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The Coachella 2016 lineup is out and I'm torn whether to go or not. Can you guys give me some advice whether it's worth it?

Here's some background info:
>friend offering to sell me a ticket for first weekend
>have to decide by the end of the week
>I have wanted to go to a music festival for years but never been (have been to many concerts before)
>last year came up with the idea of going to Coachella
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I've wanted to go to Coachella the past few years, and this lineup is pretty terrible. The only day I would consider going (personally) is Saturday, but for me it's not worth the flight from Chicago to California for one day of festival, let alone the fucking 2 hour drive from LA to Coachella, not including the ungodly amount of traffic there will be on the way.

Go if you want, but I would save my money for another festival if I were you OP.
>I have wanted to go to a music festival for years but never been
>if I don't go I will regret not going.

These would be my main concern. Money will come back, but opportunities might not.

I'd go.
Why does North American have so little EDM festivals? I don't think anyone in the US even knows what gabber is.

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I'm going to be travelling to Norway and staying with older relatives for approximately a month. Most of them speak little to no English - some speak it well - and I don't speak a word of Norwegian.

Do the young people there speak good English?
How real is Janteloven?
How fucked am I?
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Was there last week (Oslo, then Nordland area).
Everybody speaks english.
I've been to Moss with my gf previous holidays, literaly everyone speaks english
Most people here speak English good enough for basic conversation, Janteloven could complicate things for you. How fucked you are really comes down to the colour of your skin and where you're from.

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Hi there

So im going to Canada for the first time, im flying tommorow.
What are some must do's?
I like Nature, technology and shooting.
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>things to do

You should've gone somewhere else.
>I'm going to Ontario, Canada
>I like Nature
bruh it's January.
There is still the same amount of nature, though. It's just really, really cold nature.

File: phra-nang-krabi-thailand.jpg (37 KB, 595x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Planning a "trip to SEA" for February. The thing is I've only got a month. Which two countries should I visit?
Should I narrow it down to two countries or try to squeeze more?
Should I just stay in one country to get to know it well?
Anyone has recommendations for hotels, beaches, food, interesting cities and stuff like that?

The SEA thread is mainly prostitutes and hurr durr will thai girls accept me. Sorry for creating and own thread.
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Going to thailand

Also looking for advice on islands and beaches Should i go to phuket or ao nang?

Will be traveling with girlfriend so partying and picking up chicks isnt main priority.

Ao nang looks beautiful but from what i have read there isnt much to do and is trashy!?
Phuket seems like there is a lot to do but beaches arent as picturesque.
Travelling with my GF too. When are you going, Anon? Where are you from?
Im from texas and ill be there in feb too, wanna swing partners?

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Thinking of moving from Houston to Seattle.
Has anyone been to both places and can tell me the difference?
Does anyone live in Seattle and can give some insight?

Also, feel free to ask me about Houston or Texas
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Moved to beaumont not to long ago.. what i dont like about going to houston is the busy ass traffic and the fact that the freeways are ALWAYS under construction
Why are you moving? Do you have a job lined up?
Visited Houston, live in Seattle now. (Used to live in New Orleans.)

+ Still no income tax.
- more hipsters than Austin
- no oil money
+ lots of tech money.
+ Summer is way nicer than Houston.
- Winter way worse than Houston.
+ Seattle winter better than in the midwest.
+? Instead of Latinos, Seattle has Asians
-- Hard to make friends in Seattle.
+ No god damn mosquitoes, termites and cockroaches.

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hi guys

im from brazil and i ve been dating a hungarian girl for two years now (1 yr in europe+1 yr distant relationship)
distance is killing it tough
how do i go to europe and find a stable job? im 23 electrical engineer btw

any advice is more than welcome
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kill urself shitskin
you go to europe and find a stable job, thats how
yeah i ve been looking for hours but it is not that simple, i cant find anything guaranteed

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Hello /trv/, I had recently booked a trip on Trafalgar tours for March 7-17 for about $4000 for my girl and I. The trip includes lodging and travel between countries along with various tours. Unfortunately the cunts over there called me and left a message stating that they had to cancel due to lack of reservations.

My question to you is, should I try to remake my trip on my own by booking separate hotels and transportation or just try searching for other tour options? I don't get to travel much so I don't know a whole lot about this stuff. My job won't...
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>4000$ for 10 days

Easily. You might not be sleeping in 5* hotels in every city but you can do it for that kind of money.
You're more than fine. I would highly recommend you to pick less cities tho, think about two or three tops. You'll enjoy them more, will be less stressed about being in time with your schedule, will pay less for moving from one city to another and will get to know the cities better.
$400 a day for a euro tour? mate if you're flights are already booked, just wing it. you can do this trip for way cheaper

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Hello everybody, I've been thinking for a while now about walking the Route of Santiago de Compostela from my city, Toulouse.
I've never done anything that challenging, I'm only 19 y.o, but I am in good physical shape, love walking, and even speak enough Spanish.
So I'd like to know if anyone here has already done it, and to ask for any advice concerning...well pretty much everything. Which season would be best, should I book rooms for the nights between my walks or is it possible to camp most of the time, what kind of equipment I'd need...
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Hi there, personally I haven't done it myself.

That said I know there's a lot of different accomodation along the way, camping at a site with showers is about 8-10€ a night, where hostels and bunkbeds are likely to be around 15-20€ per night.

