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I have always wanted to visit North Korea, as it seems like a flashback to the 80s Soviet Utopia that I've always wanted to see.

How would a single traveller visit Best Korea and how much would I be looking at? I'm currently in Europe and an EU citizen.
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everything is illegal and involves being smuggled from china. gl with being beheaded
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afaik there are two ways of getting in as a tourist. You can go with an organised tour group (look up Koryu tours) where there is a set itinerary and you are guided by tour group rep and an NK rep/guide, alternatively sometimes foreigners get in for special events (the Pyongyang film festival and that marathon seemed to have arrangements for visitors, but I'm not sure how it was organised).
>How would a single traveller visit Best Korea and how much would I be looking at?
Pay a few thousands euros through a tour agency. That's literally all there is to it.

Don't actually go there, you faggot.

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So is Liban still too unsafe to visit ?
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A professor in university organised a school trip to Beirut 3 months ago. The university cancelled it against the professors opinion. Two weeks later there was a suicide bomb attack in the South of Beirut. I would have been there. You should consider that.
Was in Lebanon (mostly Beirut) 4 times and have friends from there. My honest advice is:
>if you don't know locals you can stay with and that show you around don't go
The situation is unpredictable and not on a there's a danger but it's neglectable like in Israel level.
Inner tensions, Hizbollah ready to go nuts, tensions with Israel, sharing a border with Syria, 1 million refugees in a 4million country...

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I'm planning to travel to India, with my friend, next summer. I would like to see Mumbai and spend some time over there but also since I'm going for at least two weeks I would like to visit some other places. I'll be flying to Mumbai as it seems the cheapest connection. However when we're there we'll probably use trains.
I've started reading wikitravel but it isn't really helpful for choosing what to see. Especially when I don't even have a rough idea of where I want to go (except for Mumbai).
I'm hoping you could give me some...
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Can I come too!

How much $$ you saving up?
I have enough money saved up. However I don't want to spend too much since I'm still studying so I'll be on a rather cheap budget.
india is a shithole and indians are ugly, nasty people

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could someone explain this bullshit to me please
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demand and supply
disregard the different currency please 285 pounds is 370 euros
it's pretty cheap either way, stop whining

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My girlfriend and I (21) are growing tired of couch surfing in California. We both work but it's expensive to move on our own anywhere. What east coast cities are the best for low cost living, preferably around a beach, and not very black?
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Hey posting from Philly cost of living is fairly cheap, and you can travel to new york within 2 hours on megabus, jersey beaches are alright during the summer, and the weather doesn't get too cold, and in the summer it doesn't get too hot.
You may wanna watch out OP, I hear sometimes a couple of guys who are up to no good might start making trouble in your neighborhood if you go to Philly. Sounds like you and your girlfriend might get scared.
south florida is pretty good

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I am planning a trip with my girlfriend, about 1 or 2 months... We are planning to walk some 1000km together somewhere, not really having a destination or a plan.

We plan to sleep outside preferably, in citys we will go to campings or as a last resort a hostel. We will shower in the sea or w/e... We got gear (backpacks, cooking, medical, sleeping...)

I was thinking about doing a modified santiago de compostela, and ending somewhere north of bordeaux france... Or mayby start at the pyrenees and try to get somewhere in switserland following the coast..

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>pretty good prepared
You mean well prepared. And you aren't if you don't know where the fuck you'll be going.


I have never hiked in France so I couldn't tell you. Sardinia is a small island if you want to walk 1000 kms. From Sicily up north is a nice idea in theory but the South of Italy can be very ugly in a lot of places (Reggio Calabria wtf), and there isn't a continuous hiking trail like e.g. the Appalachian in the USA. So you'd end up walking alongside roads, and those don't have...
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>5 euro a day

I don't doubt it can be done but I would get bored of that diet very quickly. Unless you're dumpster diving or good at getting dinner invites.
New Zealand's South Island (where I live) is about 1000km long. There is a cycle track the length of it I think - you could walk it. I would do it in summer, not winter though. Go down the middle and you got some unbelievable scenery.

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Hello /trv/

I am going to Brussels, Bruges, Maastricht, and Amsterdam for a comparative government trip between March 4th and 14th. I am from the US midwest, and I have never left the country, but I have travelled to most of the US states. I am wondering what I need to know about international travel, specifically in Belgium and The Netherlands. My daily itinerary is filled from 10AM to about 4PM with trips to government buildings and meetings and classrooms, but after 4PM I am free to do as I please. I'm 29 years old and this is part of a Masters Program, so I will...
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OP here,

I forgot to mention I am a guy, and I will be bringing about 1000Euros for spending money and my hotels/travel/meals are paid for.

Pic still unrelated.
it would be nice if you wore something other than khakis, boat shoes and a north face.
Belgium - beer
The Netherlands - weed

The cars are going to be smaller, and people are going to speak other languages than English.

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Hey /trv/, i recently called a debt on a guy that was giveing me the runaround he said he was broke and gave me what he owed in indian rupees, im in the uk and i have found out it's a restricted currency, anyone know if a way i can get it converted or am i better going to an indian fast food place and selling it to them way below conversation and cut my losses?

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Put them up on gumtree saying you have some and you will sell them at exactly the current conversion rate. This way you'll both be getting a better deal, usually if done through a money exchange/bank they give you slightly less than conversion rate and then charge a little more to buy.

There's bound to be a lot of people going to India from the UK. Do you have a lot? If it's not a big sum you might as well just sell to an Indian at your local corner shop or fast food joint.

mentioning explicit content on a SFW board is a bad idea
File: indian.jpg (181 KB, 344x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This, or similar.

Or look on it as a sign from above that you need to travel to India.

