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Hi /trv/

Need help regarding a tourist trap that scammed me and 3 friends big time in Miami, Florida.

We were lured into this restaurant in Ocean Drive by some waiter who claimed there was a happy hour and showed us a menu. Prices seemed reasonable so we agreed to have dinner there. Little did we know that this was a scam and we didn't check the restauran's ratings on every website out there: 1 star and horrible comments: https://www.yelp.com/biz/la-baguette-miami-beach

So we ordered our 4 happy hours drinks and a dish for sharing for the 4 of us. Everything was fine until we noticed some Italian tourists in the table next to us crying over their bill so we asked to get our bill and it was $500 for the 4 of us and no happy hour.

When we asked about the prices of the drinks, the waiter claimed the happy hour was 8 drinks for the price of 4 instead of 4 drinks for the price of 2. And the exact same dish for sharing that we ordered wasn't really in the menu (BS) so the bill (according to him) was right.

Is there anything I can do about this scam besides giving the restaurant a bad review? Not only I want to pay a fair price but prevent other tourists from falling for this scam.

Thanks in advance /trv/
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Forgot to mention that I'm not a U.S citizen or resident.
just leave, they can't afford to call the police and alert all the other patrons to their scam.

Leave immediately. Threaten to ring the police: they are clearly in the wrong here, not you.

If this was earlier, alert the authorities anyway. I'm not sure what the American version of Trading Standards is but they would be all over that shit.

I am a dumb and nervous would-be traveler.

I booked a flight online for the very first time. My understanding is that doing it online through a booking site like Expedia or FlightHub can be cheap, but also nightmarish in other aspects. There are many people who use these sites successfully, and it seems that there are many more who have only bad things to say about it.

That's why I'm so nervous right now. I honestly don't know if I did everything right, and I don't know what could go wrong. It's actually progressing a little TOO smooth...
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>There are many people who use these sites successfully, and it seems that there are many more who have only bad things to say about it.
No, that's dumb, otherwise these websites would have gone down eons ago.

Nothing too bad.
It's only complicated when you have to cancel your flight or change it, if everything goes to plan, normally it's no problem.

>and that took honest to god less than 2 hours.
Completely normal. Waiting...
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I'm in the same boat as you are OP. I've only ever booked directly from airlines and got boarding passes from them. 20 days until my trip and I have ticket numbers for each airline and my Expedia E-Ticket. It feels so weird not travelling with a boarding pass.

The person above is right in that booking seats is usually for 24 hours before your flight. Also, some websites will SAY that they are not compatible with Expedia bookings for online check-in, but it will actually work if you enter the booking number they gave you for the airline. I'm in this situation...
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This isn't 1998 anymore.

I just bought an international ticket with Delta last week. I used to some low airfare website, found a cheap flight, and then went to the Delta website and booked it in under 5 minutes.

Confirmation email came within 2 seconds.

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I will be going to Berlin this winter for a week and a day to celebrate New Years Eve and will be heading to France afterwards with my first stop being Paris.

Is it safe to travel around Europe, especially Paris since the migrant issue still hasn't been resolved yet
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It's never safe for stupid people, op, better stay home
>It's never safe for stupid people, op, better stay home


Stay home op.
Eh, it's fine as long as you're not a girl

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I'm from Europe and I want to travel around the US for 3 months as cheap as possible and see as much as possible, not just the big cities. How do I do that?

Lots of people here backpack around Europe by train for a couple of months, but I want to do the same but in the US. Is it possible? How much would it cost?

How are the trains in America? I have heard they are pretty shit compared to Europe.

Working is not possible without a H1B, right?

Any help is appreciated.
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Public transport in America sucks. The best way to get around and see the best sites is by car, which means splashing cash on a halfway decent one.
hitchiking, sleeping outside, winter in the south
trains are shit, it might work in the north east. considering you have to do it on the cheap hitchhiking may be your only option, good thing you have 3 months. bus stations like greyhound offer some decent tickets like seattle to portland for like $25 which is another option, I don't know how many go across the country though.

