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I will be spending 8 days in the Balkans in July. 4 days in each selected place.

What are the best destination in the Adriatic sea coast? I have heard a lot of good stuff about Montenegro and Croatia.
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Sofia/Bulgaria here, ask away. But coast during the winter, why? Try Dubrovnik, Split.
Wel the reason I wanted to visit the coast is because I have an uncle that went there once and only said amazing things about it. Second reason is thet the trip is actually 2 trips: One to spend 6 days on Italy, on the coast of the Adriatic sea, and the 8 days on the balkans. I tough that having the Blakan destination on the coast would make it faster and easier to get too.

What is Sofia like? With the 4 day per location limit I cant visit the whole of Bulgaria, but im sure I can see the capital fine.

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I spent a week in Croatia

Split and the islands of vis and hvar

Great mix of hot girls, clubs, scenery, nature, food and things to do

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I want to travel the world but I only got $300. How can I do this?
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Maybe try backpacking or going with a friend.
Get a job on a ship. One with loose cargo, so it takes a while to unload will give you more time in port. My friend who actually had skills they needed got one week to travel in country for every three weeks of work.
Suck a lot of dicks for $5.

Hey /trv/, real travel novice here.

I was wondering what is the best rewards program out there? I'm planning a trip to Europe and want to cut a bit of the price.
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you are taking a single trip and you want to get rewards? good luck.

Also, as much as I hate, hate, Norwegian Air their rewards program is actually pretty solid. But then again an awesome rewards program does not make a decent airline.
So unless you always fly one airline, doesn't it just make sense to get cashback?

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Going backpacking for two months, which place should I visit?
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Where are you from? Where have you been? What sort of stuff interests you? etc.
From Canada, only been to in the U.S.A. before, been through 13 states, visited Alaska for a good week or so. I like just about anything, willing to explore.
Eurofag who was recently in a third-world country here.

Go to Asia. No matter what, Europe's a sight-seeing destination, Asia you can have adventures cuz' a lot of it is third-world level and being white and having money is different than being in Europe, where the majority is white and has living money.

Rent a bike and go offriading, crash into some shit, then pay off the cops, have a story. Meet some girls and enjoy being on the desired side, instead of the chaser.

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Is Montreal the best place to go in Canada ? What are some things to do there? Is it a nice place to visit if going with family?
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>Is Montreal the best place to go in Canada ?
Depends where you are coming from, and what you want. I could certainly see it being the best city in Canada to visit. Toronto might have more stuff, and Vancouver has better outdoors, but Montreal has it's own charm that I think the others lack.
>What are some things to do there?
If you're younger and like to go out at night, it's good for that. There's 3 large universities in the...
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>Going anywhere in Canada

Because I heard it was beautiful there and very fun

How practical is it to visit northern China and Mongolia on a trip to Southeast Asia? I'm in the rough stages of planning my destinations for a trip to Asia and I'm trying to figure out how practical this would be

>Budget $5000
>3 months from early May to early August

>Fly to Beijing from the USA
>Great Wall, Forbidden City, all the normal tourist stuff
>Trans-Siberian train up to Ulaanbaatar

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Try the catelog first: >>1060743

It's not really about China specifically or SEA specifically though, that's why I felt it would be out of place in either thread.

I really want to go to the mountains in and around central europe. I live in budapest however i've never been skiing or to any mountain in my life, could somebody with more experience point me in the right direction? Where do i go that isn't ridiculously expensive?
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http://www.wheretoskiandsnowboard.com/ is a great site. have a look there. Livigno is inexpensive and excellent for beginners. Eastern europe is even less expensive.
>Romanian Carpathians
>Slovakian Carpathians and High Tatras
>Polish High Tatras

Austria's an option as well, but certain to be more expensive. All of Hungary's neighbouring countries actually have worthwhile mountain areas as far as I know, but landmines may be an issue in the Balkan area.

so how true is the stereotype that american chicks are easy to get if you have an accent. anyone have experience with this?
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In any non-overly religious country, being foreign is a multiplier for how well you do back home. It also increases if you know the local language

Point is if you can't fuck girls back home you won't fuck them anywhere.
Pretty much yes. You won't get laid for your accent alone but it'll put you in a position to get laid if you're not autistic

t. American
I lived in the midwest for 1 year and I got laid with an 8/10. I have no idea how, I am fucking ugly and a little overweight but I am British, so I guess maybe there is some truth?

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World Climate Map1.jpg
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How is hitchhiking in SEA? Anyone done something like that over there? Is it dangerous? Is it necessary to learn the local languages?

I've hitchhiked in Europe and the Middle-East. Is it comparable with hitchhiking in the Middle-East ?

About me:
> Male 22 yo
> Speaks French, English and Dutch
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Hitchhiking is very good (almost Middle East tier) in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, pretty bad in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Why hitchhike in countries where you can travel the width of the country for 10 bucks?

Also, hitchhiking in the western sense if basically unheard of. If a local flags down a ride it is expected that they will pay something.
The reason why I'm hitchhiking is only partly the low cost of travel. I really like to meet locals in a not economic/touristic context and hear what they have to say, how they like it there, what they dream of doing, how their world view is different from mine.
Plus you can get on a much more intimate level. For example: in Iran a lot of people asked me to join them for dinner, to meet their families etc.

