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Hey, i'm from belgium and have the opportunity to go study for half a year in pamplona, Spain, i wanna know how life is there... it seems like a very small city and i'm afraid i'll get bored.
Looking for an active nightlife and fun student community, anyone familiar with this city? thanks
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Pamplona is more fun than Belgium, without a doubt
Not sure what your hobbies are, but it's a fairly small city.
Most people go clubbing during thursays, fridays and saturdays.
I used to live there, so ask about anything.
How about the average age? Are there a lot of students ? Hobbies are doing sports and hang out, nothing special really

Is it possible to travel from Interlaken to Zermatt by car?

Google Maps is confusing me with that darn dashed line. What does it mean?
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Perhaps a car shuttle train?
You can't actually. Zermatt is a car free village. So basically you have to drive to Täsch and then take a shuttle that is 12min long, and there is one every 20 minutes. You can also take a cab from there. You won't be able to drive to Zermatt but that is not a problem

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qouick , someone tell me how much I will need to do this
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Do you know how much time you would save yourself not being a retard and looking this up on your own?
I'm asking the experts on /trv/ for personal help. I can't find that on google

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Hey SD anons, what's it like living in South Dakota?
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Cold and flat. Unless it's summer. Then it's hot and flat.

If you're in the Black Hills then replace "flat" with "hilly".

If you're on one of the Indian reservations, add "and poor" after "flat".

Why do you want to know?
Casually considering moving there. Lax gun laws.
Thanks for helping me out, mang.

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for my final school project i need to have a survey with at least 1k answer so fill it up as more as u can !!!! (this is one time per flight and as much as u want per person)

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Some of your questions should allow for multiple responses but currently don't. This is going to massively mess-up your survey results.
the pb is that there is no way to use those informations with our hand made program if they are multiple responses ^^'


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>sleeping soundly in bed in small dorm
>two Chinese guys come in
>wu Ching Ching chinga long chong dong Wong shu sho
>turn on all the lights
>start crinkling plastic bags and taking out shit they bought at the market
>cracking peanuts
>one of them just went into the shower

Now I remember why I fucking...
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Oh, now the other one went in. Despite the fact there is literally the same fucking shower in the hallway.

I fucking hate Asians, I'm never coming back to this shithole again. Fucking disrespectful bastards, I've been to so many third world countries and never been this consistently annoyed by a demographic
You could tell them to shut up if they bother you that much. Or invest in ear plugs.

That shit doesn't bother me too much actually. I realize it's bound to happen and I specifically go to hostels that look like they're not part oriented plus never go for dorm rooms bigger than 8 beds but usually try to stay in ones with 6 beds or fewer.

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Hey guys, first time posting on this board (/n/ says hello). Anyways I have booked my ticket to Europe for the summer before my last semester at college and I was looking for a way to get around the continent. A British friend of mine who studied abroad in France told me about the Eurail pass and said it was great. My question to you, is it "great?" To generalize my trip I was planning on taking trains from;

> London -> Paris
> Paris -> Düsseldorf
> Osnabrück ->...
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Eurail pass is great if you're looking for more spontaneous type of travel. It's nice to be able to hop on a train at any time and take it anywhere. With that being said it's somewhat expensive but if you use it a lot you'll get your moneys worth.

Reservations are only really relevant in France, Spain and Italy. You have to pay about 10 Euros or so(might have changed since I was last over there) to get a seat on your train. If you don't they WILL NOT kick you off the train you will just have to keep moving seats all the time because someone else...
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It's a bit on the expensive side in my opinion, but you'll probably end up paying even more without it if you don't want to spend hours scouring the web for cheap last minute tickets, so i'd say go for it.
Did it this summer, but as an european citizen, so interrail. Its fucking awesome. You are free to go wherever the fuck you want, you see europe passing by in a comfy chair you can sleep in the trains instead of going in hostels.

All in all 8/10 would recommend and do again!

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Has any1 of you ever been to Latvia or is from Latvia? Thinking about going backpacking there, but don't really know what to excpect.

I speak neither latvian or russian, all the languages im fluent in will not help me there.
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Do you plan to go in winter?
I've been in Latvia for 10 days, Riga is very intersting, be sure to visit the outskirts to see not only the touristy parts. In clubs and bars most staff will speak English, young people will know English, although in Jurmala or Tukums I was lucky to know even a little bit of Russian to communicate. Especially scenic are the castles around Sigulda and Turaida, if you like to hike.

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images (6).jpg
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Ask a Sydney native of 30 years anything tourist or travel related about coming to Sydney and New South Wales.
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What sauce should I put un my Kebab?
Would i dare go to wollongong?
Are there any nude titties on bondi?

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Can /trv/ help me plan my trip around Eastern Europe for this summer for 3 weeks with my girlfriend?

So far I have this rough itinerary starting/ending in Ukraine but I would like suggestions for stuff to add or tweak, especially in the empty spot between Prague and Kyiv.

>Kyiv (mandatory) - 4 days
>Lviv (mandatory) - 2 or 3 days
>Krakow and Auschwitz - 3 days
>Zakopane - 2 days
>Prague - 3 days?

