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any londanons know of any cool toy stores in London? I'm here for the week and would love to find some neat places to shop. Pic not related
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What's their difference than average military toys?
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There isn't. Can't believe this vanilla garbage is being released.
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No fucking bad guys. That's the difference.

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Can we get a Warhammer 40K thread going?
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As soon as they actually make some fucking toys. Games Workshop is THE most incompetent handlers of a popular property of all time.

The current consumer technology is not quite there yet, but we're edging ever so closer to it. The time will come when you can rip ingame assets and 3D print your own figure
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Xd dude off you are self
You'd still have to design a joint system and print it in pieces
Or buy a bag of 100 figma/revo joints from china for $20

Juggernaut series photos at http://marvelousnews.com/news.php?catid=252&itemid=20253

rumored The Collector SDCC exclusive set photos at

old thread
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What's the series 8 Doc Ock base supposed to be?
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christ the MS is still so much better, its like 6 years old too.

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So that's why sentinel never showed anything in the promo pics for size reference.

It's TINY. I was expecting this to be twice as tall for the exorbitant price they were asking.
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do you know how big the koto kit is in comparison?
Boy, if only they mentioned the size of it in the item description on every site where it was sold as well as on Sentinel's own site.

Oh, wait!

Fucking schmuck.
The sentinel is 10" or 25cm to the top of the head in upright mode. The koto is 1/100 scale, the height of sahelanthropus standing is 15m or 49' according to the metal gear wiki.

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SAS Mainsite: http://www.medicos-e.net

Search for SAS on Mandarake: 超像可動

List of the current release SAS: http://myfigurecollection.net/search.php?type_id=23615&root=-1&type_strict=1&type_p=-1

Nuu's SAS Reviews: blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/cat_50046494.html

New to Jojo? READ THIS: http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi

SAS soundplates: http://i.imgur.com/EfjMM0q.jpg

Storefronts to buy from: http://buyfags.moe/List_of_shops

Previous: >>5684141
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white snake hype
File: Siona1464362354.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got a shot of the box with Shuu.

Makes me wonder if Kaneki will be the same which makes box storage a bit iffy.
Anyone know how they call the sound plates in Japanese? Wanna look for individual ones on mandy and others

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Just picked up pic related. What's the best flight stand for him?

I know Neca supposedly have one coming out, does anyone know when it's supposed to be released?
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You're gonna want these. They're made by a really cool bunch of guys from A.B.C.A., a toy photography group. These are some of the best flight stands available. These in the pic are their latest DEE-luxe models, and sell for about 15 bucks a pop. But that's a very good price for such quality craftsmanship.
Amusing spoof.

Neca's stands look pretty good if not a bit big. If you like those you can grab then even available. A tamashii stand is another good bet that should work quite well.
Bandai Stage Act 5, or since it's Superman and he is so well known for flying you could get a standard 1:6 scale stand with grasping arms and really put him high above the other figures in your display.

File: mp-23_1410198275.jpg (69 KB, 844x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ok, so, what decal sheets are there for this guy? and how about a matrix he can hold appropriately and put inside his chest? it'd have to be a small matrix probably, and if it's decepticon-y looking, even better.

I do not really wish to have to remove paint, or risk stickers becoming worn from play/transformation.
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Shoulda asked in the tf general m8, but I'll be nice though I have limited knowledge.

People rave on about that reprolabels, they seem to be the go-to, but...they're stickers, guess most people prefer them as they don't need additional paint unlike rub transfers or water slides which NEED top coat or else they'll come off even easier than a sticker.

As for a matrix, ok first of all his chest can't hold that, certainly not the one from mp-10...
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The KO makers should do one with the original paint scheme.

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2016-05-30 11.11.34.jpg
4 MB,
Hey /toy/ I just got all of this at a flea market $20 total. Anyone else get anything good at garage sales or flea markets?

I also need help identifying one of these figures ill post a closer pic
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I got him with the gi joe figures but im pretty sure that's not what he's from
Forgot picture
It's Kurse from Thor the Dark world.

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Any bootleg experts here? I just want to know if these are original or fake. The seller doesn't have the boxes anymore because he just bought it in ebay. There are spideys and ironman PAKS bootlegs out there so i just want to make sure that they are not fake. Hope someone can help
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Almost impossible to tell without handling them.

