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Is this set worth buying for 35 euro? It seems kinda pricey, but I want it, is that a good price for Lego? I haven't bought a set in ages.
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>it's batman
>iot's the batman with the batmobile
>"hurr is i worth 35 euros?"

You had to make a thread just to ask this retarded question? It all boils down is if you want it or not. If you pass up on it, it's likely it'll get harder to obtain later on.
That Batmobile needs more guns to mercilessly murder people with
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I love how batman literally has two Kriss Vector .45 cal submachine guns just hanging on his batcave wall, waiting to be utilised for murder.

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Where the fuck are the toys?
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This guy bought 'em all.
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girly rreeeeeeeeeeee.jpg
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>sleep through the GSC release date of my first PO
>get sent "payment failed" notice to mail
>haven't entered the site since october when i made my account to order
>site changed and i have to create a new password
>create new password
>it doesn't work
>"The link used to access the update page was invalid."

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>What now?
How the fuck should anybody here know? None of us work for GSC You'd think the best course of action would be emailing the company you're having problems with instead of asking a bunch of man-children on an anonymous image board.
That is, if you aren't a colossal shithead such as yourself.
In all honesty it's what you get for being irresponsible. When I make a pre-order on AmiAmi for instance, I'm always cognizant of the month its going to be released within and keep an especially close eye on my email.

Worst comes to worst maybe you can just buy the item secondhand.
>Worst comes to worst maybe you can just buy the item secondhand.
You mean you lose the order if you fail to pay on time? That doesn't sound right.

It was estimated to release on March so knowing GSC I assumed it actually meant July.

Hey guys anyone here know what this thing is worth? Can only find a few info from some Indian site.

Picture taken from google obviously
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>"Do my research for me!"
>"I-I'm not gonna sell it on eBay! I'm just curious as to it's worth!"
>INB4 three-fiddy.

Here we go again. I'll bet that you want us to also appraise your Winnie the Pooh toy chest as well.
I'd say about tree fiddy!
60.16 Mexican Pesos

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Any anons know anything about this Revoltech Snake? And also are there any bootlegs? I'm honestly dying to get one.
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goddamn fuck off peon/vince
Fuck off. I just want some insight
try the revo general then retard.

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I saw this game on /vr/ so i thought it would be cool to try it here. I posted 4 toys/figures I own then the next person post one of the same and three new ones and lets see how versatile our collections are.
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>starts with toys no-one else owns.
At least use revoltech woody, yotsuba and figma link so we've got a chance.
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Ill bail OP out.
I was about to do the same, so I'll link with Figuarts Brucey. Bonus points for matching with my Rock Lord.

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I didn't know they were making a new Small Soldiers movie.
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"Greetings. I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites."
Oh fuck! Kek
I really wish Neca could have gotten the rights to do the movie figs...

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I am trying to find the patent for the Mattel Marauder.
>pic related

I believe it came out in the 1960s, and so far I have had zero leads in finding the patent.

So does any here have one, could you take a picture of the patent statement on the toy or just type it out?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I need the patent you see to see about building an "updated" one.
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Children today will never know the joy of playing with toy guns.

I remember making a double barrel shotgun out of toilet paper tubes and duct tape, it had a cardbooard stock and I painted it to look like a real Remington.

Now it's a great way to get shot by police if you're a kid growing up in America.
I'm assuming you're looking to see if the patent has expired? Isn't it 50 years?

Anyway, they might not have patented the entire thing and just patented the manufacture process or the parts of it, so you might need to expand your search a bit. That's doubly true if it's mostly just an amalgamation of older bits with only one or two new pieces in it.
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1958 Mattel ad.jpg
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Mattel gun thread?

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ITT: post toys that only you own
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I actually have these, but that's all.
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in another thread I made, there was an anon who says he also has the Boba Fett. These things are neat, but i never hear anyone talk about them. Its funny, the Mpire line doesnt seem like that much of a cash-grab-sell-out tactic as much as some other M&M merchandise
I used to have the Boba Fett one and Grevious and Obi Wan. I sold them awhile ago, tho

Old thread: >>5542934

/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

>Want to compare sizes?
Comparison heaven:

>See a sculpt you like? Ask, and we can identify it most of the time.
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Recap of last thread:

>Kayke's doll is a mess, but improved in that darker resin. She's still an insane cunt.

