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I want to get from Venice's Treviso Airport to Padova. I know I can catch several trains from the train stations that are ~15km from the airport, but I want to know:
1. Is there direct transport from the airport to Padova
2. How can I best get from the airport to the various train stations (Ospedale, Asseggiano, Carpenedo, Mestre and Porto Marghera)?
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once a day bump bump
I live in Vicenza so ill try and help.

If you fly into marco polo go to venezia san lucia trainstation, buy a train ticket to padova should take about an hour
what would be the best way to go from the airport to the trainstation?

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Hey /trv/ US fag here going to Corfu Greece this month. Any recommendations on what to do? Also renting a car there any tips on driving in Corfu?
>inb4 I got an int. driving permit
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Just came back from driving around mainland greece and corfu and am i'm fairly confident that the greeks are some of the worst drivers in europe. Where in Corfu you staying? Been 20+ times.
In Messonghi but plan on driving all over the island
Well your really close to Boukari beach but nothings really far on the island. Stayed in Agni bay and corfu town this time

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Whats the best dance clubs in philly that isnt a gay bar

Image not related
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district n9ne

Whats it like?
Tavern 222 on South Street

Not really a dance club but it has a dance floor and it's pretty fun

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I am thinking about taking a trip to Macedonia next year, and was wondering if anyone got any suggestions on where to go, how to travel or some general heads up. My main priority is to vist Ohrid, and maybe Skopje, but are open to vist nearby countries such as Albania, Serbia and Greece. Should I travel with train or bus?
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Thread on Balkans >>1146732

I don't recommend staying in Macedonia for more than a day or two.
You'll exhaust things to see and do very, very fast. Macedonia is just a region of Bulgaria both ethnically and culturally and anything there- Bulgaria has it bigger, better.

Here's my quick recommendation, note that I can only give you details about Bulgaria:

-Vidin, the Vidin-Calafat bridge connects BG and RO, a day to see the fortress by the Danube river, some monuments...
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The reason I am so keen going to Macedonia is because of the diverse culture and hidden gems such as the city of Ohrid. I am not that interested in Bulgaria, but rather Montenegro og Albania. Thanks for the tips tho!
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Does anyone got any experience in Montenegro? Would like to travel to the coast line

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I'm visiting Cuba in few weeks and i'm very excited, but besides little abuot their history i don't know shit about Cuba. Can someone provide me with some valuable informations about Cuba. Internet connection in cuba? What food should i try, should i be aware of something while i'm there etc... I'm visiting Havana and Varadero. Have you been to Cuba and what are your impressions of that cunt??
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Cuba is very expensive and has 2 currencies. Bring enough cash with you as you can't use ATMs.
Stay in casas particulares, no bookings in advance needed.
For internet go to an ETECSA office.
>Cuba is very expensive

literally what the fuck ?
Never been to Cuba I see? Just because it is a poor third world country doesn't make it cheap like Mexico or the DR. Shoestring budget is not particularly easy and the Cuban government takes great pains to make it difficult for "backpacker" types

Be prepared for a rude shock when you get there if you believed otherwise

Not the guy you replied to, btw

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Tell me about Kathmandu, /trv/. It's in the 3 places that I'm considering going to next summer and I realized I have enough Hyatt points to basically spend 2 weeks there for free. I doubt that I will need that much time there but I know next to nothing about it, it's just always been a place I've been fascinated with.

Basically, my questions are:
-How long is the ideal trip to Kathmandu and Nepal in general?
-Is there any tour that takes me as close to Everest as possible without needing any climbing gear or acclimatizing?
-What are some...
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I just returned from Kathmandu last week. Spent 7 days there. In my opinion going only Katmandu isn't worth it.
The city doesn't really have that much to see. The earthquakes damage is still very visible. There are many temples and religious monuments etc but they're all fairly similar and they get kinda boring after seeing a few of them. Only a couple days in Kathmandu was enough for me to see everything there was to see. My advice would be to avoid the cities.
Also I wouldn't recommend traveling to Nepal in the summer months. In the monsoon season...
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Even though the everest trek is very nice, I'd prefer the Annapurna circuit trek which starts from the Pokhara area. It's about 200km long and goes around the Annapurna massif. The lenght is from 2 to 3 weeks. Here's a great video from the region.

