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So basically in december i want to travel to Englang first to london from where i live, then i wan't to go visit a friend down in PLYMOUTH and i'm not sure what would be the best way to get down there because i'm a little nervous cus it's my first time traveling alone.
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Bus, train, drive... which appeals to you?
yeah but if i'll take train, can i buy a ticket at the station or it is online, where can i read more about this. that's pretty much why i'm asking, what are the different trains and so on
The megabus (google it) is way cheaper than train travel

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Lets talk about all the long term travel and what the best places to live on under $1500/month are in the world.

What locations/cities would give you a cheap cost of living while maintaing a reasonably good quality of life? All continents/locations are welcome as long as they fit the criteria.

What are your favourite budget locations?
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odessa ukraine

$500/month is a good life
Bulgaria fits the bill. Like the other anon says, $500 is a decent budget there. $1500 will get you a great life. Of course, that's liable to change as more and more long-distance workers and outsourced companies seem to discover that particular part of the world.
anyfuckingwhere in Europe outside of the big Western-euro capitals

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I want to go to South East Asia for the first time in February (a little over two weeks) but I'm not sure which country I should visit.

Originally, I was planning on going to the Philippines but I'm not quite sure about that with the political situation over there. Plus, since there is no direct flight there from my country, I would have to do a layover somewhere and then another one if I want to get to Palawan.

My other thought was Thailand as it seems to be the most easy-mode country and there are direct flights there but I heard it's a bit overrated...
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Thailand is very good and very good for your first time. If you're worried about tourists go to an area with less tourists.
which areas are less frequented generally? I'm assuming Bangkok is very popular and maybe Pattaya as well?
>I would have to do a layover somewhere and then another one if I want to get to Palawan.
FYI domestic flights in Philippines are like 50 usd max. Where else did you want to go there besides Palawan?

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Not sure if this thread belongs here but /trv/ seems the most relevant

I'm an American with the dream of leaving this horrible country. Which country is the best option for a poor college student?

Pic related is what peaks my interest. Of course this is for the far future.
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I'd also like to know which has the best landscapes. That's important.

I'd obviously have to learn a new language so that'll be a hassle.

and just for some clarification, I'm a white looking fellow so I can fit right in, in terms of appearance.
I forgot to state that this is for a permanent relocation. Not a vacation.

The phrase is *piques my interest

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Hey /trv/, /fit/ here.

I've decided I should open myself up to international dating. I'm looking to settle down, and I'm totally fine with some woman marrying me for a green card, so long as she stays loyal to me.

It got me thinking, what countries like muscley guys? I've been to SEA and most girls were scared of me. One of them said she didn't want to marry a big guy because she was scared of domestic abuse.

So what countries like the muscles?
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>>join a local gym
>>find a local girl interested in muscles
Nowhere, freak
Phillipines, latin America

So I'm in Riga with my girlfriend and we're curious as to what you guys would recommend to do here. I've personally never been here before so I'm at a loss
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Holy fuck that looks so much like Copenhagen.
It looks a lot more gray and depressive in person desu
might be helpful

In the 70s people traveled around the country in custom vans.
This is my dream.
Will this lifestyle ever come back?
Will women ever be attracted to guys in cool vans again?
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These days vans are seen more as pedomobiles than something that a cool young man drives. However I'm sure you could still travel around in a van/motorhome if you wanted, in fact there is a guy who occasionally makes threads here about how he does that.
There are loads of folks tricking out vans, campers, trailers and school busses. These hipster fucks are traveling the country in this converted bus that looks like a west elm catalog, just in case you didn't have enough shit to envy for your house you can now live the minimal chic life on the road as well.

Have you been to Australia? These vans are fucking everywhere, main brand is Wicked vans which paint nudes, swear words and sexist things on the van. Literally never been in higher demand

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I was in Israel for 4 months earlier this year and i have a connecting flight in Kuwait in 2 weeks... I got a new passport that is stamp free and everything.

Am i still gonna have any trouble at the customs in Kuwait?
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>I got a new passport that is stamp free

You're good to go.. Presumably you will not bring up to them that you have been to Israel...
Is there any way to get from Israel to Egypt without:
A) flying
B) going through the death trap that is the Sinai Peninsula

Why no ferries to Poin Said?
There should be a site where I can hir private boats/sailors....
I probably don't like Israel any more than you do but they have some cool shit and they're in a practical location.

