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I have a seven hour layover in Amsterdam. Anyone familiar with how far the hubs are from the airport? Anything niche that I might miss looking around online (in reference to food, sights, etc.)?

I don't have any interest in legal marijuana.
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I literally just came back from a trip with two very long layovers in Schipol Airport.

It's extremely easy to get from the airport to the city center on a very nice and relaxing train ride.

Here's a tip: DON'T PAY FOR THE TRAIN. Literally nobody checks those tickets so it's a total waste of money.
I paid for mine and I regretted it, especially since I ended up hating Amsterdam.

Anyways, seven hours is not too long of a layover, so I would recommend either walking around and going on a canal cruise, or finding just one museum of interest...
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I wanted to add that the train station is inside the airport and goes to Amsterdam Centraal station.

So just pay attention to Schipol and Amsterdam Centraal when going back and forth.
I really enjoyed the Van Gogh museum

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Going to poland for a few weeks. Is it enough of a danger zone to warrant Prepare to Die edition travel insurance?

Any tips, hints, comments on the people there?
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Is very dangerous, pls not come. Gangster wear human skin tracksuit and everybody have only one kidney.

You'll have to be more specific with your questions.
Is it worth getting insurance that covers for accidental death?

Also just wanted to know what its like or any weird customs they have there.
Drivers can be fairly reckless. So be extra careful if you rent a car and always assume there's some cretin trying his hardest to crash into you. Still, it's nothing compared to what you'd see further east or outside of Europe.
Otherwise you'd really have to go out of your way to get hurt. Use common sense, avoid bald drunks, try not to be black, smashed and alone in the middle of the night in a shitty neighborhood. Ordinary precautions.
Supposedly there's some scam in Kraków where...
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subway tokyo.jpg
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We are going to Japan soon. Our plan is to stay in Tokyo for the first week. Than go to Kyoto, Osaka, Naga and continue out trip to Hiroshima and ending in Nagasaki and Hashima (Battleship) Island. We will do this in 4 weeks of time. But my question is what is the best way to travel in Tokyo and the rest of Japan? They told me I should buy a JR railpass, especially for the Shinkansen... But is there also something for the subway since our hotel is close to a subway and no JR trains? Or is it cheaper to buy individual tickets for subway and trains? There are so many cards and...
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Fly to Kyoto/Osaka
Also hard to tell, I live here (from US). I know there is a JR rail special for people not living here. I get the card from the train stations and just load it with yen and train hope to some of the lines to take me into Toyko like Tachikawa.
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I spent 6 weeks travelling across Japan in 2014, and I found the best (cheapest) way of travelling is by overnight bus, such as Willerexpress. JR Rail passes are also super good (used up to 3 weeks) and are super easy to use. Bullet trains are by far the fastest way of getting around.

However, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto are all easily accessible by simple day buses.

When using the subway, Tokyo is broken down in 2-3 route. One public, two private, so it'll cost you differently dependant on route and locality. But I'm pretty sure that doesnt including JR...
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I'm road tripping across the states and am just about to skip this city. What does this city have that makes it stand out from any other city?
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In summer it has some of the best weather in the United States.

Its proximity to the Olympic and Cascade Mountains along with the Puget Sound make for some pretty breathtaking landscapes.

It has an overall chill vibe and while many will speak of the "seattle freeze," i met many friendly folks in capitol hill when i visited. The people felt like your average midwestern city to me.

It has legal marijuana if that matters to you.

It has relatively few niggers and spics for a city...
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I live near Seattle, like 20 minutes away. You could come to hemp fest which is later this month. It is an annual festival all about weed.

Pike place market is cool to check out and watch them throw fish around. The gum wall is kinda cool although I think they're tearing it down.

I don't think Seattle should be your main attraction in Washington. This is a beautiful state and I think going into a concrete jungle like Seattle will make you forget all about it. Although if you go to Alki beach then you can see the whole city stretched out in front of you...
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If the only things you know about in Seattle are the gum wall, pikes place and hemp fest then you arent really qualified to offer an opinion on the city. This is like someone in new york telling you to go to times square.