>What are some must see things in Kathmandu/Nepal?
I really enjoyed Phaktapur. Definitely worth the day trip from Kathmandu. The Peacock Shop had some amazing wooden handcrafts. The owner showed us his massive house with almost every wall covered in wood carvings.

Also, can't remember the name but the area by the lake in Kathmandu where the hindu people do the crematation. The area was quite interesting. The monkey temple offers some nice views of the city if it's a clear day.

>Food recommendations?
Everything in general is cheap and good. Try the momo's. I personally prefered the vegetarian food in Nepal. Nepalese people don't eat beef or pork but chicken is very common. A notable thing is that beer is very expensive atleast in Kathmandu. Expect to pay up to 5 euros a beer. They're big bottles but still very expensive considering how poor the country is.

>Common scams to look out for?
Same as any other developing country I guess. Use common sense and watch your pockets especially in crowded areas. Taxis and merchants will always try to rip you off. Negotiate the price before you get in the cab.

I can answer other questions if I can.
I haven't been, but going in December and my impression is GTFO of Kathmandu ASAP and go to Pokhara or something.

I have another general question - I'm planning on doing the Annapurna circuit. I hope to just bring boots and hire literally everything else (jackets, thermals etc) as I'm going to Sri Lanka after and don't want to be lugging winter gear. Is this a stupid plan? I know lots of people hire down jackets etc but it's harder to get info about other gear.

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Is anyone interrailing in eatern/mid europe between the 16th and 29th of august? Would love to have a travel partner

>going to Bucharest alone
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let me know how it goes, i'm going next year
btw, i'm a tall blonde swedish male

i can travel anywhere in the world and everyone will still love me
Eastern Europe is awesome, you'll have a great time there.

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Ok I'm traveling tomorrow from Europe to San Francisco, and I'm kinda going paranoid for the Customs and shit like that. I fear they are gonna take hours going throu my Laptop and all my fucking possession. I don't even have anything illegal (except for torrents and shit like that) and I'm gettin pretty scared
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>I don't have anything illegal
>tells us about the illegal stuff he has

USA is THE land of litigious copyright owners, lad. Torrenting there can fuck you up for life depending on severity of offence. But I don't think they actually check contents of passenger personal devices, so dw about that. If you aren't bringing in/taking out more than 1 brand new/in box device, just go through "nothing to declare".

That's why I won't torrent shit there and I'm deleting every torrent I have on it, still scared tho
Use any decent HDD wiper that actually fill the disk with garbage data multiple times. Not even the NSA+FBI combined can find traces after a successful wipe.
If you want to be extra sure, buy a new HDD and use the wiper on it before installing anything.
Also, take just a carry-on. That way they can scan through every singe shit you're carrying faster and you won't have to waste hours of your life in customs. If you can't fit everything you need in a carry-on only, consider aborting the trip or...
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I am going for three days to Singapore.
I am planning to visit Gardens at the Bay and Orchard Road plus Balester Food Hawkers.
Anything else I should see?
Any recommendations?
Are there ladyboys in Singapore?
Is prostitution legal or should I avoid prostitutes?
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The right way to do hawker centres is to visit a specific targeted place, not just "ooh I saw the one you haven't heard of". The great thing about it is that even though some obscure specialties might be in some random subdivision far from train service the incredibly low cost of the meal basically makes up for it, so you can basically take taxis around the island trying different things and not stress too hard about wasting money.

/trv/ doesn't much like Singapore because it is clean and prosperous and law-abiding, and real Authentic Orientals™...
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I want to go to Singapore because it is clean and orderly, I live in London which is incredibly dirty and actually the trip is sort of like scouting mission to see if I could move there to work.
why would you go there? its trash and hot shit's expensive

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How do you deal with lonelyness on a solo trip when you are introverted and kind of shy?
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>Go abroad
>Had own apartment in shanty area
>Just wandered and shopped at local markets
>Had to get back, again, not the safest country, shanty area, and there were protests and rioting the day I got there to boot
>Gotta get back before sundown
>Would just order food and watch movies

I do it the same way I do at home.
I used to return always to the same restaurant all two or three days. After some days i knew all the waiters lifestorys. Gave me an enourmous sense of wellbeing
What lonelyness? As an introvert human contact isn't nearly as necessary as it is for other people.
I've travelled a fair few times by myself now, almost all of it on my own, and I can't say I've been lonely at all.