Anyone have experience travelling / living in Xinjiang?

I lived in Kyrgyzstan for awhile and loved it but have never been attracted to China, with the exception of this place.
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I can't help you OP but I would love to hear about your stay in Kyrgyzstan. I've never really heard much of anything about it.
Maybe check the China General.

Also, this >>1179483
Me three. How is it in winter time? Is it too cold to travel there.

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Currently in Guadalajara on Saturday night, what do? Already went to a massage parlor 10/10
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Lucky bastard.

The hottest women in Mexico come from there and I love the boots they wear.

Monterrey is my favorite city in Mexico though, and Cancun is good for tourists...Cabo if you're rich.
Op here Yeah, beautiful women. I've noticed that a bunch of the sex workers and strip joints are heavy on plastic surgery though. That's a turnoff for me. I'd take nAtural a cups over plastic any day.
To each their own. Of course I prefer huge tits (yep, even if they're saggy) to hard basketball like fake tits; but I'm not attracted to flat chested women at all. Maybe 10% are actually done well and at least look nice. If a flat chested stripper tries to get my attention I usually wave her away or make it obviousy that I'm aggressively interested in another girl until she leaves.

Honestly not sure what else to do in Guadalajara, were you at least there to see Day of the Dead

What building in pic?

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Hey /trv/ this is /k/. I'm heading to South Africa next month. What would be appropriate attire? (Both in town and on safari)
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South Africans are very casual and in the summer expect the men to wear t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops around town. As for the safari, just remember that you're not Hemingway; you're a 21C tourist. Wear whatever is comfortable.
Lion pelt.
Full Rhodesian uniform. You should know this.

In two weeks time I'm going to Bulgaria for a week.
How many nights for Sofia?
Here is what I was thinking of visiting:
Sofia (2 nights, 3 days)
Varna (take sleeper coach, 1 night)
Shumen (day trip to see monument)
Veliko Turnovo (2 nights mountains and Buzludja monument)
Plovdiv (1 night, take train to Sofia airport in day)

I think I'm being too ambitious and should probably cut some stuff out and see more around a few places.

Also in Sofia, my flight gets in at about 00:30 local time, and according to the airport website that means...
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If you don't visit our mountains don't bother coming

Also, Shumen is boring. Turnovo and Plovdid are the most interesting of the places you've picked, I'd spend more time there. The capital is dirty as fuck, Varna is great.
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2 MB, 3264x1836
Hello friend and cheers for choosing Bulgaria!

Your list and time seem pretty good. 3 days is too much for Sofia, make sure 1 of those days is a day trip to Rila Monastery, I see there's some bus options.

>Taxi my only choice?
Yes. There's a taxi stand that will get you a hassle-free cab but I'm not sure if they're operating that late. Otherwise just insist on the meter and it won't be expensive.

I can tell you're interested in Soviet stuff from the very specific and deliberate locations you've...
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Thanks for the tips. I thought Turnovo was in the mountains?

Rila Monastery looks good.
Haha yes you read me like a book. I'd love to see a more Soviet-era Sofia. A lot of this is orientated around photography, and I often find the Soviet stuff interesting to photograph.
throwaway is odb@airmail.cc

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR...
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How might one call the US from Japan (without a smartphone)? I've heard about international payphones in Japan--but how common are these?
Leaving from North Eastern U.S. in Pennsylvania. I am holding a somewhat flexible flight schedule due to these questions. I was looking to go around mid June (to only experience the beginning of the heatt) or early July (to climb Mt. Fuji)
Google voice

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Hello /trv/. I have a double nationality (Mexican / French), and I'm hoping to go do a masters degree in Germany and maybe stay there. The thing is, the strange gene mix my parents gave me makes me look pretty arabic. am I gonna have racial issues there for how I look?
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This doesn't really belong on /trv/

that being said, you'll most likely be fine and don't believe everything you read on 4chan, especially when it concerns race and ethnicity
bad bait, gtfo
yes we will put you into the gas chamber

Can we have a thread about crazy journeys? I really like the idea of going on some really long or at least weird trip that most people never think of. Panamerican roadtrip, walking Eurasia, or smaller things like pic related, Mauritania Railroad.

