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Hi /trv/,
I used to love Skycanner for it's innovative map feature. Especially the the function where you could set your destination and then see from where it was the cheapest to go there.
Just as an example, I'm from Europe and wanna go to let's say Singapore.
I'd put Singapore into the map and then see from where in Europe it was the cheapest to fly to. Then I'd sepereately book a 5€ or so bus ticket to there and connect to Singapore for super cheap.

The feature seems gone. I can't find it on the app and the map feature on the...
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Bump for interest
Try google flights, they have that feature now. You select a starting airport or city and it gives you the prices to all the connections.

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Hey /trv/!

I decided to kick the new year off with a trip to Dubai. Since I've never been I don't really know what it's like. From what I've read on here, it isn't very easy to meet people and I'm going solo. I'm mainly looking for a relaxing holiday but if possible, I would like to check out a beach club or two. How "resorty" is Dubai? Like are there animation teams that would help you with that or am I on my own?
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Have fun at the most immoral tourist destination.
Expensive , really expensive
There are a bunch of tours, camel riding and all that. Watt country are you coming from and when exactly are you traveling. Can offwe better advise with this info.

How trustworthy is it to get a tour/travel package from Groupon?
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Don't get a tour. Get a flight to/from Tokyo, reserve hostels, get a rail pass. You'll have a much more interesting experience.
At those prices, it must be the most budget airline available. Room's might be cheap but you knew that going in.

More likely, meals are not included and you'll be paying a lot of extra fees and things where there's no reasonable alternative.

Expect them to make it up in the margins.

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Travelling through SE Asia from Australia, leaving March and coming back September, I have a rough idea of what I wanna do, but I was wondering if anyone has any tips of cities or things to visit along the way aside from the obvious.

Rough itinerary:

Bali > Java > Singapore > Malaysia > Thailand > Laos > Cambodia > Vietnam > Hong Kong > Taiwan > Home
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Also considering buying a motorbike from Malaysia and trekking through most of it that way.
I haven't been yet but my research on the region has me thinking of doing the same route in a few years. Except I would also go to Myanmar.

Regarding a bike, read up on other peoples experiences. It might be hard getting it across some borders. While it would be awesome to do that there are some negative sides like for example meeting and traveling with people. Most of them will be backpackers and will not want to team up with someone on a motorbike.

As a useful suggestion, read up on weather patterns....
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Has anyone done this? I'm flying into Barcelona with my GF on the 6th of February and we'd like to get to Portugal in 4-5 days max. We're not sure on the route, could you guys advise?

We've already seen Barcelona so we might just spend the evening there or a day tops. We haven't been to Madrid but we're wondering if it might be a better route by going along the coastline.
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>Hitchhiking in Spain
It's bloody difficult, however not impossible. It will take long hours of waiting to get rides, I'd recommend getting a shared ride since the hassle is not worth the savings.

Is it like this everywhere in Spain? I've noticed for example in my country there are areas and types of roads where it's tough to get a ride, and other regions where it's quite easy. Shouldn't the coastline route be a decent chance?
When you're hitchhiking through Spain most people that will pick you up are tourists and people from France. I went hitchhiking from Barcelona to Valencia to Sevilla a while ago and relied fully on other tourists. It's not impossible like >>1068008 said. But it will be hard because it isn't really tourist season when you are going.

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How do people end up paying so much for airfare?

Paying over $350 for a ticket from the eastern U.S. to Europe is completely insane. Yet I see people all the time BRAGGING about getting a one way ticket for $800.

Read an article on cheap airfaire between U.S. and Europe, they'll list prices in the high hundreds or low thousands.

What is this shit?
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Where do you get your cheap tickets OP?