>Fairyland QC is still bad

>DollChateau's new releases depict children living in pleather sacks.

>Blah blah blah recast debate

>Kleincrew/Hellcorgi is back for round #87 of scamming shenanigans and general selfish retardation

>Reminiscing about...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Say hypothetically that I wanted to trap another persons soul inside of a doll, what would be the best option for my money?
It would depend on how much you like the person. Were they a shit person? Get a clearance Bratz doll (or, if you want a BJD, get a Hujoo). Did you have an obsession with them and want to recreate a likeness? idk, man. You have many options.

>further perpetuating our psychotic stereotype

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forcefx lightsabers.jpg
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Show off all your lightsabers, Hasbro fx or other individual businesses. Just no cheap plastic toys.
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Whose saber is that on the far right? Windu?

Or is it fucking Mara Jade's idk enough about them
File: marajade saber.jpg (235 KB, 662x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
marajade saber.jpg
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That's mace windu's lightsaber right there.
really nice. Mara jades looks like this pic.
Which is the best brand? I've been considering buying a lightsaber for about a year.

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Any thoughts on Mezco's Mortal Kombat X figures? I've been eyeing Sub Zero, he looks pretty good, but I'm curious as to how well he holds up in the articulation department.

Also wanna know about durability, never owned a Mezco toy before.
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Articulation on the line is ass, the paint is decent on the bodies but face paint and sculpts are shit.

Only really good for standing poses.
Get these instead

My thoughts are that they'll make the same four or five characters we already have dozens of iterations of and then they'll see the low sales and kill the line when they take that to mean no one wants MK shit at all

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Lego mecha thread
Post some sweet lego mech/mecha/whatever
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>That's not lego
>Enlarge image
>Holy shit that's badass.

Now I'm too intimidated to post my dinky 10 year old biped
I just experienced this exact same reaction

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Attack on Grimm.jpg
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ITT: Give your figure a weapon from a different figure.
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>owning RWBY merch
>RWBY has more merchandising than Homestar Runner, Megas XLR and Ed, Ed n' Eddy combined
I'm honestly disappointed.
>There will never be a Megas figure.

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Discuss Star Wars toys
Post photos of Star Wars toys

Old thread: >>5558204
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first xD
>edition faggotry
Rey is a mary sue

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MiniQ front view.jpg
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What does your local toy store look like?

Mini Q has mostly Japanese things like blindboxes, figmas, Figuarts, but there are a couple American-made figures.
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theres a lego store by where i live
File: dec_20th 004.jpg (1002 KB, 2272x1704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dec_20th 004.jpg
1002 KB, 2272x1704

A new report on my local toy store. It's pretty packed with old school transformers, gi joe, star wars, etc. They recently closed due to new landlord and renovation but they're gonna have monthly sales at a local board game store with a big warehouse in the back until they find a new store to rent out
I have one about 20 minutes away, but I've never been.

I've never been in an independently owned toy store.

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2016-03-21 22.42.58.jpg
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I just got the Papo Baryonyx, the pictures online of it look a little goofy, but I really like it. What does /toy/ think about it? Also toy dinosaur general thread.
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The world needs more 1/12 dinosaurs.
Cool beans, anon! His arms look articulated (shoulder swivel), is that correct? What're his dimensions?

Seriously looking forward to pic related when it comes out.
The arms don't move, disappointingl. He's a little over 12 in long. Also every photo I've seen of the baryonyx looks like hot garbage, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this model is. All it really needs is a better paint job and it could be the best baryonyx figure available.

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Previous Thread

Come here to talk about all your favorite Toys to Life stuff; Skylanders, Amiibo, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions and whatever third party stuff from companies jumping on the money train.

Please remember to take actual game discussion to >>>/v/ where you'll likely get trolled and not find anything of interest. Please take your trolling to >>>/b/ where I'm sure no one will care about your shit opinion.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 17Pending.jpg (72 KB, 746x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I forgot to put the new Kirby amiibos into the OP.