What do students do in Ireland/England for New Years? Planning on being over there at the time and wanting to make the most of it.
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Same fucking thing every other opportunity they get - drink, take drugs & try to fuck.
Your pic pretty much answers your question.
In ireland we have something called the craic. Also in the north it's fun to chuck molotovs at your local constabulary and/or proddy hun scums

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Anyone have experience to share with this?

Is this something even doable without breaking the bank
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Now here's something i can't stand about Americans.

When an Aussie, Brit, Canadian, ANYONE but Americans asks a question on here, they state what country they're talking about, where they're from, where they're headed.

It's only Americans who will just assume that everyone knows they're talking about America.

Do you even realize how ignorant that is? This is precisely why you guys get shit on everywhere you go.
>American cars
>American plates
I dont really feel like this is the place to stir up debate like this... But decent point (as an american). Ill be sure to be more sensitive to this. (Not OP btw).

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So is there any really interesting place in Mallorca when it comes to nightlife/partying/bars?

(Or other things to see/do there?)

Or is everything too exploited by middle-aged tourists and families?

My experience from Thailand is though, that even those kinds of places have a quite interesting underground party scene if you know the right people.

Any ideas or experiences?
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Spent about a year there. Partying on Mallorca Ibiza is fun for those stuck in early 00s, Germans in similar Malle 16 t shirts and young English scum (they are the worst). Oh, you could also go to overpriced crap like Nikki in Palma, but that's for 40+ with mustache and money.
But! Mallorca is totally awesome for everything else! Just do the following:
- rent a house in the middle of the island. Algaida-Alaro area works great due to convenient location.
- rent a car, they are dirt cheap there, use record go
- swim at playa de Palma in the vicinity of Palma aquarium...
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Amazing post! Thanks man!

And I'm not underage but I do have a thing for the 00's so I might look into Ibiza after all then. I also do have exceptionally bad experience of the young English party shitheads you mention...

Go to Magaluf and see why the British Empire faded away with your own eyes!

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I'll go on a 12 days roadtrip and right now I'm planning a route. I never visited this part of Europe, so could you recommend some important spots? Picture is just a rough sketch, but max. distance is about 3000km.
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I'd drive way more along the coast. It's longer and slower, but driving along the Adriatic is magnificent. If we're taking Kotor/Montenegro as the furthest south you want to go, my (rough) itinerary would be:
- München
- Leibach
- Triest
- Istria (Umag, Rovinj, Pula, ...)
Skip Rijeka because there's fuck-all to see there.
- Krk/Cres if you can fit it in. IIRC there are ferries.
- Plitvice is nice. If you're going to Split anyway, drive back to the coast, visit Zadar. The...
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Only twelve days, I'd skip Leibach and Triest, just go straight to small-town Istria. It's GOAT.
Ok thanks, I think we skip Montenegro. Balaton is now on the list. Was thinking of that anyway, since I always buy cheap wine from there :D

After a road trip to France and Spain (4500km, 11 days) and Italy (4000km, 11 days), we want to keep it relaxed this time. Spend more time in the small villages, spend less at the big tourity places.

I suppose

Dutchie here. This year I'll be traveling to Sydney during Christmas and new years eve. My gf is from there and we're visiting her family and friends for 3 weeks. We are trying to figure out what to do on the evening and night of dec 31 but don't want to go to the harbor and pay a zillion dollars for some invite only party. Does anyone have suggestions on where to go? I don't care much about the fireworks really, I mean I know the show is amazing but I prefer having a chill night out and the freedom to move from one place or bar to another.
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haha i'm an ausfag travelling to Amsterdam for new years.
Take ur gf out for dinner at a restaurant along Circular Quay or at the waterfront at The Rocks. It will be cheaper than booking on a boat. You will get a great view of the fireworks. I'm not one for fireworks as well but you should see the Sydney Harbour New Years fireworks at least once in your life.

If you cant get a reservation (or its just too expeno) for a waterfront restaurant, just have dinner prior to the fireworks. Then move down...
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Luister op kankerlijer...Anywhere near the bridge or downton will be a complete clusterfuck until about dawn, so unless you can get a lift home or are staying within walking distance of the harbour then expect to wait hours for a taxi or pay retardedly high Uber surge prices (some people paid $500+ last year).

