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Old Thread: >>5298212

Why has Transformers had so few crossovers edition?

I'd love to see a transformer crossover with a lot of 80's properties. Imagine an Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, the Delorean from Back to the Future, maybe some of the classic Cobra tanks from GI Joe as Decepticons, and other stuff. Thundercats tank Autobot, anyone? Etc.

Other than that, Bruticus when, /toy/? He's gotta be hitting those store shelves soon, right?
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Bruticus will be on shelves mid December

UW won't be till mid summer at the current rate
1) Hasbro needs the license. You aren't getting half that stuff otherwise. Even with the license, the licensor has to go along with it.

2) Certain properties like GI Joe are hard to sell international, if at all. Joe barely lives in the US as it is.

3) If Tomy doesn't want to mess with it then Hasbro handles it on their end without help, and we've seen how "well" Marvel and SW were designed compared to normal TFs. Very few of them were regarded well- only 2 I liked were Captain America/Hummer and Vader/Death Star and a lot of them were...
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im thinking about just getting hasbros because of money (need a new car) and takaras being so far away. idk i might end up getting both.

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What's /toy/s opinion on Pinkie Cooper?
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I thought they were adorable. I bought one for my daughter and then couldn't find them at toy stores anymore. Thankfully they did end up at TJ Maxx/Marshall's, so I bought a few more at a fraction of the price. They're very well made, especially for their price. Are they discontinued now, though? That would be a shame. My daughter also really liked Novi Stars and those were discontinued as well.
They're very discontinued. You can still sometimes find them at places like Big Lots and Tuesday Morning, though.

Goodwill has em, I could''ve gotten all three but ended up getting just one, the rests old. They might get more later.

>"Hey anon, how was your day? I did you a favour and decided to get rid of those old childrens toys for you. I mean you had so many of them, its not like you needed them all right? I sold them at the local pawn shop, you I got 50 dollars for them, can you believe it?!"
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I'm pretty sure somebody wouldn't be retarded enough not to google the value of things in this day and age.
You'd be surprised. I found a bag full of Lego outside an op shop that had just been abandoned there a few years back.
>Alright then, see you in court!

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What is the best Boba Fett to display on a shelf or table? He will be the only thing there, so it's gotta be good. No restrictions, except I really shouldn't spend more than $200.
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Man up and spend the $400 on the Hot Toys 1/4 Boba Fett you pussy.
>Man up

such a damaging phrase
I honestly agree with >>5300834
Just save up. He's definitely worth it if you really like the character that does literally nothing.

Why does she cost so much?
Where can I find her for cheap?
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rule 2
No joints = not a toy.
Japanese figurine = not a Toy.
Joint's don't enter into the equation. Also Fuck off OP. Read the rules next time. Your kind doesn't belong here.

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What's your experience with foreign used sites, /toy/? I found stuff I really want on mandarake for good prices, but I'm apprehensive about ordering it because there's no pictures of what I'm getting and the descriptions are minimal at best.
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yeah mandarake is pretty shitty, that's why nobody ever uses it.
If you're not trolling, can you elaborate?

And how does it compare to something like Jungle?
Anon you stupid son of a bitch, he is making fun of you.
I think the complexities of collecting Japanese toys might be too much for you, stick with whatever you can get at Walmart or Toys-R-Us or wherever.

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Hi /toy/, I normally don't go out of my house on Thanksgiving of Black Friday unless I'm going to work. My job being closed I'm not going out on Thanksgiving at all.

I just had a facebook argument with a young lady I work with who's planning on going shopping on Thanksgiving once the stores open up early.
I pointed out to her that this action will only help to one day push the idea that there's no need for businesses to be closed on Thanksgiving because the companies are losing too much money.

I got this in reply

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10 years ago not a single store was open on Thanksgiving.

10 years from now, once Trump is in power and strengthens businesses, shopping on Thanksgiving will be legally required.
If you live in or near a major city, why the hell would you brave the battlefield of ThanksFriday?

Seriously, we've had knife-fight horror stories in past threads, tramplings, etc. The only reason the retail chains extend it into Thanksgiving is to try and spread out some of the madness rather than concentrate it at 8 AM Friday morning.
Even if one person decides not to go, many other people will be shopping on Thanksgiving. So then the thinking is "Why should I miss out on the best sales and then not even make a difference?"