And honestly, save your money for something else. What you're probably going to be paying for those could get you a Hot Toys Cap, Spidey or Iron Man of your choice.
Legit PAKS already feel like bootlegs to begin with.
Play with the figures a bit and tell us any detail or small thing you find suspicious

>Paint is weird
>Loose joints

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Why do all of these toy channels keep on spamming YouTube?
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clickfarming little kids who don't know better by putting in lots of keywords with heavy traffic

I put on Elsa songs to my niece on the tablet and when i come back a few minutes later she's watching elsa being performed a c-section in a kind of sick game.
I've got a sibling who's low-function autistic. I'm always afraid they're going to stumble onto some really messed-up stuff whenever they start browsing videos like that.

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Checked the catalog, no Nintendo general.
New WoN 4-inch wave now in stores.
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Commence samefagging.
What store? Where?
File: Wonlinks.jpg (260 KB, 978x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here, I found them in Tyler TX.
Here's a comparison of all the Links we got now in the WoN line. Pictures coming of Fox and Koopa.

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Nendoroid General OP49.jpg
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Do you have a nice backyard where you can chill and play with your nendos?

Welcome all!
What is a Nendoroid, you may ask?

Guide/Product release info found here:

Stickness on your figures?

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First Order Stormtrooper
Kenma Kozume
Trainer Red & Green

>Nendoroid Co-de:
Aroma Kurosu-Holic Trick Classic Cyalume Co-de
Hatsune Miku - Ha2ne Miku Co-de

>Nendoroid Petite:
Uta no Prince-sama-2nd Stage

>Nendoroid More:
Face Parts Case (Pink Bear/Brown Bear/Tuxedo Cat/Tabby Cat)

Futaba Ichinose
En Yufuin
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Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Shipping out from GSC on the 18th May 2016:
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Ichigo Hitohuri
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Eli Ayase: Training Outfit Ver.

>Shipping out from GSC on the 19th May 2016:
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo: Training Outfit Ver.

>Arrival at wholesale stores on the 23rd May 2016:
ORANGE ROUGE - Nendoroid Yu Nishinoya

>Shipping out from GSC on the 25th May 2016:
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>>5628284 old thread

Anyone got any thoughts about the Plague Troopers? Awesome concept that got fucked over because it came out at the time the Valor vs Venom line was on it's death bed and Devil's Due generally speaking, barely touching it so that they could run Joe Casey's Thunderbolts rip-off instead.
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and what was their thing? like

IG = Destro's private army
CG = Cobra SS/Gestapo/CIA
Plague troopers = ???

PS: Last thread could still could be bumped, I think the limit is 310
Basically the best of the bests of the vipers and other specialist Cobra goons. Led by GI Joe turncoat and all around psycho Blackout and answerable ONLY to CC.

They were CC's personal death squad and had a roster of 13 members, mirroring the original 13 man roster GI Joe had in its first wave
Huh my TRU got a restock of three-packs. Question how is the movie three-pack of CC/Duke/Cobra Trooper? I'm always tempted to get it for an extra Cobra Trooper and CC. But I'm guessing they use the 25th molds given the Duke in pack too. So.. worth the purchase or not?

I should just buy the three-pack that has the Alphine, SWAT trooper (even if I own ten), and the Rock Viper shouldn't I?

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Before we consider new retools, let's speculate on the (presumably) last set in the definitive retool line. Very negatively.

Last thread >>5710725
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Sky Reign.png
610 KB, 722x950
At least Liokaiser looks like he comes with a crap load of guns and an Arms Micron?
I'm disappointed it's just going to be a repainted Sky Lynx for the body. I love everything else about it so far, just the torso I was hoping to have Leozack as a torso, even if it was just another repaint of Silverbolt
Where is this from?

Last image was from the back of a box and the tank legs were sideways weren't they?

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What do you guys do with old anime toys that are from series that aren't popular or relevant nowadays?

I don't want to give them away to a thrift store because I spent good money on them years ago. Also I just don't feel that an item from an anime series that most people in America don't know about should go to a thrift store and collect dust.

I'm talking about series like Tenchi Muyo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, etc.

I've tried ebay, I've tried myfigurecollection, I've tried BST threads here, and nothing.

