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Recently ive been speaking to a girl from mexico I met on /soc/ and ive decided I want to visit her next year. I dont know anything about mexico and I dont speak any mexican spanish, any tips or experiences would be greatful.

pic kinda related; its me, wouldnt let me post without a picture
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It really depends on where she lives.
Tampico, tamaulipas
Tamaulipas is pretty dangerous right now mostly because of the cartels and if you go there try to not go through ciudad Victoria

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I'm going to Guadalajara Mexico

Best places to eat? Nightclubs?

Any recommendations?
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Hey anon,
I visit Guadalajara almost every year. Admittedly, I don't really get around there too much because I go to another town like an hour away.

When it comes to the night life though try visiting Chapultepec. The area has a bunch of bars and it is very safe.

For a place to eat, I would recommend visiting Cenaduria Guille for traditional Jalisco food like pozole, sopes, flautas, etc.. I believe there's two locations. But the location that I've been to literally started out inside a house that has now been expanded upon. Tortas ahogadas are...
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if you like underground house and dub techno, Bar Americas is fire as fuck!

I'm travelling to the US for the first time this December.

I start from HEL in Finland, going trough ARL in Sweden and then I have a connecting flight in LAX.

I will be arriving at TomBradleyinternational terminal and my connecting flights are domestic, departing from "Terminal 5".

Now I have a few questions, what checkpoints do I have to go trough when arriving in LAX? do I Have to get my bag?
go trough immigration?
and then change terminal and go trough it all, and check in my bag again?
What will they ask for in...
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>Now I have a few questions, what checkpoints do I have to go trough when arriving in LAX? do I Have to get my bag?
Yep. Since LAX international is your first point of entry into the US, you'll be going through immigration/passport control and customs there.
>go trough immigration?
This happens first. There will probably be a specific line for ESTA people; look for it and get in it.
This is typically...
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Oh, and customs will also ask if you've been on a farm, and if you have any food, soil, or agricultural products (seeds, etc.). These are actually not customs questions but California Department of Agriculture questions, looking to keep out pests and invasive species.

They don't care about processed food, so you don't need to declare a chocolate bar or a bag of peanuts or crisps or something. They care about things like potted plants, clippings, shoots, etc.--they are looking out for things that...
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Ok, thank you so much for all theese answers! It helps a lot knowing what will happen in what order.

So I've got a 10 hour layover in Shanghai.
Is it worth the hassle of getting out/in the airport to check out the city?
I've got like 50€ left from my eurotrip.
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Sure. Shanghai airport is boring. However, after arriving just go straight to immigration and just get your 3 day stamp. If you get stuck at the counters right next to immigration/customs, they will stamp your ticket, escort you upstairs, and you'll be stuck in the departing terminal for 10 hours. Not even sure if they finally opened the Starbucks.
Hahaha alright, fuck it. I'll just save that 50 and catch up on some sleep and books
You're gonna want to make sure you can even leave the airport. I know when I went I had to get a tourist visa. This dude >>1168469 might know more but I'd double check it.

Shanghai is cool. Def go instead of sitting in the airport. As far as Chinese cities go its by far the cleanest and was my favorite. I'd check out some of the tea gardens or botanical gardens that are nearby.

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Help. It's my birthday today and until yesterday I always had some travel companions. Now there are only some ignorant Israelis in my hotel, who don't seem to be interested in anything but theirselves.

What do you do on your birthdays, when away from home? Today I have exactly nothing to do, besides answering half-hearted whatsapp messenges.
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Meh, just deal with it. Considering you still have time to travel, there will be other birthdays. You are doing more for your birthday than other people
Thanks for your respond. Sure, but sitting in a hotel room isn't the best thing to do I guess. Maybe I'll go eating out tonight
I celebrated my 21st on a field exercise while innamilitary. All I got was a 30 second pause, a water canteen toast, and a whispered "hip hip hooray" from my sarge and squad mates. Then we continued onwards toward our objective in freezing cold after zero sleep and 40 miles of hiking.

That remains one of my most memorable birthdays to this day. So make the best out of what you got and be happy that you're alive to see another revolution around the sun.

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I've picked a few Korean goods
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1.nail clipper
2.oreo o's
3.korea postcard
4.lock&lock tumbler or vacuum bottle

I live in Berlin, Germany (in case that helps with comparing prices).

I wanted to see Switzerland for a while now and just stumbled over the Grand Train Tour-Tickets their national Train service offers.

