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I have been planning to spend the winter in Baja camping on the beach drinking horchata in my hippie van.
How can I even show my face down there now?
Will I be killed or burned out of my van?
Is everything really just going to stay the same?
I was literally packing yesterday ;_;
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There will be more banter that you could ever think possible, probably. And a lot of butthurt.

But that should be alright, people don't turn into murderers because of elections, c'mon.
God I hope you are right.
Thanks for being a voice of reason anon.
It's a tough day
You're gonna find assholes wherever you go in life. Don't sweat it.

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I need discipline in my life and a way to get rid of some torturous thoughts that cause me a lot of suffering.

Are there any zen retreats that allow foreign women in SE Asia?
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> Eat, Pray, Love up in this bitch

It's probably a big ass bait, but I'll answer.

Every country accept solo foreign women in SE Asia, maybe Brunei would bother you, and barely.

For a retreat, there are islands cut off from everything in Cambodia (like 2h/day of electricity, no Internet, no mobile network).
Koh Rong used to be like that but apparently, they are not as remote as before (they have internet and are connected to the electric grid now). I guess...
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Picture of the said church in Taiwan.
>that pic
Did I miss a part of that one episode of Black Mirror

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So uh, I don't know what board to put this one but I think this is the best place for it, you guys seem to get around a lot.
Im American, and if, hypothetically, I had to get away from something or someone quickly and I chose Mexico, how and where would I go without raising much attention?
And, I don't know how else to put it, what's the most English speaking white person friendly part of Mexico? Sorry for not being more worldly, I know you guys are probably much more knowledgable than me. I basically know nothin about the country..
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Who or what are you running from?

there is tons of english speaking people in "San Miguel de Allende" is one of the most visited city in Mexico

>travel ages to get to somewhere
>can't find anything to do
>no idea how to find out what there is to do
>give up and travel ages to a new place

am I the only one who does this?
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>going somewhere and not having at least an idea of something you'd find interesting there
Sounds like a good way to waste a lot of time and money
you're not wrong

I'm just shit at planning, and that's not something I know how to work on

Um... It's called the concierge.

Go to the concierge's desk, ask for activities, they hand you activities catalog, you pick your activities/sights/tours, you pay for said things, you schedule said things and then you go do those said things.

Do you even travel, bro?

Hello /trv/
I am thinking of visiting Czech Republic on January. Before I book anything I have few major questions:
1. Is it worth visit the country at this cold?
2. How long should I stay and where if my options are: 7 days, 14 days and 17 days.
3. Is there any Czech bro who are willing to show me around once I visit? If so, we can exchange emails.
4. I might visit Poland as well, so my questions apply to Poland as well.

Thank you!
>pic not related
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>>pic not related
Pic actually kinda related, people love "hirołsy" here.
Last few winters were pretty mild with barely any snow, but early nightfall and late sunrise are guaranteed. It can get pretty depressing.
Length of stay largely depends on how much you want to move around. Main cities won't take more than a couple days, but touring the country will.eat up time.
Thanks for the answer. About the pic, well I know we, slavs, adore the game. Any places too see besides the main cities? What is there to see in the main cities?

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Just curiosity, but is it possible to backpack in this area or there are only resorts to stay?
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Only place I've been in that image is D.R, never stayed anywhere else but Resorts though. The Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana for example was the best experience I've ever had in travelling, except the price.
Ive always wondered if its possible to isalnd hop via boat or ferry rides through the Caribbean islands.

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Hey /trv/, challenge mode: 5 days in San Francisco, no car, fairly limited funds, no friends/family there that I know of. Going in early January, flight and hotel are already paid for. What are the must-sees of the city, best places to eat, etc.? I'm not totally opposed to tourist trap type stuff (I'll go look at seals and that fucking bridge), but this is my first time in CA and I wanna make it count. Please assist.
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>get weed
>ride trolleys
>get in n out
>walk the bride and bike to muir woods
>eat at taquera cancun
>take a ferry ride
>hang out at coffee shops
I miss SF ;_;
Spend a day in Berkeley.
That actually sounds perfect. I've heard it's a great city for just hanging out.
Any spots in particular?

I have time off in January and would like to visit Cyprus, does anybody here have experience visiting in winter?
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Why Cyprus?
I like history and nature, I would also like to go somewhere that is not too far from the UK but is also not cold in winter.
The med is usually colder in winter compared to thr canary islands. I wanted to go to a Greek island last winter but foumd they were much colder than Canary Islands at the start of december.