Just tell me and don't be a sanctimonious redditor about it. If it makes you feel better, I will be dropping most of my shekels in Palestine anyway.

By the way looks like the ferry from Greece to Egypt was cancelled too, not that it matters since I've already been to Greece.

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What historical sites would you recommend visiting. Battlefields/museums that kind of stuff. Preferably in Europe.
Also places like Pompeii, the Coleseum and the Pyramids are kinda obvious

>Pic of a skull found at the the battle of Visby
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The medivial cathedrals in Germany and Francy are always rather impressive, especially those where you can climp up their towers like the famous Sacre Coeur in Paris.
Speaking of Paris: The Catacombs.
I actually had the chance to climb it a few years ago on a school trip. We were dropped off at it and given an hour to do what we want and I assumed we'd come back and climb it as a group. Never happened. Still mad with myself

Definitely wanna see the catacombs tho
Shameless bump

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>be me, 6 months ago
>Get back in contract with cute french girl I met on a study abroad program
>Get told I'm missed, I should visit, she'll stay with me for 2 weeks as we travel around France
>Plan a trip for France for 10 days starting yesterday
>Arrive, go to her little town
>Suddenly she can't stay with me the first night, as I payed 80 euro for essentially an abandoned...
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Where in France are you?
Chartres for now, heading to Paris tomorrow
So she got cold feet or a last minute change of heart, big deal. If you're struggling to meet people book a bed at a decent hostel. There is at least a few days worth of sightseeing just in paris, if you find yourself running out of places after a few days you could always take a short trip to somewhere outside the city.

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Should I move to Jacksonville or Houston? Have job opportunities in both. Currently in NYC.

-Love to go out drinking at least 4 times a week
-Love places with lots of activity
-Love hot girls
-Love inexpensive places, unless it's REALLY worth it (see NYC)
-Love warm weather
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Both are shit but I would choose Houston over Jacksonville any day of the week.
Houston: 39% white
Jacksonville: 55% white

Both these figures are from a few years ago.

The remainder of Jacksonville is mostly black and asian, remainder of Houston is mostly mestizo.
I live in Houston. I have only spent a little time in Jacksonville. The climate is going to be very similar, in fact the cities are going to be about the same. I like Texas because of the gun laws and attitude of the people here. I have not researched it recently, but property in Texas was much more affordable compared to Florida.

sup /trv/

what are things i can do in montreal by myself? i don't speak french at all. i'm going Monday to Friday this week, but for work so i will be busy until around 6pm each day

a-anyway i can meet grills? (tfw no gf)
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You'll be just fine in Montreal without any French skills. People there are pretty social so it's fairly easy to meet people just walking around/in bars. The food is great, and there are plenty of cool neighborhoods to visit.
Don't need to speak French
Night scene is great especially near the schools
And Best strip clubs in the country
how do i meet people by just walking around?

i have no social skills and don't meet people usually. i usually stay indoors and post on 4chan

i usually don't go out at night, because no friends. same with strip clubs
can i go alone to a bar or will people think i'm a loner/creep?

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holy ship 9.jpg
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Hi /trv/

Whats the best way to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship, going in a month and cannot afford to drink as much as I'd like for the duration of the trip.

Have tried using a mouthwash container, emptied, boiled and filled with vodka + food coloring, but still ended up tasting like straight mouthwash
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You can't sneak it.

Be in the frequent cruiser club and enjoy 1-2 predrinking drinks per night at the captains cocktail party/other event for members only.
Get utterly wasted in the ports.
Enjoy one bottle of duty free your last night on the ship.

I suggest figuring out how to drink less, really. If that's the whole center of your vacation, you probably should suck up the cost, or not cruise.
I don't get it. Why not just put a bunch of alcohol in your luggage?

Haha its Holy Sh!p so it is going to be a shitshow drinking-wise from what I understand.

How does the duty free bottle work?