Also, any public gathering is likely to be alcohol free, in order to maintain the family atmosphere. The cops *stringently* enforce that rule, they are out in force on NYE. Also, Sydney now has draconian...
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Go to a music festival.
Falls in Byron Bay runs Dec 31st- Jan 2nd, and you can buy anything from 3 day tickets to one just for New years eve.
I've done this the last few years (Although Lorne Falls and has gone well above previous new years.) Headliner this year is Childish Gambino, and the rest of the line up will be announced soon.

So I've planned out my route for backpacking europe and Im looking for suggestions. The tentative route is flying into Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Luxemburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich, Lugano, Milan, Florence, Rome to fly home. First time traveller, never left Canada. Any insight is appreciated, I'm sure this plan has flaws. 6 week trip for about 4500 bucks. Doable? Average four days per city.
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>I'm sure this plan has flaws.

The list of cities you've picked looks arbitrary as fuck like "hey this random big city is kinda close let's go there".


None of these cities are particularly interesting...
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You're totally right, my buddy who has backpacker said the exact same things. The revised list is Amsterdam, Bruges, Cologne, Prague, Munich, Lugano, Florence, Rome, then fly over to Barcelona and back home.

Main points of travel are landscape and architecture, secondly the experience and people, was told the party scene in Prague is unreal. 4500 is the budget for the whole trip, where 1400 is towards cost of flight, Eurail and passport, leaving 3100 for food and travel fair.
>was told the party scene in Prague is unreal
Just don't go to Karlovy Lazne. It's a shitty tourist trap these days.

>Cologne, Prague
If going this route you might as well squeeze in the German city of Dresden which lies right between Cologne and Prague. Very historic city with some great views over the Elbe river. Was bombed to the ground in WWII but has been rebuilt since and looks dope again now. Make sure to check out the Hygiene-Museum...
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10 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur. Hoping to get into see the towers, eat lunch, and leave.

As far as my research can tell, you can take a train from the airport to KL Central station but theres no train or MRT that'll get you near the towers.

It appears the only viable method is to use a taxi, or am I mistaken? Is there another, easier and cheaper way, to get there? if I have to use a taxi I'll probably just skip the entire thing and chill at the airport.

Also, it would take enough time getting out of the airport, into the city, to the towers,...
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You're going to have to take a taxi, and it'll be way more expensive than a taxi in most of Southeast Asia. KL is alright but unfortunately I think it'd be a total waste for you to spend like $30 in transportation alone just to get lunch in the towers

We walked, but fuck its a lot bigger than it looks on a map. Also the roads and footpath system is a bit chaotic and confusing.

My suggestion would be take a taxi to the Chinatown (night) market, have some lunch there, then walk to the towers from there. You get to walk down a number of nice streets and pass the KL tower too.
Kuala Lumpur is an ugly city with shitty weather. Don't go.

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What is a "hidden gem"?

Is it supposed to mean some off the beaten path, unheard of place?

I googled some "hidden gems" and it's just people posting what I figured were major tourist destinations like Meteora, Santorini, CInque Terre, Tioman Island, etc.

Most places are documented in one way or another, such as on Wikitravel. So how is any thing or place "hidden"?
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>great resturant/bar in a place you wouldn't otherwise expect there to be one
>I googled "hidden gems" and didn't find any
That's the whole point of hidden gems, they're hidden and off the beaten path. They stay that way because it's not as easy to find them.
>Hidden Gems
In terms of destinations, mostly places that are less known or visited by your peer group (that can be as small as friends and as large as nationalities or entire continents)

Cinque Terre is a prime example, it's a weekend go to destination for Austrian, French, German and Swiss (to narrow it down: the entire alps and pre alps area) people mostly 25years and up that go there:
>to relax at the sea side
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im going to tokyo in a month
what do i need to know
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You usually inform yourself about what you want to do in a country first and then buy the tickets.
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Me and my gf are going on a vacation soon, and I've had a hard time choosing where. I'm not thinking a mainstream city like Paris or Venice, but rather a city with less tourism and more culture. Bonus points for hidden gems. I'll dump what I've found interesting.
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I found Kotor in Montenegro very fascinating, and while there I could visit Dubrovnik which is nearby
File: rothenburg.jpg (2 MB, 3872x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rothenburg, Germany
File: Bruges.jpg (784 KB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bruges, Belgium

