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Looking to travel to australia to work and live. Im not worried about the pay, i just want to be able to survive! Does any one have any ideas on a good way to do this? I would like to live in Melbourne
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I have an assignment for class where I have to "pretend I'm visiting from another country" for the weekend and to describe what the Superbowl is like

What country?

I'm leaning Russia. Partially because I have a shitton of vodka here to get into character
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Lol, American self-importance never ceases to amaze me.

It's a bunch of fat people drinking and painting their faces while watching a bunch of fat people in spandex collide into one another with frequent breaks. Get over yourselves, nobody from outside the US has an opinion or "take" on it because they literally don't care.
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North Korean spy.png
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I decided to write from a North Korean perspective
I just wanna tell you I found this fucking hilarious

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I've perfected Japanese and effectively learned Khanji. I've done research but I would rather hear from personal experiences. I would like questions like this answered. Is job availability common? Is finding a clean and affordable place to live easy. All anons provide me with answers and tips.
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Ahahahaha you're a stupid fucking weeaboo. Know that unless you happen to look completely japanese you'll be treated like a nigger. Understanding Japanese just means you'll hear all the shit they talk about you.

You won't be able to "fit in" and your only friends will be other weeaboos and believe me they are all betas outcasts.

Obviously you can't be dissuaded by common sense so fuck off to the Japan general, hopefully they can talk you out of the biggest mistake you'll make.
*beta outcasts
I was starting to miss all the white males moving to Japan

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Where should my gf and I go for the one week of spring break? We are white Americans in our early 20s and, though adventurous, would like to stay safe (which means we would like to not be stuck on a beach resort the entire time, we'd like to get out and enjoy some local culture without being tourist-y while remaining safe).
We are both /lit/ and into the arts.

We have free guest passes for SW airlines, so if you want to look at their potential destinations you can. This is what limits us most.

Otherwise we have narrowed it down to the following, which are...
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Look into sayulita Mexico if you haven't already

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I hardly post anything on /trv/ at all but I'm here for some possible do's/don'ts for my flight to Florida (from Indianapolis) this week. any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you. (pic not related at all)
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Do board a plane headed to Florida
Don't do something else

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car hire.jpg
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So /trv/ I am going to do driving lessons and my test at some point in the near future. I am from the UK and want to do the test in an automatic car. If I do this then I will only have my license to drive automatics.

I plan on doing a lot of travelling to some far-flung places in the future and would like to have the option of hiring cars in said places.

Now my question is to those of you who have hired cars around the world, are there usually f automatic cars available for hire in most places in the world? Or am I severley limiting my choice in the future and should do my test in a manual?

My reason for doing it in an automatic is that I am shit with the gears, and much more comfortable driving in an automatic.
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The only place that I have seen automatic cars as standard for rent was in the US. You'll probably have to pay a lot extra if you want an automatic car anywhere else but they should have some automatic cars in the lot.
Israel rents mostly automatics. Otherwise, yeah, manual shift as the standard everywhere.

Just do a proper license for manual shift OP. It's not hard at all. It might feel complicated at first, but it'll quickly become second nature.

There really isn't any reason not to do your test in a normal car. Especially if you are in Europe.

So I'm thinking about going to north korea just for a few days. Just because I'm curious about how it really is there and stuff. But I know they have a lot of different and strict laws there so I'm wondering if anyone else who has been there got any tips?
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It will be a group tour, there's literally a ton of info and pics and documentaries out there. Go you youtube and etch the vice documentary for a good quick overview.
Use the archive. We have this kind of thread almost every week
Oh okay thanks :p I have only found propaganda but I'll try to find some kind of documentary or whatever.

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>B-be gentle
>I'm new traveler
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You've been to more countries than I have OP
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I guess I'm an easy person to please...

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Me and two friends wish to travel to Germany in March for a week. All three are 20-25 .
Our current plan stands at 4 nights at Berlin, 3 nights at Hamburg and one day at Kiel.
We wanted to visit one of us' relatives that lives in Kiel.
We contracted them and they told about the current situation in Germany not being... well.. safe.
We received a lot of stories about rape, murder and other kinds of violence.
I made a quick check (google), and got a nice result. pic related.

Any chance someone who lives there can share a little bit of opinion on the...
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If you're not safe here you're not safe anywhere
How many news about an American who got shot do you read a day?
How many times did you get shot?

Apply the same principle to getting raped in Germany.
well memed.

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I spend hours looking at the most remote places in Africa (most often the west coast) and I just want to hear from people who have been to the most remote places on the continent.

What did you see and do, what were the people like, where were you and what made you go there ??

Thanks all !!

(Pic related - Turtle Island Sierra Leone)
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Spent a lot of time in Mozambique for work. Met up with a lot of friends way out in the bush as well. Every city has it's own day throughot the year with a big celebration, which were always fun as well.

People there are great, if you're fine with doing things the local style it can be cheap as fuck (Hitching rides of around 1000km for about $3, and the driver will usually offered snacks)

DRC and Sahara are last remote places.
This is what Lonely Planet has to say about the Central African Republic: "The lack of development has left large swathes of lush rainforest, which still teem with wildlife, including thousands of gorillas and elephants. Travellers can float among wild rivers into an Africa that the world thought no longer existed. As rich life looms in its darkest jungles, warmth, generosity, and pride steadfastly survive in the hearts of its people. CAR is Africa at its most raw."