File: slovenia-134221.jpg (222 KB, 760x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been to Slovenia twice before and I absolutely loved it for many reasons. My wife and I have already seen:
- Bled / Vintgar
- Bohinj / Vogel / Slap Savica
- Triglav National Park / Vrsic Pass / Soca valley / Slap Kozjak
- Ljubljana
- Postojna caves
- Skocjan caves
- Piran / Izola / Sečovlje salt-pans / Portoroz

We've been to some of these things twice actually. We're thinking about going to Slovenia again because we love the country.

Maribor is on our to-visit list and should be fun. But other than that, what...
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We don't care about horses, so we don't really think we'd like Lipica.

And we've already seen Predjama as well.
Ps ps.
We already saw Mostnica gorge as well.
Slovenian here, originally from Velenje, grew up in Celje. Both cities are within one hour drive from Maribor, both cities have pretty cool castles but you can spend max two hours on any of these sights before you get bored. Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia so you can be certain you will see some old cool stuff there. City of Laško has a very good fine dining restaurant on the castle called Pavus if you are into that sort of thing. East of the country has a lot of spas but you will mostly find old drunk russians there. Certian hills are known for good quality wine. If you...
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>when you miss your flight
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>when you make your flight and go back to normal life
>>when you miss your flight
Dude, I have missed so many flights over the years....

Ideally, they're not no-refund e-tickets and you just get the next one.

Otherwise, you pull out your card, slap it down and tell them to get you on the next flight to Paris.
How the fuck do you miss a flight?
I'm the most disorganised procrastinating fuck around and I have never even come close to doing this.

Sup brehs

I'm taking a trip and looking for suggestions

>Leaving for Bangkok on JAN 22nd
>Phuket by the 26th
>Back in Bangkok by the 11th.

I don't wanna go home. Should I skip to Europe, or visit Vietnam? Looking for the most fun and cheapest option. After the 11th I'll be travelling alone.
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interested.. going to Thailand in March too.
I want suggestions for best accomodations and clubs to go

Check out RCA, a few good clubs on that strip.
Enjoyed the fuck out of Vietnam. Cambodia is well worth a visit as well.

What sort of stuff are you interested in seeing/doing?

File: Costa_Rica_regions_map.png (1 MB, 2413x2431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's so fucking cold I need a tropical vacation. I'm thinking about Costa Rica, what does /trv/ think about it.

I'm thinking 1-2 weeks but I'm not too familiar with where I should go, I would def want to stay in at least 2 different places. Stay in hostels or airbnb. Mainly interested in it because it's in a warm area and seems interesting don't plan or want to be on the beach all day.

I'll probably be by myself because my friends are pussies.
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ugh sorry for the horrible grammar, posting this while basically falling asleep.

Wanted to add, any /divers/ on /trv/? I would want to dive at least once if I went to CR any suggestions?
check out this thread

Other cool places to visit if you only stay of a week or two would be the Caribbean coast: Towns like Puerto Viejo and Cahuita and the "Costa Rican Amazonas" Tortuguero.

Feel free to ask more questions, and I'll do my best to answer them.

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so I've got this problem. there is this girl, she's perfect. we are perfect. however her visa ends in april. I'm in the U.S. but she is from Italy.

what do i have to do to move to Italy with her? and stay for an indefinite amount of time; coming and going from her hometown Verona, for backpacking? does this sound feasible at all?

i should also mention, i don't have a degree and about $3,000.00 in debt. mind you i don't really care about credit.
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i have a job now, but could save more.
please help me?
Do what all the Africans do. Go legally, overstay your visa.Male money from sort of vice like women or drugs.
File: 1447743271180.jpg (163 KB, 720x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the obvious solution. though, i would rather not follow that. i was hoping you guys had legitimate, less obvious, ideas. beggars can't be choosers but still. i really appreciate it though, i hope i don't have to do that. while I'm not opposed to women and drugs, it would be rad to contribute to society in another way.

File: Turkey-Flag-Map.png (48 KB, 2048x951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There was recently a terrorist attack in Istanbul but before that happened I wanted to go there and visit other Turkish towns/cities. Is it a good idea or no? Does this usually happen?
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Where do you plan to go?
> Does this usually happen?
As usual as in Paris I guess.
It's several 1000 times more likely to get killed in a car accident. Even being struck by lightning is more likely. No need to worry.
Don't visit Turkey, if you're european Turkey already visits your land. Just another muslim country, like France.

File: IMG_7241.jpg (3 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That KFC thread inspired me to make this one. When I travel I make sure food is one of the main aspects of experiencing the different locations I visit. I've had some amazing food on my travels, dishes that I would never be able to try in my home town. I always try to eat as much local food as possible and often reminisce about the food especially if it's a cuisine I absolutely can't find locally.

The best food I ever had was in Mexico. I traveled around the country a couple years back and only ate Mexican food throughout my time there. I tried dishes from...
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This is not a very original opinion, but I nominate Vietnam for the world's best cuisine. Forget phó, those gooks can throw a quail egg and a handful of cilantro onto a hot plate on the sidewalk and hand you something wonderful. I've seen it happen.
From what I know of Thai food it's a real contender, so I should drag my fat ass to Thailand some day.
Sri Lankan curries were fantastic with all the little side dishes. I've never been to India for comparison, though.
When it comes to simple cooking, Moroccans can do more with meat, onions and potatoes...
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I puked up a fuck ton of Poutine in Toronto because drinks were cheap as hell.
>inb4 Toronto Poutine is shit
>cheap drinks
does not compute

Poutine is the only good food we have but I only eat it a few times a year to not be a complete fatass.

I love Vietnamese food, definitely want to go there in the next few years mainly for the food. I haven't been to Asia yet but I can't wait as the Asian food I tried here in Canada is amazing.

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