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I live in the Netherlands and I am going to Buenos Aires for 3 weeks in May.

My plan is to go from Buenos Aires to Uruguay and then back to Buenos Aires. You guys have some cool places to visit?
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Whats your plan there op?
Rent a car and drive around? Use the ferry? take flights? use the long distance buses?
Any plans for the 3 weeks beside BsAs and probably MVD like going to Iguazu or Bariloche?
3 weeks are pretty long for 1 and a half city.
i would recomen walking 8 hours a day with 2 hours of pause, sit down and rest in a bar; the drinks are cheap; also dont go out with a huge bypack , you look ridicoulos adn very easy to rob.
avoid the donw and souther districts; too much crime.
walk around every where,the same block or just a srting of blocks.
all the houses and buildings in buenos aires are differetn from one another in architectural style

I lived in Medoza (near the Chilean border) for 6 months and I had the chance to make a 1 week trip in BB.AA.
As said above, 3 weeks are quite long for a city, even for a big one as Buenos Aires so you'd better consider going to other places during your stay.
I'd be you I'll stay few days after my arrival in Buenos Aires and then head up to Iguazu because it is something worth to see according to every people I met who's been there (I did not).
I heard Bariloche is a nice place for siteseeing but it's apart from Argentinia in the way that there are a lot of tourists and rich people over there. Personally, I'd rather go to Patagonia or visit cities such as Salta and Cordoba before going to Bariloche.
If you're rich eough you could do a trip BB.AA-Cordoba-Salta-Mendoza-Bariloche-BB.AA. You might even have time for one more stop-over in Chile for example, or in the south of Argentina.

Argentinians mainly use long distance buses since they don't have trains over there. Buses are cheap and confortable, the only "problem" is the lengh of the trip but as you're there for 3 weeks that should be okay. If I remember well it took me 12 hours to travel to BB.AA and 12 hours to come back to Mendoza.

I totally agree with >>1075250 regarding the precautions for not being targeted as a tourist.
I remember going to the Bombonera in the district of La Boca...if you walk few streets away from the most frequented area you quickly enter "dangerous" places where the atmosphere is a bit gloomy: There, you can be easily spotted. That is the reason why people offered them to guide me to the bus stop on my way back because it was getting dark. North of the city tends to be safer, plus it is nice: there are places and local markets.
Don't miss Argentinian meats and ice creams, taste their wine as well!!! Would definitelly go there again!

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Headed to chicago to stay with some family.

Going out there to decide if im going to move there, or wichita KS.

Anyone visited or lived in the city or area?

Want to get the best impression i can from the city while i visit, what are things to do? And i would like to try to meet new people to hang out and smoke with... im guessing at the bar? Are people open to outsiders there?

And is it really as bad as everyone makes it seem?

Should i be afraid to walk around at night by my self?
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and how hard is it to get a entry level job there?
never been to wichita but i have been to chi abot 5 times. Chicago has an awesome down town you can spend days within the loop area, miracle mile, river front/navy peir (u will prob freeze) All types of stuff to do in downtonw area.

I like to visit the neighborhoods try taking the public transit to wicker park its an awesome neighborhood cool bars and stuff to do all day, prob a good chance of finding people to smoke with or a hook up. Check out the Revolution Brewery they also have a tap house/resturant but i liked all rev brewery beers.
i can tell you right away wichita kansas is not somewhere a human should live.

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0 B,
How do you guys fund your travel?
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That one way.
Working at a shitty department store while going to uni and living in a makeshift bedroom in some old chinese guys condo.
Travel agents hate this anon

Hi /trv/ going to india in march/april, and looking for some advice, i plan to start from goa, and end up in delhi, possilby going through the following places (mumbai, ahmedabad, udaipur, pushkar, tordi sagar, jaipur, agra) I have a budget of about 40,000 rupees (excluding flight fees) for about a months worth of travelling, just any general advice on places to go, best way to get around etc would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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get prepared for explosive diarrhea

My ass is ready, ill embrace the delhi belly
The Delhi Belly meme is really exaggerated. Don't eat off the street if it wasn't cooked right before your eyes, and don't eat at really dingy looking restaurants. Guts need time to acclimatize it's true, but having some fucking standards of hygiene goes a long way.