Sleeping in the woods are great from late april throughout summer, you would just need a sleeping bag that can dry quickly, then if it rain a little or there is a heavy dew you just dry it in the sun around noon.

Travelling outdoors in France and Spain is nice from the end of april until late october...
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Thanks for the answer
I was thinking about maybe leaving in May, in order to be right between the chills of the end of winter and before the heat of summer. Also spring is beautiful so...
I'll look for informations concerning shelter in the Pyrenees, I want to be outside as much as possible but need to know more about the crossing of the Pyrenees (Nights are cold in the mountains and I'm still unexperienced)
I'm still undecided concerning bringing a tent or not, it sounds reasonnable in case...
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Yes, the thing with a tent is that you'll need to carry it around for the day where you need it.

Unless you can afford to invest a lightweight one it's really a lot of weight in your backpack, for no to little use.

When walking far distances I've heard that 12kg of backpacking equipment is the most comfortable.

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Hello, is anyone here familiar with the experience of being an exchange student in USA?
Anything I should know?
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Where are you from and what university do you want to attend?
I was an exchange student in the USA. From Montreal, QC.

Americans are cool. There's nothing really you need to know, imo.
high school or college?

if in high school, find the clique with the hottest girls, that is the best crowd to make friends with.
when a guy from spain came to our school, my friends and i befriended him, and he ended up going to parties almost every weekend, and lost his virginity

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I am going to Philippines in March (about the 20th) and I live in Switzerland.
I am not very rich and need to save a bit. Nonetheless I will be going.
I really don't have experience with buying tickets, like the best routes and such.
I googled this and some things came up but perhaps there are some other tips /trv/ knows that can help?

Thanks and sorry if this is a very generic question. I've never been to this board before.
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Skyscanner, Kayak and Momondo to find the cheapest fares, Fly4Free and Secretflying for the lowest prices possible. From Italy (wherever you live in Switzerland, is not too far from there) I've seen flights advertised for 320 euros return. Make sure to delete all your cookies before booking.
I ended up using ebookers and got a total price of CHF700 (including tax, booking insurance, etc) its ok I can deal with that amount. But that website secretflying was quite interesting. I will surely use it in the future. Thanks.

Hi /trv/!
I'm going to be in France next April. I'd like discover French cuisine. Where should I go?
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Lyon or Dijon. They are the most renowned towns. You should take a look at the Guide Michelin.

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Okay /trv/ anons, serious question here. How many countries have official immigration services that help you with all the immigration process, with websites where you can answer questionnaires to see if you're fit. So far, only Canada and Australia have this service. Trying to bounce ASAP, so if you can include links and information you'll have my eternal gratitude.
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NZ also has something like this but the acceptance process is not as clear as the two you've mentioned. No point system and the decision is left to their discretion.
>Trying to bounce ASAP
lel did you rob a bank or something?
Checking it right now. Not as neat but worth a shot, ty anon.

File: Cartagena-beach-Colombia.jpg (238 KB, 700x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /trv/ we are planning a 15-days trip for this February (3 males in mid-20s)

We live in Europe so we want to go somewhere calm, where we can swim and party with our shorts, drink and have fun.

We were in Bangkok/Phuket last February and we had a great time.

Any advises on a different cheap and fun country/city like that? The plane ticket price (distance) does not matter.

It's got to be a place where white Caucasian would be considered handsome (rather than locals)

We don't want to go to USA or any other European country. Thinking...
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Have you considered Central America? Unless you're total manlets you'll be like giants compared to them and it's a good bit cheaper than Rio in most of CA
Isn't Central AMerica pretty dangerous? Which countries were you thinking?

I mean, everywhere is dangerous if you go to the wrong places, and everywhere is safe if you go to the right places.

I've been to Belize and Guatemala and loved both. Belize is English-speaking and more touristy and has an absolutely gorgeous reef right off the coast. I didn't go outside of Belize City and the surrounding islands.

In Guatemala, Guatemala City is very westernized and you could probably get by with English (I speak Spanish and used it a lot, but most of my hostel workers...
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File: DSCF0130.jpg (116 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im planning to do a camping trip to northern/northwestern ukraine. My ancestors lived there, but sadly i have no living relatives there anymore
My question: How easy is it to get a simcard for a mobile phone ? I speak very limited russian and ukrainian, but i can read both alphabets. I know they are cheap as dirt there.
If there is something like a translator i could "rent" i would be happy to do so.
Another quick question: Is it hard to buy a train ticket ? I just need a short ride to my destination.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can't help you with your question, OP, beri sori. But where is your pic from?
Simcards I *think* should be dead easy to get in loads of little shops or kiosks.

Train tickets? Not necessarily so easy if you don't speak (or read) the languages. Probably easier in small towns than in the bigger cities/stations (finding the right ticket window in Kyiv, even for someone who does speak the languages is time consuming itself)

Where are you based? realrussia.co.uk (yes I know...) are very good at getting and sending out train tickets for most of the post-soviet countries, albeit with a hefty mark-up.

Also, where to do you intend to travel to and from by train in Ukraine? I'll try and find a timetable
Google image search says Ksar Ouled Soltane, Tataouine, Tunisia.

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Flying down to Austin today. Anything that I should definitely see when I'm down there?
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There really isn't shit going on this week. You're better off asking locals. Despite 4channers getting assblasted about it, their subreddit is active and useful.

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