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We've booked the tickets for our honeymoon, from Home-Prague then Rome-Home, we're just having a bit of trouble with some of it. Seeking your wisdom oh humble /trv/

If you think a city is worth skipping for another, neighborhoods to explore/avoid, or you have a favorite spot/restaurant we'd love to hear.

She is into abandoned buildings and animals, I love architecture, history, and great food. We both love museums and random adventures.

I'm also scattering my brothers ashes, preferably in Innsbruck in the Alps, but if anyone has a really...
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oh yeah
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>BERLIN 3 days/4 nights
Renting bikes a good idea?
If you enjoy cycling sure. Berlin is a fairly bike-friendly city and there's a lot of a green areas in Berlin. Generally good to explore by bike. Consider cycling around Lake Wannsee maybe. Might as well see Potsdam this way which is worth spending a day in in its own right. If you or the gf enjoys botanical garden try Gärten der Welt in Marzahn.

On you're way from Prague to Berlin you could slot in the former concentration...
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hey guys,

So I want to go to Los Angeles. Specifically the Burbank area. I have a friend out there on internship so having a place to stay won't be a problem. I've traveled a few times w/ parents but never alone or with another friend who might come. I'm currently living in Cincinnati.

Is Los Angeles a good city? Never been more west than Indiana. I love the sun and don't mind warm weather.

Also, I'm in college but got some cash lined up. Would a good budget be around $600? I want to leave in mid October during fall break. Is it...
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If you book a cheap reliable flight then i think, you can make do with 600 depending on how long you stay here but always try coming with MORE than youll actually need.
Burbank is mostly a suburban family neighborhood, but youll be next to North Hollywood so youll have plenty to do...if you have a car
Besides traffic, and homeless id say LAs a good city. Im a native, though, so im pretty biased.

What kinda more information do you want, by the way?

if you plan on eating in all the time and rarely going out, yeah. Especially with airfare thats going to leave you with only $400?? ish. That's definitely not enough IMHO.

I love LA but its a fucking expensive city. I grew up here and love it to death, so also biased.

Burbank is like outskirts of LA-ish, tad far from the more happening scenes. You'll definitely need a car or uber which will rack up $$, again.
Thanks for the tips! Cool to here it from natives. It'll only be for 3 or 4 days I'd stay. I know I'm not getting the most money from my flight but only time I could go the rest of the year.

Just got talked to my friend and he's got a car down there. So besides air fare and throwing him some money I'm good. I'm really excited to go to the beaches near there. Are they good? my buddy hasn't gone yet.

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Hey /trv/, I'm going to be in Atlanta for a few days and want to take some time at the end to visit New Orleans. I've been before but really enjoyed the city.

One thing I noticed - there's an Amtrak route straight from one city to the other that takes most of the day. Has anyone taken this route, and was it nice in terms of views and scenery? More to the point, what are Amtrak trains like? I know you can get little cabins, but that seems a bit antisocial - are trains in the USA full of crazy homeless people like the buses are?

Obviously a flight...
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>what are Amtrak trains like?
Very late

Ok wow, I thought UK trains were bad - I take it back.
Amtrak is pretty comfy in my experience. I took it from NYC to Charleston, SC and was impressed. This was back in maybe 2007, and they had outlets, I had never seen that on a plane at that time, and that wasn't a thing on busses either. The windows are large and the legroom is mich more than you'd get on a plane. Baggage was much less of a hassel as well. There was a dining car, but the options were pretty limited. It was nice just go be able to walk around, really. So if the price is right, I'd recommend...
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My story:

> Young french guy
> always living in Paris
> finish my master of mathematics and teaching 2 month ago
> wanted some changes and experiences
> apply in a college of engeeniring ind India for one year
> mfw getting my first job is so easy
> there for 2 week
> love the food
> live...
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I'm sorry but I don't even know what you're saying. You like Indian food but you're homesick? So fine, go home. Or stay there and you'll probably get over it. Or maybe you won't. Some don't.

