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Visiting the phillipines from Korea (living here, Australian citizen).

What's the best and cheapest/most value for money TRAVEL insurance?

Just need basic cover and if something like hospitalisation happens, i won't be raped by the charges.
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coming from a filipino australian, get comprehensive travel insurance and don't be a cheapskate. it's not unlikely you'll get something stolen over there. pay the extra to get $0 excess.
and to add, buy one thats based in aus. the only time i cheaped out on travel insurance from some shitty us based website in bumfuck kentucky i was screwed over majorly
World nomads deals are a bit pricey but worth it.

Hi anons,

I really need to prove a point and I know that you are a good source to rely on!
What are the non-generic crap "hacks" out there for travelers?

usefull things like: charge your phono on a flight mode to charge it faster
or pillow case + puffy jacket = awesome pillow that you wont need to carry around..

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>drink own piss
>get a longer EU visa by swimming to Lampedusa
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Just planned a trip to San Francisco /trv/ what am I in for.

>driving there
>about a 5 hour drive
>never been anywhere out of my surrounding city (L.A)
>staying there for about a week or so
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If you meet a tall white homeless man with a shopping cart named Kevin in the mission say hello.
shitty 'Full House' jokes everywhere you look
You'll be lucky if you can find parking within five blocks of your destination. Bring a jacket. It's pretty much just a really crowded city...definitely check out the parks though, they are beautiful. My favorite part of last time I went was when I left across the Oakland bridge and I suddenly felt like someone took a lid off of me. That place is claustrophobic just to exist in. I'm from SD btw

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Fly into cairns work along gold coast to sydney then to melbourne from there
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Budget: Australia is expensive. Not as expensive as Norway, but about as expensive as Japan. I wouldn't recommend hitch-hiking (it's not impossible but not very common either). Enjoy the beaches, but either do you research unless you want to only find the crowded tourist-trap beaches or go during the weekdays when they're much less busy (unless it's a particularly hot day, then it will always be busy).
Me and my girlfriend currently living in Melbourne, St Kilda. Always looking to meet new people if you come here (from UK)

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>Have a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport
I've never traveled via plane before, but I think 12 hours gives me enough time to leave the airport for a while and do some fun stuff in Amsterdam, r-right?

Can /trv/ offer some suggestions?

I thought that I could maybe fuck a hooker and see Anne Frank's house, but I'd like to do other stuff as well.
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Should be plenty of time to do both plus more. Train from Schiphol takes 15 minutes to the centraal station. Budget an hour waiting in line for tickets to Anne Frank if you can't reserve them online. You can fit in the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum visit where that picture was taken.
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Take a bus to Museumplein (which is the open field in your uploaded pic, plein means square) which is the southern most part of the inner city, where there's still stuff to do.

From there you can walk north to the National Museum, Leidsepllein, Rembrandtplein on the east). Further up north are the streets with all the shops (mainly Kalverstraat), eventually Damplein and Damrak and at the end of Damrak is the Central Station. From there, take a train back to Schiphol.

Additional info:

- get...
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It depends where you're coming from. If it's a long haul flight (from the US or Australia) then forget it; you'll be too tired and once you sleep you won't have enough time.

Don't forget that most airports are outside the main part of the city so factor travel time to and from in to your plans, plus you'll need to plan to get back to the airport at least a couple of hours before your flight leaves, just in case you experience any delays.

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Has anybody on /trv/ ever had any crazy/bizarre/fun/horrifying experiences buying or using drugs while abroad?
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Me Holland mushroom
I've seen a sobbing middle-aged woman dragged away by Laos customs officials who were inspecting a crate of packets of white powder.

Does that count?
I'm actually planning a trip the US for a coke binge. Ausfag here, $350 a gram (I've had enough)

Hi /trv/, I'm an outsider from /wg/. I always considered the north of Europe as a right destiny.

I'm looking forward information more than other things. I knew a very little, but I don't know how to search good info. What I know (I don't know if I'm right or wrong)

>Best Europe internet without Data caps
>High wages
>High living cost
>Low politician corruption
>Low criminal rate

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1. True. Especially in Scandinavia, but true everywhere North Europe.
2. True, except for Baltics
3. True, except for Baltics
4. True, except for Baltics
5. Practically non-existent, except for Baltics, where it's pretty high for Europe.
6. Not as true as it used to be, but still fairly high, especially in the Baltics.
7. True, but not as true as you might expect. I've seen some hot fucking summers in Norway, and I mean even past the polar circle. It is colder, but it doesn't mean...
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Wow, I didn't expect a reply today, thanks anon.

Would you mind to sharing your opinion on that zone?

I think I would like to choose Finland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Nordic countries, there I think I will live and dangerous out. Am I right? Would oyu share, please? Thanks agian anon.

Not him but Norway is the most expensive of them all. The people, at least in Oslo, seem pretentious. Come to think of it, I haven't liked most of the norwegians I've met in Norway. They've either been a little annoying or a little boring.
The speed limits in Norg are ridiculous which makes traveling by car slower than it should be.
On the positive side, it's a really beautiful and clean country.