Anyway, I'd not visit more than one city in Rajasthan/Gujarat. They're all the same ... desert scrub scenery, camels, skinny Indians with turbans.

Consider adding Amritsar (Golden Temple is cool, Sikhs are based,...
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I'm looking at maybe becoming a language assistant in Spain with the British Council at some point in the next few years, one of those jobs where you get like 800 euros or so for 12 hours a week work.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it fairly easy to get onto? I'm self taught and don't have any Spanish qualifications, will this hold me back? I'm okay at the language, will be a year or two before I apply anyway so I have time to improve.

It looks like a lot of fun and I've got some money saved up so if anyone has...
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800 euros a month that is

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Has anyone of you celebrate Spring Break in Cancun? We will be there in march and looking for some interesting stuff to do...Are the girls as horny as everyone expects???
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>Are the girls as horny as everyone expects?

Cancun... aka Mancun during springbreak.
There's 2-3 man for each female and guys hit on girls 24/7. Don't go there thinking you're gonna swim in pussy 24/7, just go there and get shitfaced for a whole week
>Got ass?
>She got no ass
If you can't get laid where you are now you won't get laid there.
>just go there and get shitfaced for a whole week
Yea this is good advice. If you get laid it's a bonus.
okay, thats what i already read about but thats no problem. we just wanna have fun there. Did you book party packages in advance? We specialy want to go on party boats ...

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Is Albania and Bosnia a good place for a summer trip ? I went to Serbia and Slovenia last year and liked them both a lot.
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Slovenia is amazing! Bosnia is supposed to be quite good too. But why not combine it with Croatia?

I'd avoid Albania like the fucking plague.
Slovenia is the best country in the world.

>But why not combine it with Croatia?
Too many tourists.

Albania seems very intriguing.
In Istria and Split you'd be right. But I thought it wasn't too bad in Zadar and along the south-western shore.

Hey guys, I got some questions about moving to the States, mainly about which cities would be best to move to. Looking to avoid the more common places to go like new york and LA.

I am in the language teaching industry and looking to get into a managers position, so the city has to be large enough or diverse enough to have quite a lot of language schools.

But at the same time I want to be in a short drive of good skiing mountains, less that an hour and a half would be ideal.

So any advice on that would be great, but i have some questions about a few cities...
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>Moving to the USA
>Thinking that you can just plop down on any ol' city, live the manager life, ski and milk cows for oil

There are so many wrong things about this, I'll let someone else rip you a new one, also good luck
>NJ hotdog

lol wtf is a nj hotdog. If anything it would our NJ subs or like our zeppole's.
I have a masters and have seen plenty of job offers for managerial positions for recent graduates.
Also I'm an american citizen, I just wasn't born there and have never lived there.
So it isn't going to be that difficult, I already live outside of the country I grew up in.

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Can anyone help me making a travel-plan for Southern France? Or just point out locations where to go / check out?
Or places you've been to and really enjoyed?

The idea is to see/travel through areas that are..

> full of beautiful nature
> smaller villages / cities
> mountains (perhaps even to hike around)

It would roughly 3 weeks, at most 4.
Two travelers.
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French southerner reporting in.
I'll assume you have a car or will use our efficent, when not on strike railway, so i'll pick locations from all over the south.


-High mountains: The Pyrenees are pretty amazing but I know the Alps better. The nationals parks of the Écrins and of the Vanoise (pic related) are beautiful. The Aiguille du Midi is pretty cool, with its James Bond villain like base at the top.
-Lower mountains: The pre-Alps, a.k.a the Vercors mostly is rocky...
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File: Aiguille-du-Midi-.jpg (182 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aiguille du Midi
File: Vercors 2.jpg (4 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Vercors 2.jpg
4 MB, 4000x3000
Pre Alps (Vercors)

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Recently CS has made many changes that I think are for the worse. For starters is the recent update to the reference system, which took away the old system of Positive, Neutral and Negative. Under the old system References were clear, straightforward, organized into what I consider an almost universally understandable language, i.e. Green means go, good, positive and everything is alright, Grey means neutral, Red means STOP, Attention, warning, caution and negative. I think we can all agree that pretty much anyone could understand that. So why remove that? Not only was it intuitive,...
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I'm not sure /trv/ is a great place to try and enlist a more-or-less personal army for a great crusade to save couch surfing. If for no other reason, there are so few users here.