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I am moving to Spain/Catalunya. Is there something like Craigslist (or ebay-Kleinanzeigen for other Germans) in that country, i.e. an online marketplace for local trading of stuff like furniture, bicycles, auto-parts etc?
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vibbo or wallapop app are quite famous
vibbo IS segundamano.es, you silly salchichón.

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Hey y'all.

I'm going to be visiting Rome from the 15th to the 19th.
Anything special I should see, outside the classic places? (Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, etc.)

Thanks for any advice you can give, it can be eating places, bars or just interesting sights.

First time there.
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Go to the catacombs man its so eerie and grounding. Made me feel like I was seeing the oldest of the old, dusty underground chambers and carved stone. Then go get wasted after
>eating places

I am told there is one bad restaurant somewhere in Rome, and that you win a prize if you can find it.

Seriously, it is hard to go wrong eating in Rome.
Already on the list. Thanks!

I might be lucky and strike a local who know a great place. But you're probably right

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Hello /trv/,

Me + gf both graduated this year and started earning some money. We would like to spend 2-3weeks in summer 2017 traveling through the USA. We're both from Belgium. She has never been to the USA, I've visited NYC once (4days, didn't like it, only saw tourist shit).

What we've established so far is that we will start off in New Orleans, and due to reasons I won't bother listing she would drive towards Nashville from there.

Now comes the question: Where should we go from there?
1) Drive further north towards Chicago?
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What's your final destination? I can't help you until I know where you end.

As for the route to Nashville from New Orleans, I wouldn't suggest driving through Mississippi and Alabama. There is absolutely nothing to see and nothing to do. Since you are from Belgium I would suggest driving over to Pensacola Beach, Florida on your way to Nashville so you can experience the beaches. The sand is pure white and the water is an emerald colour and the area has history dating all the way back to the 1500s...
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The closer you are to the Mississippi river, the worse the cities are, as a general rule, but eastern Tennessee and the Appalachians are very beautiful.
If you -have- to go from New Orleans to Nashville, I would recommend taking I-10 to Baton Rouge, and taking the Natchez Trace from there. Decent bit of history, and lots of little things to see and do. Make sure to take a detour to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge if you can. Lots of amusement parks and attractions there.
>Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge
Meme tier tourist trap garbage tЬh

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Hey /trv/. New to this board and looking for insight outside of the sticky. Recently went through some loss and was told short of killing yourself, travelling is a good way to go. Three grand saved currently, looking to leave around October from Canada. All information is appreciate.
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Hey man I agree with what you heard, I was depressed for the longest time for a variety of reasons but the main one was my best friend dying of cancer and I agree with what you were told. I spent a month in spain and spent about 6 grand, although i stayed in hotels not hostels and i spared no expense. I could have done it for around 3, the only thing that might fuck you over is the exchange. If you live out east it will be way cheaper, I went yyc yul bcn, then back through toronto so it was pretty expensive. With europe...
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if you're trying to make your trip longer I'd recommend going to places where your dollar goes further. Eastern Europe was sooo much fun. prague budapest and poland were the best part of my eurotrip and the money we spend there for 2 and a half weeks was the same amount of money we spent in western Europe for 3 days... keep that in mind. I'm planning my next trip with 3k usd and it's going to be a 3 month trip for eastern Europe again and south east asia just because people talked so much about it and said it was super cheap too.
looking into hitting up...
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Prague and the Czech Republic are really beautiful, been to Prague 5 times. It's cheap and gorgeous.