What kind of responses would be useful?
Just think about how much you'd get bullied in any French junior high school by being such a pussy, it should motivate you not to come back

getting over this kind of thing is worth it. trust me. If you told me sth like youre in a crime riddled shitshow like Mexico, i'd say go home, but you'll get used to it. Also, you're not a chick, so i guess India is not a rape promise for you.
Go learn some yoga or musical instrument, any dumb chick in their mid-20 will suck your dick if you play the "i was in India" card well enough.

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I currently live in Japan and I've done most of South East Asia. Really want to be somewhere tropical in January and I'm considering Hawaii - for the sake of something different and considering it's relatively cheap from Tokyo.

I'm not sure what it's like on a budget/backpacker style budget. I could, for instance, give Vietnam a second go instead. Any impressions? Also, being surrounded by Americans on vacation... is that a plus or a con? (It might generally be annoying but on the other hand I could try to use my British accent on girls who speak...
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What's your budget per day?

Hawaii is expensive. Hostels are like $30 per day, and food will also be a fuckton unless you only eat canned tuna every day.
Hawaii is US+Japan under palm trees. Not exactly the most exotic place, if you're coming from Japan.
I'd rather recommend Madagascar or Tahiti for tropical settings, but it's a bit further...
How does Okinawa compare to Hawaii?

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hey /trv/

I'm really tired of Colorado for a number of reasons after growing up here.

Most of my friends have felt the same and jumped ship already. Cities like LA, New York, and Portland are all kind of the next logical step for people from Denver/Boulder and Coloradans seem to be flocking there.

I'm curious if anyone has recently moved to a lesser-known city recently and been pleasantly surprised. I've heard Montana is really nice, smaller towns in Oregon, and Vermont all have similar feels.
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I moved from Chicago to Boise. I gotta admit, it's pretty great here. All the amenities of a large city, except without all the gangland style slayings and other miscellaneous crime.

Plus there's all the nature and stuff, which is nice coming from Chicago.
I'm from Denver. Most towns you'd want to live in Montana, e.g. Bozeman, Missoula, are basically Colorado style enclaves. Seen similar things in Idaho. I'm in NW Wyoming now, but it's a bit too cowboy. I'm thinking of heading down to Prescott, AZ
And I just looked at your pic, op. Looks like the falling rock

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I'm traveling to Turkey in the next couple of months to study dentistry, How's life there compared to other Arab countries? and How much of a "muslim country" is it?
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2009 istanbul.png
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of course in general less islamic than arab countries. but like every other countries, there are conservative cities and more seculer cities. and it can be change even in the city.

for example, as a tourist probably you will visit to istanbul/sultanahmet, fatih. fatih is most conservative district in istanbul. but if you take a tram from sultanahmet and go to ortaköy, everything change.

pic related. mayoral election result map in istanbul. red and blue secular, orange is akp (erdogan's party)

and universities are more seculer of course. hijab girls...
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I'm actually moving to Trabzon, Studying in KTU.....
trabzon people is conservative but better than arab countries of course. city is safe, no terror, low level crime. turkish students love foreigners. you can feel popular.

nature is good. you should visit sümele manastırı, uzungöl.

ps. dont insult trabzonspor anywhere (football team of trabzon) and don't support fenerbahce. they can beat you just because you do that.

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How can I leave everything behind and run off? No planing, just book a flight a leave. Anyone have any experience or tips?
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To japan or from japan?

Either way is easy if you have money. All you need in this life is money. Money can give you anything.
Check the Japan General where a guy is begging for money because he fucked up

Should give you an idea
I figured. Just didn't want to put that into the picture. Everything is tied to money. Why can't we be free. Why must we be born in a generation where we are controlled without knowing the truth. I just want to escape, there is no way to fight so might as well run.

