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Hey /trv/, 22 yr old amerifag here. A relative of mine works for an airline and I have the privilege of flying to a handful of different international cities for a great discount. I have done a fair amount of traveling but I am being a plebfag and being committed to a job and various artistic/musical projects at home. I should probably go see the world before shit hits the fan. Considering doing wooff/workaway/etc. so I can work on music while I travel. What should I make a priority? Interests include: music, art, field recording, abandoned places, food
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The olympics are in Rio, not Sao Paulo, that probably won't matter too much unless you are flying to Rio first for some reason.

Decide what you most want to see and go there first.

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welp im probably going to be homeless soon. I guess my plan is to live out of my car for a while and just travel around working odd jobs as I go to pay for gas/food. Im planning on staying towards the southwest maybe up along the west coast where its warm. By the summer I might try and go east coast because ive got a lot of family up there. Any tips? Where can I sleep in my car and not have some fuck sneak up on me, or have any cops bother me?
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Going to assume you're in the US.
Put things (flags or blankets work well) over your windows at night.
I assume some of the desert areas of the southwest and probably some parts of the northwest go on for miles with very little human interaction (although there may be that one asshole rancher who says you're on his lawn). Buy camping gear.

Or start stripping.

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I'd like to go to some sort of club in Europe that plays loud electronic music, meet a local girl, then go somewhere and have sex with her.

What city should I go to in order to do this?
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Prague, Berlin, Moscow/St. Petersburg, Riga, Amsterdam
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berlin (berghain)

Pic related.
Amsterdam, though she'll not be a local

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omelette du fromage.jpg
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Hello, I want to learn french abroad (France or Belgium). Somebody told me there are some schools for immigrants that are ridiculous cheaper than the schools you find on the internet when looking for language exchange.
Do anybody knows about a good one in Paris, Marseille, Bruxelles or any other major city, any recommendation will grand.
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Check out alliance français. Created in Paris on 21 July 1883, its primary concern is teaching French as a second language and is headquartered in Paris.
Thanks already check it, it's alright but i will go for something cheaper cuz im in a really really low budget

The wife and i are thinking of moving to Philadelphia from New York. we are from California and have been in NY for 2 years now but want something else. Good idea? bad idea? why? thanks
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Your levels of stress will decrease, and you'll save a ton of money given how much cheaper rent is. More affordable. More open spaces. Better cafe culture. Better beer culture.

One weird thing is how far from the city people commute. A lot of people have a rural life, but commute to center city. It's sprawled out pretty bad. It's also a bit younger as uni kids make up a large portion of people who live in the city.

Seedy areas are a little less predictable than they are in NYC. There are pockets all over the place.
Are you from there? any places you recommend for renting and eventually buying?
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Different person: this interactive map should give you a good idea what to expect.


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Heading to Brazil for a week in the beginning of March. Already plan on visiting São Paulo and Rio....Just wondering what other locations would be worth visiting on that side of the country?
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Being there a week don't think you really need to add another destination.
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ouro preto.jpg
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If you like old, extremely beautiful made architecture, you can visit "ouro preto", state of "Minas Gerais".

However i don't recall if that's in the way between Rio de janeiro and São Paulo.

Check your map. However, if you're going to stay just a week, i recommend 3-4 days in Rio and 3 days in São Paulo. Take a coffee, hire a hooker if you're single, enjoy the view;
Minas Gerais, specially Ouro Preto is too far from Rio/São Paulo. If you like beaches you can go to Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Ubatuba, those are nice beaches between Rio and São Paulo.

Or if you like trails you can go to Morro Saboó in São Roque, it's 70km from São Paulo.

But my advice is, enjoy both cities as much as you can since you only have one week.

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Hi /trv, gonna go on holiday with some friends this summer and I'm looking for the best party places, preferrably in Europe. (I live in Belgium so going further would cost more)

Looking for a crazy nightlife but not completly fucked up by rude Brits like Magaluf. Also looking for a nice beach, good weather and not too expensive.

So far I've considered: Ibiza (which is overrated and way too expensive from what I've heard), Sunny Beach, Zrce Beach (pic related), Bodrum,.. All the 'known' party places.

Any advice? Thanks in advance
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You already live in the best party spot in the world.



