: "You American pigs amuse me, so weak, so powerless to stop glorious Soviet plans. We have harnessed power of Crawling Chaos, and whole world will fall under People's banner!"
>2: After Shoggoth hunting with a Solothurn, being chased by greasers in hot-rodded Model As in a new supercharged Thunderbird, and clearing the upper floors of the cultists' mansion, the intrepid group of investigators, somehow still intact physically and mentally, more or less, come to the grand antechamber where Mayor James "Borisov" Brown going to summon Nyarlathotep to finally destroy the capitalist menace. The room, about twenty feet tall, fifty feed wide, and a hundred feet long, is supported by massive sandstone pillars, from which hang the mighty flag of the CCCP. The investigators, now low on ammo, run after Borisov, fists raised, to save America from both the Red Menace and the Crawling Chaos.
>3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B7xr_EjbzE
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this asshole.png
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The party has failed to stop the ritual, and the Vaulted Stenographer has come to this world. His girth lays mountains in shadow. Reality itself warps and crumbles away under his many fingers.
But the party's works are not all in vain. The vast armies of man have gathered on the High Green Sea in full force, to lay down their lives against the unearthly abomination. The leader of the Erlo armies, Salamandous Hastings, turns to his troops.

>This... Jesus Christ, look at this guy. Take a look at this ugly fucker right here.
>Did we come all the way out here just so the baker can fuck your wife while you're away? Did we come to die, so that fuckin doughmongler can get some sweet widow love?
>No, we're here to stab mister hand... thumb... handsy guy, and go home just in time to catch the breadmaker in the act. You hear me, Tom? Ain't just the yeast that rises, huh buddy? Yeah, if he could hear me back at my house he'd be real scared.
>But yeah, uh. Fuck him up.

Thousands upon thousands of cavalry dip their lances and charge to the glorious sound of
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Setting: a huge, abandoned cathedral. Neutral ground between the big bad demon and the party of paladins and clerics, chosen for their final battle.
His half of the church has faded out of the world. Behind him they can see the churning inferno of Hell. At the surface are only flames, but to look deeper reveals a series of agonizing tortures, each more sanity-sapping than the last.

Demon: "You whinging fools. Whether you cast me down today or die screaming on my spits, it makes no difference. I am eternal. Do you know what that means? I have always been. I always will be. In a hundred years you will all be dead, and I will return as I always have."
Lead Paladin: "That may be. But here and now, we are alive. And our people will not know your cruel touch, as long as that remains."

Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-eApzhqTVc
Thread replies: 11
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