I vaguely remember the last cruise being able to buy at a lower cost but not being able to get it until you get off the ship

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New Japan General, Cosplay Edition

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether...
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I'm 18 and going on my first holiday alone this year, thinking of going to Japan. 22nd of December-2nd of January. Since I'm spending so long, I don't want to just stay in Tokyo. Where else in Japan would you guys recommend? I'm interested in everything from the culture, nature and parties. Should I book hostels in advance? Any other tips on visiting would be great too
>I'm 18 and going on my first holiday alone this year

Japan might be a big step for going alone especially when you are 18 man. If you really are going make sure your phone has enough mobile data as google maps will tell you how to get to places and which trains to take.

>22nd of December-2nd of January. Since I'm spending so long, I don't want to just stay in Tokyo

Visit Kyoto and book a hotel there, from kyoto you can...
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>Visit Kyoto and book a hotel there

Are you sure I should book 1 hotel there if I'm travelling out of the city a lot?

tourist traps thread
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Any restaurant at a big plaza or square which has a flags thing going on. Worse if the menu is translated in more than 2 languages and has flag pictograms on it, covered in some shitty cellofane wrapping which looks like it has last been replaced a decade ago. Chicken & fries as the first thing on the menu obviously, desaturated picture of the actual dish is mandatory.
Any time I'm starving and not looking for the real traveler experience I eat at those places lel
That is pretty disgusting.

Where was that picture taken?

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Is 30k enough to travel the world?
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My wife and I did 8 countries for 10k for the both of us. Not just 3rd world shitholes, either.
Depends what you mean by "the world"
Canada, South America, Spain and Italy, Amsterdam, Jordan, Egypt, Jew, South east asia, Australia

Hello there, /trv/

I've been lurking here for quite a while, dreaming of sweet places while I was sitting here in my meh-tier ol' city in east-southern France.

Well lads, I finally moved to my fiancée's place in Lozère. This French department is god-tier for nature lovers; it has beautiful valleys, rivers and mountains everywhere, and aside from the city of Mende (which is a pretty comfy location), there's practically nothing except small villages with a warm atmosphere. The people are exceptionally nice compared to the average French once...
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Northeastern region of Brazil. Tbh it contains the best and worst of Brazil simultaneously. But I can't help loving the good parts
Bosa, Sardinia. The first day I ever saw the Mediterranean, I ended up in Bosa. It was raining torrents but the sun was still shining. It was a picture-book image of Italy.
I watched the sun set from the castle and camped that night in a patch of sweet fennel.
Most of Burgundy and this one town in the Alsace called Lutzelbourg. Was pretty comfy, found out later Hitler stayed at the same hotel there. Really made me think.

>work from computer
>never talk to anybody
>want to chill/work on a balcony all day with sun on my face and swim in the ocean once or twice a week

I'd like to be social but I know that's not happening, so this is my criteria. Where should I go for a month long getaway? Is New Zealand/Fiji a good choice?

Note I did Hawaii last time and enjoyed it.
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bump for interest
Koh Phangan my man. Tropical island in middle of Thailand.

Lots of tourists doing the rounds as there is full moon party every month.

Hire a scooter for like $4 a day, only takes maybe 70 mins to do a full lap of the island (if you're quick).

Best of all there's a bar (called Amsterdam Bar) where you can buy joints for like $4 all day, all night.

Man I miss that place.

Good luck OP.
How's the joint quality?

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Ok. So we are travelling around Europe in a group of three and we are soon running out of cash. We are in Croatia(Krk specifically) right now and we are kind of grasping for straws here, but is there any chance any of you guys know a guy who knows a guy or simply have some suggestions on how to get some money here for English speaking travelers that doesn't involve sucking dick or selling our body parts?
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Sell the barometer.
Jesus christ, how do you even end up in that position? Can you even afford a flight home?

I used to make decent street money in London by making thumb pianos out of junk and selling them for five euro apiece. All I had to do was shoplift a pair of airplane shears.
You're out of luck, tourist season is over.
You can either collect plastic bottles and sell them at markets or join the refugees on their way to Western Europe.

t. Croat

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If you had a free plane ticket to anywhere in the United States, where would you go?

The plane ticket expires in February 2017. You've already extensively traveled through California, Florida, and Nevada so you'd prefer other places.

So I ask you:
Where would you go? What would you do? What would you see?