So I'm wondering how expensive rooms, food etc. are in the country?

Picture is somewhat related too
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it's definitely one level more expensive than germany in terms of everything, especially trains, my advice is rent a car and drive around, that way you actually see more and save money
I do not have a drivers license - and I do enjoy traveling by train quite a bit.

Are the regions different in price? Any places I should avoid or rush through?

thanks for input
Well here you go.
>80-100€, hostels might be available for 25-50€/night
>kebab or other stuff about 10€ without a drink
>sit down lunch: daily menu with a drink: 20€
>sit down dinner starter, main dish and a drink you won't leave under 40€
>make your own meal/sandwich: 5€
Drinks/going out:
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Does anyone know about the ESL teaching company Phoenix Group? I've recently got a job offer from them to go teach English in Taiwan. I cant seem to find a lot of information about them online, other than a facebook page, and ads on recruiting websites. How common are fraudulent companies in Taiwan.
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just get a proper job
what do you mean by a proper job? not teaching english?
Pretty much, yes.
Not being a sideways pussy hunting loser.

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I recently returned from a month long europe trip where I spent almost all my money. Now I'm back in Finland and I've been working for a few weeks and looking forward to leave again for a couple weeks to a place with good nightlife and nice people.

I only have about 600 euros to spend so I thought of going to Kiev and maybe Odessa, however I'm worried about the language barrier.

a few questions:
>How well is english generally spoken there?
>What's the nightlife like? Will I find good...
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>How well is english generally spoken there?
Very rare to find someone who speaks decent English. Not even young people speak English. No chance with anyone over the age of 30 unless they work daily with foreigners.

>What's the nightlife like? Will I find good parties during the week or only weekends?
I happened to meet an English speaking tour guide from Tinder and we went bar hopping during a weekday in Lviv. It was pretty empty.

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>I only have about 600 euros to spend so I thought of going to Kiev and maybe Odessa
I spent two weeks in Lviv, Kiev, and Odessa eating out every day, taking trains between the cities, using Airbnb, bars, etc and only spent about 400€ on the entire trip and I wasn't even trying to budget. Everything is extremely cheap especially if you're coming from the west.

>Also any general advice about Ukraine that pops into your head is greatly appreciated.
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Buses look like pic related btw. To buy a ticket, you have to tap the bus driver on the shoulder, give him money, he thens puts the money on a carpet rug placed on the center console, gives you a paper ticket, and then you have to walk back and stamp the ticket on a clamp that hangs from the walls of the bus.

Same for trams and street cars. Long distance trains however are more reliable. You purchase a ticket at a station like everywhere else. Do remember to bring your passport when purchasing a ticket or else you will be refuses. I suggest taking the express trains between...
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Going to australia at january/february, any tips from AU anons?
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Pack a few pair of togs, hire a car and just drive in any direction, thank the bus driver and ask how everyone is doing. Follow these basic tips and you'll be fine. If you have any specific questions i'd be happy to answer.

It will also be fucking hot mate
How long you going for mate?

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I'm going to Finland in January. Anyone been? How did you find it? What do you recommend I do?
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Which part and for how long? It will be cold and dark.

Two nights in Helsinki then driving up to a cabin near Jyvaskyla.
Do the girls, they're super easy and chill.
Millionaire’s Club in Helsinki is great if you're into nightlife.

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I'm going to to visit Vladivostok in September, we will get by this famous train. I need some tips about alc/drugs, how to survive almost week in railway? Is it safe, is it worth? How about Vladivostok? Is it worth to stay few days?
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A week in the train is really better than it sounds. I just travelled from Moscow to Beijing and the train became like a home to me. Grab some good books and get enough noodles and foods you can make with just adding boiling water. Look out the window and talk with other passangers, buy some cheap alc from the stops in the middle of Siberia. Have fun
Thanks for reply!
How about other passengers age/attitude?
How about smoking cigarettes?
Which language is most popular except from russian?
In my bucket list that line.

Just hope relations don't go to shit before I'm able to do it.

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Anyone have good Texas locations?
I'm mostly looking for day and weekend trips in the eastern half.
I visited some of the old Painted Churches of Texas this weekend and really enjoyed those.
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Well depends on what you like. I have allways liked austin but its not for everyone
Yeah I'm more a fan of less busy places. Preferably something historic, or any favorite parks or breweries/distilleries

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Travelling to Monterrey, Mexico once a month for pleasure.

Taking a bus down there and have a ride lined up once I get there.