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Hi all,

Next week I will be going on a 1,5 month backpacking trip through Peru (I'm from the Netherlands), from Aug 16 - Sept 27

I will be visiting Lima for a couple of days, then will probably do the Gringo tour starting at Pisco and visiting Islas de Ballestas, then going to Ica / Huacachina, Arequipa, Puno, and Cusco. I have no real itinerary but am roughly planning on going with the flow as I go.

However, I would like to stay in Arequipa or Cuzco for about a week to follow Spanish classes for a day or 4 or something. After Cusco, I would probably...
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We were in Peru for a month (overstayed a little because we loved it so much). Your itinerary looks doable during that time, just remember that distances are large and so you could use up days travelling between destinations.

I would definitely recommend staying in Arequipa for your Spanish lessons. It's got great wool shopping (better than Cusco) and accommodation is alot cheaper. It's also got excursions to El Misti, a hikeable volcano.

You don't have to book the hike in advance, there are loads of operators doing them. Which hike will you be...
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The distances are one of the reasons why I won't be picking up Bolivia as well. I'm mentally preparing for 10+ hour bus rides, already got my car sickness pills.

Good idea for staying longer in Arequipa. I feel that since Cuzco is much more touristic, the prices there are more expensive as well.

I don't have any idea of the different tours that there are to be booked there, although I heard as much tours ranging from 2D3N (which have my preference), other than the Inca trail.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Arequipa is also very touristic.

If you feel like you can add more destinations to your itinerary I'd suggest you add Chachapoyas. Northern Peru is often overlooked by travelers but has plenty of sights.

What is there to do in Las Vegas if you're, for the most part, alone?
Besides gambling.

I'm going with family, and I can't really see myself enjoying my time there if I'm with them, and I'm much too introverted to go picking up women or any of the sort.
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Grab a drink at the various unique bars, you'll meet people. Speaking of bars and people, some of them are great to WATCH people, all kinds of weirdos, tourists, rich and poor, first timers and repeat offenders. Food is great, you should do a buffet once and never again, Mandarin Oriental is amazing for food and if you can afford it hotel. It's a cool town to just wander around. There are also museums, tourist traps, and shops to look at, and you can relax at the various pools. If you get bored of that you...
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Also worth adding it costs money to do most things in Vegas, so if you're broke the wandering around option is really all you've got. Still, it's a great place to do it, you'll see tons of excess and architecture.
Thanks anon
I'll probably wander around and hope something good happens. Eating seems right up my alley being a hungry skeleton. Hope the heat doesn't kill me.

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Hey all, the family and I are planning on making a trip to Europe this winter (approximately December 26 through early January, maybe a week and a half).

Anybody have any general pointers in the right direction? We're thinking Germany/Austria and maybe Switzerland, but the latter is rather expensive, prohibitively so. Interests include the typical shit: food, museums, outdoorsy stuff like hiking, attractive cities to walk around in, etc.

My thought is that typically summer-friendly vacation spots like Croatia, Greece, Portugal, etc. won't be as appealing...
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I recommend the czech republic and especially Prague. In summer the city is extremely crowded, so i guess as a family its way more comfortable to travel there in winter. czech mountains are very nice, accommodation is cheap (at least cheaper than in any of the three you mentioned) and its great if youre a beginner with skiing. Cross-country-skiing is a nice replacement for hiking also.
Vienna is simply an outstanding Christmas destination, as is Prague. Sometimes the city markets, are a destination unto themselves, look them up. You want to balance a city stay with smaller towns to get better prices, but realize the wealthy are off, kids are out of school, and anywhere with ski weather will have higher occupancy.