Mauritius thread

Has anyone been there? Opinions? What did you do there?
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Neighboring Reunion Island here.
We go to Mauritius when we need a nearby holiday break, it's a 45mn flight (expensive as balls tho, between 200~500 EUR, one of the most expensive on a flight time to price ratio).
Been there 4 times, we mainly go to Mauritius for cheap luxury lifestyle. You stay at 5* hotels and eat out every meal for the budget of a 2* hotel and sandwiches budget in Reunion.
I gave a list of stuff to see/do there to a Belgian anon a while ago I don't know if he enjoyed all of it.
When do you plan on going? Rain season (we have hurricanes...
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What is there to do on Reunion?
Great hikes, breathtaking views of the pitons, french lifestyle with a tropical twist.
Quite expensive, service is poor compared to Mauritius or other touristic destinations, but we loved it enough to move here, and everybody I know who visited enjoyed the place a lot.
Do you have any specific topics of interest?

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images (15).jpg
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When traveling, is there any point in making friends that you will never see irl again?
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>met a guy in a hostel in a foreign land
>he said he'll swing by my country in 6 months time
>he did, we met and had fun, met his gf
>going back to the same country to visit old friends and new ones

you tell me, senpai
Sure, why not try to make friends? You may never see them again, but is that the end of the world? How many people do you keep up with from high school or even college? How about childhood friends? Chances are high that a large portion of those people you don't talk to anymore.

Also, with the advancing internet, its easy to keep up with at least with electronics.

And if you want to put it real long term, we all die alone anyways.

But in the end, it will likely teach you new things the more...
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Facebook is the best and worst thing to happen to traveling.

>Have an amazing time with some random person one night.
>Friend them on facebook

Choose one
>They invite you out again the next night and you meet all their friends
>See some amazing local places you would never have found

>You talk and stay in touch
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I've still got 3 weeks of holiday left for this year but none of my friends are able to come anywhere with me for various reasons. Either no one has any money or are not able to take time off work.

I've got the money to go pretty much anywhere in Europe without too much worry for a week but I don't know if there's any point going alone. Then again, the alternative is to just sit at home which I already did with my other week.

What would you do in my situation /trv/?
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Solo travel not in Europe. Europe is a meme.
Visit any other continent.
Don't go to Paris. It's a complete shithole

Is this even a question?
Option 1: Sit at home, watch tv, masturbate, be bored, wash rinse repeat for the rest of your life.
Option c: Go to any city in Europe, go outside, go to museums, do stuff, be active, maybe meet people, maybe don't meet people, be happy to have spent a week abroad.

Just go, faggot.

Take something to entertain you while on your trip, if you're afraid of being alone.

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Hi, I'm travelling to America for the first time in a month or so. I'm a British national and just wondering what to expect when I land i.e the questions and customs etc.. google isn't much help on this subject as I would like it to be, my family who have been there a few times before have conflicting answers also. My Brother says I'll be aggro'd and basically interrogated where as my Mum says it's a breeze and they'll just let me through???? I want to see my Girlfriend so it makes me all the more nervous, will I get through???? Lol, just what...
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You'll fill out a customs declaration while on the plane, nothing to it, you'll have nothing to declare (right?). Just don't lie. You'll arrive at the International terminal and go through immigration first, they'll ask you what is the purpose of your visit, and as long as you don't spill your spaghetti, they'll stamp you in (30 day visa free I think). You pick up your bags at baggage claim, then go through customs. I don't remember if everyone's bags get scanned or only...
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You sound exactly the type to overtalk. No one wants illegal immigration, so act like the tourist you are without as little detail as possible, not someone would overstay, and there ya go. (Protip, you should have a return ticket, and not be broke. You're staying with a friend, not a girlfriend, because obviously that looks suspicious as shit, you two being committed and all, yet live in different countries.....)
Clearing customs anywhere is a bit of a crap shoot. Unless you either scream "SEARCH MY SHIT I AM AN ONVIOUS SMUGGLER, " --OR -- get randomly selected for a search, you just get waved through. If you get searched, you do not want to be smuggling shit or bringing illegal shit into the country. If you are not, then I just takes 15 minutes or so extra time for them to look through your stuff. (Googleing what is allowed will take you a few minutes.)

Answer question honestly, remain calm and freiendly,...
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So I just booked flights for me an my girlfriend to see Paris. How bad did I fuck up?