P.S. You can't dodge the Brits.
I went to Heraklion a few years ago and it was nice city. Drink a ton but mostly at cafes and bars. Someone told me while we there that it's a known for its nightlife along the beaches, I guess in Hersonissos and Malia, which are nearby the city. I was there in January though, so it wasn't peak season.
If you go to Ibiza it'll literally just be Chav central, those fuckers ruined the island.

Prague and Berlin are fucking amazing for Techno, but no beaches.

Riga has dope beaches, but I'm unsure of the beach nightlife (the clubs are super sick as well)

Croatia is just the cream of the motherfucking crop for beach parties, but may be far and expensive.

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Going to stockholm newt week with 1000€ to spend, any advice?
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>any advice?
Don't get turned into a newt.
Well, that certainly depends on what your interests are.
Check in to a nice hotel, hire an escort.

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Hi /trv/,
I really like Brutalist architecture and Cold War ruins
Anyone got some cool 'off the beaten path' recommendations in these areas?
Also, what is the current status on Skrunda and Irbene in Latvia?

At the moment I am looking at:
Patarei Prison
Imperial Russian Forts in Liepaja
Plokštinė missile base
some Soviet museum near Vilnius

any recommendations outside sights are welcome too
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If you want to be REALLY off the beaten path, there is a humongously big Soviet barracks in Berlin, a 15-minute walk from the overground station "Bernau-Friedenstal" (I realise that this technically isn't Berlin anymore). I've never met anyone there. You can find old soviet newspapers, I regularly find buttons and other stuff. It has a big watchtower and lots of dilapidated stuff.
Is it called Kaserne Krampnitz?
Looks really cool, just the kinda thing I had in mind
Thank you for the recommendation
shit i mean Vogelsang

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Has anyone spent 5+months driving and tent camping in the USA at KOAs (or whatever)?

It seems all I do is work minimum wage canadian jobs, and then read at home until my next shift. It seems like I could spend $30/day for my campsite, and just drive from site to site as I feel/the weather changes for an entire year for about 10000 + peanutbutter and water. and read and just not work for a year.
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KOAs are expensive as fuck. Stay in them only once in a while. Otherwise just stay in national and state parks which usually charge $10-15 per night in camp sites. You can also camp anywhere on BLM land for free, just won't have amenities.

That way you won't have to just eat peanut butter all year long. Get yourself a stove and cook as you go along. Yeah it's probably doable on $10k a year depending how much you spend on gas and what else you do.

You could also go into the woods for a longer...
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Unless you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Canadians are only allowed into the country for 3 months at a time.
Yes I hoped there would be cheaper places, as I wouldn't need electricity/wifi/pool much of the time, just some land.

I don't have the skill to really camp and don't enjoy long hikes and don't love 'roughing it' to the point that alaska kid did.

i heard it was 6 months but i guess i'll look into it. I'm not really sure what would happen if I just stayed anyway tho, how could I possibly be stopped?

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What's the best way, booking in advance or looking through local companies?

I'm 23 and in the past I booked in advance and both times it didn't go well. Either they had loads of hidden fees which I had to pay after making a non-refundable payment or pick up from airport didn't turn up.

What does /trv/ do when renting abroad?
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So far, I've boo0ked in advance to either pick up at the airport, or to pick up where ever in my trip I planned to start needing a car.

Never had any problems, other than a surprise insurance charge in Ireland, which is was in the contract that I should have read.

Protip -- Yes it is long, but read the contract.
How realistic is the Top Gear "Ima buy this shit car for nothing and just sell it/get rid of it at the end of the time here"

Obv makes more sense for doing longer road tripping as opposed to just hanging around a city, but I'm still curious.
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Well there'd be a point in the duration of your stay where it'd be cheaper to buy a cheap car then to rent one. Obviously that point depends on the price of the used car you purchase but rentals are rarely cheap in first world countries so you wouldn't have to be using it for too long to justify buying.
The longest I've rented a car for was about a week in the US, I've never bought but I imagine buying a car in another country where you don't have an address could be a hassle, that...
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23/m/UK here