I need ideas please, and preferably nowhere too freezing. Thanks.
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I would probably go to New Orleans, because I've never been. I would look at old stuff, eat, see some kind of live music, and probably do some public drinking just because I could. If a week seemed too long, I'd probably tack on some kind of swampy/bayou side trip. Savannah, GA might be another contender, although it doesn't have the same food or nightlife reputation.

I've traveled quite extensively in the Northeast, Midwest, and West, and although I lived in North Carolina for a few years...
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I would either go to Utah to see the Rocky Mountains, the canyons, the Great Salt Lake, the forests and national parks etc.

Or go to Louisiana because the French presence there intrigue me. My first language is French and I'd really love to meet French Cajuns just to talk with them and see how they live their lives in French. I would also really love to visit New Orleans for its food and its music , and visit the surrounding swamps as well.
Go to a city that has a major international hub and leave this shitty country

In Kyoto right now, and saw a possibly drunk, older American woman screaming at a cashier at 7-11 about where to buy souvenirs.

She even looked at me like she expected my approval of her shit.
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Sounds more like a Canadian
Finn here. A few times I've been embarrassed by my countrymen being drunk idiots. Nowhere near as bad as, say, Brits, but still, in a place like Thailand I make sure to steer clear of my countrymen.
I'm Chinese, so I'm just in a perpetual state of embarrassment.

Luckily most people have extremely low expectations so I guess it works out.

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Has anyone here ever freight hopped? If so would you recommend it? Sorry if you see this question a lot i've never been on this board
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Used to see it here all the time, not so much any more.

Never done it, nor wanted to do it, and didn't pay much attention to the threads. So I can't help you,but maybe some of those guys are still around...
Train hopping seems cool enough for the experience, but 90% of the people who do it are absolute scum and that alone fucks me off to the idea.

Honestly if a bunch of sketchy homeless runaway able bodied beggar hipsters to decide you're cool enough (i.e. if you buy them beer), they'll probably bring you along for a ride, and I guess it's cool the first time but you won't want to do it again. You move at like 25mph and it's windy, rain sucks. If the weather's good, it's sort of relaxing but not a practical way to get around.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh and you have to buy them beer a bunch of times and donate to their gofundmes (yes they actually have those)

I am taking my wife to Thailand. This will be her first long haul international flight. She will be flying back by herself, as I will remain in Thailand for about 2 weeks beyond her. Is it a satisfactory airline, will she have any issues, esepcially as a first time non-direct flight flyng back, ike crazy dealys that would cause her to miss a flight leg? Should I stick to something like Delta/Skyteam? I am close to a Delta hub so sky team is the cheapest big name carries but cost about $500 more.

If it was me, I'd just go for the lowest price. It's her birthday, as well.
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If you care about your spouse's comfort level with foreign travel, I'd stick to at least an American flagship carrier. The staff will be english speaking and care about customer service for all patrons, male and female alike. She'll have the best treatment overall. Will there be any layovers between Thailand and home? You can also take care of a pass to the delta lounge if that's a concern for $50 or so with your credit card.
If you think you can take your $500 and get her into business on the...
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>Will there be any layovers between Thailand and home?
6.5 in Guangzhou and 3.5 in LA.
I ended up just buying from Delta, which half of that will be Korean Air

File: 1465418007708.jpg (236 KB, 1559x1039) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been living in New York City all my life. The ennui is hitting hard.
I want to live in another US city for at least a few years while I'm still young and not tied down. I'm a software engineer and my girlfriend's a nurse so our options are pretty flexible.
Currently considering Boston and LA. Any other cities I should consider? What are the pros/cons?
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From ny.

you will hate la.

try oakland, more of an ny vibe.
Got any specific examples? I don't mind a different vibe, it's why I want to leave. As long as I can rent somewhere close to work and there's stuff to do, I'm open to anywhere.
LA seems really damn different from NYC

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have any one here experienced ADE before? How's it like? Is it worth staying 5 days for it?
What is the weather like in october? Will it be cold and rain alot?

Amsterdam questions and answers are very welcomed.
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I can't imagine spending 5 days straight in Amsterdam desu
Well it's exactly what it sounds like; 5 days of conferences, events and parties in pretty much every music related venue in Amsterdam.
I personally wouldn't do all 5 days just for the sake of it, just pick the ones you'd actually like to attend. During the day there are lots of free talks/workshops/exhibitions, don't forget to check that out. Also keep in mind that friday and saturday night will be busy as fuck and you might already be too late to buy tickets for some events. I'd personally skip these since the crowd is more fun and laid back during...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for the info. Is it like most concerts/events that when they release the tickets some dude comes up and buy 100 of them and then stands outside of the club selling them for twice the price? Alot is already sold out

File: 2345245623452345.gif (2 MB, 230x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So how does teaching English abroad actually work?