If price is the biggest concern, get into eastern europe, Budapest, Romania....there's a delicate balance between religious holiday countries and actually having things open...
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2 MB, 3264x1836

>Cheap af
>Ski and all winter-related activities are well-developed
>Orthodox Christianity, beautiful, unique churches

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Whats it like traveling to and moving to Guam? I want to be as close to Asia without leaving the States. Can I still vote if I was born in the States proper?
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Traveling: Guam is not so interesting in and of itself. You can cover pretty much everything in 2 days. Guam however is good as a staging point to go to other Micronesian islands.

Moving to: Cost of living is fairly low, and jobs (especially in the tourism industry) are easy to get. But there's not a lot to do there, so it's easy to get island fever.

Close to Asia: Geographically, yes. But getting to Asia (apart from Japan) is a pain in the ass as there aren't any flights to most countries....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What are the chances of getting beachfront property?

Can you travel to the other islands casually enough to lessen the island fever?

Does it have all the goods and services you need to live comfortably?

Are the natives as butthurt as the ones I encounter sometimes?
Also, how is the internet?

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0 B,
Live in Belgium myself, want a short 2-3 day trip within Europe to party and (if) possible play poker.

Best would be if there is also a hostel nearby that does pubcrawls.
I thought about

- London,
- Manchester (dont know if the poker scene is good there)
- Newcastle (dont know if the poker scene is good there)
- Vienna ( dont know if the party scene is good there)
- Berlin (dont know anything
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berlin party scene is amazing, especially if you're into techno and amphetamine
I would say Vienna.
>ok/good tier nightlife
>two 24/7 poker casinos with cash game and tourneys
>limits usually 1-2, 2-4 and 10-20 € NLHL, PLO and NLO with25BB Min - 100BB Max or No Max tables.

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If all goes well I'll be living in Tokyo for 3 months next year. Unemployed, can just chill for the entire time with a budget for food and rent etc paid in advance.

I'd love to stay in an apartment like pic related. I've got an image in my head of staying up all night with neon lights outside. Is there a particular area of tokyo/name of this style of apartment? I'm trawling airbnb but there's a lot of listings and it's hard to tell. Thanks in advance.
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sorry, real life is not a fantasy or blade runner

there arnt neon lights or anything like that.

instead of searching for something to match your fantasy, look in the realm of reality and find something you like there. you'll live a happier life
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I'm not too fazed if it's not exactly the same. I'd like to visit tokyo anyway. I'm going to Moscow again for a few months, then across America for like 4 months, then tokyo, and I'll probably go back across America after.

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Hey /trv/

I'm in a shitty place right now and want to teach English abroad, preferably in Russia or some other cold place.

I have a BA in English Lit. Are TEFL courses necessary for this kind of thing?

Any advice or experience?

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Get a CELTA, especially if you want to teach in Europe. Fun experience and you are practically guaranteed a job.

Thanks for the reply.

Any idea how long the shortest course is for this?

I mean how long does it take before deciding to want to do it and being able to do it?
4 weeks
It is the best kind of certification you can get if you want to teach in the west.

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Hello everybody

I'm sure most of you know maps.me. I have a question to those who use it. I don't like the new update they've had since a few weeks. There are various issues I have with it, but there is one thing in particular that annoys me.

The navigation. I don't use it, but for some reason the app insists on putting a marker on my location and constantly zooms towards it. It makes looking at other parts of the world quite annoying. And since I only rely on wifi for internet and don't have 3G or 4G or how do you call it, the marker...
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>I'm sure most of you know
Funny guy

I think you should ask the developer
Try HERE maps. It doesn't work everywhere but it's better when it does work.
I'll see what I can find on google.

Thanks for the tip, but I'd like to stick with maps.me

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Hello /trv/

I'll be in SF for a few months under a J1 visa. How easy is it to get part time work under the table? Last time I was there, noticed many vacancies in Asian restaurants in the cities between SF and San Jose. Do you think it's easy to persuade them to give me a cash in hand job without the work visa?

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SF has a $2 higher minimum wage so going into the Peninsula to fill the labor vacuum is a good idea.

Ithe seems like any hole in the wall restaurant would be your best bet. If you had any experience in skilied labor finding a job would be infinitely easier.
Why do you keep going to that shithole?
Best weather in the US.