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Hello /trv/. I am an American citizen who is going to (hopefully) gain dual citizenship in Iceland. After this, I plan on living 5 or more years as a nomad. I understand that as a US/EEA member I don't have to get visas in quite a few countries, and I know how to (relatively) quickly get them in the countries that require them. That being said, I'm not fond of paperwork and am hoping for a less typical method of crossing borders. Do you guys know anyways to (not so) legally bypass the border paperwork BS and cross borders in Central and Southeast Asia? Bonus points...
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>not so legally bypass the border

Your excuse for not crossing properly is paperwork? I don't believe it, and the police won't believe it either once you inevitably get caught. Enjoy your time in whatever fuckmeintheassistani jail you eventually end up in.

>>Any other tips on living a nomadic lifestyle are also welcome.

There's a big difference between traveling frugally and being a skinflint miser.
Fuck's sake OP just get an international drivers license and cross borders at border crossings. You can do whatever Real Traveler (TM) shit you like during the 99% of your trip when you're not with police and customs agents but if you ignore the law for long enough you're going to end up in a third world gulag
It's much easier than you might think. Just use common sense and a dash of creativity.

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I made a "nested" youtube video with different links to short clips of my holiday, in an attempt to make a clickable text adventure type thing.

What is this called? Is it groovy or not?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Cool idea I guess but very shitty execution.
I really like it!
I like this idea a lot, actually.
Feels cozy and genuine. Might steal.

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0 B,
This probably a pretty big non-issue for most of you but anyone ever get burned out or just plain sick of traveling?

I've two weeks left in a 4 month trip and I'm frankly sick of traveling, if not mildly depressed. A week before I spent 10 days at a good friends house in Germany, I had a great time. I had my own space, I was able to meet and hang out with the locals. However, I'm out on my own again until I fly home. I don't have motivation to speak to fellow travelers or go out and explore much. I just want to get home back to into the rythym of home...
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Spend a few days of your trip just doing nothing. Browse 4chan for a day or two, bang a hooker, sleep in extra long, watch tv...
Maybe don't travel for 4 months at a time.
Sounds like you're just over-stimulated. I did a super long trip and whenever it felt that, it was time to live somewhere for a bit. You've got 10 days left so just do something fun...or don't, But I think people feel this pressure to do something amazing every single day you're out there and people need to realize that it's okay to have a shit/okay day out there.

Where are you from? Scandinavia can be very friendly to foreigners. The stereotype is mostly true but you sort of get a free pass as a foreigner. I cleaned up and made a ton of friends...
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Have any of you guys been to Armenia or are familiar with Armenian culture?

I hear Armenians are very religous & Conservative & I'd get punched in the face if I were to approach a woman in Armenia.

Is this true? I'm trying to get some Armenian pussy
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I heard the girls there are into accordion players.
Me and all the other travellers that I encountered in Yerevan were surprised by the quality of the girls there. I went to a spanish bar to meet a belgian girl I had meet during a tour and she was there with a belgian-armenian friend and his armenian cousin. At some point the belgian armenian girl went out and after chating started making up. The cousin appeared from nowhere and separated us telling that this was not possible. The girl run into the bar and I just left.
Funny, I was thinking about starting a thread to talk about my time in Armenia.

I go every summer, I loved it enough that I bought a summer house in Dilijan.

File: copenhagen_featured[1].jpg (236 KB, 910x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are some things to do in Copenhagen?
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Rent a bike, go to Christiania, buy beer from a grocery store and drink it literally anywhere you want. Enjoy the laid-back athmosphere of the city. And of course be prepare to pay shit load of money of everything
>buy beer from a grocery store and drink it literally anywhere you want
Spotted the American.

File: image.png (202 KB, 2000x1325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going to Sicily in 2 weeks. We will stay in Palermo for 1 week. Any tips and must do's?
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Fried carciofi are breddy gud.
Try the Iris
Lmao is that really their flag?

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I'm from Australia, flying out to Europe on the 29th of the month. I'll be there for 1-2months. Can anyone help me (Australian bank advice would be great) on how to go about card that wont charge me international transaction fees or any sort of transaction fees? Is it possible? I am currently with Commbank but I don't know if I should be getting a travel card through them, another bank, another company or even get something once I'm over there. Any advice woud be great. Thanks
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To follow up on that, my ideal situation would be having a seperate card, where I can log onto my current account online, transfer money into it, without fees or very little. And then once money is on that card, I am able to use that card at ATMs or any stores without receiving a transaction fee. Is there anything that provides this? Or even anything better?
Get a Qantas Cash card, if you're already a Frequent Flyer member all you need to do is go online and request one. I currently have a couple thousand dollars between a few different currencies.
You fucked up man - left it too late.


