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Xeno Quest: Q & A.
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Hey, guys, no quest thread today, some personal shit came up today.

Instead I'll put up this Q and A thread, and we can sort out some of the stuff for next thread as well as discuss what we want out of the quest in the future.
What is everyone looking forward to the most?
Fucking trips, compelling me.

I'm mostly curious about how time affects xenomorphs here.

Canonically, crazy shit comes from a xenomorph living a long time apparently.

Do the xenomorphs have the potential on an individual level to evolve into more advanced organisms automatically?

Will we see random unbidden mutation over time?

Will we ever have an obligatory beach episode!?
Funny how you mention beach episode.

If you guys ever manage to take the Colonial Ship, I have a plot hook that will lead you guys to a space station owned by a subsidiary of Weyland-Yutani, Nanotrasen.

One of the old stations maps on SS13 had an artificial beach.

>Do the xenomorphs have the potential on an individual level to evolve into more advanced organisms automatically?

Autmatically, no. But I am working on tech/level tree that will allow you guys to mutate/enhance/evolve your PC Xenos as they increase in age and strength, hell, Dildo is a Drone Commander, as he is your most seasoned Xenomorph, excluding Spooky.
Do you plan to run every night or what? Because so far you seem determined to do just that not counting when real life shit gets in the way.
I'm trying to, I enjoy running the quest, and with my family being away at the moment, it gives me something to look forward to when I get up before work.
OP I thought I told you to be safe and this is what you do? God damn it.

On a better note, What the fuck happened too Drone 2 and that warrior with him we told to eat/hunt the mammalian creatures?
>finally stay up until 1am EST
>no thread

It's cool though, I'll just aim for the next one.
So we recently evolved twins from chestbursters. Is that the max number we can expect to see possible? Or can we go higher?

Can we modify the facehuggers themselves to be durable/long lived?
He's still chilling in the forest, we'll pick up next session with him and his shenanigans.

Nothing bad happened at home, being an adult can be tiresome and gets in the way of fun.
We have twin facehuggers from eggs, twin chesties is something you can definitely evolve later.
>Is that the max number we can expect to see possible? Or can we go higher?

If you roll good enough. :^)

Jokes, UH... you gonna be putting the tech/evolutions in a paste bin or something?

Space alien when?

Well, I can't think of anything specific that I'm looking foreward to, suffice it to say that each of these threads is reward enough in its own right.
I'll be writing up some new perks when I have some spare time, but I think tonight I'm going to turn in early and get some rest.
I think it's getting needlessly convoluted with names and unique abilities. Class name and class wide abilities are fine. Drones are capable of this, praetorians are capable of that, no names necessary.
Well we are only doing the 'important' aliens and sense we only had a few to begin with, We've limited it too 8 now.

Can't even warriors become queens if there isn't a Praetorians or queen in a hive?
Think OP said he's only naming a few and the rest will be faceless mooks unless they do something to earn a name.

I'm only going to allow a total of 8 named PCs at anyone time.

The rest are basically faceless mooks.
when we reach our PC cap, ChatterBox will explain in game the RP reasoning behind this.

As for the enhancements and perks for each strain of Xeno, this is a given.

Faceless drones are capable of X, faceless warriors/Praetorians are capable of Y.

Our PCs have the benefit of being able to customise themselves with different abilities, for example: if you Dildo levels up again and you guys pick Large, well now we have the worlds first Praetorian sized Drone.
You know every Xenomorph is a female except for the facehuggers right tex?
then who fertilizes the queens eggs?
Queen is a herm. least internally which is why every Facehugger is on a clock before it expires and since the facehuggers eggs take DNA from the host.
can you plz put the differences of the xenomorph strains that we know into the pastebin?

will there be a carnifex-like strain?
will there be further perks?
Yeah, here's a question:

Why does the cunt who submits xenoqiest threads to suptg not TAG THE THREAD WITH QUEST?

If it is a quest thread, you put the word "quest" in the tags.
Even though you do have a point, why don`t you take your rude manners back to /b/, where they belong?
There really was a post that did not have "Quest" in the title, which reminds me: will Xeno Quest eventually turn into Xeno Civ? Will there be diplomacy with some humans/Predators?

