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They have cheap flights from ATL for Songkran. Sub $800. Probably even cheaper from EWR, where I'd transfer. Question is are they any good? Safe? I have never flown with them or recall seein them mentioned here.
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I only fly Malaysian.
wtf is songkran

anyway they're a shit airlines and at 800 you're probably not going to survive lol
Thai new year. I could fly Delta and their partners, but it'd be about $500 more dollars, and from my regional airport, which would be better

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I'm visiting Portugal for a week with my GF, flying an out of Lisbon, in February.

What are some must-see or must-do things besides Portugal? We won't be able to rent a car so we'll have to take buses/trains/blablacar or hitchhike. We're open to suggestions but nature/parks/beatiful towns are on the top of our list
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I loved the Algarve. Lagos, ponta di pidade, Praia da rocha, fort sagres.. Beautiful environment! Monchique was a nice mountain village near there. We also loved the Santa Bernarda ship, took a day trip on it with swimming, sailing, caves, bbq on the beach... Great stuff!

Thanks! What that be something nice to visit now in February as well? Anyone else?
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Pic related is the Santa Bernarda. It leaves from Portimao.


We were there in high summer though. No idea how Feb is.

From Lagos you can also book dolphin watching trips. We loved that!

If you're into history there's an old Moorish fort in Silvas as well.

Great views from Cabo de st. Vicente as well. It's the most Western point of the European mainland. I think. It has a little lighthouse. And just before the lighthouse there's...
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Sup /trv/, how does one up and away to the other end of the globe and start over? I'm talking about traveling to the Maldives and get a job in a beach bar, or move to Hong Kong and become an English teacher, that kind of stuff.
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You could start by making money with those sweet quads of yours
Working holiday visa Australia
Working holiday visa New Zealand
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You just fucking go, faggot.

Save just enough money for the flight and a couple weeks of food and a roof. You'll figure that shit out when you're there.

Don't be like the Germans with waiting to have kids; Waiting until they're 40 and out of 3 different universities with a "stable job" to finally decide now is the right time, only then to realize your newborn child is now autistic because of your gnarly ass old man sperm.

Pic related, even if it is a little cringy by the standards of this mongolian beekeeper's image board.

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Canadian planning on visiting Phnom Penh for a week. What are some things I have to eat/check out/know/etc?
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If you're not on a budget staying at the Raffles is amazing. If it is out of the price range, at least check out the elephant bar. The city has some beautiful avenues, recommend taking a Tuk Tuk everywhere. It's the best way to absorb the Khmer architecture whilst traveling around town. Seeing the killing fields was heavy but good to see.
>Seeing the killing fields was heavy but good to see.

Ditto Tuol Sleng prison

As for cuisine?

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Hi /trv/, I am in Europe for 3 months and I want to visit as many natural wonders as possible anywhere in Europe (preferably more western Europe).
What are great spots for walks, hikes, and just spectacular views?
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The French/Swiss/Austrian alps have some pretty beautiful scenery, but I've not been there since I was a child so I can't really recommend any places in particular. If you're there right now it's ski season, so things like hiking aren't so easy. Also, it's worth bearing in mind that these places are expensive - they're the holiday destination of choice for rich Western Europeans.

If you are able to go a bit further east, I'd definitely recommend Bled and Bohinj in Slovenia, and Plitvice and Krka in Croatia.
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Corse GR20.jpg
2 MB, 1600x1200
Corsica is pretty great. High mountains from which you can see up to the see on the top, high altitude lakes, cristal clear water with pink cliffs...
The Alps of course, but the Pyrenees must not be understimated either
That's mostly mountains tho I could list some great canyons in France too.
>which you can see up to the see on the top

I totally fucked that sentence somehow

I meant from which you can see up to the sea

Also pic related the French Alps

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Hi /trv/ first post here

I'm going malta in the coming summer for 2 months (abroad internship).

I just want to ask if you got some wisdom for me.
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what line of work?
>inb4 property,tourism or gambling

I did an internship last year with a real estate company and this year i worked at a hotel of one of the language schools ask me anything you'd want to know
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by last year i mean 2014
and this year 2015

i guess i am still living in the past
somewhere around Hospital labratory shizz still haven't decided, I'm on a erasmus course

but yeah how much was your daily/weekly spending on food?

any nice places I can visit during my stay?( btw what's that place in your pic)

how are the people?

what did you dislike about it?

what was your favourite thing?

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How much money should I exchange into local currency BEFORE going to my destination? Or should I exchange it only when I get there?

I have the option to exchange currency without any fees.
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exchange as much as you feel comfortable carrying. being able to exchange with no fees should be taken advantage of.

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I know this is a bait topic but I need the info.

I'm a permanent expat and my travel insurance ran out. Last lot was $800 for one year in HK/China. I need to renew but I was told over last year that there are way better options...so what are they?

I know half of /trv/ thinks insurance isn't worth it but I think it is and I'm getting it regardless.