What truly adventurous shit have you done or what are you planning? Also videos, articles, or picture albums about this kind of thing would be appreciated.
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>Panamerican roadtrip,

But...but.... muh ... Gap... is... CLOSED!
Funny, because I was actually planning on going with someone from /trv/ to Mauritania to do just that, but I couldn't afford the flight to Morocco.

I've always dreamt of a long trip where I go from New Zealand to Iceland overland/oversea, without talking a plane (to the best of my ability) and going by bike/hitchhiking/train/boat

New Zealand
(problem 1: no boat to Oz)
(problem 2: no boat to PNG)
Papua New Guinea
(p3: no infrastructure - have to use small plane, maybe go to Indonesia instead? but no boat)
Indonesia (maybe East...
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What are your travel goals for 2017?

Tell us where you would like to go and what you would like to do, whether they are concrete plans or still in the planning stages.
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Place: Western Europe
Objective: Lose my virginity
That's easy enough -- are you hoping to meet girls at a bar/hostel, or just go for a prostitute?
Take a picture that gets 1000 likes on Instagram

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So i just got back from my second trip to europe went to czech republic, austria and hungary. My question is why does it take so long to eat at restaurants in Europe? Everytime we went out to a restaraunt the dinner for two people was like 90 mins to 2 hours long. In America it would be like 60 mins top. Never seemed to have this problem in Asia or other countries in the Caribean, Mexico, and Canada. I love food and do enjoy a good dinner but i felt like i was wasting alot of time in the restaraunt when there were other things i wanted to see. Whats the trick getting in out...
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Really? Going out to a nice restaurant is the evening's entertainment for many people. If you want a faster experience go to crappier restaurants. Or eat fast food. I've had meals in Italy and France that lasted three hours. Don't forget that at many of the top restaurants in the States a tasting menu can take 1 1/2 - 2 hours to get through, even in fast paced cities like New York. This is not an unusual thing for a good restaurant. If you're in a rush just hit a place that's much more casual.
Just order a main course and skip starters/dessert
The waiter wants to create a nice atmosphere and give you enough time to talk etc. instead of rushing with the dishes. Especially if they think you are doing business or are a couple. 90 min for a three course menu is pretty standard.

Either order only a main course, or just plainly ask before ordering whether they can recommend something fast for you because you don't have so much time (try not to sound impolite though you uncultured american).

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Is there any way to safely carry large sums of cash while traveling? It's no news that theft is more common in third-world countries, and tourists are often the most common victims.

I'll be traveling to an unspecified southeast Asian country for two weeks, and I will need to bring enough money for that duration. I will also need to try and not lose most/all of it.

What can I do to travel safe while carrying all this cash?

>room safe
Many people don't trust the hotel staff enough to rely on room safes, and even...
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>What the fuck did you guys do?

The only really safe option is to roll the bills up tight, wrap them in saran wrap, and then shove them up your ass. That's what all of us do, although most will deny it as it's a bit embarrassing.
I feel like you may be a bit too paranoid, OP. Unless going into obviously shady areas there is likely no need for drastic measures.
Leave most your cash in your travel bag(s), assuming it's in a hostel and safe. Otherwise carry it all in a little bum bag or something of the sort, though your secret pocket idea sounds cool also.
Stop being a dumbass and jump into the 21st century, use ATM. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia (which I assume is the "unspecified" country you're going to) all have ATMs in major et medium cities, it's not the stone age anymore. Even Burma now has a large range of ATMs.

I usually withdraw around 200 USD (roughly what I need for the week bar some extras) and I'm set to go. It's enough for every day life, and not too much distress either if I'm stolen. Yes, you'll pay a fee but if you do it well, it won't be more than 2-3%, which is an acceptable cost not to carry huge wads of cash.