You also forgot the easter and autism blue skylanders.

Nice dubs tho.
File: boba fett.jpg (95 KB, 793x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
boba fett.jpg
95 KB, 793x418
Good thing I have Amazon Prime.

File: gashapon treasure chest.jpg (126 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gashapon treasure chest.jpg
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Gashapon general. Last one got shitposted to death by someone claiming they weren't toys, which is ridiculous. Certainly some are just plastic figures, but they also have plenty of merit as props and accessories.
What other sites are there to buy gashapons other than candysan?
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Until /toy/ rule 2 is deleted, you're gonna have problems getting this over.
This is ridiculous, we've had plenty of gasha threads before.
>don't post the ones that are clearly fap-statues

I don't see what makes that so hard. I mean, OP opened with a set of gimmick-laden treasure chests, which is fucking awesome.

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Hey /toy/

Saw the movie yesterday, and I really dig Batfleck;
Are these 3 all the choices for a 6" rendition of Dawn of Justice Bats?
- the multiverse obviously isn't in the same category of the other two, but how is he for his price?
- the mafex looks good, but I don't quite see the Affleck likeness, plus I don't want to buy him just for them to release a superior 2.0 version later with a Wayne portrait
- Mezco is almost perfect, but the V shape of the torso doesn't fit, and no Wayne portrait either...
What's your opinion /toy/?
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>Saw the movie yesterday,

It is really that bad as they say?
just make a portrait
File: VIRALZ.jpg (34 KB, 388x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Saw the movie yesterday, and I really dig Batfleck;

Hi viral marketing. Trying to desperately save a sinking ship?

File: image.jpg (67 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is your favorite minifigure head?
Mine is this one
I have him on my Commander Gree
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File: dark rider.jpg (77 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dark rider.jpg
77 KB, 800x600
Reposting my spaceboard from last thread

Now with slightly clearer black
Where the fuck did you get that awsome masterpeice?
File: image.jpg (58 KB, 240x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 240x320
Ninjago Scythe Master Ghoultar

File: TransformersAutobotsAvatar.png (421 KB, 1099x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No news from the toy shows yet? edition.

Old thread: >>5583263
313 replies and 55 images submitted. Click here to view.
File: WhatTheHell.png (391 KB, 424x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
391 KB, 424x584

I guess it's the sad reality of two companies competing with themselves for the same general market.

Imagine if they just pooled resources to make shit instead of each fucking off and doing whatever.
Takara probably picked more accurate molds, Hasbro picked the more popular/fun molds.

Except for Hasbro Nosecone and Scattershot. There's no excuse for that crap.

I do prefer Hasbro Lightspeed and Strafe, though.
It didn't used to be this bad, a better paint job and the occasional oddity was about the few differences, now it's wait and see if hasbro's gimped their release, or if Takaras put more effort into theirs.

Previous Thread >>5570260

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

Where to buy
>GSC Online Shop - some figmas only are available through their online shop
>Amiami - usual place for buying, to some people, shipping is a bit higher due to packaging
>Hobby Link Japan shipping is usual lower, but their prices are a bit higher, private warehaouse is available
>Hobby Search Japan - items stay in stock the longest
>Mandarake - search figma or フィグマ
>eBay/Amazon - only if you hate having too much money. Avoid bootlegs, you can spot them as 'Chinese version'
>Jungle.jp - Seems like you can fine some good deals here
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection for any offer/deal

Here's a link to the buyfag guide list of shops:
If you're getting into the hobby, there's plenty of other useful information to find on the wiki.

In case someone is interested in the printable backdrops/dioramas & other papercraft stuff that Max Factory have in the

download section of their site:
here is a back up, Enjoy!

Short illustrated posing guide by Max Factory
>http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-11564427757.html (in moonrunes)
The S shape is always good advice though. The basic idea is that straight lines tend to look stiff.

