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So in about a month or so i'm going to England for the first time to crash with a friend in Wellingborough for a week and possibly crashing with another in Peterborough for a week and had a few questions:

>Things to see in London
>Things to see around the towns ill be in
>If English girls like Americans (gonna hit some pubs with my pals)
>best pubs to go to
>anything i should know being in England for the first...
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I live in Cambridge.

Peterborough has a massive amount of Eastern European pussy. I think either that or Boston are tied as the highest percentage of Eastern European immigrants (Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian) in the UK.

Hit on them, they are hotter, trust me.
Run, run... U.K. is a trap. Go to ....?..
cheap countres... Where plp r nice. Spain... Philiphines... Thailand... Poland... or ? Venezuela
Pretty crazy dude as I live in rushden.
Never thought I'd see the town "wellingborough" pop up on /trv/
Rushden is about 4 miles away when traveling into London of get a bus to Bedford and then catch the train to London as it's so much cheaper fare. Also check out irchester country park in the village/town of irchester it's only a few miles from wellingborough
Happy /trv/ling

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4 MB,
Can we get a thread of OC photos of food and drink from around the world?
Stories about your culinary experiences also welcome.
I'll post a few to start. Rats roasting in the Mekong Delta
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File: SAM_2669.jpg (8 MB, 3000x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 MB, 3000x4000
Pho for breakfast at Cai Rang floating market
by the time the meal is ready, i can't think of taking photos anymore... this is the closest probably, it's only the rice and the marinated meat missing, the sides are almost all set. busan, the restaurant where we saw most locals go in. no fish there.

the best food pics on my phone are wechat uploads from random nanning kids in china. they upload all these chickens beheaded in dusty backyards all the time, gotta love them.
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This is a photo of a Torta Guacamaya.

Tortas are just sandwiches made in Mexico. I had them all over the place. I've seen a few different versions but the one with roasted pork meat was probably most common. They were all awesome. Until I made it to Guanajuato and tried this one. This one wasn't just awesome, it was one of the best things I've ever eaten.

First of all, they person just made a regular sandwich with some roasted pork head meat. Lots of fatty bits in there. Then they started putting in pieces of chicharron in there. They just kept stuffing...
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I'm planning to visit Warsaw in the end of February
>What to visit?
>What should I expect?
>What about the people?
>What should I avoid?
General tips for a fellow /trv bro to Warsaw.
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Warsawfag here

>What to visit?
You didn't state what you like (clubs, nature, museums, etc.)
>What should I expect?
I don't think there's anything really special about Warsaw. The only reason I would come here specifically is if you're interested in WW2 stuff. Old town isn't that great compared to Krakow, downtown Warsaw is depressing and gray in the Winter.
Some parts of Warsaw are nice and interesting to walk in and enjoy the architecture, albeit I wouldn't really...
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I'm gonna second the vote for Krakow, the most underrated city in Europe in my opinion.
I lived in Warsaw for six months, though I am not Polish.

If you are coming to Poland for fun, I strongly recommend going to Wroclaw (my fave), Krakow or Gdansk instead of Warsaw.

During summer even Warsaw is okay, but winter is pretty brutal there or I guess everywhere in Poland. Weather changes can be insane when Spring rolls along.

To me Warsaw is just a big city. I didn't feel it has a soul and specific atmosphere like Krakow for instance. It's quite crowded, hecktic and folks are running around busy just like in other metropolises.

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100 KB,
Eurofag to soon start a new job in the U.S. (California, Bay Area) here. What to expect? How is Murrica? What does suck and what is awesome? What is disturbing at the beginning?

Ex-Eurofags answer's welcome.
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What might shock you the most (and not in a good way) is the sheer amount of poverty, homelessness, and crime. San Francisco is the homeless illegal immigrant crime capitol of the world. That said there is still a lot of fun to be had in SF, plenty of things to do.
Be prepared to casually see some fags walking their boyfriends on leashes wearing leather chaps and ball gags on your way to work.
better get a car.