Personally, I don't mind working on Thanksgiving, but I also don't do family stuff or anything. My workplace pays us 150% more than usual if we work on Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday so I usually end up taking the shifts of people who don't want to work those days too. Obviously not every workplace is like this, but just know that retail workers aren't...
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Based Hasbro.jpg
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Daily reminder that Hasbro is a wonderful company that brings art and culture to children everywhere for affordable prices.
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That's a pretty good likeness. I like it.
Go away Chris. You obviously can't appreciate the high calibre of art and culture that Hasbro brings to the toy market with their wonderful 5POA 6" figures.
Calm down, Chris. I know you're tsundere for Hasbro but there's no need to be so angry. But if you're a good boy and stop eating shit for a month, then maybe Santa will bring you that 6" Jesus action figure you've always wanted.

I said I was going to bite the bullet and go for it and damn was he worth it. Also S.H. Monsterarts pictures thread.
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I like the pics but we have both a photo thread and a Kaiju thread so this one is kinda pointless
Ah I must've missed the photo thread. My apologies.

So Boss Fight sent two people to China for a week to speed up the process. Most figures are already at 99% correct before official production.

Will they come before Xmas? Doubtful. Probably January 2016. The bagged accessories are now boxed because the swords would poke through the bag. Several new Skeleton colors and Blank figures will be for sale in their online store separate from the Kickstarter figures.

Official Prices and Pre-orders to be announced "soon", so expect it early December. Card art still looks like shit. The card bubbles are cheap crap...
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>sadly this is one of the halfway decent card arts

who has the first gokin krang is it any good?
are you looking forward to shredder?
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Krang is good except for the stupid hands (soft rubbery plastic). I'm definitely picking that Shredder.
Krange is awesome. Looks incredible. Hips articulation is limited and while the hands LOOK amazing, the soft rubber is annoying. I'd still recommend it to anyone. Probably skip shredder though. Too tall.
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24 KB, 411x309

Who else here finds that this line is surprisingly fun? I'll be posting a few of the great things I've found, feel free to weigh in.
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Just picked up pic related off eBay, minus accessories. Wish I could have gotten a snake and some of the bat tokens, but I got it for about 26 bucks shipped, so I'm not going to complain too much.

Features on a fully loaded one include fold-up for carrying around(or creative scene setting), lights and sounds from the gorilla that also have him firing little bat tokens from his mouth, a trap cliff, a windable spider thread, and the straight sticks are there so you can stick a little helix-shaped snake on the top and watch it wind down it.
And for those curious, it's called Gorilla Mountain, sorry about that. I'll be giving the names as I go.

Pic related is Tentaclor, which has a drop-down jaw that you can fit figures in, waving tentacles, light-up eye, basically a lot of personality packed into it. I've seen it on clearance a few places for $15, but haven't pulled the trigger.
And here's the Battle Rover, which is just an insane piece of work. Removable saucer with firing discs, interactive bridge, bunch of little odds and ends and huge.

I managed to grab one for $20, keep your eyes open.

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I'm trying to find a neon genesis evangelion figure of Unit 01. All the ones I'm finding are only 5-7 inches tall and the only 12 inch one I found was $300. I don't really want to go over $100 for this. Any suggestions on where I can find a good figure?
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There are quite a few, are you looking for the TV or Rebuild version? That would help narrow things down.
TV / The End of Evangelion movie
The best one you can possibly get, if you ask me, is the SOC SPEC Unit 01. Unfortunately, the revised (and superior) verison might run you a bit over $100 if you buy from a Japanese site. I can assure you it is quite worth perusing.

Otherwise, there's not too much out there for the TV version to my knowledge. There are the early Revoltechs, which I've heard are kinda problematic, but look nice and are very affordable. Posing them might take a bit more effort than more modern figures, but it's...
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play arts kai.jpg
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I was wondering if the PAK figures are worth their price? I saw some decently priced ones on ebay but am just worried about if they are knock offs for the MGS line.
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Worth it if you can get it for under $70, maybe. Definitely not worth $130
If you find one for a decent price then go ahead, but don't buy anything too high. This brand isn't worth it.
Hell no. I don't care if they're big, in fact that's a downside, but for that price the QC better be fucking good. And it isn't good.

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Original Effect is my favorite figure maker. So I'm going to post the shit out of their stuff. The first few shots will be the stuff that I own. (you can tell by the shitty photo quality...) Then some real promo shots and art work.

First one is Sunny
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1 MB, 864x1988
Oh yah these are all 1/6 scale.
Sophia Limited Edition (The coat and the glasses are a different color)
File: DSC07416.jpg (2 MB, 1256x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1256x2048
Candy. Not the biggest fan of her design but I like the series enough to collect them as they come out.
File: DSC07418.jpg (2 MB, 1292x1956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1292x1956

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