Took this picture the first time I was there, can anyone recommend any local hotspots or interesting things other than the beaten path?
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How easy is it to bang girls in Mexico without getting beheaded?
Easy peasy... however they do have a red light district if you're into that.

Beheading are overrated, Monterrey is safer than Dallas.
Are you white? Then easy

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I'm moving on from Colombia to Peru in a few days and looking for any and all advice from folks that have been.

From what I've heard it sounds like it's a bit over-touristed, but I'd love to hear recommendations on genuinely cool stuff to do, good hostels, advice on fucking the locals, etc.

So, Peru General Thread.
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>From what I've heard it sounds like it's a bit over-touristed
Only Cusco, Nazca and Arequipa.
But no matter how tourist allergic you are, you must not miss Cusco. I didn't go to Machu Picchu though, because I also have this allergy somewhat. There is a ton to see in and around Cusco to keep you busy for 10 days. Some attractions receive many tourists, others fewer.
Nazca and Arequipa also have their reasons to merit a visit though. And it's not nearly as badly...
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Sounds like Vietnam with the hotels. That's perfect, I prefer getting hotels and getting to know local girls instead of backpackers. Seems like the backpackers are generally very young in Peru anyways.

So is Peru the kind of country where you never really need advance reservations?

This is month 11 so I'm definitely tourism-allergic, and I want to improve my Spanish so I'd love to explore some random cities that see zero tourists.
If you are looking for less touristy places, I can recommend Choquequirao. It is like Machu Picchu but with less tourists and a bit smaller. You need to hike 1,5 days there. For more information have a look at wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Choquequirao

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You know how in movies like Vacation, they'll get some cheap laughs by going to stupid tourist trap destinations like pic related? I actually love things like this. Recommend me some to go to. I don't care where in the United States they are, I'll find time for them if I'm ever in that area. (Currently in Alabama, if that helps with recommendations)
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I pass pic related every few months when I drive across the NC/SC border. Don't really know anything about it though
Also, Al Johnson's Swedish restaurant in Sister Bay, WI (beautiful area) has good food... and goats on the roof
When I was a kid, I always wanted to stop here when we went by. My parents never wanted to though. And now, I never have any reason to go up/down I-95, so I don't have the chance to go anyway.

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is the 'airbus planes always crash' meme just a meme or is it real

i wanna travel but i dont feel comfortable getting in one of these
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Take a look at some statistics
Planes from major first world companies almost never crash
You're 100000x more likely to die on the way to the airport than you ever are in an airplane itself.

Everytime an Airbus crashes it makes headline news. When's the last time you've heard the news?
What a waste of double-1/double-67/double-7.

That's like asking "I'm a vegetarian, so what is it safe to eat lettuce if I don't want to eat meat?" Flying is ridiculously safe, across a surprising number of airlines and aircraft models.

But if you want to think you are safer on a plane with a 0.0000000000000000001% chance of crashing than one with a 0.0000000000000000002% chance, then:


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Hi I am looking for general advice on travel. I have never travelled but people in my spectrum club have started talking about travel and now I'm thinking of going. What are good places/tips for people with autism? I don't like to be touched and need my own room. I am can read all day about horses and horse armour. I do not like dogs. I also like anime but am not interested in Japan.

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Probably Sweden
Anywhere. Just don't go to crowded tourist hotspots and don't get a shared dorm. If you're interested in military horses, maybe visit traditional towns in Spain or something? You probably won't see any wearing armour but there's a lot of museums about old war horses etc.

All I'll say is that some towns might have a lot of stray dogs running around.
Sweden and Finland if you like autistic people.

ITT: You make a pitch as to why a tourist should visit your country
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Shut up you little nerd
National Park System is incredible.
Huge country which gives you lots of options.
Glaciers and premafrost to tropical island beaches, deserts to forests, mega-cities to isolated mountain peaks.
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754 KB, 1800x1175

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So I want to visit England and this is the first time I've been on a plane since I was 7
I really have no idea what the process is with customs at the airport etc but people have me worried since I like to be prepared for any occasion
-I'm taking 10k to live it up big
-I have a friend there but it's a chick so I'm not sure if I should mention her since I don't want to be treated like some paki looking to move
-I am a US citizen but Colombian so my skin isn't white
Will I have any problem? I mean I just want to see the world a bit...
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You may have to give proof of where you are staying and proof of finances, if there will be a problem it will be with the fact that you aren't coming over with an offer of employment, so they will be concerned that you are gonna come over and never leave again and stay illegally.