Let's share some fun travel shows. I've watched all of the episodes for this particular one. These two guys go on a hitch hiking/couch surfing trip to SE Asia on a $1000 budget each. Any similar youtube/other video site links would be appreciated!

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Everything Michael Palin has ever done. Not many great clips on YouTube though.

Map Full of Saturdays
Thinking about documenting my adventures in videos. What would you guys like to see?

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hey /trv/ my gf and I want to travel to Amsterdam next week and we're looking for a cheap housing. As i expected, this wouldn't be available in Amsterdam but airbnb gives out some neat looking places in "zaandam", which looks quite near to Amsterdam.

My questions are:
How are the landscapes around Zaandam? Could we catch some beautiful sights bicycling to Amsterdam?
How far is it actually away from Amsterdam?
What would it cost riding from there to Amsterdam and back with public transport for 5 days?
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Use 9292.nl for planning all public transport in the entire country. Don't know about the site but the app has an English option. Zaandam to Amsterdam Central station is 2,70 euro one way. To Leidseplein also 2,70.
Amsterdam is a zoo with drugs and prostitutes. If the landscape and other tame stuff are what you're after, you might as well just stay somewhere relatively far away from Amsterdam and then just spend ~1.5 hours going there by train to check out the museums and stuff. Personally, I wouldn't spend more than 2 days in Amsterdam anyway since the city really isn't that big.
If you're not Dutch or Nordic, you won't want to bike next week here. The wind is no joke.

Zaanse Schans is something people take the bus to from Amsterdam, and is nice by bike if there's no wind. Windmills and stuff.

That green building is basically the only interesting looking one in Zaandam besides Zaanse Schans. I warned you. Amsterdammers go there for like... Primark.
It is definitely doable riding the train every day to Amsterdam, if you don't mind the extra time and blandness.

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I have this unresting urge to just go and travel the world, the "problem" is that i have no idea where to begin.

Without much cash i have no idea how far i will get before it runs out, i have plans of working in different coutries ofcourse but im almost scared i will get lost or get stuck on the streets, anyone here that can speak out of expirience and maybe give me some tips
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Expirience guys, talk out of expirience

How much cash do you have access to? There are lots of options.

Also depends where you are flying from...duh.

File: ElyPrr5.jpg (388 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>only work a few hours per month
>no fixed address
>move every 3-6 months

Feels like I'm going to spend my entire life alone as everyone else are wagecucks buying houses, cars and having children. I'm living out a of suitcase attending random courses to fill the hours.

I've kind of realised that I have to sacrifice having a partner to fulfill my travel dreams. Anyone feel the same?
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There are plenty of female perpetual travelers, I've met several online and two in person. Gotta keep looking.
Except I think you're full of bollocks, you're a NEET with delusions of heartache and grandeur
What about guys? I bend both ways.

Not a NEET, got a bunch of qualifications, just don't use them.
what do you do for work?
your lifestyle is essentially exactly what I'm looking for (nothing to tie me down, no long-term connections) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to fund myself doing so.

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I have a question regarding US visas. I have a criminal record for getting caught with weed, which violates my right to the visa waiver programme. According to visa rules I'd have to schedule an interview with the US embassy to apply for a visa, which in itself isn't much of a problem. The problem is that since I got my criminal record, I've been gambling and visited the US twice without getting rejected at the customs and immigration.

If i were to schedule an interview, could they reject me a visa on the basis that I've already cheated the rules twice?...
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Gambling as in taking a general risk, not necessarily with money.
Whilst I can't say conclusively what would happen, I would just enter the US again and hope for the best. Yes, America is the only country fucked up enough to scan other country's criminal files, but there's no way theyd do an international criminal record check for every single entrant.
Sounds good, though I'm way more inclined to apply for a visa properly. I'm in some sort of a catch-22, what ever I do I run the risk of getting barred from entering the US ever again.