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that's not even around eastern europe, it's more like poland and friends. so yeah, broaden it further.

go to bosnia or croatia at least for some southern slavic vibe. or just hungary for some spas and stuff.
To be fair, Poland and the Czech Republic are central Europe. Why not see more countries? Russia is the epitome of Eastern Europe, Moscow or Saint Petersburg would definitely be something interesting to see. It's hard to suggest anything because you didn't state a budget or other restrictions or say what you enjoy doing. For example based on how much you like hiking you could extend your stay in Zakopane to three days or reduce it to one if you don't plan on walking up the mountains or just doing the basic tourist trail.

Do you have to limit yourself to...
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Thanks -- I'm looking at a budget of maybe $2,000 (not including airfare).

I'm traveling with my Ukrainian girlfriend and she does not have much money/does not want at all to visit Russia.

We also don't want to travel further west than Prague and are considering visiting the Balkans and Romania next year.

Other than that we are open to all suggestions.

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Chilean here. going to texas for a month. Bastrop specifically. What to do with South American Budget.
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>being this much of a nazi about cigarettes
I didn't know Texas was the Singapore of the Murricas

If you're caught smoking a cig without the stamp do you get caned too?

Of all places, why Bastrop? My first job out of college was down there and I did not think it was a fun place. It's about 30 miles outside of Austin, which is very fun, but the road there is always extremely congested because of commuter traffic.

I seriously hope you have access to a car because there's no public transportation.

The one nice thing about the town was the state park, and that burned almost completely to the ground in 2011.

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NY is pretty active about catching cigarette smugglers from Virginia.


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How are eurocucks so good at spotting Americans? I am never called out for being American despite my terrible French accent and people ask if I am Spanish or Italian because I am a little dark from being a quarter Mexican and a little Sicilian, but my white American friends who are white instantaneously get mocked and harassed wherever they go.

I typically wear sambas and slightly more fitted clothes than what Americans do but what makes them stick out like such sore thumbs?
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even without hearing them speak i can pick out euros pretty well and can often even id their country. facial structure and clothing tip off pretty well, though i can't name any specific cues i use.
i would say bone structure and looks

if you had a pile of pictures and told me to separate americans and europeans, it'd be pretty easy imo
I can always spot Americans in a number of ways.

-Americans usually have straight white teeth (this applies more to the younger generation)
-Americans are loud talkers
-Americans have a distinct accent and way of speaking English (Around the world everyone grows up hearing it in music, movies, tv etc)
-Americans have more bland facial features because they're usually mixed-up Europeans genetically (I don't mean this in a negative way, Americans are often better looking)
-Americans usually dress more casually and wear bigger sized clothing for their...
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Hey, aussiebro here.

Got a job offer to work a season in the oil rigs in Alberta, Canada. The pay is a little less than I get here but I would like it for the experience.

My question is, are there a lot of ethnics in Alberta? Like I want to hang out with my own people mostly, how bad is the muslim problem there? Is it full of chinese and indians? What are good towns to hang out in that are going to be mostly whites?

Sorry but if I wanted to be around ethnics I'd go to Bali
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Pretty sure you're good m8. Only place there would be any is in city centres.
File: Banjo_(PSF).png (203 KB, 2362x2636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>come to a board about travel
>doesn't want to experience new things
Maybe he got his fill of diversity already and was looking for something else, pajeet.

>tfw you taught english abroad for a year and travelled all over europe and north africa and posted and participated in /trv/ all the time and took megabus trips around the U.S. in college then came back to America got a real job and now never travel because you only get 3 weeks off a year and it seems so horribly expensive

Did this happen to anyone else? Back then I didn't mind having only a couple g in the bank and spending it all traveling, but now even though I have like 50k, dropping 1k to go to europe for a week just doesn't...
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Travel like a normal fag and use your 3 weeks.

I wish I saved the pic, but there is a meme floating around FB that equates purchases of an iphone, another item, and a hoverboard to plane tickets to Europe, and places in the USA. I think maybe the Carribean/S. America, too. And it closes with collect memories not things, or something like that.
Yeah here in America we're fuct when it comes to vacation time.
Explore the states. Travel in your own country.

File: gran-canaria-map.jpg (299 KB, 1171x1147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm travelling with my parents to Gran Canaria soon to celebrate a birthday. I find the touristy stuff to be sad and boring and I tried to convince them of another location but oh well.

Tips on what to do on the island to get away from the worst tourist traps? I'm 22 y o old if that helps.
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Also, are there any good restaurants that you know of?
As long as you stay out of playa del ingles and maspalomas it's actually pretty good.
Las Palmas is decent, the nature in the center of the island is gorgeous and the small towns also offer nice food.
Rent a car, drive around, go hiking or diving...

It's not really a place with individual incredible attractions. Stay away from the blatantly tourist stuff and have a good time. Just bring a book and some swimming trunks and enjoy yourself drinking, eating, relaxing, hiking, and shit on your parents dime. It might seem lame but its always nice to get away.

It's all relative and you should get in the right mindset. I know to an English person the canaries are kind of boring but to an American it'd be quite enticing.

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