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whats your opinion on it?
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I'm living in the UK for the next few years for work, so I'm planning on living within my means and doing it when I'm done. Fairly new traveler thoigh, so I plan on going with a GPS for most parts, taking my time, saving cash by camping when I can, stuff like that.

I don't plan on doing the official route because I can't afford to donate that much to charity, but I still regularly donate over time to the Combined Federal Campaign so that's how I justify it.

I still can't...
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im thinking about doing it with some friends next some, but also not the official one, because we would sell our car there, what the mongol rally guys object to for some reasons

we would probably go through the balkan, turkey and then spend most of our time in iran and the stans, because they are the most appealing to us and we dont have unlimited time, as we are university students right now
Yeah I heard about how Mongol Rally discourages car sale and scrap, is there any 'real-traveler-approved' way of dealing with cars? Mongolia is a beautiful country, I don't want my beater car to be another pile of rust seeping into Ulan Bator's water.

So far I figure I could contact Steppe Riders tours and ask what I should do, maybe even donate it to them.

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Going to Brazil from late November until Christmas, looking for suggestions.

I'm coming in on a boat from Peru, so I'll be in Manaus for a few days at least (I hear the girls have a massive gringo fetish there too). After that, I definitely want to hang out in São Paulo and Rio for a while.

*Is Iguazú falls worth it?

*Any other cities that are particularly cool to experience, other than São Paulo and Rio? I don't particularly give a shit about nice beaches, I just really want to experience the culture.

*I don't know a word of...
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Manaus is a hellhole, as in, its hot as shit, since its right on the middle of the rainforest.

Don't know about Iguazu Falls, check a few videos and if its seem like something you want to experience, sure, go there.

São Paulo and Rio are cultural hotspots , if you want for some history go to ouro preto, but only if you really want to and have the time for it, other than that, you won't miss much going to these two places if you are not looking for beaches.

You can get around with...
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I'm married to a Brazillian and I've been quite a few times.

>I don't know a word of Portuguese

Learn it man. Even knowing a little goes a very long way.
Learn some basic Portuguese Brazillians do not speak spanish they understand aboiut 40% of it but it will not make them happy if you speak Spanish they will likely ignore you mate you can go for Portuñol which you can learn quickly if you are going to be in any border towns.
Use memrise and Duolingo

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Going to Panama City for 6 days to scuba dive. What fun things are there to do near the city itself or a quick day trip nearby?
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I've never been to Panama City myself so feel free to completely disregard my post, but I've heard it's pretty awful. Why go there for scuba anyway? There's way better places to do so in Latin Aerica.
Found a cheap flight there, just worked for my schedule
Panama City is dull as fuck.
Spent 2 days 3 nights there.
Run out of stuff on the second day.
Canals are mildly interesting (much smaller than I imagined).
Stay in the old town,
Go eat in the Seafood market (Mercado de Mariscos).
Shit loads of civeche on the cheap.
Get drunk by the sea side because there is nothing to do.

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Will be visiting Taiwan for five days at the end of this month for the first time. I'm going with my girlfriend.

So far we've discussed visiting temples, night markets, and hiking Yangmingshan.

For those of you that have visited Taiwan, what are the must-sees in your opinion?
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The north has Jiufen, the oceanside town that Spirted Away was based on. For sights, Taipei
has 101, Elephant Mountain, Taiwan Democracy Memorial Park, and Tamshui. For art, it has Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Creative Park & MajiMaji. If you like Myanmarian food, go to Huaxin rd aka "Little Burma". Night Marketwise, Raohe & Linjiang have tons of good food.

The east coast is a nature lovers paradise, you have Yilan / Hualien / Taidong. Yilan I've
yet to go to, but have heard the scenery's good, and it has the Kavalan Whiskey...
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Me and my gf are planning a 3 day trip to Taipei in January.

She's korean so she loves taking high quality pictures of food. So any specific food recommendations that looks particularly delectable.

Actually she loves taking high quality pictures of everything so if you had a priority list of really beautiful shit to see within a 3 day span I'd greatly appreciate it.

Are the scenic natural beauty places strenuous to get to?

I wrote down a lot of the places you mentioned so thanks for that.
The Taiwanese are also quite fond of taking pics of everything as well, pretty much any food you get at a cafe / resttaurant will be pretty, and some will even help you take pictures.