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How many people is ideal for a road trip?
I'm planning a road trip with my friend and he has a list of about ten people he wants to go with. How feasible is this? We'd have to take two cars definitely, but could this be pulled off without too much of a headache? If not, how many people should we go with?
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You and someone cute with a mouth.
Rent a giant fucking Rv and split the cost 10 ways. It's a really dumb idea but itd be legendary. http://www.shadymaplerv.com/rv-rentals-online

Less retardedly, don't fit more than 2 in a subcompact, 3 in a compact or midsize coupe, and 4 in a full size sedan. You need to stretch around in the back, or shits gonna suck. 10 people should be in 2 vans, or kick out 2 people and rent 2 full size cars (like a Hyundai sonata) for 8 people.

Honestly its an incredibly stupid question, do you need us...
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First mate, second mate, navigator, and a freeloader.

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Hi guys, im planning to take the Amtrak Crescent line in April from New Orleans to Atlanta where i will get to meet my fiancee's family.
So we are making the trip but would love to save as much as possible, therefore, we are taking the coach seats, and hoping we can have a lot of fun and adventures on this trip.
What advice can you give me, what can you tell me about the amtrak trains, this particular route, etc.
An tips welcome. Also you are welcome to discuss this route, or this kind of trains.
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I've never been on a long distance Amtrak but I'm posting because I'm hoping to go on the California Zephyr this summer and wondering if /trv/ had any advice as well.
I have heard though that Amtrak in the south is pretty boring in terms of scenery.
Just fly you fedora toting faggot.

Amtrak is expensive, slow, and pointless. You're not going to be sitting there reading the paper and smoking a pipe like weird fantasy you've undoubtedly built up in your head. You're going to be watching hours of fields and swamps go by while you tap at your phone.
Gas is cheap as hell. Just drive. Honestly, who takes the train in America?

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images (6)_2.jpg
12 KB,
As the title says, where would you travel to see exceptional modern architecture?
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Astana in Kazakhstan. Singapore. Shanghai, Shenzhen. Dubai, northern Europe

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Car trawler.png
10 KB,
Anyone else made a reservation on Arguscarhire for one price and then were forced to pay way more upon collection of a different car on site?

I rented an economy car for xmas break and was then forced to get a more expensive car and pay an extra $200 for the car (after having wainted 5 hours in the agency) on a SATURDAY! My issue is being dealt with by Car Trawler and is going nowhere.

Any help on how to deal with these people??
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File a complaint with the BBB. Should have fought them at the time though. Plenty of times they don't have the economy car I booked, so they upgrade for free.

File: 17.jpg (51 KB, 500x207) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Heading here in april. What are some things I absolutely need to see and do? Any insider tips or secrets to know about?
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Get the fast pass so you'll be able to see both sides of the park in a single day.
The hulk roller coasters is closed for the rest of the year
Valet Park.
Universal Studios and Disney World installed metal detectors for "safety" reasons.
Only problem? You have dozens, if not hundreds of people lined up to go through the detectors at a time, in a small bottle necked area. Hopefully anyone who plans on shooting up an amusement park will want to only shoot people INSIDE the park and not be content shooting all of the unarmed tourists stuck outside the park, waiting to get in.
Valet park, and you'll avoid that mess. You'll still need to go through a metal detector, but if anything, there...
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What is Chechnya like? Anyone ever been there?
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I know this is just 'pretend to be jihadi' trolling, but I have, believe it or not, actually visited Grozny. It's more normal than you probably expect. Small post-Soviet (ie, slightly dismal) city, with an atypically gleaming, newly constructed center (since the original city center was, of course razed). Apart from that and a couple of prominent mosques, it doesn't look much different than other minor provincial centers in greater Russia. There is very little visible evidence of support for the...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>small *majority of female students
Typo. It was a pretty headscarfy place but it was by no means universal.
Not OP, but like Istanbul's less well-kept areas or more like eastern Turkey? It's the only muslim country I've ever been to.

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