I do have two credit cards from different accounts though, in case one of them is blocked/stolen. But it has never happened in many travels in countries way more fucked up and prone to cyber thieves than where you go. I keep one of them at the hostel buried in my bags, and the other one in the bottom of my day bag, not with my wallet.

In places where ATMs are scarce, I'd just withdraw a lot and then dispatch the money in 3-4 places in the traveling bag, 2 places in my day bag and my wallet. All of them wrapped in some freezer plastic pouches after a past incident (pouring tropical rain soaked me wet and fucked the equivalent of 100USD in local bills)
> mfw my money smells like toothpaste at the end of the trip

All the money in shoes or extra sewn pockets is just stupid, incomfortable, obvious and generally autistic all around.

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4 MB,
Hi guys. I've noticed a lot of threads about people wanting to start fresh and abandon the stagnant life they're living now. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do so, but I can literally offer one or two of you a chance to do just that, start somewhat fresh.

I work in a university in China near Taiyuan. It's only my second week here but I think that's been enough for me to deem it a decent, if not attractive position. I was hired directly by the university and the man who got me here has become a friend of mine. He wants one or two other...
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About the job itself: 18 teaching hours with complete freedom in how to teach, which is among my favorite things about teaching here as opposed to the high school setting I've taught in in the past. The pay comes out to 1000 dollars, but I have no doubt that 60-70% of that can be saved. Meals can be as cheap as a dollar and they provide an apartment, about a seven minute walk from the classes. The foreign teachers are in one building but we don't share anything.

One thing that's important to know...
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That's nice of you, I hope this can help someone who'd need this opportunity right now.
I had to google Taiyuan to see where it was and it is effectively in the middle of nowhere, what are the options for the expat who wants to keep a partly western lifestyle?
I've lived in HK and visited some of the biggest cities both for work and leisure (Shenzhen Guangzhou Beijing Shanghai Xi an Xiamen...) and I never saw myself living in Mainland China... but I wonder how's life in this kind of remote province?
So you need a masters? I have a BA but if I did have a masters I would be very interested! I've been interested in China for a long time too. It's nice of you to extend your hand like this anon.

Ola /trv/,

I'm taking my boyfriend on a surprise trip for his 21st birthday in a fortnights time – looking for some fun/unique stuff to do for 11 hours in Singapore and overnight in Hong Kong.

Money is no object, so if you've got any ideas let me know!

So I am going to tell him we have to visit my uncle in Sydney– then once we get to Sydney Airport, I'll tell him we're going to Hong Kong First Class!

Basic Itinerary below...

>Depart SYD 16:10
>SYD to SIN 17th via...
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Jesus– I'd like to be your boyfriend.
Can I have some money
Trying not to judge but you sound kind of awful OP.

Not even trying to RealTravellerTM here but there's the concept of 'just being' that you need to figure out. You can't make experiences happen, especially unique experiences with just money alone.

Drinking G&Ts while jet setting, smoking cigars and renting expensive cars is all well and good but you don't need any kind of travel advice to do that.

Whatever vacation you want is basically already on yelp with all the...
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Hi /trv/,

in February I will go for 10 days to Mozambique for the very first time. I'm looking for any information about the country, as tourism is scarce and few travellers head there.

From what I know, February is wet season. I'm planning to stay in the south of the country because in the centre there are politics-related shootings and police escort vehicles.
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BUMP! It's apparently pretty complicated to find information about this country... Hopefully you, anon, know something!
Lived here for 2 years, 1.5 in sofala and 5 months in cabo delgado. Ask away
How well spoken is portuguese over there?

File: cruise.jpg (225 KB, 1100x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Need some help.

My girlfriend and I are spending New Years in New York.

What's a romantic thing to do on that day? We were thinking about a cruise, but does anyone have any good idea on what to do? or where to go?