For the record we both went to India/Nepal last year (and enjoyed it) so we're not super sensitive to a little bit of hassle. But is it really a city full of gypsy pick pockets and brown people? The architecture and food is still nice right?
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Food and architecture and worth it, all the ay. But Paris still isn't the most interesting or safe city in France. Pickpockets are not a real problem actually.

Meh, try and enjoy it.
As long as you speak some french and enjoy architecture you should be fine.
paris is still comfy

just stay out of the ghettos

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0 B,
Greyhound experiences? about to take my first trip on one and it's 40+ hours long, is it usually crowded? do I have to make sure my bags get properly transferred from bus to bus?
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Don't get killed.
Why wouldn't you fly? Where you going from/to?
I took it for 4 hours back and forth between Boston and New York City and it was fine.

I can't imagine taking a 40+ hour bus trip. Why the fuck would you do that?

File: DSC01282.jpg (4 MB, 4592x3056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cozy cities; cozy by day and cozy by night
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eh, not bad.
Český Krumlov

Gonna go from August 25 for 10-14 days. Have an idea of where to go and what to see, but I'm always a fan of asking you guys.

I plan on partying, sight seeing, and hiking
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rent a bike ride to wreck beach, third beach, jericho beach- take the sea wall.
hike the baden powell, eagle bluffs, the chief
check out some nearby towns like deep cove and white rock
party wherever you want man there's bars everywhere but the best are just all-day beach parties at wreck or third
getting a bike makes it a lot of fun though
avoid granville street
If it's a full two weeks, I'd recommend going to at least one nearby place. Whistler has a lot of partying during summer. Gulf Islands are really nice this time of year. Victoria is a long day trip, or a easy overnight.
thats awesome. any other ideas?

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What is the artistic hub of Paris? The place where struggling artists and writers live and work and meet? I'm moving to the 5th Arrondissement for 6 months to work on my novel and I'd love to meet other like-minded people there.
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watcha writing about? Why don't you go on /lit/ and tell us about it? We're always interested.
Shakespeare & Co. is still alive and kicking, as your choice of arrondissement suggests you already know, although it's a bit more commercial and less communitarian than it was in the 60s, per my beatnik aunt who slept there for a while fifty years ago. Still hosts many good readings and gatherings for expat writers and pretentious bohos of various stripes.

Lots of artists in and around Montmartre, too, but it's crazy expensive.
People and stuff. I'm on /lit/ a lot but thought this question was better suited to this board

That's good to hear, I guess naturally prices will have increased and thus pushed a lot of the poorer artists out. I'll be sure to search my location and also montmartre, thanks.

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Hello there, first time poster on /trv/.
I'm going to visit England, specifically Bristol.
Are there any interesting places for sightseeing, bars, cheap but good restaurants?
I'm a student, so I won't have a huge amount of money when I get there, so try to think of more..cheaper options, thanks!
BTW: do you have any tips on how to get from London to Bristol? The train is pretty expensive, is coach the way to do it?
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The Megabus is usually much cheaper, with fares going as low as a few pounds if you book a few weeks in advance. Their adverts say they go as low as 50p, but I've never seen that in real life, but who knows you may get lucky. I've taken it a couple of times before and it's not really that much worse than a train, but a bit slower.
That sounds good, thanks a lot friend

100% what that guy said, much cheaper than trains in this country.

Sightseeing on a budget? The Bristol museum and gallery is free and is pretty good for a wide range of interests, otherwise check out "Mshed" which is a museum of just bristol history and is also free.

Obviously go check out the suspension bridge, its free, pretty impressive and has awesome views over the Avon gorge and Liegh woods.

Ashton court is pretty...
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I'm sure this is a fairly frequently asked question here, but I'm about to go WWOOFing for an etended period of time- in the UK and then in France.