Not true at all.

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Niagara, Canada.jpg
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Hello buddy's,

So here is a thing... I would REALLY want to know about spots / "hidden gems" local shit happening out there in Toronto..
Really sick of this touristy lame as attractions, I want to travel like a local!

So, whats up buddy's?
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Locals don't travel. They live there.
Scarborough town center
Toronto sticky when? There has been one of these "In Toronto, what do" posts on a weekly basis for years

>Not that I blame you for this OP

Honestly dude Toronto isn't a colossally touristy town, odds are if you are not on Yonge Street or Queen Street, you are going to the same places as the locals.

If you are really dying for a hidden gem, go to Scarborough and try the food, have no idea why youd want to go to some shitty immigrant suburb just to try...
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How do you keep in contact with the people you meet in hostals? Last summer i added like 50 people on fb and only talked to 4-5?????
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Delete the ones I don't keep in touch with unless they're interesting enough/I know I'm headed to their town/city one day. Nowadays though, I only really grab the contact info of people I care to be in touch with.

And I stay away from the obvious networkers
I don't keep contact.

First year of traveling it was "OH MY GOD LETS BE FRIENDS FOREVER ILL VISIT YOU IN YOUR COUNTRY". Second year it was "yeah add me, we'll keep in touch, i'll let you know if Im near you".

Now I just politely ask them to add me, and don't accept the friend request unless I'm sure I'll see them again this particular trip.
Yeah, in my experience people don't really keep in touch with people they meet in hostels. I'll accept people who add me on Facebook and gladly see how they're getting on, but there's no point trying to stay friends with someone you probably won't ever see again. There's a few people who I might hit up for a drink if I went to their home cities, but that's about as far as it goes.

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I'm going to Budapest in 25 hours. Can anyone give me the lowdown on what to do? I'll be there for 3 days.
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Go up the castle hill on Buda
Cross a bridge over the Danube to the Parliament building
From there wander to St. Stephen's Basilica
Go to a kavehaz
Eat beef goulash for dinner
And that should about cover it for a timeframe like that.
Might also want to have some foie gras with a glass of Tokaji Aszu.
Wait, misunderstood it as "for" 25 hours.
Well, whatever.
I can also recommend the local pâté, Dreher bock ("bak",) and taking a gander at Keleti station.
Don't drink the water.
check out one of the baths (Király, Rudas and Veli Bej are Turkish baths, Gellért and Széchenyi are bigger, turn-of-the-century bathing complexes)

walk up to the Citadella on Gellérthegy

hike up to Normafa and check out the Elizabeth viewpoint

see the Budapest History Museum in Buda Castle

check out Aquincum, the nearby Gázgyári lakótelep and the two amphitheatres in Óbuda

take the H5 suburban train to Szentendre and stroll around the downtown area

do a pub crawl in...
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>Wanting to get plane tickets for Kyiv, Ukraine for June - July
>See a roundtrip ticket for $804
>Hold off on buying figuring prices might go down
>A day later everything is $944 or more
I have literally no experience with buying plane tickets.
Did I mess up badly or will prices go down again?
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Listen here you noob. Websites track you via cookies. What you need to do is cover your tracks so that they don't know you were looking for a plane ticket to Kyiv or anywhere for that matter.

You could easily pay a few hundred dollars more if you don't know how to clear your history/cookies.

Step 1: clear your cookies
Step 2: download tor
Step 3: use tor to book plane ticket

Also protip:

compare prices on google flights, skyscanner, ita software matrix, priceline
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>use tor to book plane ticket
It will go down again although I don't know if it will go down to $804. Wait it out, it might take a couple of weeks. Check every day. Usually prices go slightly up on weekends as they know that's when people have time to look for tickets. Some say that the cheapest prices are on Tuesdays after midnight but I don't believe that, although I have seen prices drop mid week.

So yes, just be patient and keep checking every day. It might not drop down too $804 but it might come close or if you're...
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To those who live in SF - these two places have the same rent (with roommate):

1.) Townhouse in Duboce Triangle - completely standard, 2bd/1ba
2.) Condo in Soma (the worse-ish near Twitter HQ part). 2bd/2ba, full amenities (roof, pool, gym),

The balance here is super nice building in shit neighborhood, vs shit building in nice neighborhood.
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Is the Duboce Triangle really considered a "good" neighborhood? It looks pretty crappy to me. Anyway, it's popular with the gays if you're into that. Personally, I'd go for the better unit.
SF here. Live in the Lower Haight, approx. 2 blocks north of Duboce Triangle. Close enough that realtors call listings on my street Duboce Triangle, and we get the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association newsletter shoved under our door. I absolutely love the neighborhood and would choose it in a minute over SOMA. But it depends on what you're looking for. DT has a bit more character--more interesting varieties of architecture, more old hippies, bohemians, and weirdos that haven't been priced out yet. It's...
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Whoops, forgot to mention also that Duboce Triangle has more families, while SOMA is predictably more young singles (only some of whom are douchebag brogrammers). And it's a fairly good nightlife area, at least in terms of clubs, although you may not need or want to do a lot of walking to or from them. So these may be draws for you.

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