But to discuss things, what have they replaced the old color code with? Something that will be fine once you get used to it?

Also, what's your stake in this? You seem pretty intense about something that seems a minor matter.

>save our community

Our community is /trv/ -- whether or not it needs saving would be a topic for a different...
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Well if you use CS it's a pretty big deal. The changes they made basically made it, so no one can leave negative feedback anymore, so basically now the only way you can tell if someone had a bad experience is to read every single reference they have.

Gf and I won a cruise. Cruise goes from barcelona, cartegena, gibraltr, genoa, florence, rome. Get 1 day in each. We have to pay for "excursions", we are not sure what to do in each city or if we should just go it alone and not be part of a tour group. We don't have any experience with cruises. Its this july, the height of EU tourist season I assume... Are the excursions worth it? Any other cruise tips?
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I've found it possible to book "excursions" based on what I want to see and do, rather than on what the ship thinks many people will want to see and do, online a few weeks ut, rather than go through the ship's purser, notably cheaper. Sometimes I have discovered it is the same tour, they pick up the group on the ship that paid too much, then pick me up a block or two away.

And, of course, doing your research and just doing your own thing in port is fine.

The sole real advantage of booking through the ship is that they guarantee to get you back...
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Have a week off in October lads and I wouldn't mind getting away for a bit. Is there any point in even trying to visit more than one or two cities? Any highly concentrated areas in Europe where there is plenty to see in such a short time? I'm thinking maybe Netherlands or Germany
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If you stay in The Netherlands or Belgium, you can easily go to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Brugge, Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels. They're all well-connected by public transport and the distances are quite short. So take your pick. You could even do a city a day, but then you'd definitely miss a lot.

An alternative would be seeing Vienna and Bratislava or maybe Vienna and Budapest.

Ljubljana and Zagreb is also an option.

Munich and Salzberg can be done as well.

That's all...
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Sounds good. I'm not really tempted by Belgium 2bh, leaning more towards Central Europe. What's the party scene like in Vienna? I like the sound of Bratislava and Budapest but I don't know much about Vienna. I do know it's a beautiful city though so it will certainly be on the shortlist. Would Prague-Vienna-Bratislava sound like a viable trip? Or Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest? I also like the sound of Krakow.
I wouldn't discard Belgium. Brugge, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp are very nice and Belgium quite simply has the best beer in the world.

I've only been to Vienna by day, so I don't know the party scene. I was staying in Bratislava and from there Vienna is just an hou by train. So we took a day trip. Bratislava does have a nice party scene, and Budapest an even better one. Cheap as well.

I spent some time in Krakow last summer. Great place!

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I had made a previous thread but it got deleted.

I'm travelling to Thailand (already have a visa) and then heading to Vietnam, or Vietnam and Cambodia.

Anyhow, I'll be in Bangkok for a couple of days. Should I get my Vietnam visa online, with myvietnamvisa, or go to the embassy?
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such a meme destination

whats fags obsession with this shithole
I really like war stuff. It'd be a shame to be next to it and not go.
Should I visit northern vietnam, or stick to a couple of days in ho chi min and depart for cambodia?

I realized I have very little time.

I plan on spending some time enjoying the argentine country side and getting a better grip on spanish in general (which I have a rudimentary understanding of from 4 years in high school) I'm still trying to decide a price point outside of plane tickets and basic daily expenses for food, shelter etc. I'm already getting travel insurance to help make me more eligigble to work on a farm and I'm leaving in july which I think may be a less popular time of year for WWOOF so I can get a better pick of farms. Outside of this I plan to spend a month and was wondering if...
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i'm sure you're aware, but spanish spoken in argentina is quite different from the spanish you were learning in school. just a heads up

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What country are you in now fellow /trv/elers?
I'm in Sikkim in India right now. Feeling homesick, missing my gf. Any tips on getting through these last two weeks of my trip and enjoying myself?
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your gf is fucking someone else
>tfw, no indian chicks are hot enough and easy.. ;-(
In NC, just home from a trip to BVI, getting ready for Mexico and maybe Curacao, if shit hangs together.
How was the BVI for you? I'm going to be renting a boat with 8 other people and I was planning to enjoy the full moon ritual and was wondering if you know any of the good spots to do it. RIght now I'm in florida preparing.

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