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Savage Worlds
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What do you think of Savage Worlds? What's your favorite setting for it? Have you ever played it?
Good, solid, reasonably simple system with a pulp focus.

Lowlife. http://www.amazon.com/Low-Life-Savage-Worlds-S2P10007/dp/0976360152
I love Savage Worlds

Good balance between rules and sense, fun system and the sci fi companion is probably one of my favorite books I have bought.

Played a couple games with it and both were really well received by my group. One sci-fi horror one-shot and then a classic D&D style fantasy game for 8 or so sessions.
Love it, thinking about running a game in it when I get the group together.
Ran a agent of oblivion game in it once, had fun.
I am about to dump the best encounter in any companion.

If anybody mentions Sherlock Holmes, a
Common Knowledge roll reminds the Rippers
the great consulting detective has not been
heard of for some time. If they ever decide to
meet with Holmes, they are met instead by disappointment.
Dr. Watson sadly informs the team that Holmes
is “not feeling well,” and cannot assist them. If the
heroes can persuade Watson to take them into his
confidence, or if they simply burst into Sherlock’s
room, they make a surprising discovery.
Holmes is sitting in an armchair, half-naked
and high on cocaine (injected directly into his
bloodstream). Visible track marks cover both his
arms, and he makes little effort to communicate
with visitors.

“By Jove!” Watson exclaims, “I don’t know
what to do with him. He started injecting
himself with cocaine because he said it
helped him calm his mind, but now it’s
all he does. I’ve tried destroying his needles
and syringes, but somehow he keeps
getting more. I can’t watch him day and
night – I have a practice and patients to
attend to. Is there any way you can help
me get him off this dastardly stuff?”

Professor Moriarty, the so-called “Napoleon of
Crime,” fell to his death over a waterfall while
fighting Sherlock Holmes. He is now a ghost and
began haunting 221B Baker Street a few months
ago, where he takes great delight in “gaslighting”
Holmes. The great detective’s logical mind could
not acknowledge the existence of the supernatural,
and he decided that insanity was the only
logical explanation for his experiences. He
turned to injected cocaine as a means of managing
his mania, but he quickly became addicted.
When Watson took away his needles and supply
of cocaine, the ghost used its powers to bring
more drugs into the room, manifesting them
within the walls.

At this point, Holmes is almost a lost cause.
Moriarty’s spirit cannot rest until Holmes dies or
fights him in hand-to-hand combat and defeats him
for a second time. Getting Sherlock to fight back
against Moriarty requires convincing Holmes that
what he is experiencing is neither the result of
madness nor a manifestation of the supernatural—
he cannot fathom the existence of an actual ghost.
Once considered the world’s foremost detective,
Sherlock Holmes has descended into an
abyss of drug addiction from which he cannot
escape. Holmes knows about the Rippers, but he
does not belong to the organization.

Note: Holmes is always in a constant state of
Exhaustion ( –2 to all rolls).

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12+2, Spirit d6,
Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Investigation
d12, Lockpicking d8, Notice d12+2, Persuasion
d6, Shooting d6, Streetwise d10, Swimming d6,
Tracking d12
Status: 7
Charisma: +0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Reason: –1;
Toughness: 6
Hindrances: Major Habit (cocaine)
Edges: Alertness, Sidekick (Dr. John Watson)
Gear: Pistol (12/24/48, 2d6, AP 1), 20 bullets

Dr. Watson began his career as a doctor in the
British military. While stationed in Afghanistan he
sustained a serious injury and was subsequently
discharged. Returning to England, he needed a
roommate to help make ends meet while he started
his private practice, and met Sherlock Holmes.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6,
Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d8, Healing d8, Investigation d4,
Notice d4, Shooting d8
Status: 8
Charisma: +0; Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Reason: +0;
Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Lame
Edges: Healer
Gear: Pistol (12/24/48, 2d6, AP 1), 20 bullets

Professor James Moriarty: Treat the
undead Professor Moriarty as a Wild Card Ghost
(see page 124). He is Invulnerable to attacks from
anyone besides Holmes. In addition, Moriarty can
make small objects (like syringes) aethereal and
manifest them elsewhere.
I didn't much care for it. It was incredibly basic, yet still hidebound. Fights lasted forever, or ended in an instant. Characters had very little mechanical variation.