Ameriburger here, cheapest I've paid for airfare is 300's to central America
>tfw $1000 from central EU to the west coast
>can't find cheaper months ahead

fuck me
>tfw flew from Warsaw to Kutaisi, Georgia (2000km) two-way for $50
>tfw flew from Rome to Warsaw for $50, could've flown from Bologna for like $20
>tfw Wizzair is a bro

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Hi trv, im european and I've been wanting to do a longer hitchhike through Europe, mainly to Germany. I live in portugal.
Ha anyone here done anything like this before? Any experiences or stories, tips would be helpful.
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Hitchhiking experience depends on the country:

>Easy tier:
Czech Republic

>Medium tier:

>Pain in the arse tier:

Write a sign, try to hop from one rest area with petrol stations on motorways to another, plan your trip, carry a map and plan ahead, talk to people, check the hitchwiki for tips and stay safe.
>Pain in the are tier
Why? Are people just not gonna pick you up?

What do I do when I haven't reached the next city but it's getting dark? Hitchhike through the night? Sleep in the open?

I've hitchhiked from Poland to Italy and I can confirm that Italy is pain-in-the-ass tier. People are just less likely to give you a ride, plus hitchhiking is illegal on highways. I don't think you can get in trouble for it really, but it contributes to people not wanting to give you a ride. Italians in general were assholes during my trip and could barely speak any English, even people in their 20s.

I've had to sleep at a service station after not being able to get a ride before it got dark...
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what do you do when you go to a new city? how do you have a fun time, especially by yourself?

I'm going to montreal soon. i was there a couple of months ago, and all i did was go to restaurants by myself and check out a few tourist spots (the park, notre dame cathedral and the bay area). it was interesting, but not "amazing".

what can i do this time around to have a better time?
i've looked and there's something called Igloofest during the winter. it's basically an electronic music concert. i've never been to one before, is...
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Big cities are easy when you're alone because you can always find your people. I live in Albuquerque, there's no such thing as a heavy metal bar here. I went to London and bar hopped and it was a great experience. I always used to hate bars with a passion, but then I went to some where I actually liked the music and everything changed.
Basically just search out whatever you're into. Anime, bicycles, BDSM, whatever. Find your people. You'll fit in instantly and have a great time.
i'm not really into anything.. i read books and watch movies in my free time

was thinking of going to the concert i mentioned just to have some story of something i did (other than work).
but it always feels awkward to me going places alone when you don't know anyone. everyone is with their group of friends and i'm just standing around..

Ended up buying a ticket to igloofest... ,how do I not make it awkward for myself going to a "festival" alone?

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you know when you're walking through a neighborhood ever so often and you smell the best smelling flowers or cologne fragrance in existence? do you guys have the name of one of those?
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i know tide detergant the expensive kind is really good but it wears off. i know this particular cologne is good so here is one from me, OP.
oh and this one is only 10 dollars.
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this stuff smells pretty good.

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Hi /trv/ im about to move for a backpacking tour in morocco. Does anyone know nice place to visit and the cost of meal and hostels? I got no high expectation (hotel, expensive meals, etc...) Any help will be appreciate.
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>Marrakech is a must. The winding souks with all their sights and smells are incredible. Just be careful not to get lost.
>Go into the Atlas Mountains at night if you can. I never did but apparently its one of the best ways to see the stars with 0 light pollution

I don't know if you've ever been to North Africa, but I have been to Tunisia quite a lot. It struck me fairly quickly how different Moroccans are. The general attitude towards...
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Thank you for the fast response. Im currently in canary island. I will take the airplane to marrakech and later i will go on the atlas. You actually know maybe how much it cost food and other stuff?
No problem. Its been a few years since I went, as North Africa is not the most stable area in the world. Morocco should be okay though.

The currency is Dihram from memory and its something like 15 dihram to 1 GBP. I think food and shit is fairly cheap.

You MUST have an authentic tagine cooked in a tangine. Try and do the whole sitting on cushions thing too if you can.

