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What do you think makes for a bad traveling companion? What were some of your worst experiences?

I got stuck with someone whose interests were limited to drinking and room service; literally the same shit you can do at home in any hotel. You can avoid this by discussing plans prior.
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Mother-in-laws are the WORST.

>expects you to drag their 200kg of luggage everywhere for them
>criticise you for enjoy a drink while on holiday abroad
>stopping every 2 seconds to take photos of EVERYTHING

I always fly solo, but I can tell you who some of the worst company for the day were.

>ugly East European who fancied himself a Pick Up Artist. Idolized Roosh.v and couldn't shut up about "game", called going to the pub "night game" and called our clothes "outer game". Just stood creepily over girls. Needless to say, neither one of us got laid that night

>bratty Japanese couchsurfers who spent the whole time in the...
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People who don't research places to go, food to eat, things to do and then complain when you offer suggestions based on what you've researched.

Its really turned me off travelling in a group if I'm having to be the tour guide the whole time, I want a fucking holiday too.

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Hey guys,

Flying into Bangkok Feb 2, leaving March 17. (from US)

My return flight is outside of the 30 day visa free window.

I am planning on checking out Cambodia, and possibly Laos (and re-setting my visa time) but I want to just buy a bus/rail ticket in country whenever I get bored with Thailand.

I can vaguely remember a thread on this board in which someone posted a pdf/info graphic on how to create a "ticket" which satisfies the Thai proof of forward travel requirement.

Any of you real travelers™ know what I'm talking...
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Just edit an existing boarding pass that you have. Use a real flight number and time.

If you are from a rich white country the odds of Thai immigration asking for proof of onward travel are close to zero though.
Or just edit the HTML in firefox and print it.

Most likely, it wouldn't be a problem anyway.

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I am a young Tunisian nationality. I am 30 anyone can help ... here in Tunisia foreclose on the young man to get out of Tunisia and travel outside of the playoff, but in the case of that age greater than 35 years old be ... or has a special invitation from one of the countries abroad Is there any one can help
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Where do you want to go?
i dont care i just wanna get out from tunisia am graduat as a Management of Industrial Maintenance

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Hey there /trv/ hope you guys are having a good day. I don't frequent this board but I know it's the best place to go for information. So here is my question,

I'm an 18 year old, white, male. I have a 20 year old multiple year girlfriend of Hawaiian decent. We are looking for a place to live in America where right now we are in Kansas. She doesn't like it here and I could use a fresh start. So where for us is the best place to live?

I am a construction worker with experience in landscaping, electrician work, and am planing on taking a course...
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Anywhere here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_megalopolis
If ur in Kansas. Drive to stl cheapest cost of living u will find in a cool city. Like 500$ for an apartment. U can't fin that in places like Chicago, east or west coast. Good art scene, check out Cherokee street. And if she truly wants to be an artist go to a place with density and culture. It's a pet peeve of mine when ppl wanna Perdue art and live in the middle of nowhere. It's like trying to be a professional snowboarder and living in Phoenix az
No shit? St. Louis? She's got family there! That's great news!

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It kinda bores me to read travel reviews of dangerous places as "safe and full of friendly people".

Can I have some true travel horror stories ? Tourists that act as if the 3rd world is just like the western world, tourists that visit warzones, kidnapping by local militias, etc etc.

Pic related, two dutch girls that thought it was going to be a good idea to travel into the Panama jungle without a guide.

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>1.84 meters
>literally 6 foot

Shit damn maybe someone thought they were sasquatch and shot them
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>lol, its just the amazon

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Hello /trv/
I keep it simple, i will walk along Amazon river in my lifetime, probably somewhere between 2020-2022. I just started planning and preparing.
For now i need to decide whether to start in Belem and go to river source, or the other way.
Also, can anyone experienced in such journeys can give me estimated amount of money i need to buy supplies beforehand.
All tips, tricks, questions and stuff greatly appreciated.
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You want to walk along the Amazon by yourself? How far are you expecting to go?