Also I figured it's kind of unheard of. Same in the middle east. But that doesn't always...
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I want to teach English/find work in a bar or something in France. Which cities should I consider moving to? I'm currently in Paris, but I'm seriously thinking about moving elsewhere for a variety of reasons. One of which is that there's already too much English being spoken here. Things that are important to me: literature, cinema, walking/hiking, good food, mountainous/hilly geography, maybe close to the sea? Someplace cheaper would be better too. I'm an educated white EU citizen, in case that matters.
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Yeah, I'm going to pass on Marseille, thanks. Really didn't care for it when I was visiting. Probably one of the few cities in Europe where I generally felt unsafe walking around at night. Didn't really seem like there was much to do there either, even though it's the second largest city in the country.
3h from the sea
Surrounded by moutains

Hi /trv/, I'm going to be moving to Hamburg Germany soon, and staying for 4 years to complete my BA.

I need tips and advice on how to go about getting a job, any medical advice (especially related to adult ADD/ADHD and how that's handled there, since the info regarding that is surprisingly sparse) along with anything else that might be important (like: areas to avoid)
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what will you be completing your BA in and where did you start?

how did it come about that you'll be finishing it in Hamburg?
I have no uni, just a high school degree.

I've chosen Hamburg for many reasons, one being the Liberal Arts degree that's entirely in English (as well as the cost of the tuition. Very cheap compared to here), and two, due to wanting to leave my country, home, and gain a new perspective.

Basically I'm not in a good situation here and I need to leave.

I am open to suggestions though, if there are other uni's in Germany that have English classes. I do know some German, but not...
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So you got accepted by the university and have your student visa approved by the german embassy?

Else this thread make no sense.

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My girlfriend wants to go on a shitton of vacations this year and I figured the best way to save money is by earning frequent flyer miles.

She wants to go to Portland where her family lives, and the closest airport for us is BWI in Baltimore, so this trip is going clear across the country (what I equate to as being most expensive.) She also wants to go to Disney World in Florida at some point in the year too, and I know plane tickets aren't exactly cheap for there too.

So I'm wondering how worth it would it be to get a credit card that offers miles for...
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That's not how miles work.
They're for frequent flyer that do at least 30+ continental flights per year to get some rewards/more comfort. For anyone else it's just to get a cheap upgrade once upon time or buy some gadgets..
If you want to start collecting miles there're only two real options, Miles&More and OneWorld (for the US Delta is also an option)

I use Miles&More as example
With the basic credit card you earn 0.5 premium miles per USD spent and the cheapest flights...
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1. Get the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card. It gives 50k AA miles when you spend $3k in the first 3 months. They fly between BWI and PDX though not directly.[0] The annual fee is waived for the first year, cancel the card within 11 months and you'll pay no fees. You won't lose your miles.

2. Get the Chase Southwest Premier card. It gives 50k Southwest points for $2k spend in the first 3 months. You'll pay a $99 annual fee the first month, you can't waive this one. It's worth it for 2 free RT flights. Cancel as soon as your points post if...
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Another fun tidbit of information worth knowing is that there are only a few actual "flight companies" or whatever you want to call them. Think of it like how Sierra Mist, Gatorade, and Lays are all different brands, but Pepsico is their parent company. It;s the same way with flights.

What I mean by that is some points are transferable to other airlines on your CC's website, i.e. Delta to British Air (I'm not sure if that is a real trade you can do, just for the sake of the example)....
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images (3).jpg
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Any one living in Indonesia?
I would like to hear any stories,information or tips
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If you have a wife or gf don't go to bali
You will get cucked by a Aussie.
Women can't resist the combination of beer gut and Bintang singlet
Top kek
Also if you want to experience Indonesia just skip Bali. It's way to touristic imo.

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I teach English at an Elementary School in South Korea. 23/m/Aus.

I mainly did it to live abroad instead of paying $1500 everytime I wanted to leave Australia for a holiday.


Live in Seoul.
20 mins from downtown in a nice little middle class suburb.
My apartment and return flight are free.
I get $2200 a month AUD (which is $1600 USD or 1,100 GBP)
Minus 250 of that for health insurance, pension, and daily cafeteria meals. I get pension back when i quit (90 a month for as long as i stay).

I live in a small...
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an esl thread already exists on /tv/:
That's a pretty shitty salary senpai.

How did you get a job in Seoul as a young and new teacher? Usually it's pretty competitive to land a job there. Then again I guess no one else wanted to accept that low salary, lol
All of us have salaries like that, it's actually pretty standard for the first year. Also, his apartment is included. Everything is cheaper in SEA. I make less than him and live a very comfortable life.

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I'm thinking of going on a working holiday in New Zealand. Should I go for it? I don't want to end up in a job with shitty management and coworkers yet I understand this may happen.
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what country are you from? you can get a visa if you're in the uk
It's worth it. It will be unlikely that you'll find a great job there but you will have a ton of fun. Basically you go for the fun and the fact that you'll be in another country for a year or two and will be able to earn money to support yourself as most people can't afford to travel for extended periods like this.

Any particular reason you want to go to NZ? Australia usually has better job opportunities and more things to do.
>Australia usually has better job opportunities
Really? Are you talking about farm work or normal jobs in the city?

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