I'll still be hanging around HK/China with maybe a side trip to Japan and worst Korea in there.

pic not related, it's a kitten in Hanoi.
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Are you working there or just traveling? If working then you could get one through employer even if it comes out of your pay. Otherwise yeah, insurance is pricey. Still better to pay $800 than face $100k fees if something horrible happens.
>Are you working there or just traveling?
A bit of both but I'm self-employed, just doing digital nomad stuff. So no employer to take care of that stuff for me.

People on /trv/ talked about much cheaper insurance so I'm hoping someone gives me some links or something.

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Going to Peru in February to work at some hostels and eventually travel my way up to Colombia. What should I bring in terms of supplies? Mosquito repellent? Sunscreen? Anything you guys recommend?
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It depends, In which cities are you going to work?
Cuzco, Lima, possibly rural areas as well

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Did you guys enjoy idiot abroad? I honestly loved seeing Karl's reactions to the situations he was put in. I've heard he has another travel show but without Ricky and Steve. Is it done as well?
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Yes. The two moments that were easily the best were when he was kidnapped by 'terrorists' in Israel and his discussion with the Russian taxi drivers about train travel.
He's such a miserable fuck, but yes.
I think it's okay. I find the very enjoyable bits too far and few. I think there could be a better mix between him being miserable and actually learning about the places.

You guys are shockingly good at this. Anyone know where this photo was taken? I suspect it's near Osaka.
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Its the legendary manlet garden in Okinawa. It seems you've spotted a manlet in full bloom
Wtf is this shit post?


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I'm sorry, I'm poor at English.Please permit a strange word.

I am Japanese female college student.

I longed to go to France and United Kingdom.
I wished go to a graduation trip there.
But, I changed the destination to Italy because I'm afraid of last year's trouble.

Italy is one of the country I wanted to go where.
But I don't know a careful point about Italy because sudden change.

Could you tell me a careful point and the thing which can be enjoyed by Italian travel?
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>I am Japanese female college student.

show ass + tits
Don't wear the shit like you do in your country desu
There's nothing to be worried about in France, the UK, or Italy. While the city of Paris has had two attacks in the past year, that doesn't really make the country of France more dangerous (and arguably Paris is only slightly more dangerous seeing as 32 million people travel there every year and just over 100 were killed in both attacks). France is a big country, and if you are that worried about violence, you can experience some of the best of France without ever stepping foot in Paris

In general, every country has had its share of terrorist violence. If you...
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Hi /trv/

My girlfriend and I are travelling through Thailand for 12 days. Sadly I had more vacation time on me, so she returns home for work and I stay for 12 more days.

Staying in Thailand is a no no. I want to check out Vietnam at the very least.

Are 12 days too little to see some of Bangkok, then head to 'nam and add one more destination (like cambodia or laos?).

What are some major things I should see? I"m a sucker for Vietnam War history, and War History in general, cars, food (mostly cooking) and visiting ruins/temples is something...
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2 days in BKK
2-3 Days in Siem Reap
4 days in HCM
2 days of travel, 1 between BKK and SR and another between SR and HCM

I find BKK boring as hell, go see the Palace (read about the scams), floating markets, temple of dawn / Wat Arun. You can get on a bus or take the train at 5am to SR or even fly, I feel Angkor Wat is worth breaking up over 3 days.
I have never been to HCM, I traveled Hanoi and the north.

Alternative. See BKK, fly to Hanoi or HCM and spent 10 days in Vietnam if the war is...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The war interest me. A lot. But Angkor looks so awe inspiring I cant miss it.

We fly into Phuket and spend the night at the Old Town, cause we arrive late. We get the fuck out of that shithole the next day, and spend a couple of days on the lesser shithole that is Phi Phi, doing some beach stuff and relaxing -if chavs let us- and then head back two the mainland, stopping along the way to BKK.
All of Southern Thailand is a shithole.

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I'm looking to work as a volunteer abroad for zoology work. Anyone here know some great organizations in:




W.A.R/ either of the Congos?
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A lot of places are now trying to get you to pay for this shit.
Are you undergrad or grad? Looking for research opportunities or?
Look for PHD candidates who need helpers. I had the chance to help out an amphibian research project in Thailand, but it conflicted with my student teaching.

I'd be just out of highschool. While the amphibian thing sounds awesome, I most some place with mammals.

* mostly looking for

File: Attraction Rankings.png (1 MB, 2656x9553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Attraction Rankings.png
1 MB,
Post all things related to amusement parks, theme parks, or things that can be found in them ITT.

I'm a bit of an expert in this area and I create elaborate spreadsheets on the topic. Attached is an example of one that lists what I believe are the best amusement places in the USA and Canada using data sets. I know many things about parks in other countries, too, so you can ask questions on this subject and I will answer you.
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#1 on the list also happens to be the most-visited theme park complex on Earth: Walt Disney World. Even if you separated the four parks that make it up on the list, Magic Kingdom (the main park), would still be in the Top 10.
I'm knowledgeable about international fun places, too.
Did you happen to go to any of the "Holiday in the Park" days at a Six Flags. I have a season pass, but my local park is Great Adventure and I thought it would be too cold and not worth it with like half the park closed

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