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I want to attend university in Germany/Austria, and I'm in eastern Europe right now. As you can probably tell from my place of origin, I'm not very well off. I have a choice, I can stay and attend university here, or I can try and move to Germany or Austria, attend university there, adapt to the life there during my studies and be prepared to immediately work there.

I think I'd rather choose Germany/Austria over a country that is ran by politicians who don't care how their people live and where there are literally no jobs. There is basically a huge...
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>working part time won't pay the bills from what I've read
if you're hell bent on studying in munich or other similiar expensive cities that's probably true but cost of living in the eastern parts of Germany are significantly lower. The 200-300€ you have to pay to the university every semester usually includes public transportation and access to government subsidised meals in the mensa. You could also try to get a place in a "studentenwohnheim" (which means super cheap rent but it's hard to get). Bear in mind...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
this. East Germany for you OP. What are you going to study and whats your monthly budget? part-time-job normally gets you 450 bucks
I thought they abolished university fees?
Well my mum makes a shit salary so we agreed she would pay the living costs for one semester max, until I can somehow get some income going, be it a scholarship or a grant or whatever. Basically I'll have enough to live for a semester, and from there I'm on my own. Wouldn't a part time in eastern Germany yield less since the cost of everything is basically cheaper?

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Alright, cutting to the chase. I

>have EU citizenship
>not UK, so no Brexit issues
>am white as the purest snow

For years, moving to Germany has been rattling around my head. No idea why, it's just on of those things that's been gnawing at me. One downside, I do not speak German. At all.

Not talking about dropping everything forever, but say 6-12 months and see what happens. I know I'm not gonna get a top tier six figure exec job, but what are my...
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>what are my prospects?

What are your qualifications?

MAA in English, and I've been working as a script/copywriter these past few years. I do have experience working in hospitality, but it's been a while. I do have a ton of freelance clients who don't give a fuck where I am as long as I have an internet connection and meet my deadlines so I don't need a job NOW NOW NOW, but... y'know. I've worked as a baker, in sales and a few other things.

I was also in the army for a while, but I'm not sure how applications that might have.
Not the first poster, but do you have any qualifications, anything at all regarding German? Considering your English degree, if you add onto that a German qualification (IIRC the Goethe institute does certifications for foreigners), you could start branching out into plurilingual copywriting (and translation, if you're feeling up to snuff). Knowing more languages usually lends you better-paying contracts.

File: harz-map-thumbnail.jpg (15 KB, 180x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and a friend will go to Harz for 2 days this Saturday/Sunday, having booked an airbnb room in a town at the north-western part of the Harz.

Can you guys recommend two easy hiking routes (around 6-8 hours) for two days?

Also on our way back to Hamburg we will visit Hanover for about 2-3 hours. Is there anything exciting in that city?
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Hanover has a nice train station with good mettbrötchen, but other than that, it's pretty much a non-place. (im a southerner though...)

Thus, I don't know too much about the Harz, but the Oker valley is absolutely worth seeing! I'd guess that the bizarre rock formations there are probably fascinating even for a non climber.

Other than that, there should be a few nice, small, old towns. And the Brocken might be nice, both, landscape wise, as well as historically.
Don't know about hiking routes, but I think the Barbarossadenkmal is worth visiting
try http://regio.outdooractive.com/oar-harz/de/touren/ for some tours

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images (8).jpg
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I am from the UK and I have Kiwi citizenship. Am thinking about doing a Master's in NZ or Australia. What is the minimum amount that I should have saved up before moving there?
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8,000,000,000 sheckels
2000-3000 bottle caps
Depends on the city in NZ senpai. Auckland would a bit more expensive to live as it is a major city, Wellington 2nd then Dunedin third. Think $200 a week for rent, 70 for food 50 - 80 for utilities and another 100 for miscellaneous as a rough guideline for NZ. multiply the quantity over 104 and you have a figure about how much you need to save.

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gf and i have been on a road trip across the US for the past 4 months. unemployment just ended tho so we're now looking for ethical or unethical ways to make money. not tryna get into anything sexual. both in our mid 20s... any ideas?
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Have you tried getting a job?
Kek fpbp

I heard sometimes there are things called jobs where people will give you actual money to do tasks for them.