Any tips or advice would help. Thanks guys.

fyi we are in our early 20s,and looking for something elegant. Thanks again.
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no shitty cruises please
looking for elegant cruises not full of low class americans
If you want to do something genuinely classy in NY for NYE you need to:

1. Have connections
2. Get invited to an exclusive party

Everything else will be full of trashy rubes, no matter how much money you spend. Guarantee it.

Save your money, avoid the hoards of jackasses, and take your girlfriend out for a nice dinner on New Years day.

File: aztecs40.gif (187 KB, 365x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright boys I'm taking a trip to Mexico next week and I haven't done as much research as I usually do for a trip.

Doing 4 days in Mexico City, and then 4 days in Cancun. The only real plans I've made are dinner reservations at Pujol and to check out the Frida Kahlo museum.

So what are some /real traveler/ things I can do in Mexico City and some fun touristy things I can do in Cancun. Looking for recs for cool neighborhoods, good food/restaurants, worthy day trips, freaky deaky shit, whatever!

Also anyone else with Mexico questions or stories...
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if you want freaky deaky shit, the trotsky museum is pretty close to the frida museum (walking distance through one of the city's nicest residential areas). the room he was assassinated in is preserved exactly as it was that day, and the overall theme is not FUCK U STALLLINNNN!!!, but more about political asylum. cool place and not well known.
I lived in Morelos for a while but it was with rich people so I didn't get to experience the (((real traveller))) side of things, only the club scene in Cancun, DF and Cuernavaca, which I would recommend if you're into blocky Mexicanas
There are tons of places to visit in Mexico City

Chapultepec castle, Zócalo, Soumaya Museum, etc.

File: 55296856557.png (205 KB, 932x1167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ever since I started traveling, I've always been interested in those small yet significant details, like when do people brush their teeth and when do they eat.

It's usually the thing that I notice the most; sure, the whole culture and society might be different, but that's something you expect. I never expect to see how different people behave when crossing the streets or showering.

I'm interested in those small differences we usually overlook. When do you brush your teeth? How many times a day?

I even made a small poll with a couple...
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Everyone pays with cash in Germany? Weird, I thought it'd be one of the more advanced countries in that regard.

I like how in North Africa if you greet one person in a certain way, that's the way you greet everyone else in their group. In America I'll shake hands with the person I know best and just nod to everyone else, but in the Maghreb (and maybe in all muslim countries, I dunno) you take the time to give an intimate greeting to every single person in the room.
In Korea everyone carries a toothbrush with them and brushes immediately after everymeal. Even at work. There's a community toothpaste tube, as is with everything else consumable. I don't think they ever floss though.

Koreans are incredibly superstitious about everything so they have some strange but interesting habits.

One drop of rain warrants an umbrella

When signing for debit/credit cards they just put a small line or letter on the writing pad, they never write their name or take it seriously.

Standing up if somebody is leaving. (Think...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>When signing for debit/credit cards they just put a small line or letter on the writing pad, they never write their name or take it seriously.

This I never got. What's the point of signing the receipt after a credit card transaction? I've never had to do that in Europe.

File: Rome.jpg (284 KB, 560x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yo /trv/ heading to Italy and trying to map out with as shit time I've got what I can do and what others may do.

Currently I'm thinking 2 days in Florence and 4 in Rome. However I was also thinking if I did 3 in Florence and 3 in Rome I could make a day trip to Pisa without feeling like I fucked over Florence.

Any thoughts?
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I'd do 2 and 4 then skip Pisa unless you REALLY want to go there.
I agree with anon, went Pisa couple years ago (admittedly in the height of summer) and the tower itself is aight but the rest of the city has next to nothing for tourists
File: 1474838328319.png (287 KB, 718x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287 KB, 718x667
I'm just gonna tag along here.

I'm in Rome from 16th to 18th this month. Anyone wanna meet up and pleb around?