>treated like some paki looking to move

They are customs officials, paid a fair amount of money to make decisions based on facts and evidence with a very strict and fair set of guidelines.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
But thousands of people from the US visit the UK, why all the hassle? I'm an American citizen who will only be there a few weeks
Am I going to really need to take a bank statement?
10k american, if I take more I have to declare it from what I've been told that's the rule
But im an american i should have special status hurr durr.

Fuck off ahmed skip one country over and join your friends in jungle in calais. And fyi 10k is nothing here good luck living it up big in london.

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Travelling to London for a wee, what must-sees are really must-sees and what should i skip?
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Depends on your interests.

I think in all cities, skip the wax museum. That's a safe bet. The rest? Enjoyable for history lovers, shoppers, and so forth. Whether you'd think skipping the Tower of London or seeing iconic bridges on the Thames, hey, it's about you. Whether you'd enjoy the food in Harrods or craft stalls in the markets, or drinks in the places they were invented, I dunno. Some of the things to do in London require money to splurge on nice well made items or some interest in...
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>traveling to London for a wee

You probably shouldn't use expressions you don't understand
Perhaps he literally is traveling t London to add to his list of cities where he has taken a wee.

That would only take a moment, hence he has lots of time to do other stuff but no real ideas.

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I am being moved to Germany for work and was told to expect to stay for 4 years. The job is located in Krefeld.

I have been learning the German language for a little over a year without having had a conversation with a native speaker and passed the Goethe-Zertifikat B2 exam but I am not fully confident in my speaking abilities. Will trying to speak German make me look/sound like a retard instead of speaking English and hoping my coworkers English is better than my German?

Should I try to live close to work or reside in Düsseldorf?

...How fucked am I?
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I probably should have mentioned I'm moving from the U.S. - I don't know if that matters.
It's a kind of boring, flat landscape with dark, gloomy architecture and a conservative catholic background. The common greeting for returnees is "Weisste schon wer tot is?" (You know who died?).
The people are actually quite nice and friendly, though.

I'd try to live close to work if I were you, unless you have a massive hardon for formerly industrial urban environments.
You can still be in Düsseldorf or Duisburg fast enough if you want to go there, but you'll spend less time...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I was born in Krefeld. It's a boring little town but people are friendly, the city is clean and during the last few years we got a lot of new food stores so it could be way worse. It's easy to get from Krefeld to lots of mayor cities though. (Düsseldorf 40 minutes, Cologne about an hour, Netherlands are really close)

I would advise againt living in Düsseldorf, it can be very expensive and you would probably end up traveling 2 hours daily.

May I ask where you are going to work?

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2 MB,
Moving to Houston from LA. What's Houston like, any tips? How does the city compare to Los Angeles?
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You can smell the money when you walk down the street. Downtown is cleaner than a nuns ass. Several large cities a few hours away. Lots of Mexicans, but generally hard working successful.

Tough to say what it's like living there though.
Keep an open mind and you'll like it. I was born and raised there. I live on the east coast now but there isn't a day i don't miss being there.
Its surprisingly clean for the most part. There are unlimited choices on restaurants and different foods to eat. You've probably had your share of good mexican food but in Houston, at least in my experience, most people are from Mexico City or more southern cities like Cuernavaca, Puebla, and Oaxaca. So the food is more in that style. Especially Duranguese...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Plenty of good choice for museums and art galleries near downtown. Little Asian is a 15 minute drive from downtown. Little Korea just north of I-10. Don't fear venturing into mexican neighborhoods. Like the previous poster said, most mexicans there are hard working, decent people. Hit up an ice house while you're there for cheap beer and usually a taco truck across the street.
The Alley Theater and Theater Under the Stars is surprisingly good with plenty of broadway shows and musicals if you're into...
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Going to Japan with a friend. We irresponsibly bought tickets for 35 days (January-February 2017) Doing the math we will probably have 150.000 yens for the two of us (more or less). Is it enough? Fuck hotels, our plan is to use Airbnb or cheap hostels. Fuck fancy restaurants we plan to cook for ourselves or something similar (instant noodles maybe). But we are kinda worried. In the best case we would like to go to disneyland or universal, we just don't know if 150.000 yens is enough for two people.