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I don't buy flavor of the month, and I definitely wouldn't purchase something from an a-anime... I suggest that you uhh do the umm same 'esu, 'enpai!
I'd probably be pretty stoked to find some Tenchi Muyo or FMA merchandise at a thrift store, but I'm also a Toonami pleb.
Set up a lemonade stand outside an anime con and entice neckbeards and legbeards to buy used goods with inflated prices.

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My boyfriend is a huge comic book geek , he loves marvel and DC. Hes birthday is in two weeks , What do you think i could give him ? please if you are going to post something put the link
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This is too vague a question

What characters does he like?
Does he like action figures or paraphernalia?
What's your budget?
my max budget is 100. He likes Batman , Iron man , Dead pool , Spider man , Black panther and etc

File: 20160603_221803.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ok /toy/ how much can I get for this? A friend gave it to me, and I don't really like these things. It's a loot crate exclusive and unopened so I figured I'd be able to get some cash from it, seeing as a ton of people collect these things.
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bout three fiddy

You can get 25-30 bucks for it, that's what it's going for on eBay.

I've been selling Funkos from another series for 35 bucks a pop, but then again they're out of stock at the few stores that stock 'en until later this month.
Get outta here you dann loch Ness monster

File: One Punch Megatron.jpg (23 KB, 680x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
One Punch Megatron.jpg
23 KB,

Last Thread >>5707319
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dude it's the most epic anime in the world one meme man i saw that on reddit too
yes yes, OPM is incredibly overrated, welcome to 2016.

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Welcome to the Lego General!

Previous thread: >>5706457
CCBS/Bionicle thread: >>5705383
Extra cross-thread arrows in case the next OP needs them: → → →

Lego General FAQ/Guide:

June Challenges:
>Build a minifigure of a Star Wars character that doesn't already have one.

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that's a big wiener
Always right over here bro,
what kind of car do you want to see?

I've been scrounging parts for a dark purple one but having some trouble with the limited parts in that colour. The latest new thing i did was put a drumkit on the roof of my black jap muscle monstertruck.

my Rides right now consist of the aforementioned black Jap muscle with or without monstertruck wheels,
a yellow musclecar with or without monstertruck wheels,
the modded speed champions Camaro and...
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File: Sushibar.jpg (62 KB, 549x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 549x495
I'm working on my sushibar, any ideas for the tentacle related name, and what I can do on upper floor?

File: McFarlane backlog.jpg (519 KB, 2096x1086) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
McFarlane backlog.jpg
519 KB,
The local ToysRUs has marked down the prices on McFarlane's Spawn Bricks and I've been buying the little soldier boxes 4 at a time for $5 each. I started to put them away and i noticed large my backlog has become.
I've bought 6 other cells and the bigger cell set. That's currently built on my desk. Same with the Governor's Room, Boiler Room, Throne Room, a Tower, and the Hospital set.
I also have two RVs I'm working on and another cell.

Pic is my backlog. Some of them i bought on clearance. Most i paid full price just whenever I stepped...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How does that stuff scale with other block figs?
I would also like to know this, not a fan of the figures but the other parts look like they'd make sweet backdrops for CoD Bloks
File: jail.png (2 MB, 1500x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1500x894
Here's a comparison with various figures.
No lego minifigures because i gave all those to my nephews from the sets i've bought.

File: Shatner_3490150b.jpg (78 KB, 620x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who has the Star trek license right now?

Hasbro seems like they will release nothing for Star Trek Beyond.
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Funko. Hasbro screwed the pooch getting ST and then betting only on a few toy weapons and a line of KreO movie trek toys that were a total bomb
That really pissed me off about hasnro. Fuck knows ive ranted about how much they fucked up the liscence by not releasing figures for it.
They're not making toys for the new movies anymore. Remember the ones from the first movie shelf warming for years?

Hey /toy/, look at your collection and tell me what your Hero:Villain ratio is. Do you have a little or exponentially more than the other? Do you wish to even it out, or leave it as it is? Who do you think would win a fight if they could?

Crapfully yours,
OP Buttz
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File: P1160511.jpg (551 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551 KB, 1200x1600
Is Venom Snake a bad guy, or did he really do nothing wrong?
Just looking at my collection now I noticed I don't really have any villains.