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Hi /trv/, first time posting here
I'm an italian high school senior and once i finish school i'd like to spend some time in the US
What are some cheap methods to travel through the US?
I was thinking about volunteering or about finding a job (Maybe teaching Italian or something like that) but i dont really know.
Also, what are some must see places in the US?
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(this might sound like a stupid question but i'll ask anyway.
I have an Arabic name since my parents are immigrants, can that cause me any trouble in the US?)
travel by greyhound bus and stay at campsites

your arabic name might get you detained at the airport on arrival
See https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/temporary-nonimmigrant-workers for information on visas that let you work in the US. Generally you have to have the job lined up in advance, and your employer plays the major role in applying for the visa.

A teaching job seems unlikely without further education. Maybe you could be a fashion model? There is a special subcategory for them.

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>tldr: I have two months to travel, and I want to visit another country, but I have no idea how one travels without a local guide. How do I cope when I have no language ability? How do I ensure that I do not get lost and am unable to return home without meticulous planning?

/trv/, I have never traveled before. I work in China as a teacher, I bused and trained around hundreds of miles in northern China (from the grasslands at the tip to the choking pollution around Beijing), I have served as a missionary in southern India, and I have flown...
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Ok, you're a very interesting case. I don't think you're far off from being a good enough traveler to manage everything on your own. You've already experienced other countries so now it's just a matter of doing it on your own.

I think for someone like you, I would pre-plan everything I wanted to see and do and research transport options before going to where you want to go. It will make you more comfortable and more confident.

You're in China, do you speak any Mandarin at all? Research where trains can take you from your city, look up hostels or hotels online book them for the nights you plan on staying and buy a train ticket to get there and come back. If you want to visit more than 1 place book a ticket to get there, a ticket to the following destinations (s) and book accommodations in all destinations. When it comes to actual travel and exploring places don't be afraid to get lost. The worst that will happen to you in China is that you'll pay more for a cab to get you to the right place.

If you're looking at leaving China, look at budget airlines that fly out of your city and where they go. Same rules apply afterwards. Just book a hotel/hostel and look up what's interesting to visit in the area.

If you have any specific questions let us know.

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american flag pattern.jpg
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Hongkongfag here. I went to an international school and I am pretty sure all locals here know about the existence of international schools. I get the impression that most Americans don't know what international schools are though. A while ago, I did some part-time work at an American company. My American coworkers said that my English is good and asked me how I learned to talk with an American accent. I told them I went to an international school yet they didn't seem to know what international schools are. I also mentioned international schools on other boards of 4chan...
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No they aren't. Even foreigners that live in the USA just go to the regular schools. The only ones who would be aware are those that have lived abroad. IME, International Schools pretty much mean "Western education in a non-Western country" and all typically follow US/Can/UK/Aus curriculum. So no need for an international school here.
There are some around. Google and see.
"International schools" are just really good private schools. Every private and expensive school will give you the same education.

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Ask questions and share your experiences with Couchsurfing.
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Does it still work? All I hear is that no one wants to host any more and that everyone who has extra space just puts it up on airbnb so they can make money instead.
I've heard that too.
The site itself used to be non-profit, but then it was incorporated a few years ago and it changed a lot, along with the community.
File: DSCF3398.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2592x1944

OP here - I've used it for the first time last month actually, when I went on a week trip to Georgia (the country). I've had a GREAT experience with it.

I've had three types of interactions, listed by the amount of contact I've had with users:

1) Messaging people just for advice. If you ask nicely you can message a member and ask them for information about where they live ie. is it worth seeing this time of year, where...
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So I have 14 hours to spend in Budapest and almost no money. What are some cool free things to do there? Of course I want to walk around the city and see the architecture, but are there any free museums?
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Speak Hungarian?
The thermae maiores under the overpass leading up to Árpád bridge in Buda is free to visit, a pretty under the radar sight but well worth the fifteen minutes of travel from downtown Budapest.

Also, there's two open air amphitheatres nearby, one at Aquincum and the other in Nagyszombati utca.

Anyways there are a couple of threads about Eastern Europe and Budapest up on this board right now, look them up and see if there's anything to your liking.
If so, try chatting with locals. I find it rewarding to talk with strangers when visiting a new place, especially if they are from there.

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