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Show me your Woody builds!
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i don't have any originals
but if you're asking for woody memes i collected some over the years
>I have become death, destroyer of worlds
>not saying "I am become death, destroyer of worlds"

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Time for an essay.

I believe Busou Shinki is the cancer of toy. It was okay when there were occasional threads, but now they come up so frequent it's annoying. Threads about Busou Shinki, the war on neckbeard scalpers, Subjectanon, transformers movie/prime discussion with little mention of the toys, and Jin are way too frequent, and pushes aside threads about other important matters.

Yes Busou Shinki is a little bit of a better discussion because it revolves around a "toy". However, most threads end up looking the same involving random crappy art,...
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The fact that there are still shinki threads so long after the line has died really speaks to the autism of the your average shinki owner.

I should really sell mine. I'd probably be able to get a lot off these idiots.
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That looks comfy af. I want a tiny room for my toys. Can we have a diorama thread?
what's the point of posting stupid pasta like this?

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Can we talk Revoltechs? Never been a big fan of this line, but I'm looking into getting some to bolster my space opera collection. So, is the Revoltech Big Chap the best version available? What are some other space opera Revoltechs? I'm not a fan of Yamaguchi's style, so no Star Wars: Revo for me!
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as long as you aren't looking to do a crouching pose, I'd say revo big chap is your best bet, it's just gorgeous. He just can't crouchbecause of the way the knees are sculpted or look up because of the thing on his back.
Big Chap doesn't crouch
Fuck off peon.

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When are we going to get more Cobra figures? Are Max Factory ever going to re-release these again (I mean come on, they re-release Link every year)? Have they announced the inevitable Blacksword Zero and Young Cobra figures yet? A man can dream isn't it?
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>I mean come on, they re-release Link every year
Because Link sells like a motherfucker.
Nice chain mail detailing on this high quality figure release
I don't see what that has to do with the fact that Link sells consistently enough to justify frequent rereleases.

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What was the best gift you got on Christmas?
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I was convinced I wouldn't get it cause my mom told me that they where sold out everywhere and they may not be able to find one. It was so awesome when I did get it that Christmas.
Oh man, I can't even pick a single one. My dad always pampered me:

-Gigantic slot car track with a silver porsche and red lambo, it had a track section that would trigger a short to the track after x amount of laps and stop cars as soon as the race was over. Was also themed with seats and peeps, it was amazing.

-A giant 3D Puzzle of a Biplane, I remember it was about 1 yard long and 1 /12 yards of wingspan.

- 5 20th Century Toys G.I Joes, the realistic ones, not the toy ones, Including a WWII Harley exactly like Pic Related, also included the figure....
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My parents wouldn't buy me shit so it was always special when I got the cool expensive for Christmas.

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Did you ever find out what you where getting before Christmas?
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Not when I was a child. Nowadays I know what I'm getting because I pick my presents out when they're bought.
>be me
>10 years old
>I was fucking around in my parents closet for some reason
>inb4 gay joke
>notice a conspicuous pile of sheets
>look under it
>find LEGO Star Wars sets I asked for Christmas

My parents were shit at hiding gifts.
I didn't need to find out because I chose my presents myself. I already knew that Santa was bullshit when I was 6 or 7 years old, so my parents just asked me directly what I wanted.

Some will say that it loses the charm that way, but it was awesome.

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so I'm trying to create a Wizard set for my shelf
where they will all be standing around a boiling pot, with dark lighting. What are your suggested figures/characters?

currently own: dark magician, magician of black chaos, merlin
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May I suggest you forget about setting up this cringeworthy display?
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An important thing to let us know is how tall are the figures in particular. If you're working in 1/12, 6" or 15cm then you could also use the Marvel Legends figures of Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo and Scarlett Witch.

Another option is Kamen Rider Wizard, of which I'd recommend his S.I.C. (pic related). There's also a Cu-poche of Dark Magician Girl and figuarts/figma of all sorts of witch and wizards characters too.