Lots of people stuff the everloving shit out of their suitcases when they go on a vacation. Even people who pack light still end up taking a lot of shit with them; a lot of packing "light" videos I've seen on YouTube are just people managing to fit everything into a carry-on. Still a pretty neat idea, I guess, as you won't have to carry a suitcase.

But packing "extra" light. Now this is an idea that fascinates me.

Say that you're going somewhere, for example China. Instead of packing your suitcase to the brim, you just take a...
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>Tfw when I was younger parents would write a "list"
>List included all sorts of shit I'd never need
>Often I'd forget something vital like an extra shirt or a belt because I was trying to fit in a spare hat and extra sunscreen or some shit (for an overcast area)

I'm pretty interested in this thread.

I've found that when staying overnight at a place, you can get by with a spare...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i once took up a girl's offer of joining her on the Pilrimage of santiago in spain while i was in madrid. I just dropped off my huge suitcase at a bus depot and took my cabin bag with 1 extra shirt, my huge plastic poncho, and 2 pairs of boxers and socks. Was supposed to take 5 days from where we where but it ended up being a full month until I got back to that bus stop. After we had finished the walk I realised I couldn't get a ticket back to England (where i was based at the time) so I just hung around...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There's a level of mental illness with how "light" some people pack. Know that.

Everyone has their preferred routine, and yes, budget level, and they tend to stick with it. Shoes take up the most room. If you live in, say, doc martens, good for you and your all purpose shoes with a stitch of comfort, but enjoy your foot fungus from that single walk from the shower to your bedside. The other issue with light travel is medications/toiletries that aren't accessible easily overseas. It's...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: buisness or pleasure.jpg (157 KB, 1300x1115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
buisness or pleasure.jpg
157 KB,
Hello people!
I was unsure if this board is the right place for this kind of topic, I also assume that this is a pretty common question but I couldn't find the right keyword to search the archive since "job" and "work" can be use in any context.
I am currently thinking about finding a job that requires traveling all over the world and preferably stay there to also be able to enjoy the location at least for a bit. I am fluent in three languages, two of which are very common (English, Russian) and am currently learning a fourth one.
Working at...
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>it all seemed like consulting jobs

ding ding ding
If you are a consultant based somewhere with short missions in foreign countries, you won't enjoy your trips, as people who passed through your bar probably have told you.
You will simply work a lot as your boss doesn't want you to waste company monies for you frolicking around. I know because I did it for a while.
The worst deal being the "half time" : 2 weeks in the country, 2 weeks back home. You waste half your weekends in the airport and don't get to set up a routine where you can...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>1179014 (cont)
Another option is to find a skill that sells well. I met an Italian pizzaiolo recently. This motherfucker had lived in something like 18 cities in 6 years. What he'd do basically was to pick a city, go there, find an Italian restaurant on trip advisor and apply for a job. Since restaurants always needs good staff and he makes great pizza, he would work there for a few weeks to replenish the wallet and then travel around for a couple of weeks before moving to the next city/region.

BTW, the French...
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Has anyone been to Sardinia? What parts would you recommend?

I want a chill holiday where I can read and relax but also has local bars restaurants to explore at night. Nothing too secluded.

I can't drive so hiring a car is a no-go.
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I've been a couple times; very cool place. But my interests are the opposite of yours so I can't give specific recommendations.
If you just want to enjoy tapas and cheap wine while watching the sun set from a restaurant veranda, it's a great destination, but so is everywhere else on the Italian coast.
Just be careful of all the midgets there OP, drunk assholes that are as likely to piss on you as they are speak to you. Ill-mannered lazy loud manlets that are basically dirt eating monkeys
Are you taking about Italians?

File: Sout Boston.png (3 MB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sout Boston.png
3 MB,
Hey /trv/.

I've been reading up on alot of areas around Boston that i've been interested in moving to, i'm originally from Florida and i've grown a need to move away from this state to somewhere new - my old shell has finally cracked.

I've been studying the city and i've become to start liking the South Boston area due to its rich history and sights around the city, and how everything is usually within walking distance.(Don't quote me on the walking distance.) It's a hope a thing.