How much do I really need to pack? I figured 2 changes of work clothes and 2 changes of normal clothes, plus a pair of boots, a rain jacket, and a sweater/coat are a good starting point. I've also got obvious stuff like hygiene, chargers for my laptop/phone, and a sleeping bag. Is there anything I'm missing? Do you guys think it's feasible for me to pack everything into a daypack and a 30l backpacker's...
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I left a wwoof farm yesterday because the guy was a spastic judgemental asshole. Make sure you get along with the host
Yeah, I've been e-mailing with the hosts back and forth a bit and it seems like it's kind of a bigger operation, so my hope is that even if the host is kind of a weirdo, my interaction with them won't be as close considering there will be more WWOOFers with me and it's on a bigger farm.
Talk on the phone first. If you really want to do this you wan to make sure your host isnt a prick

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I am Brazilian and I'll be giving tips on destinations and prices in Brazil. I will also help end myths and legends about tourism in Brazil. Anyway : ask for a Brazilian anything you ever wanted to know about Brazil
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I feel like if I ever went to Brazil, being a scrawny white guy, I would get mugged within an hour. Is this probable?

Also, are there many cafes with live bossa nova?
I am interested in traveling to Brazil for bjj. What is the likelihood of me being stabbed to death within an hour and the video ending up on liveleak?
How much to buy a sex slave?

Going to Pittsburgh to watch the Steelers vs Bengals game in September.

For the most part, I have some places planned out to visit, some places to eat and some neighborhoods to avoid, buy can anyone that lives or has travelled there, give me any additional advice or places I should see?
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Go to Jackie Evancho's house.
Avoiding neighborhoods is a meme. You aren't gonna get shot just by going into homewood or the hill, and those places are pretty interesting. Ride an incline, look at the view from mount Washington, eat at primanti brothers, check out some of the neighborhoods. I would suggest Bloomfield, Lawrenceville, and Oakland.
See a Sharon Needles performance

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I'm hoping to learn Russian for a future trip, how should I go about it?
I tried duo lingo already
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See the /int/ sticky
It's got basically everything you need to know to start learning a language
Keep in mind, learning a language (particularly Russian) is one of the hardest things you will do, so if you aren't committed, save yourself some time and give up now
watch movies in russian,
read more russian
find a person to teach you
listen to it in your sleep
>watch movies in russian,
amazon has added a lot of TV shows...crime dramas are pretty decent

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Hey /trv/, I am taking a 1 week vacation in Barcelona with my girlfriend.
Any tips on where to go and what to see? we will be staying at a hotel in Barcelona, on Av. del Paraŀlel.
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spaniard here
be careful with gypsies and romanians lad, they try to steal tourists.

fucking scum

Lived there for 3 years. I would say:
Les Arenes rooftop
La Rambla and the Boqueria's market.
La Pedrera
Parc Güell
Carmel's bunkers
Diamant's square and the nearby streets
And then you have all the obvious attractions like Sagrada Familia and so on...
I guess it depends on what kind of things are you most interested in. Feel free to ask.
go to four cats inn in la rambla for food. it's a famous place

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Hello, New to this forum so bear me while I give this my shot!

Me, my best friend and my girlfriend needs to cut the ties to our western world. We have in mind migrating to India, and investing in some form of house/roof at the country side removed from all the big cities.

Reading up online about rules in India and such it comes to my attention that there seem to be very strict rules regarding what is possible, but still no clearance from the information online. So I'll start this thread off with some basic question which hopefully can become more advanced...
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If you cannot find what you want easily, rop them a line.
I wouldn't go in India, shittiest third world country I've been to and I've been to Nigeria. I would recommend SE Asia, nice cozy friendly locals who know cleanliness. Indonesia, Thailand or Burma are good options, cheap as hell too
Thanks I'll check it out!

How do I get permanent residency there? I'm like momas boy with literally no experience of the world.. so I basically know zero about moving, migration etc..! Thanks for input

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I'm off to Dublin on Tuesday. What can I see and do?
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>what can i see in Dublin
For starters, you can see what the city has to offer, how about you do some basic level of research at least before you ask such ungrateful fucking questions here and waste everyone's time?
somebody is mad
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43 KB, 570x587

File: reichstag.jpg (1002 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So i'm going on vacation to Berlin tomorrow, does anyone know some good spots there?
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Hey useful thread for me as well.