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Poorfag here who recently really got into the original MSG, and is a long time tread-head modeler of ww1 tanks and aircraft.
After seeing MS designs on the show, started looking into gunpla... are the cheap $5-10 models worth getting?
Pic related
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Would be best off asking in the Gunpla threads but yes the HG Zakus are nice kits.
yup, they're a good place to start.
Is there a local hobbytown or hobby store near you that sells gundams?

http://trendysgear.com/products/lolweaponsbox has anyone got theses? Know how big they are? I dont really care that they are LoL, but would be an awesome set to have if they are a good size.
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>I dont really care that they are LoL,
>but would be an awesome set to have if they are a good size.
Check all the chinese bootleg sites first I'd suggest. Like two or so years ago then I tried so search some cheap 1/12 weapons here, all the shit was over-designed fantasy swords. That WAS cheap, but I was not really interested. Alibabas, dealextremes, the like. Free shipping too.
I got some of the swordish keychains from aliexpress recently, as well as a few dota 2 weapons. They are an alright size for like six inch figures (Marvel legends). I bought them for the articulated icons like the fwoosh is bringing out next year.

I just bought the elite series version of this thing from a disney store. Please tell me I made the right decision. I admit it was an impulse buy since seeing anything of phasma is rare.
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She doesn't really pose but that's fine given her character
All she has to be able to do is raise her arms in surrender.
Am I the only one who was a litte aroused when the formerly tough white woman was totally made into a bitch by the black guy?

Seriously, in the theater i got a half chub

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I see a lot of Star Wars threads on here,
and then you got figma and other Japanese shit.

I just want to point something out,
As much as figuarts is fucking top, for me, it fucking pains me when American toys are made by the Japanese.
I prefer the hasblow shit just because I feel American with America.

Don't get me wrong, Figuarts is dope.
But Japanese should make Japanese stuff, and American make American.

Just my 2 Autisms.
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they're all made in China so what's the difference?
but theyre doing a better job in general than american companies
i dont want to scarifice the availability of better quality goods just because of muh cuntree feels
this sounds like something a 15 year old would believe
should you not be on habbo instead?
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>hasbro feels america
>MADE IN CHINA on every box
I sure love my "American" products

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With the new SW movies could we get a re-release of these? I loved collecting them as a kid but being a kid I didn't have the money to get them all.

I see there are new ones out but being able to get the old ones would be fun.

I also enjoyed the Action Fleet series as well. It felt like you could get all the craft but not have it take up much room. I always wanted them all but only managed to get an X-Wing, A-Wing, Snow Speeder and Speeder/AT-ST pack.

It is a shame when you look at the boxes though and see these brilliant paint jobs, then look at the...
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How are the new ones anyway? I kinda wanted to get one out of nostalgia.
They are terrible

The QC and plastic used is gummy as fuck. It's not Galoob doing these anymore, they got eaten up by Hasbro in 2003 and in 2006 a new crew was put in charge of the Titanium and other "Micro Machine" like IPs they had
I don't get it I thought the "Black Series" (is it) was meant to be super high quality stuff. I looked at the boxes and saw titanium diecast then looked at the models and they were bloody awful looking. There is no way that I would pay for them, I would rather just buy the X-Wing game miniatures they actually look nice.

File: Mafex riot cop.jpg (50 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mafex riot cop.jpg
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> comes with every accessory including a pistol that can be hip-mounted

> still cheaper than the Figuarts

I hope you aren't stuck with a figuarts preorder.
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Probably better proportioned too.
It'd be perfect if not for the height.
-the plastic quality sucks
-shoulderpads connected to upper torso


Christmas looms ever closer, have you been a good little toy collector?

Previously on TRANSFORMERS GENERAL: >>5351037
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>Not being a minor bad guy
I got the Platinum Coneheads.
I'm so sorry.

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hey im thinking buying one of these drone , you think i can attach a small spy camera ?
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File: image.jpg (222 KB, 1280x832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably not, but man is that cute.
>you think i can attach a small spy camera ?
If there is one thing I have learned, it's that asking this sort of question here GUARANTEES you are completely inept and incapable of doing things for yourself.

First of all, this is not a board for the discussion of drones. Every thread about Drones dies a sad, lonely death. Drone thread OPs usually get no actual advice, it's like they ask their questions in an echo chamber. So right there OP, you are already too stupid...
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Why? They're making one with a camera built in:

Also holy shit these are tiny. I want one for my toys to play with.

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