From Taipei, your best bets for beautiful places are Tamshui, Jiufen and Taroko. The latter two will take a few hrs by train/bus, Tamshui is on the MRT line, and will take bout a 1/2 hr depending on where you're starting from.

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What should I know before I book airbnb?
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if you refuse to leave an airbnb eventually you can take a persons home
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What the fuck is this shit

Fucking normie filter
Dude don't... They can freeze money on your bank account up til 10 working days. I requested to book a place for 1600 when i was out traveling and it got cancelled last minute. The money was then freezed on my bank account for legit two weeks so i had to live like a peasant

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I'm going to Taiwan to live for 2 years. Is gutter oil an issue over there?
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Gutter oil is a pretty rare thing, you wont run into it.

1. Its not often 'gutter oil', its normally just recycled oil from various factories where oil is a byproduct, the pics you see of people in gutters are trying to tap the waste produced by these factories, normal waste doesn't contain very much oil at all, it needs to be in high enough quantities for it to be worth collecting.

2. Its very rarely used for cooking, its mainly used in other applications such as lubricants for mechanics...
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Oil is oil. If you can cook food in it , you can make any dish.

Even used oil can be heat
thats like saying water is water and it doesnt matter what you bathe with.

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living van.jpg
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I want to buy a van (for small accomadations in the back) to begin living in and travelling and to get away from an abusive family, how do I go about doing this with only $3,000 to spare? I need help guys real bad
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Theres a vandweller page on reddit with lots of advice
im doing exactly the same

what do you have untill now?
OP, you can't buy any decent used car whatsoever for under $8k, of any type. Trucks and vans are more in demand because of the ability to haul shit, so blue collar values them and keeps their resell value higher.

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Hey guys. Ur Russian boy here. Recently i found out that i want to live my entire live in USA (that came up after travelling across Russia, middle east, europe and living in US for 3 months as workandtravel-slave. So i am looking for an advise where to settle from my murican comrades.

Now a bit bout me. I am 21 years old white male (god have mercy on my sinful soul) with a really good knowledge of english, i have a bachelor degree at management and small-medium business administration. Got some experience in holding up a real retail business.

I am looking for a...
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BTW. Good laws on pot is a significant plus! Peace.
What are you going to do about Visa/ legal residency?
Yea, forgot to say that i was lucky enough to win a green card. yolololo

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I'm going here for 2 weeks in December what are some things to do here?
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>steelers game
>penguins game
>eat greasy food
well that picture is definitely one of them. Go to mount washington and get that killer view. If you've got the money, eat a one of the restauants that are on grandview ave.

I've been going to school here for three years and I really can't come up with a ton of stuff, sorry. Poor college students don't get out much lol.

Phipps conservatory is nice from what I've heard. Market Square is a nice place to check out as well- a good variety of food down there. You've got to try...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There's the Warhol Museum which is a must-do but even better is The Mattress Factory, Pitt's modern art museum in which most of the exhibits are interactive. It's all really cool unless you're one of those fags that gets triggered by modern art because you have to interpret it yourself.

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King Bhumibol finally passes away. RIP.

How will this affect travellers currently in Thailand? To what extent is public mourning going to affect things out there?

Farang would be well advised to keep their mouths firmly shut and show respect at all times during this unprecedented time.
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inb4 news about some farang getting his ass whooped by a mad crowd because he did something 'disrespectful to the memory of the king'.

Currently living in Chiang Mai.

I'm due for a visa extension within a week but I'm guessing at the very least we're looking at a day of mourning.

This is a sad time. If you're a Farrang you really should be on best behaviour out of respect.

I'll report in on things tomorrow.

The king is dead. Long live the king.
No idea, I was there during the most recent "military coup" and alot of people were saying the king was the only thing holding everyone together stopping them from going full blown october revolution.

>tfw traveled lots of over the last four years
>lost track of some of my priorities
>2 months left on a five-month trip
>been deathly ill for a week
>just fucking want to go home
>don't have enough money to pay the $250 change fee plus whatever the difference in fare is

What do, senpaitachi? My budget is gone, my bank account is nearly empty (I won't run out -...
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You're overdosing. When it happened to me, I just stopped visiting and doing travely shit and kicked back at the hostel, and going to cinema.

Believe me or not, cinema helped a lot with those big noisy American movies because you're completely cut off of your local environment. It worked wonder with me.

I'm not even American, yet western movies were enough to cheer me up already.

I think it could be a combination of that and me being sick.