What's it like? The average day? Do you shout at foreign kids for a few hours a week then go spend your money, or do you actually have to do some seirous back breaking work that reuqires marking and stress etc?

How easy is it to get work on the side in places like Asia? Would I need to lug my degree certificate around with me or just bring a copy?

What happens when you go back home? Are you fucked with regards toe employment/ pensions/savings etc?

I'd love to do it, I'm 22, graduated...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I actually am in the process of getting my invitation to China. Seems easy enough. I think you could make better money if you were American. Also, if you want to save more money go to a third tier city. Places like Shanghai and Bejing are way more expensive in every aspect.
24 was old back when you had King Arthur
Depends on the country and the type of ESL job.

Your questions are too broad.

I teach in Korea so I'll tell you my personal experience. Mind you this is a non-shady Hagwon.

The school covers the following:
Pay 2.5million 원 month
50% health insurance
50% national pension(you get 100% back when you finish)

All other bills are your responsibility.

Work life:
I arrive at 2:15pm and finish at 10pm Monday through Friday. 7 classes, 10minute breaks, 15 minute dinner break.

Zero prep or planning...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: bangkok-grand-palate-6.jpg (128 KB, 1024x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is there to do in Thailand besides Bangkok and Koh Phi Phi? I've looked into a few places but I want some more opinions. Are there less touristy places that are still easy to access?
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Isan region is a gem, and rarely talked about here. Udon Thani is the most accessible city in that region, and a good jumping off point for Vientiane, Laos.

Chiang Mai is the 2nd largest city, slower paced and slower paced and more grounded than BOK. Also, Nan, north of there, is nice.

Pattaya is more than sex tourism, think of it like Myrtle Beach or something.

Rayong or Koh Chang for a more relaxed beach experience than Pattaya or the Southern Kohs. Krabi is cool.

One problem with Thailand...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I have a related question and don't want to make my own post. Going to Thailand in a couple of months. Wife has been reading the Lonely Planet Thailand book on Kindle. Is that a reliable, up to date, resource? Or old, dated, inaccurate info?
bangkok is pretty cool. there's a actually a lot more cultural wealth in bangkok and thailand in general than you might think.

the thai are basically a southern minority chinese tribe that was driven out of china in waves for a few hundred years. the thais invaded modern thailand and displaced the khmer people into vietnam, cambodia, etc.

a lot of what you see is actually pretty new. the unity that came from the fact that thailand was a diaspora created a bit of a cultural renaissance in the area...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: hypotethical.jpg (3 MB, 2525x1683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Hypothetical question:

Say I created a travel app, I got a beta version and I made a crowdfunding page for it...
Would this be the right place to share it?

It's all hypothetical of course, and the answer is not on the sticky.
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If you are expecting money from 4chan, prepare to be disappointed
Hypothetically, you should post your hypothetical spam on some hypothetical board with enough hypothetical traffic to make it worth your hypothetical time.
you should hypothetically kill yourself

any hypothetical mods should hypothetically ban this guy

File: IMG_8546.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Help, i need a ride from Munich to Rosenheim tomorrow around 23.30. I arrive in Munich just in time to miss the last train going that way.. so, is there some kind of service/app i can use? Hitchhike or..? What to do. I dont want to spend the night in Munich. Thanks in advance.
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You probably want to post on a board that moves a lot faster than this one then...

why would you even go there? not really a tourist spot... sounds suspicious
Blablacar is a rideshare app

File: Moving-Company-PA.jpg (45 KB, 1024x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /trv/,
I have to relocate to another country and I have never moved my whole stuff internationally.

Does anybody know any reliable company in the industry that may help with packing my belongings and send them to my next destination?
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First of all, Where from and to do you want your things moved?

Also why do you HAVE to move countries?
Job change, from Singapore to Hong Kong.
Try Asian Tigers Mobility, my friend had a good experience with them.

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