Hey /trv/
Last year I got engaged and brought a house and something came over me and i realised I had locked myself into something long term and I hadn't seen the world yet. I gave up on the relationship and myself. For the past year I have been working on myself and saving money. I went from 100kg down to 69kg. I will be leaving to Saigon on 20th of June. With 20 grand aud, quitting my good job and no intention of looking back. I plan on riding a motorbike through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
And then travelling on from there with no direction. I have been to Thailand...
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With some good sense, you could stretch that $20 to two or three years. More if you do some English teaching.

Be aware that using the same bike in all countries is probably not possible. They probably won't let you bring a foreign bike into Vietnam and I think one of the others has a similar issue. I've heard of it being done with a fuckload of trouble and permits.

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A few friends and I (all mid 20s, some guys, some girls) are trying to find a fun all-inclusive tropical resort to go to this spring for a few days. None of us have ever gone to one of these type of places before so we're not sure where to start. Any suggestions? Looking to be around mostly people our age. Ideally at a place that's less family or elderly oriented.
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>inb4 RealTravelers®
Barcelo Solymar, Varadero (Cuba)
Which hemisphere? Rough budget?

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Hey /trvl/ers

Has anyone here been to the Galapagos? My family and I have been invited to my cousins wedding in Ecuador and see this as the perfect opportunity to go.
So, what's the best way of going? Good to know? Price? How long should we take?
Thanks in advance friends
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btw we're from Denmark if that makes any difference
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sharks galapagos.jpg
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I've been -- spent a week om one of the boats that goes from island to island and takes you ashore to see stuff.

>So, what's the best way of going?

See above. Though, there are small towns on a couple of the islands presumably touu clould stay in inns/hostels/B&Bs in these towns and charter some guy to tkae you around. My understanding, though, is some of those guys a re sketchy as fuck, unlicensed and operating outside the law, which may lead to issues for...
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galapagos iguana.jpg
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Dumping a few more pics

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Hey /trv/, I just won $5 mil in a local lottery, and I want to spend big chunk of it on lottery.

First, I'm looking for must-visit places in Germany, Austria and Canada.

I like mountains and nature, more or less, I hate tourist sigths. But I also like big cities, the "urbanistic" aspect of that.

Also, can I find any local organization that do trips to mountains and shit? Don't really want to go alone, but don't know where to look for that kind of things.

Any tips? Thanks.
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>and I want to spend big chunk of it on lottery

Typo. On travelling, of course.
If I give you a tip will you pay off my student loan?
Haha, student loans are actually the one thing I told my family I'd give them money for. But no.

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Hello /trv/, first time posting here

So i would like to get some advice from you guys, i hope i won't be too general.

It's my last year as a senior and my exams are only months away. Once i get done with them i have about 1 week of freedom before i get called to join the army. Hence i am looking for a suitable destination,within Europe, to go for that period of time with my close friends (4-5 people).

We are going to eat shit 2 years straight so we are aiming to make this experience the most fucked up one and forever memorable, and since we are over 18 we won't have many restrictions as far as i know.

Budget wise, we prefer to stick to something not too expensive but we wouldn't mind if the prices were a bit salty.

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Would help to know where you are from, and what you like. But here's some general ideas:


Seems like B's are good.
Our main interests revolve around clubbing, clean beaches to chill during the day and nice senery to take some video shots of our mad adventure. Hunting women is also one of our main interests.

Stay at the Pink Palace.

what to do in helsinki and in what area to preferably stay? if u are one guy 25y and girl 23y looking for a good time.. our interest: bars/clubs, techno/electronic music scene, hiphop, graffiti, culture, arts, nice coffee shops/cafés, architecture, design, food, nature etc.. ive heard about kallio, what to do there?

im going there this weekend (friday to sunday)

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Take a trip to Club Swagga

Hey, /trv/, I've got an idea for the board.

We post our native countries and state all the major pros and cons for those who would like to visit/live in it.

That way we would help a lot of people to decide on their next destination. Let's be open and honest.
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Good idea.

Can anyone, please, write me something about Switzerland, Geneva?

I got a job offer (5000 CHF per month - is it enough?) but I've been told that it's pretty boring city/country. Can anyone expand on this?
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Good idea, i'd like to move to the NL, so if anyone can give some input it would be great.

I'm from malta
>great food
>nice beaches
>although small there are many places to go and enjoy yourself
>alot of festivities if you're into that kind of stuff
>gozo is very peaceful if you want to escape fore a weekend
>great weather, except for the hot summers

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And I would HONESTLY ask everyone to post the minimum amount of money you need to live in your country.

It will make everyone's life so much easier.

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hey /trv

so im going to India in 2017. The plan is to go to mumbai, fly to varanasi, stay in varanasi for +- 3-4 weeks, and visit neighbouring Allahabad. Then go to guwahati for a week or two, then back to varanasi for a few days up to a week and back to mumbai and home.

The purpose is both touristic and (yeah you probably guessed it) spiritual. not sure bout this board but going to india in search of spirituality has to be a meme here.

My search is a bit specific. Im searching to learn more about Aghora tantra. this has been something ive been obsessed...
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enjoy the designated shitting streets and find your spiritual enlightenment in this rotten, stinking, dirty shithole of a country
i dont expect it to be other than a shithole.
3rd world shitholes are very dangerous

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