I've seen Good Will Hunting numerous...
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Excuse some of the typos.
I'm not much help, but

I live south of Boston, closer to Plymouth, but I have spent a lot of time and have friends in Boston. I just want you to understand that it can be VERY expensive to live in Boston.

Boston is a very popular spot for musicians to stop. The MBTA is old, unless it's in the winter, but works. The city does go to bed at about 2am imo. Expect to pay a good amount if you plan on having a car in the city.
Eh not so much on having a car, I have a bike, but I want to be able to walk everywhere.

File: 685741_1.jpg (31 KB, 630x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB,
About 3 years ago i posted here asking for advice on how to get out of my 3rd World home country (Morocco) and to travel somwhere i can find work and a good enough life. Of course most of you called me a sandnigger (which is fine) and told me to stay the fuck home, and couple of human beings posted a couple of suggestions about where i would have a chance. I took one and kept on looking into it for months until i grew some big enough balls to just go through it. And i promised to come back and post.
Well, i am here today posting about that whole adventure, if the person who...
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What job?

How do I get out of Brazil?
I worked many jobs.
I first got a job at a chicken farming business where they just dump us to collect chickens all day long, i worked for 13 hours sometimes, sometimes i worked for 2 weeks straight but the pay was good enough to endure whatever the day had for me.

In the words of Morgan Freeman "The bus (Plane) runs everyday"

File: 143182355754.jpg (43 KB, 600x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to go to new zealand.
I heard it comfy as hell and a very chill place with few people.

What are some nice locations to visit?
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Bay of Islands, Russle is super cozy
Most of the South Island is pretty cozy, especially Lake Tekepo, or Marlborough where the vineyards are.
File: IMG_3851.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4608x3456
Milford sounds, Rotarua (smelliest place on Earth but you get use to it) and Auckland is pretty comfy.

File: uk-universities-map2016.jpg (153 KB, 794x878) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB,
I'm thinking about moving to the UK, Preston area to be exact. How's life there? Does anyone have advices or experiences to share? Is it easy to find a house or jobs?

Also UK general tread
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>voluntarily moving to Lancashire
Come to York, mate.

>finding a job
Hard to say. If you want to do underpaid manual labour, you'll find a job in no time. Anything more skilled, and it's going to get tougher. This links into:
>finding a house
Because landlords/agencies here, and I have no idea why, are generally a bit paranoid about whom they rent to. You usually have to prove you either have stable employment (6-month temp contracts might not be accepted), or the money to sustain yourself for a decent amount of time.
Why did you choose Preston?
What work you looking for?

I'd look for jobs first to be honest. Where are you emigrating from? I think most people who move here come for the high wages rather than anything else.
Preston's not great - poor transport infrastructure, gloomy weather, not many attractions to offer in the city at all besides a slew of pubs and clubs. Cheap consumer costs and rent though - and you're quite well-placed to explore the Lake District, the coasts on Lytham and Southport and a lot of hilly terrain on the East Lancashire side.

What is making you consider Preston above all else? What industry are you in/hoping to be in? Honestly, if you're set on the North just move to Manchester instead.

Going to Iceland for the first time in early December for 8 days. Going to be renting Toyota RAV4 or any other 4x4 car that is affordable.

Any tips?
Should I go around the great circle?
(I'm not very interested in water spraying out of a hole (I'm from New Zealand))
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>Should I go around the great circle?

In December? Really?
I've been to iceland twice and the West fjords are the best part. I doubt you will be able to get there in December though. Honestly I would cancel and go back in the early summer.
I've been to iceland in december, much better as there are way less people, more to explore alone, different to the generic.

Talk me out of moving to California.

I'm sick of the south.
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Don't go. Their gun laws are ridiculously suffocating, it'll ruin your life.
The I-405.
File: 1265240732456.png (47 KB, 555x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 555x857
There is no convincing a raging true believer.
Just follow your heart.

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