No fees for foreign exchange or CitiBank fees. Only thing it costs you is the local atm fee. The exchange rate is good too - pretty much identical to XE.com and no account keeping fee. Best option there is. But you won't get approved in time.

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Ever since I was a small lad I've had the goal in life to visit every country in the world. How realistic is this how is it really possible?
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Every country? Crazy. It's been done, if a lot of countries you only more or less pass through.

A better goal is to visit every country in the world you can name, or in general just countries that are significant in history, culture, population, or in some common meaningful way.

Even so, visiting dozens and dozens of countries is much more realistic if you vagabond it or are wealthy.

I would just take it one trip at a time. They add up over the years.
Many people have done this. One guy is currently attempting to be the first person to visit every country twice. And he's counting all the random-ass places like Pitcairn as countries.
Since most cultures and languages don't adhere to national boundaries, wouldn't it make more sense to draw a grid over all the earth's landmasses, and visit each box in the grid? Makes more sense than saying "I've been to Beijing, I've seen China."

anyone else been traveling for so long you can't relate to your old friends anymore and dont stay anywhere long enough to meet new real friends?

been happening to me. i finished school at 18 and been traveling for the last 4 years. I also earn my living online so i dont make any real life work contacts either. also have mildish social anxiety and struggle to make friends, not just casual chat buddies. kinda taking a toll on me now, decided to move somewhere and actually settle down for a bit now.
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It's very common not to associate with your high school friends by the time you're 4 years into adulthood

Looks like you've got that whole thing down, minus the adulthood part
hell then I guess I'm the minority, I'm still friends with all of my close circle of friends from high school. I even rent 2 of my rooms to 2 of them. One moved away for college and were still close to, Skype a good amount of days a week as a group.

I can see how your nomadic life style could cause some strain on friend ships but if you actually wanted to be thier friend you would kept in contact or made an effort to catch up every now and then. If you want to make new friends you need a hobby, it...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh god, those feels.
>Hardly any friends, because I can't relate to people who don't travel
>Few friends I have don't want to talk about traveling
>Even when my travel experience is relevant to conversation, afraid to bring it up for fear of sounding like I'm bragging

File: Flag_of_France.svg.png (5 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB,
I am going to Paris this Winter to meet up with some good French friends that I met in Berlin 2 years ago. Will the French people get offended if I sometimes refer to them as Frenchies?
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Nah, they're all Algerians anyway.
I don't think they will. I wouldn't (Frenchie here). Is that term supposed to be offensive?

Good luck avoiding our current #1 export - terrorists.
No dude.
Sorry it's not funny.

File: 132617.jpg (124 KB, 600x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB,
I found out this weekend that a coworker of mine died on her trip. Apparently it was on a jet-ski. They were on 2, one chasing another, my coworker fell off hers and was ran over by the chaser. Not a pretty sight apparently. She was only in her 20s as well which makes it even more sad.

Kinda got me thinking about travel and safety. I had an accident on my trip recently, nothing much happened to me but scared the living shit out of me.
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Know is a bit much, but this Indian guy went back on vacation and died in a traffic accident.
>Designated dying street
My wife's cousin was on a Caribbean vacation and was pulled under the water and drowned by an undertow.

File: 1306001-Afrique.HD .jpg (779 KB, 1779x2787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1306001-Afrique.HD .jpg
779 KB,
Where is the border between black populations and non-black population ?

Don't tell me a vague answer like the Sahara, it's vast. Tell me where is the border along the Nile River, the Atlantic Coast and through Sahara.
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I'm not telling you shit you demanding little fuck.
'bout tree miles fiddy outta Cape Town.
File: 0.jpg (1 MB, 1779x2787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1779x2787
this should do the trick. compare with google for exact road names. everything above the line is pale and everyone below is a nigger

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