I don't know. I've never had a "travel overdose" before, and I've been in worse situations than the one I'm in now. All the plans and enthusiasm I had last week have vanished down the drain. Instead of considering where I might go once I'm better, I'm researching campsites in my home state and imagining motorcycling Alaska, stopping at roadside bars, and eating hamburgers.

Right now I'm in a...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It happens. We all go through it in one form or another. Doesn't even have to be travel related. I call it a rut. You're in a rut right now. It will go in due time. Wish I had better advice, but I don't.

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So, what's the deal with Nairobi? I can get reasonably priced flights around Christmas. Car hire and hotel seem cheap. I'm not averse to a few cockroaches.

Is it safe generally?
Is it safe to drive in?
Is it (relatively) safe to buy and take drugs in?
Is it (relatively) safe to get a nice hooker in (a nice one, not some drug addled street urchin)?

It seems like there's some nice parks and things nearby, is there anything else interesting to see or do?
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If the stories on /trv/ are true, you will not need hookers. If you are white, women will literally throw themselves at you. Go to a high class bar/lounge and take your pick.
>If the stories on /trv/ are true
What are the chances?
>high class bar/lounge
> women will literally throw themselves at you
>are not hookers
yeah, right
then they "hint" that they want a "gift".

>If the stories on /trv/ are true
also recently some poster on /trv/ was saying how women in Kenya "like gifts".

It's not difficult to see what's going on here

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2 MB,
Anyone else hate traveling with others and prefer to travel by yourself?
Currently touring with 3 other people and they wanted to take a nap...fml
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File: 20161022_161155.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5312x2988
>go out on your own anyway

I get you, though. I haven't travelled with other people yet, but I can perfectly understand the ramifications of it. Seriously though, if you have local sim cards or any way of communicating, just find each other later or arrange a meeting at X spot at Y time.
I like both. be thankful your buddies are adventurous enough to leave and go do something.

all my friends either waste 100% of their money on alcohol, or are too scared to leave

going solo is probably the most liberating feeling on earth, but I still want to experience some things with other people

that said, I met an ex of mine traveling because her travel partner was smothering the fuck out of her and she needed to break away, so I kinda get it
I agree, I need my time alone and to do my own thing.

My personal favorite is to travel alone, then get a local fling to hang out with and show me around. Works like a charm in every 3rd world country.

File: 510px-Map_of_South_America.png (154 KB, 510x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is the safest country to visit in South America? This will be my last continent to visit (minus Antarctica)
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They're all safe enough, unless you're a total idiot. Only Venezuela is dangerous right now.
Conesur region (Chile, Argentina and Uruguay), but I've heard Buenos Aires are not that safe anymore.
Really? That's interesting, I didn't know that about Buenos Aires. I was looking into Peru but it's really cliche, Patagonia is really expensive, Easter Island/Santiago trip might be fun, not really interested in the gelapagos islands since tourism is destroying the environment there. I really want to go to Brazil but am nervous because of stories I've heard.

File: download.png (3 KB, 267x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Booked an impulsive trip to Romania, anyone got any advise on how best to spend my time there? In Bucharest for a day or two but mainly based in Brasov.
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Brasov has beautiful mountains around as far as I remember, maybe some ski slopes, too

Clubbing is quite good in Romania, though as a foreigner you have to be extra careful who you party with

I don't remember where I really went around Brasov, but it was nice, Sibiu was nice, too.... The mountains are even better a little bit to the South or East I heard
Go to Sibiu. Sinaia and Sighișoara are also nice day trips.
The rail system is definitely worth trying out in case you haven't considered it. It isn't super easy to figure things out, but getting around shouldn't be a serious issue if you're not an idiot.
Food in Sibiu and Brasov was amazing. Sighisoara is small, but very charming. I stayed for a night when I was there and definitely enjoyed my stay.
Are you planning on staying in hostels?

File: xmsivo_zpsotlsxb16.jpg (299 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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EDC Orlando was the shit. I had a ton of fun with some good acid and Bassnectar killed it.
>Is there anything like this other than Burning man?
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burning man isn't a rave you fucking idiot.
im really tired of people thinking that it is another corporate funded cattle herded big stage watch kanye and skrillex and blast loud noises kind of shit show.

burning man is what festivals should be (though it has changed quite a bit in recent years)
>burning man isn't a rave you fucking idiot.
Clam down. It is a festival that got away from the origin in a fast way. It's over. Now it's just destructive to the environment and stupid.