Because that river is twice the length of the Appalachian Trail but with a worse climate, horrible terrain and far less opportunity to get out/get supplies. And it will take you at least six months, probably a year.
Ed Stafford did it. I remember reading an article about it a few years ago so I googled it. He's an ex-British Army officer and SAS. It took him over two years and is considered pretty much the most extreme expedition anyone has done in modern times. Just so you know what you are getting yourself into.
Try /out/, also bring a pack mule.

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So I am a Brit wishing to live and work in Argentina. At the moment my Spanish is non-existent, but I'm starting to take up a language course.

Anyway, I was wondering what opportunities are there for Brits. I have a Bachelor's degree, and currently work in Banking. I don't have much experience with regards to travelling, but as a country Argentina has always appealed to me.
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I think you might want to visit the country first before you make a decision like that.
Argentinians don't like British much -- that whole Falklands thing. Unless you're a real masochist (or an idiot, which you may be judging by your post) Argentina probably isn't the smartest idea.
Why the fuck would you want to live in Argentina?

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So I'm a decently experienced traveler, haven't been everywhere but the places I've gone, I've always been fascinated in seeing fucked up shit. I can't lie, social decay and abject poverty fascinates me. I'll be that guy who gives 20 bucks to a junkie just to pound some beers and watch him shoot heroin and give me a step by step walkthrough of how to find the vein. In those days I've also been broke as fuck but now that I've got money I miss the feel of hanging out with street urchins and addicts. I like that danger of anything could fucking happen and unpredictable nature of society's outcasts. I liked feeling like shit could go off at any second.

Having said that, I want to visit the Appalachians.

I want to see sketchy hillbillies getting drunk as fuck and snorting meth. I want to see drunk pregnant teenagers and I wanna drink spiked mountain dew and talk philosophy with toothless hillbillies til the sun comes up. I want to live, man.

I think the plan is to just drive to remote towns like Oswley county and show up to local bars. Buy a hot pizza for some sketchy looking teens and see if I don't end up in a meth den in some trailer park.


>1. Does this make me a complete cunt? If so, how to not look like one?
>2. Can anybody relate to this? Any sketchy travel stories?
>3 (also TL;DR) What's the best way to see fucked up shit in Appalachia without being killed?

See question 3.
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You aren't going to understand the Appalachians. You're either going to love them and wonder in awe, or you're going to despise them. Anyone in or below Appalachia is from a different planet. Even the rich people. It's a different world.
The best way too see fucked up shit is to actually live there. I grew up in east TN. It's extremely easy to see who is from there and who's not. If you're not, you'll stand out and no one is going to want to show you anything.
Why did they put deer heads above the TV? Do the antlers improve reception?

Hi /trv/ going to toronto for 2 days in april. looking forward to the trip but i have no idea on what to do there, any recommendations? want to make the most out of those 2 days.
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Wish I'd copypasted my usual answer, this seems to be a recurring thread and usually even has the same picture.

Kensington Market by day, it's a vibrant hippy neighborhood that has somehow resisted corporatization and (to some extent) gentrification. Its the most authentic feeling bohemian type neighborhood in Toronto. Junction Triangle by night, its somewhat hipstery/douchey but its the busiest nightlife by night and theres a variety of pubs for all tastes. College Street has decent student pubs, its a good bet to get laid, it starts at university street with shitty student bars and the further west you go, the classier it gets. The annex has fun geeky stuff like Korean karaoke bars or board game cafes. Shakes and Lattes is a brilliant board game cafe but probably book a table in advance. Stay away from the "entertainment district", its full of douchey clubs spinning top 40 and mostly out of towners and 905ers go there. If you want something swanky, and pricy, yorkville has high end shopping by day, a few high class lounges by night. Queen Street from University all the way to Bathurst for anything rock or metal related.