Also, we are not going to buy the JR pass... Is it possible to go...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Food can be very cheap if you buy prepered bento boxes at supermarkets with end-of-the-day discounts.
If you can also WWOOF for a while too, it might even be a nice experience (I've done it there)

google "wikitravel japan"
Around 1500$ for 35 days? That's tight as fuck; I think I spent that much in 3 weeks there.
But I guess you can pull this, you can eat for cheap easily but transport is pretty expensive.
It's definitely not enough. I'd check out lodging first. I'd say that the cheapest hostels are really those capsule kind but at the same time, you won't have the option to cook for yourself at that point. $1500 per month means that your average cost a day has to be less than 50 dollars combined and per person it'll be 25 dollars at most. If you plan to go to Disneyland, then you're spending at least 100 dollars there just for tickets and food.

Using cheap lodging or food won't...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20161001_211409.jpg (5 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB,
Does anyone recognise this 'Paris Market'? I'm making this for my wife before we leave for our honeymoon in Paris, and I'd love to visit this site if possible. I know it's a long shot, but maybe one of our Parisian friends knows where this is...

My research with the manufacturer has led me nowhere :/
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This looks more southern French/Italian to me than Parisian, to be honest.
Montmartre maybe? Though there's not a lot of flower shops. Might be that they're just the artist's addition to a reference photo.
OP here.

It's titled 'Paris Market' so I was hoping this was a conversion from a photo of somewhere in Paris.

Someone else mentioned 'Rue du le fleur' but my research hasn't returned anything even similar to the photo.

File: 1450605568956.jpg (212 KB, 1200x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB,
you can only really travel for like 3 years before it gets boring desu. after that you've seen it all
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God damn bro how long are your trips I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 weeks somewhere.
More like 8 months. And that's assuming you have the money to stay out of hostels, that shit gets boring fast.

>currently on month 11
I'd say a month the sweet spot. Can't understand people who want to spend 6 months hostelling in SEA, it's pretty much an expensive shithole now that Americans have ruined it with their excessive tipping and the chinks with their peasant manners.

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Jamaica. how dangerous is it really. friend is getting married at a resort there. I like to explore and go off the resorts. but I'm seeing a lot of conflicting opinions online. anyone been? I went to St Kitts and it was totally normal to walk or go anywhere. Pretty much no crime. I know jamaica is a lot different. just wondering.
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4 MB, 3648x2736
There are a couple of areas around Kingston, and such, that you'd be wiser to avoid. Most of the Island is fine though. The resorts over-sell that if you set foot outside their limits you will fie, so that you will stay on the property and run up a bar bill.
It's the same as most non white countries, yes it probably is more dangerous than where you came from.

But there's a bigger hassle in that you're always targeted by touts and overcharged.

Get a reputable taxi driver to show you around.
Please watch the weather reports on hurricane Matthew. Possibly hitting Jamaica next week. Cat 4. If it hits Jamaica it will probably be the worst storm since Gilbert.

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anal stick.png
85 KB,
I don't see a problem with selfie sticks. Yes, there are some asshole who use it for stupid shit, but selfie sticks are generally good for taking pictures of big groups without literally handing your phone to a stranger for a better chance of getting stolen
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Nice blog.
Why do you even need pictures of yourself/your group?
Sometimes you are allowed to have things you don't need.

Who the fuck cares how somebody else takes pictures, or what they want to take pictures of?

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New Japan General, Kagoshima Edition

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether...
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first for anime is shit
I've never purchased an international plane ticket before, so I'm quite nervous. I've researched the best time to book a flight to Japan and I've gotten conflicting answers (315 days before, 125 days before, etc). At the moment I have 250 days remaining until the date I'd like to fly. So, should I wait a few more months or book now? Am I too late?
If you are from europe then 500 Euro is the cheapest I've ever seen.

If from the US I would guess you should be able to get if for 400USD?

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Really stupid question.
Will hotels [Thailand specifically] let non guests in if they are meeting with people who are staying there.
e.g. can I go for a swim with friends at their hotels pool?
Can I pay for a meal at their hotels restaurant.
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In the DR, they don't let you in. While there, paid $10/guest to swim with me. Sorry, never been to Thailand, but resorts with exclusivity kind of want to control who is on the premises, as it increases guest safety. I'm sure if your guests are well behaved, well dressed, walked in with you, or something like that, you might be okay. But, if there have have every name of every guest, or it's all-inclusive, no money transactions only charges to rooms, you'll need to be on top of that. Your call whether...
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Yes you can bring ladyboys to your room op.
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Yeah you will be fine, I bring Thai hookers to my room all the time.

>pic related.

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