/tg/ doesn't stand for /timid and genteel/, cunt.
Dildo is that you?
I'll be writing up some new perks when I have time today, I do think we've got a pretty good pool of potential perks right now, but the only one that's in effect from the list I made was Battle Hardening, which OP decided to apply specifically to our eight PCs.
Also, should I write further perks as branches of existing ones, or should each one be mostly unique?
In addition, since we're taking inspiration from AVP:E, we have access to at the very least:
As well as the Crusher Praetorian from CM
We've also got the Genomorph which is our plot device strain that allows us to gain new mutations.
In addition I'd assume we can go pretty custom later in the game assuming that new proposed strains remain somewhat friendly to the lore and are balanced.
I'm so sad I missed the last one.
Anyone still awake, home sick at the moment, and i'm thinking of running soon?
I just woke up about two hours ago, I'm game.
If you're running soon I'll start working on throwing some perks together.
Alright, i'll start writing some stuff, and the thread will go up in about an hour and a half.
Any kind of particular setup you want for perks?
Should they branch off from the base perks I've already written up, with increasingly substantial effects, or should each one be completely unique?
I think we should stick with uniqueness and have the perks become stronger if we choose the same one several times.

For example:
>Battle Hardening: Xenomorphs who have survived more than one battle begin to grow stronger carapaces.
Addition of 5 units of armor per battle, to a maximum of 50.

If we were to increase this again.

Instead we could tack on bonuses such as resistance to X, or immunity to Y.
Or just a flat increase to armour etc.

Also, thank you for your dilligence and work, it's great to see you taking an interest in the campaign.
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Are we having a thread today?
Sure thing, when you start running the next chapter it would be most appreciated if you could repost the perks list, I failed to actually write them down somewhere myself, so I'll copy them once you repost them and then modify the old ones with multiple levels, and throw out a few new ones.
Any suggestions for something I should draw?
Now that Dildo is a Drone Commander are there any particular physical differences I could include in a potential sketch?
He is larger than usual, and if you check this bad boy, you'll notice he has his own flavour text now.


If you ever decide on colours, most of the people have gone with red tips from the last threads I've read.
>Corrosive Exhalation (2)
Prerequisite: Cystic Drones
Increased acid potency causes 1d6 damage to any target until they leave the cloud of exhaled acid.

>Chitinous Bulwark (2)
Prerequisite: Previous level in this perk.
Purestrain Xenomorphs secrete a second layer of brittle ceramic like chitin over their existing carapace.
These plates shatter, robbing projectiles of their momentum and reducing their damage.
They can be regrown via regeneration or maintained with the regenerative buff given by Spore Factory (2).

Thermobaric Surge (2)
Prerequisite: First level in this perk.
To prevent themselves from exploding, Xenomorphs with this perk evolve a layer of thermal shielding under their carapace.
-20 to base armor, +25% damage reduction from thermal weapons.

Mineral Enriched Exoskeleton (2)
Prerequisite: First level in this perk.
Improved efficiency in the ossification process further increases the strength of Xenomorph bones and exoskeletons.
+15 more armor.

Anaerobic Overdrive (2)
Prerequisite: First level in this perk.
Carapace regrowth is massively overstimulated, 1d6 armor regeneration every round for the duration of Anaerobic Overdrive (2).

Spore Factory (2)
Prerequisite: Cystic Drones, First level in this perk.
Spores settle on friendly Xenomorphs, giving them an impermanent shell of protective resin, once depleted the shell is shattered. It can be regrown with prolonged exposure to the Spore Factory drone.
+5 armor per round of combat to a maximum of 15, once shattered armor regrowth cannot occur if Xenomorphs are actively under fire.

Battle Hardeneing (2)
Prerequisite: First level in this perk.
Damaged teeth, tail spikes, and claws are also regrown.
+10 to damage rolls.

Auxiliary Nerve Ganglia (2)
Prerequisite: Previous level in this perk.
Vital organs separate into smaller redundant units.
+20 to health.

Just about hit the character limit, will continue in a second post.
Oh shit, should I repost the perks in the new thread?
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