Solo travelling to Berlin for 4 days, I'm very much into history and art (not modern). Any ideas?
hello friends,
here's a short list on where to go:
kreuzberg (pretty fucking cool)
friedrichshain (lots of hipsters, lots of techno, berghain)
neukölln (hippest and grittiest place around with cool bars)
Hahahahahahahahahaha what?

>kreuzberg (pretty fucking cool)
Disgusting neighborhood full of hippies, africans, and criminal Arabs ready to rob you
>friedrichshain (lots of hipsters, lots of techno, berghain)
Disgusting hippy neighborhood full of anarchists pissing and shitting on the sidewalks with antifa graffiti and stickers on everything
>neukölln (hippest and grittiest place around with cool bars)
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Has anyone here ever done something similar?

In November I'll be leaving everything and everyone behind to start a new life in Ireland, starting my own business. I'll be living in central Dublin.

I've already got everything in place, but I'll be able to stay there for 3 months to decide if this is the place I really want to be. If I like it, I just put everything in motion and begin.

I had a lot of good things going here in America, but I've always wanted to just leave and go on an exciting adventure. Find a new home. To start over...
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That's kind of the meme here. Plenty of Anons are interested and some of them say they've done it.

>starting your own business
What's your starting capital, friend?

Overall of course it is possible, just unlikely because if you're running away from personal issues - in one form or another - they will follow.


Check and double check visa requirements and how much to get a business one that will allow you to stay more than 3/6/9/whatever months.
Out of my own funds I have $85,000 after paying for a place to stay for 3 months, flight, etc. Not running from personal issues, really gonna miss my family and friends, but it's all kinda complicated. Better to do it now while young and in a good spot than 5 years from now when I'm 30.

I ran my own business here, but passed it off to my older brother once I made all the preparations. The Irish embassy told me that it should be pretty easy for me to stay there as long as want, but that's a very...
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Not at all wanting to hijack, but wanting to participate as I have yearned for many years to leave America myself. I'm currently in the process of leaving Austin, TX to move back with my family in Ohio. I won't clog the thread up with my reasons, but I have them.

My great grandmother was from Ireland. My mom has contemplated getting an Irish passport. Does anyone know if its possible for me to piggyback off of her and get an Irish passport? I also have tons of distant family in Canada, albeit I have heard it's pretty difficult to immigrate to Canada, so...
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ITT post your concept roadtrips and rate others

Blue: Summer 2017 New York - Seattle
Red: Summer 2018 San Fransisco - Washington DC
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I wouldn't want to drive the Gulf coast in the summertime, that section would be better in the spring.
too hot or too wet?
The humidity down there sucks during certain parts of the summer, not even mentioning the smell.
Most coastal states use reclaimed water in thier sprinkler systems, meaning you're gonna smell rotting fish, rotten eggs, and literal shit for miles.
In the spring its a lot more managable, not to mention a lot prettier.

Where do 'Real Travelers' from your country go on holiday?

As a Brit, it's probably India or Cambodia
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USA it's Latin America. Peru, Colombia, Argentina and such. If you are black then it's Costa Rica, Brazil, and Dominican Republic. Plebe travel is Mexico, cruises, and the Carribean.
France here.
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.
To some extent, Thailand (countryside)
On holidays we prefer to stay at home or visit some relatives from a different town/city.

Dominican here, i see almost no black tourist coming here, most of our tourists are europeans, americans and canadians.

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Anyone been to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt? What are some do's and don't do's?
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Wouldn't go there now desu. Eilat or Aqaba are basically the same but safer. Egypt is a mess
do: check your country's travel advice

don't: actually go to Egypt
What a fucking shit hole. In all my years of travel and over 30+ countries visited, Sharm is the place I think is worst. Just napalm it all.

It's a completely artificial tourist 'town'. Full of mostly Russians and other Euro-pleb package tourists. It's where Egyptians go to rip off tourists for some years before they can leave and buy a house/bride/whatever. Everything there is like at least 5 times more expensive than the rest of Egypt, not counting the occasional even higher exorbitant...
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