OP, there are festivals all over the world that are highly attended of all types, from funky Bonaroo to hipster and hippes at Sasquatch and Ultra Miami (where you should go early and do events at Winter Music Conference first) to the Electric Love Festival to the must-see Jazz and...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nice post, I definitely want to bucket list these although I am getting way too old, I never partied enough in my youth. Maybe if I color my hair nobody will get too pissed. lol

File: JAL.png (40 KB, 784x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can anyone who has recently flown with JAL tell me if this is normal?

Check the field that reads "Name on your passport".

Let's pretend that my name is John Smith. Instead of "SMITH JOHN", it reads "SMITH JOHNMR". I assume that they meant to say that I'm Mr. John Smith, but they put the "MR" right next to my first name, without any spaces.

Does anyone know if it's normal for your title to be stuck to the end of your first name like that? Will it cause trouble when I try to board my flight?
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shouldnt be a problem
Every single airline does that on every ticket since ever...
I could probably pull out a Air New Zealand ticket from 1995 and it has the same wording.
Yeah, seems rather normal. Relax my friend.

Is it a good idea?
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It'll be cold as balls, but winter is a nice time to visit. Just bring enough clothes!

Make sure to see some nature while youre there - if you're short on time you can even just take the subway to the last stop and walk right into the forest

If you're experienced with the cold, go for it

Otherwise you may find it to be an obstacle that keeps you inside and you'll just get to know your hotel room very well

Dress for the occasion, ski masks and gloves, if need be

Try to pre-arrange activities so you have to get out
It's not that cold there, or do you come from Africa or something? .
>The average winter temperature in Oslo is only about minus 4 degrees Celsius (around 23 °Fahrenheit), which is a bit warmer than the winter temperatures of most American and European cities. Visitors however should be prepared for frost from late October until late March/early April. Only occasionally there is deep frost below minus 15 °C (4 °F).

File: san-andres-location.jpg (53 KB, 603x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB,
Hi all,

Interested in visiting San Andrés, Colombia and was wanting to hear from anyone who has been there prior making any official plans.

Mostly wanting to know about your experiences there and what there is to do there.

9 replies and 3 images submitted. Click here to view.
File: Chill Koopa.jpg (38 KB, 258x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chill Koopa.jpg
38 KB, 258x254
>Niggers dont know how to fucking drive
>The town is filled with smog
>Nice beaches pretty much everywhere
Just stay on the coast
everywhere in that island must be like 1km from the coast.
Why San Andres of all places? It's the beach place for rich Colombians. Try the other island that you can get to from there with a short flight - can't remember the name - it's much better. Less family tourism more adventure.

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I want to travel from Portland to Chicago in mid-November without getting on an airpline. Needless to say, the US isn't easy to get around in without a car or license, so I'll probably be dependent on buses.
The blue and green routes in my image are my two options. I'd be stopping along the way, obviously, but without my own car I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy the parks and scenery of the American West much. I'd appreciate it if anyone had any advice to spare on getting the most out of these states while transportation is fairly limited.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Check out Amtrak trains. The bus is going to suck real bad...
Don't be a square
Just hitchhike
There are usually shuttle buses to the best-known National Parks along your way (Yellowstone, specifically) from the bigger towns along the track. But that's still not an ideal way of seeing them.

File: Corbis-42-28378362.jpg (489 KB, 1024x691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last one over tree hunnid
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Canadabro planning a trip to NYC, hoping to snag a hotel room in a central location for under $250/night

Mostly interested in nightlife/partying, so was considering Williamsburg or Brooklyn, is it legit a good nightlife or is it hipster trash?

Given that I'm planning on spending my time out barhopping, where's a good place to stay?

Driving down from Niagara Falls Friday midday, checking im friday night, probably drinking Saturday, lunch & drive home Sunday. How much cash would I need to have fun? Would $1500 USD cover gas, the hotel, some meals,...
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Oh forgot to add will be travelling with wifey
Bamp not more than once a day

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Waiting to start my new job here in California, bored, long story short got the idea to save up money and travel to and live in Sweden for around 6mon-1yr in the future. Have fun, engage in Swedish nightlife, and most importantly mingle with gorgeous Swedish women. Anyway.

I have access to a euro passport, (Italy), so I figure that might make things easier. What I want to know, is if anyone else has done something similar and could share their experiences, and enlighten me as to how feasible such a thing is.

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bumps 4 jesus

Scandinavia is outrageously expensive.

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