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GM needs help.
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Need help with my campaign /tg/, I might have made a mistake here as a GM.

See the plot I have has the players land on an agriworld about to rebel against the big empire, now the empire has sent of their mighty asskickers to fight some other rebels elsewhere leaving only a rundown Planetary defense force to watch over the planet.
The rebels will have to hold for 40 days before help arrives and of course the loyal defense force plans on destroying the upstart rebels ASAP.

Story wise everything is fine: The players assist in the rebellion and so on. As a developement thing I want this to be where the characters become hardened fighters and heroes.

Thing is though Im very unsure how to run this as an interesting thing. On the one hand I want to do a guerilla warfare deal with the players assisting the rebel forces as a military campaign, but a number of players hate the whole military and authority thing. I dont wanna have everyone bored and unsatisfied...

One the other hand Im not sure what to do? Im thinking of having the players be an elite team that operates behind enemy lines to take out key personnel, but why would someone who just met the bunch of characters entrust them with such important tasks?

Anyone got good ideas on what to do?

Also its not 40k.
Please help? How can I make this good?
Maybe some players arent in a combat role.
They help out in other ways.
I'm not entirely sure on a few things. The players arrive on the world, but what reason do they have to help the rebellion?

The way I see it, if they have motivation to go after the established government themselves, the rebels will hear about their actions and try to contact them to work together.
OP here, party consists of:
1 journalist/social guy.
1 Psionic/fighter. Has a hint of social character.
2 Ranged figther.

So fighting is a core ability of the party.
Im figuring that the journalist does some journalism that can get them paid and used for for earning a better contact in the form of the papers.
Fighters = shock and awe
Journalist = hearts and minds.
Have the social dude be the face.
So the planetary defense force is a garrison of imperial forces, not a local institution staffed by natives?

In that case what military forces are even available to the rebels?

They have been sent to help by an old friend of the rebel leader. Basically this person (Whom they owed a favor) that some nasty fleet would be coming the way of the planet and they need to help her.
The planets people rebelled anyways.

Here is also a mistake I did rushing into it. Ill explain this better.

Empire A holdes the planet A that they are dependant upon.
Empire A is distracted by two other wars and have sent their main force to one of the others.
Empire A has levied and taken from the planet A constantly.
The planet A hates the guts of empire A.

Empire B is going to take the planet hoping to choke empire A and hopefully control them.
Empire B is on their way.
Empire B's new enemy planet B.
Planet B has a dramatic plan to save planet A and give them independence.
One of planet B's most prominent and trusted advicers sent the players to warn about empire B as a faver.

This is basically a rundown, yeah there is a plot hole. Why rebel against empire A? Most likely planet B's forces will be able to stob them or Empire B's forces. I can fix it with the locals hate for empire A.

I based it on late roman military.
There is Legionairy infantry who are asskickers.
Then Liminates who are garrisons, taken from people loyal to the empire.
Foederati who are native militia.

So its the native militia vs. their garrison troops.
I read a book kinda like that except it was roman legionarries and their bulgarian (i cant remember) auxillaries.

Ooops. Forgot to answer the base question.

The local forces are under a set of laws.

They are not allowed Armor, they are limited to slugthrowers (less effective against armor), no offensive vehicles.
There are however no limits on their numbers and no limits on their training.

In short they are light infantry. From the empire's point this provides a nice base to recruit soldiers from. Need new trained soldiers fast? In a pinch you can recruit from the locals.
And these are the garrison?
Can u call in offworld support?

No offworld support is on their way, the empire has bigger fish to fry in the form of a continuous war and another man taking a load of Legions and proclaiming himself emperor.
The rebels simply doesnt have any allies they can just call for.
Only thing they have coming is the spaceships from the rivals.

I made the scenario an isolated ground war. Initially I wanted city fights and guerilla warfare inna woods.
The local milita was under those laws (Obviously they are off the table now) and they have smuggled in some heavy weapons here and there.

The imperial Garrison I have planed to be like star ship troopers(The movie) or IG.
The city fights sound cool, i imagine the situation would deteriote rapidly with lots of different groups fighting and people having no idea whats going on.
But yeh have someone focused on diplomacy and propaganda.
Like i said before hearts and minds and shock and awe.
Im kindoff thinking of the french revolution here or for that matter the states forming at the collapse of Rome.
The empire hasnt had freedom of speech so Im thinking of giving the journalist a bunch of military stiffs and larry from the office to teach how to journalism. That will give him some things that kinda define his character, like what does he value?
The others can be made to track down rogue groups and see if they can integrate them into the force or down right fighting against attackers.

But can I drag this on for 40 days? And how do I make this into interesting challenges? Also what to do with the journalist guy while the others are fighting, etc?
Journalist is maybe like the journalist from enemy at the gates?
Making them look like hereos.
Maybe somepeople try and kill him
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