The absolute best club in town is called Cherry Colas Rock And Rolla. You'll have to Google it as its got a hidden entrance. I can promise no matter what you're into you wont be disappointed.
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Pic related. You'll get laid, bro
I haven't been back home in like 2 years so check that everything is still true lol. But as the other guy reccomended, Kensington Market is awesome. They have pedestrian days when cars can't go through and its super cool. There's a pub called Sin & Redemption in that neighbourhood that has tns of draught beers and its got a cool, dingy vibe. The art gallery and the rom (royal ontario museum) used to be free on wednesdays so check that out if you'll be there. Snakes and Lattes is super cool. I don't think you can book a table in advance, you need to call the same night you want to go and they will give you a time to come. Also hit up Dutch Dreams. It's a super cool ice cream parlor. There's a police museum on Bay street that's fun to kill some time at. The absolute best brunch ever in the entire fucking city ever is at Milagro. It's uptown but right at the Lawrence subway station. If you're into high class shopping, bloor is the way to go but its super swanky. There's a pingpong bar called spin on king street that's a little posh but still really fun. you need to call for a reservation though. I'd reccomend getting bikes for rent (if you can plan ahead, bring a bike lock so you can stop at places) if the snow is gone. They're really fun and you can view the city like that. And definitely check out Dundas Square and the Eaton Centre. There's always something going on and its an easy place to start a day at. Oh! and the best place to get food when you're piss drunk is at Mars Diner on Young street. Trust me. And its open 24 hours.

USA college student trying to study abroad here. What are your opinions on the following options for choice of country to study in:

-no english at all
-most people speak english as a secondary language
-almost all english (e.g. England, Ireland, ect.)

Which of these do you think I should pick and why? I'm pretty much monolingual aside from elementary spanish I picked up in highschool.
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2 and 3. You're there to learn, you can't learn advanced materials if you don't know the language.
In every developed (non English speaking) country educated people are at least bilingual.
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nice desu.jpg
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American University of Paris.

Pretty easy to get in, no french required to learn, but you're still in paris, experiencing the city, learning the language/culture. /TRV/ hates paris, and while they're right to, Paris isn't so bad if you're actually there to work or study.

Even if you aren't the girl you posted, you will have fun at the many parties they host. I'm at the Sorbonne, and I get to go to plenty ofAUP parties, and they're a blast. There're people who stay...
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Hey /trv/, I don't usually (actually, I just lurk) post stuff here, but I've been lurking for a while and could not find a thread of the likes of this, so I decided to make one.

Basically I'm 18 years old, living in Australia, but come from South America (so I am fluent and proficient in Spanish); I have decided to take 2016 as a year for working and travelling a bit more, but this time on my own.

My main idea was working for at least the first half of the year saving up some money in hardmode (barely spending anything) and the from July up to November or December do volunteering abroad as a form of travelling and attempting to make a difference, or at least broaden my world views a bit more for future me.

Now, I was thinking about either somewhere in Africa or somewhere in South America (probably easier for me for language reasons), but as I've been researching for the last couple months, these "volunteering abroad" associations for first worlders with money a profitable organizations, and seem to be more of a pat in the back type of thing.

Should I just backpack it somewhere on my own and find volunteer there? Is the idea of volunteering abroad delusional in itself? Should I go with a project sort of thing?

I know how to handle myself in airports, but never been left alone in a foreign country (always had at least one mate or relative).

Thanks /trv/, you are true heroes of the world
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Forgot to say that I'm willing to go and do it anywhere in the world really, but I thought that Africa and South America and main focus points for this sort of endeavour... Maybe SE Asia, but you guys would know about that
Google Peace Corps.
I'll check that out man, but as I said, I live in Australia

Can we start banning threads created by delusional fucking weebs about uprooting to japan, asking about how to fuck prostitutes or how to find japanese girlfriends?

See the most autistic shit daily clearly made by people with obvious social issues and demented fantasies, when they have their own containment board anyway.
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You seem upset.