It had no great strength. Nothing that made me remember it fondly, at all. You can always say "GURPS sucks dick, but at least character generation was awesome." or "DnD 3.5 sucks dick, but at least combat was fun in the early-mid levels."

Savage Worlds just sucks dick.
New Savage Worlds GM here. I have a player abusing the system to get as high a parry as possible. Wat do?
Shoot him. Fuck your parry.
Give your npcs some AoE attacks.
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>GURPS sucks dick, but at least character generation was awesome
Also remember that anything they do well, they had to invest edges in, which means they didn't spend it on other things, like the ability to do damage, or maxing toughness, so don't punish them for playing the way they want to as long as they aren't disrupting the game.

I made a giant in a fantasy game who had 13 toughness and hardy. He rarely took damage and had a good vigor to soak it with. The GM started complaining that it was OP, ignoring that I only rolled a d8 to attack and did 2d8 damage as a Veteran character.
>Abuse parry

Hell if you want a melee solution, have a gang of 4 people surround him, all throwing sand in his face (+1 agility trick mother fucker), then have a man with taunt call his mother a whore, and bring things home with a great ax, wild attack to the face.

For added effect, try and get one of those agility trick guys into a grapple. You're an unarmed defender if you're in a grapple (so sayeth clint if that wasn't explicitly in the book).

Or, you know, these all all options you have, and should be using. Need not combine them all together, unless he really is being a dick about it.

Oh, and as >>43457750, and >>43457769, said, fuck parry, nobody real cares.
Thanks for the advice. I neglected to mention that it's a fantasy setting. So melee figures in to most fights.

He's also taking the spotlight away from a player who wants to be the party tank, but is being overshadowed in that role by this guy.
Oh, and I forgot to mention. Push maneuver, render prone. Yet another way to effectively shave 2 off his parry (melee against a prone target).

It's opposed strength, no hit roll required.

And then there is disarm, if grapple isn't your thing, use with ranged weapons to make it easy.

Really you combine any of these and his parry is going to plummet, because without checking I'm pretty sure most of these are perfectly stackable -2's.
Bow and arrow are still shooting attacks. Throwing daggers only need a 4 as well.
Honestly any throwing weapon, they're not bad in savage worlds. Or magic potentially. Crossbows are nice too. If it is fantasy and he's using the companion these could all be magic items to spice things up.

Or depending on how the character is getting the parry, throw a flail at him.

There is also the option of having intelligent baddies just ignore him too if they figure they're not going to be able to fight him. He'll be a lot less tough when I'm threatening to coup de grace his unconscious friend.
It's a terrible game that ruined deadlands, only a seriously retarded asshole would consider playing such a piece of trash
I greatly enjoy it for a simple system, although the type of character you make will either be really good at a few things, and untrained in everything else, or terrible-but-trained in most things.

But I do enjoy finding combinations of Hindrances and Edges that make for fun characters. Like, for instance, the Saxman of Deadlands Noir. Hard of Hearing, no shooting, d4 fighting, but d10 Saxaphone and the Very Talented edge, which gave me my music result times ten in money, once an in-game month.

Once upon a combat, I happened to be napping. I had to roll at -6 to wake up and act.
Started skimming through Savege World rulebook once after hearing lots of good things about it.
Got to combat section which basically said that it was designed with miniatures in mind I deemed it not my style of game and put it away.

The combat can work perfectly well without minis. Our group practically never uses them.
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>Holmes has Doubting Thomas and just can't handle the spooky shit.
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