On a £6000 budget (roughly $8646) how long could I go backpacking around south-east Asia/India kind of area in hostels and such? I've heard you can live off £5 a day in Vietnam. Everyone in the UK seems to be going either SE Asia or Australia, are they worth the hype? Is it actually better travelling alone and is it easy to meet friends in hostels and such?
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I went there with 4k£, sure you can live off 5£ a day but you better count on 10/15£ average. Even eating local food (1£ meal) and camping, something is gonna go wrong so plan it ahead.
Get your own motorbike make everything cheaper if that's your concern. But it also make everything more exiting and unique (here was my concern).
Alone is ok, I went to cities went I wanted to meet english speakers, but I'm happy to be on my own for days. If you can't handle it, forget about Asia. The all country side is quiet and awesome if you enjoy that....
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So i'm planning a trip to Scotland with my family in July, for 2 to 3 weeks. We're most likely going to land in Edinburgh, spend 3 days there and rent a car.

So far i marked a few castles and abbeys, glen coe, ben nevis, loch ness.
What are must-sees and more confidential stuff in Scotland?
Is it easy to access the isles with a car? Skye seems nice
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- Visit Skye, it's amazing. I've been to almost anywhere in Scotland and it's my favourite part. The scenery is amazing
- Drive the coastal route from Oban to Fort Williams (Ben Nevis) to Mallaig. From Mallaig you can also take the ferry to Skye.
- See Cairngorms National Park. It has a lot to offer. Hiking, cycling, skying or just driving around
- See Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
- Try to visit at least Islay, Jura, Arran or Mull. Google them to find which interests you the most
- Drive from Inverness to Brora, and possibly onwards...
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I second skye. I was there new years eve, its great.

Drive up the west coast to tongue if you can. Its beautiful, really remote though. Theres a trail up the coast from ulapool.


theres all sorts of brochs, standing stones, glens, castles, caves mountains, ruins on the route. I did it with my gf in a rush in 3 days, we didn't get t do all that much but it was a great trip.
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Castle Doune. It was most of the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and if you stop in the gift shop on the way in they have "loaner coconuts" so you can gallop around in style.

This is a great stop to surprise fellow travelers with. Didn't tell people I was with why we were stopping at Doune, just that it was a castle I particularly wanted to see because of "its history," which was technically true. My power level went to over 9,000 in their eyes for the rest of the trip.

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Hello /trv/.
I am thinking of visiting Beirut, but I was wondering if the conflicts that happened in the past years are still going on. How safe would the city be?
Also, how does visa-on-arrival work? Is there anything I should be aware of other than what the name implies?
And lastly, is there any other cities worth visiting in Lebanon? Would crossing to Jordan be worth it? How much would that cost me in addition?
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oh, one question I forgot: If there is a Israel stamp on your passport, you can't enter Lebanon. So I was wondering if the opposite is enforced too. Would I still be able to travel to Israel some time later with a Lebanon stamp?
"You cannot enter Lebanon with a passport bearing an Israeli stamp even expired.

You cannot enter Lebanon with a passport showing that you enteredIsraelfrom Jordan orEgyptor showing that you left Israel to Leabnon via Jordan or Egypt." - Gaby85
"Most people visitIsraelafter visiting Lebanon. You can enter Israel with the same passport you entered into Lebanon." -Gaby85

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Hey /trv/, ill be going to Vientiane, Laos for a week tomorrow to visit a group of friends 4-5, any suggestions on what to do? in vientiane and near vientiane. Rather not go to other cities overnight due to circumstances of the people in the group that does not let me so

However, does anyone know any good places near vientiane such as waterfalls or nature treks that would make good day trips?
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Lots of cool caves near Vang vieng. Not sure about Vientiane though. There is the Buddha statue park, but thats only good for an hour or so..

I'd just check out a tourist office or something when you get there, see what they offer.

If you can find motorbikes and just go for a ride somewhere I'd recommend that.
It's not natural, but the area around Nam Ngum (I) dam, including the gigantic Aang Nam Ngum reservoir, is quite beautiful and fairly interesting. Roughly 70km from Vientiane. Plenty of good riverside walks/bikes/boats in the city, too.
Cool thanks, would you guys suggest any forest trails or bicycle trails?
Also any suggestions for hotels at Luang Prabang? Or vang vieng

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