What I DO have are 11 figures that have switched sides at least once.

Rex was the villain mecha in mgs1 but the hero mecha in mgs4. Big boss began as a hero, but became the villain, then died a hero. Milia 639 began as an enemy ace but defected. Brera was a villain in macross frontier but also switched. Gally was also a villain for a while. Eva-01 kinda works two jobs as well. Guld tried to kill the protagonist but changed his mind. Sahelanthropus changed sides. Nono was briefly...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Do you have a little or exponentially more than the other?
Heroes outnumber villains at least 3 to 1. And a large percentage of the baddies are mooks.
>Do you wish to even it out, or leave it as it is?
I'm not gonna buy more just to even things out.
>Who do you think would win a fight if they could?
Heroes, easy.

File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You knoe who need figuarts to, once the certain Metal Heroes are released to get the VR Troopers, complete the "90s Toku Team"?
7 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.

Eh, nobody gives a fuck about VR Troopers seeing their show never aired on Fox Kids like the others.
I give a fuck, you fucking queer
As unlikely as it would be, I would love a Figuart or two of these. Especially the villain monsters, and the big orc/ogre guy.

File: Dougram.jpg (829 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
829 KB,
For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"


IRC Channel

The guide:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What's a HG kit with blocky legs that uses the early HGUC balljoint hip connection? I want to give them to a Mega Shiki.
File: piloto.png (201 KB, 471x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 471x254
Building the MG Full Armor Gundam now and I want to paint the pilot figure.
The pieces are molded in dark green, so they need to be repainted. But after painting, how do I panel line the pilot?

I have a rough idea, but for brevity's sake, how would you do it?
anyone know where i can get an mg gm 2.0 and an mg gm custom

i wanna fit the custom to the 2.0 frame

File: Worthless Fucking Stand.jpg (288 KB, 926x1563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Worthless Fucking Stand.jpg
288 KB,
What's the WORST accessory you've ever gotten with a toy?
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File: DSC01911.jpg (341 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 1024x683
Personally I fucking hate when Gundam model kits/figures come with extra ammo packs.
You know what's worse than extra ammo packs?

Landing gear
Adam's helmet that came with me Figma ZSS.

File: FIGURE-019528.jpg (95 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB,
AGP Monster Hunter: Gore Magala Girl

What the fuck? Where did this come from? That umbrella is too cute. Talk me out of it, please.
26 replies and 1 images submitted. Click here to view.
it's like 120 bucks and the AGP line is pretty much exclusive "meh" or below quality-wise

One of the worst offenders, but still. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdmV-OEnWtE
I fucking love that review, he absolutely wails on it.

AGP figures are overpriced garbage, Bandai is taking the piss out of boatslut fans.
You can't even tell from the figure that it was designed by Fumikane.

File: CjxD_bSUoAImBkf.jpg (22 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB,
So this is going to be a Gentinel Web Store exclusive and I have no idea how to preorder it. If I muddle through their moonrunes checkout would they ship it to the US? If not, what's a good middleman service for this?
34 replies and 7 images submitted. Click here to view.
You probably need a middle man. Even if you could get through the checkout process, Japan has a different address structure than the reat of the world, so I donmt think you could even finish the checkout process.

I don't even know a good middleman anymore, all mine closed or went to crap.

I'm sure it would be on Mandy same day though.
Sorry to be a dumbass but I'm not finding anything on this guy online, only the regular classic and EXE figures. Is this the only other limited edition actually shown so far?
used a couple times.pretty good

File: 20160529_134643.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Hi /toy/, so I have these three Sonic the Hedgehog figures (see picture) I was gonna put up on Craigslist or something, I looked around on Ebay and Amazon to get an idea for the price and...

Can anyone tell me why these are going for so much? I was expecting to sell them for like $20 a piece at the most, but I am seeing them for much more than that...

Is it just because they're over 10 years old and unopened?

They're Sonic X 9 inch action figures from around 2004 or so.
18 replies and 3 images submitted. Click here to view.
they're rare and hard to find now, simple as that.

Do ebay, you won't find a decent price on craigslist.
The original Sonic Adventure ones actually had working buttons.

Oi guess that makes sense! Thanks for the input <3

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