Its kind of a weird concept but surprisingly alot of people do it. Something to look into at least.

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There's a special type of loneliness I want to feel

I want to find a busy city- the busiest city in the world with the busiest people
bright and loud and moving and active and alive

and I just want to sit back from a distance, and look at it
and just think

no idea where pic related is
but something like that
someplace like that
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has anyone been any place like that? and felt something like that?

forgot to actually ask the question in the post, sorry
That pic looks like La Paz, Bolivia. Entering the city via bus you can get a panoramic view just like that because it's built into the mountains.

Pic related is from the National Geographic insta of La Paz.
NY, Tokyo, Mumbai, London...
Do you want to be seated at a cafe, up close to the action, or at a distance like pic?

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norwegian going to the states in three weeks.

what do I need to know about tipping? I've never tipped.
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There is a whole percent thing of the price in your order but I tip on how the waiter treats and also don't be cheap!
Typically tip 15-20% I think it is. But 15% is standard. So add about 1/10 of your cost and then a few dollars more.
It's shitty and most Americans don't even like it but it literally keeps food on their tables, as places like restaurants pay below minimum wage.
When the fuck did 15% become the standard??? The standard is 10%. Just because restaurants print out receipts with tip suggestions starting at 15% doesn't mean you're obligated to tip that. 10% is fine OP. More if your server was very attentive.

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hey, does anybody have advice for what do in iran -with gf- ? will visit isfahan and tehran, aiming for good food and some art if possible.

reposting since was afk and lost other thread =<
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Make sure your gf packs the appropriate clothing.
No public affection.

Correct clothing.

Do not discuss religion or politics with locals.

Have fun, they'll love you.
Don't be American and dress appropriately

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does anyone know anything about this area? It's one of many places I'm considering while looking for jobs. mainly because of its location between the outer banks (surfing) and richmond (dank beer)
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>Great Dismal Swamp
Those cats really do know how to market their nature reserves.
Norfolk is a pretty decent small city, lots going on, very lively arts scene, Traffic in the area can be brutal for its size, since tunnels are choke-points. Lots of decent restaurants. Summers are hot/humid, and due to low-lying area, street-flooding is common when there are thunderstorms. There is a good Pokemon spot down by the pagoda.
thanks senpai

I've recently graduated from high school, and have been suffering from major depressive disorder for the past two years. I'm sick of my life, and can't stand to spend anymore time in the situation I'm currently in. Before I spend another 4 years of my life studying at a University, I want a few months of freedom. I want to travel to somewhere I've never been, and experience something new.

I've got ~$7,000AUD saved up. What can this get me? I was hoping to possibly going to Japan. I should also mention, that I'm most likely going to...
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well no weed but japan is cool. if you really want somewhere alone and beautiful and secluded go up to tohoku or hokkaido. if you've just graduated high school there's no rush mate.

I know that I probably shouldn't be rushing, but I feel like if I spend anymore time having to deal with the issues I've got in my current situation, I'm going to end up killing myself. And I can't handle a bunch more stress from university so soon after high school.

I also live with a pretty strict and religious family, so I also really want to be able to drink alcohol/do drugs/whatever, without any repercussions.
Keep in mind you will go to jail for drugs in japan, its not like Australia where if you are caught its a fine.
7k will get you about 90 days or a bit more which is the length of a visa. Eat out of combinis ,sight see with your legs, spend a good amount of time in each location. Learn essential phrases if you dont really care about the language, if you do try to learn as much as possible before you leave aus.
What state you in?

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centralia mine fire.jpg
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Hey /trv/. /lit/izen reporting in, first time on your board. A friend and I are going to drive over to Centralia PA tomrrow, get high as fuck, eat shrooms and camp there the night. The initial idea was to camp in Centralia, but I'm a little worried that we won't find a safe/legal place to park the car. Wouldn't want my friend to get tickets and/or towed for some stupid bullshit. So I figured we might rent a camp site in a state park 30 min east of Centralia (for when we get tired of exploring the town), leave our car there, hike out into the park and set up camp...
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Another bump
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