But no, "we" can't ban anything. 'We" are not mods. If you want to take that up with the mods or admin, do that rather than making an off-topic meta thread
>I want more rules

the cancer is you op
no, because then they'll post their weeb shit in other threads. Let them have the Japan general, most of the weebs in there don't even qualify as travelers as they just want to hang out with other overweight slovenly failures in their sick fantasyland.

Is Syracuse, NY nice? Interested in good restaurants, good lifestyle (cycling, fitness, outdoors, climbing, healthy living generally), good arts & culture, live music, gastropubs, and interesting people generally.
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>Is Syracuse, NY nice?
In my experience, no. It's something of a dump. But as a large town/very small city with some institutions of higher education in it, it has more going on than most towns of its size in its region.
>Interested in good restaurants, good lifestyle (cycling, fitness, outdoors, climbing, healthy living generally), good arts & culture, live music, gastropubs, and interesting people generally.
Has student/university culture....
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no, it's horrible and highly niggery.
upstate new york is bleak and desolate wasteland.
The only places you should consider stopping in are some of the towns along the finger lakes for wine tours.
naples and ithaca are basically the only places even remotely worth spending your time on.
all the "cities" upstate are utterly sickening.
t. someone unfortunate enough to have had to live upstate for work.
never again.
I've spent some time there. It's infested by African Americans. There are a few white areas, but you still aren't safe. The only famous restaurant is Dinosaur BBQ (original location). The canal museum is ok. There's a Children's Science Museum, but it's run of the mill. The best thing there is probably the art museum. They have tried making a safe zone up on the Syracuse University hill. The food is nothing special, but that is one of the few areas where you could feel safe walking around. Even in this safe area I got approached by an aggressive...
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I've been working as a teacher for international schools in Asia for a couple of years. It's been ok so far, but I won't do it forever. The problem is that I'm an only child and my parents have a farm and basically disapprove of me teaching and especially being abroad. So I agreed to get more into farming (when I was younger, I wanted to have nothing to do with it, which is why I now know basically nothing). Before I really get serious about it, I thought I'd try to combine it with traveling by doing WWOOF.

From what I've understood so far,...
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Sorry, can't help you with your question, but I'm curious what you're teaching in Asia as a German? Are you teaching English or German or something?
I'm teaching English, French and philosophy in a German school.
You would get some practical experience and knowledge if you were on a larger farm in Australia or the US. I'm from rural Australia where the farmers have year long crop rotations so it would be beneficial if you stayed an entire year (or maybe two) working on one farm.

WWOOFing rarely last for a year but it might be a good place to start as your host would have contacts on larger farms.

If you're interested in animals, there are a number of cattle and sheep stations in South Australia, New...
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File: rome.jpg (1 MB, 2880x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Hi all, I have always wanted to visit Rome, and in the summer, I will finally get to.

In order to prepare for the visit, I would like to hear from any of you fine people, where one should go or not. I would love to find some more off the beaten track, in order to immerse myself into the true atmosphere and culture of the capitol.
The only places I know for sure, that I'm definitely going to visit are the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and the Sistine Chapel.
Additionally, if any of you know of some fantastic...
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Hi anon, I studied in Rome for 5 months 2 years ago and I recommend it, but I didn't have much money and can't really recommend you good restaurants.

However, of the places that you mentioned, I'd add Villa Borghese for a picnic if the weather is nice, Campo de Fiori for dinner and drinks, and the Vittoriano/Altar of the fatherland for a great view of the town for free. Finally, the Spannish Steps may not be a nice sight these days, since there was an incident were some hooligans completely...
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File: mkirf.gif (219 KB, 300x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 300x475

Ostia Antica (kind of a mini-Pompeii, a short train ride from Piramide station)

EUR (fascinating and in places beautiful Mussolini-era suburb, built for a fascist imitator of the Olympics that the advent of war put paid to)- home of "the square Colleseum" amongst other things

the "English" (or protestant) cemetery,complete with its pyramid

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