Do you have problems swapping part in your figures? check this little advice

Figma Firearm Database

Tomytec's 1 inch scale section (1/12 stuff, little armory, vehicles and others)
406 replies and 129 images submitted. Click here to view.
>Release schedule:

>Rin Hoshizora


>Angela Balzac
>Sherlock Hound
>Davide di Michelangelo
>Miho Nishizumi: School Uniform ver.
>Shirou Emiya 2.0
>Fubuki: Animation ver.
>Mio Sakamoto


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
delicious short pants got here today.
Updated checklist of prototypes and planned releases

File: hIE1446604373.png (1 MB, 1392x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Opinion on Variable Action Heroes?
69 replies and 11 images submitted. Click here to view.
would be better if 1/12 and ~$50
They're pretty excellent as long as you're not a scale autist or a poorfag.
File: hIE1457489166.jpg (112 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 600x600
Devilman soon and I'm still waiting on my Chopper

File: MvC2_Felicia_wallpaper.png (605 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
605 KB,
You knoe who needs a figma?
121 replies and 66 images submitted. Click here to view.
File: img_chara_01_01.jpg (110 KB, 690x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 690x760
Yes I knoe
>implying it wouldn't be kikko

Figuarts with accessories to show both past and present version goddammit, WTF Bandai.

File: mashers monsters.jpg (166 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mashers monsters.jpg
166 KB,
Did anyone talk about these during NYTF?

Hasbro's created a new subline of their mix-and-match Hero Mashers line based on horror monsters.
53 replies and 17 images submitted. Click here to view.
They're all still compatible with their licensed Mashers, but the designs are completely original.

Unfortunately Hasbro apparently got a negative response from North American retailers, so these will be released everywhere else but the US.

File: Robot Damashii.png (18 KB, 400x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Robot Damashii.png
18 KB,
Previous thread: >>5555842

See first reply for links to images of upcoming releases and other helpful info!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-Doraemon, Movie ver. (Mar. 26th)
-Dom, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (Apr. 23rd)
-Gundam Barbatos (Apr. 23rd)
-Zaku II, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (May 2016)
-Gundam Kimaris (May 2016)
-Destiny Impulse (June 2016)
-Qubeley (June 2016)
-Gouf, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (July 2016)
-Zaku Warrior, Lunamaria Custom (July 2016)
-Guncannon, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (Aug. 2016)

Current open Tamashii...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
325 replies and 89 images submitted. Click here to view.
File: robot_charszaku058.jpg (203 KB, 1000x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 1000x711
Bandai's official RD page with images and release dates:


Excellent, comprehensive RD list:

File: 012.jpg (269 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 1200x900
Yay Mandarake package!
As someone who has only bought plamo, how big are Robot Damshii figuress? Are they as big as 1/144?

File: new shield liger.jpg (483 KB, 1135x713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new shield liger.jpg
483 KB,
Those of you just joining us, please read this guide. Please read it before asking questions as there is a chance it has already been answered there.

For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"


IRC Channel

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm interested to see how this turns out, keep us posted
I got my first Converge figure: Zakrello
He's pretty cool. They have a ton of detail for $6 and at such a small scale. Now I want some others. Any recommendations?
Ask the Roobot Damashii thread.

Can I get some Beast Wars love ?
116 replies and 43 images submitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off, furfag!
Yiff in hell!
Normally id agreee, but beast wars is based as fuck. Whats your favorite figure, OP?
Based Silverbolt

File: image.jpg (792 KB, 3014x1509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
792 KB,
Buy! Sell! Trade!

Read the rules, ignore shitposters, and (try to) have fun!

Old thread: >>5561986
337 replies and 51 images submitted. Click here to view.

FA:G Gourai
I know she just got a re-release not sure if they shipped yet but willing to buy one ASAP.

Also to the guy who was selling his stuff from "myfigurecollection" thanks for the Nyaruko-san!
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
Everything pictured is still for sale. Also for sale are several 2-3 inch pokemon figures (Giratina,Shaymin, Lucario, etc) and Little Big Planet Plushes

Sold/on hold:
Ratchet and Clank - Sold
Destroy All Humans 2 - Sold
SLY COOPER 2 and 3 - Sold
Moon Knight - Sold
PS2 bundle - Several interested buyers
File: selling5.jpg (566 KB, 1336x1472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566 KB, 1336x1472

HGUC Sinanju and Delta Plus lot- $30


Busou Shinki Espadia

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