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I only have 2500$ but i want to stay in LA about a month. i'm worried if i got shot by a gun. i heard that LA is quiet dangerous place. should i buy stun gun?
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> i'm worried if i got shot by a gun. i heard that LA is quiet dangerous place. should i buy stun gun?
Lol where the fuck are you from? I mean the risk is high if you stay in some of the worst parts of the city like the east side but it's not nearly as bad as people say.
>I only have 2500$
good luck making it in LA for that amount, you're gonna be living pretty basic. Also LA is overrated as shit.
You wont get shot in LA
>worst parts of the city
>not mentioning south central

You will not be able to do a month in LA unless you room with someone. Besides the room situation, I think the rest is doable in a cheaper neighborhood with access to a metro line.

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I'm going to Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb in 2 weeks and am looking for recommendations on things to do.

I've looked through wikivoyage pages for the aformentioned cities, so I'm looking for things perhaps a bit off the beaten path. Cool hikes, neat areas of town, day trips, good bars, delicious eats, etc.

Also what are the absolute "must see" attractions in these cities?

Thanks buds!
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Pic attached is from Mostar, definitely worth a visit!

Personally I hated Dubrovnik as it is an overpriced tourist trap designed for selfie taking japs.

Split and Zagreb are a bit better. Sarajevo is interesting, check out the various museums. In Mostar you can take a tour to the caves nearby which is supposed to be cool.
The abandoned bobsleigh track in Sarajevo is cool, as is the Srebrenica gallery
Eat cevapi and burek. Drink rakia. Check out the bobsled track and Sarajevo tunnel. Check out Zlatna Ribica Bar. Make friends and go to the hookah bars in Bascarsjia. Drink Bosnian (Turkish) coffee. If you smoke, Drina Special Filters are great.

If the train is still running, take the morning one from Sarajevo to Mostar. It's a scenic three hour ride. Go up the sniper tower. Head out of town to Kravice Falls.

Tough one because it's not an obvious place to visit. Last time I was there, I drank with some friends in front...
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What are the best things to do in Tirol?
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Check out the nature
Google "Alpinecoaster imst"
Tirol is one of the most tourism dependend states in Austria, so they should have considerable stuff to "do".
However, it still is mostly winter, and they are just trying to get started with summer tourism and shit like >>1146645

But "classic" hiking, climbing and alpinism is already quite big, and has been so since over 100 years.
The German and Austrian Alpine clubs have a considerable infrastructure of huts in the mountains, so you wont need a tent.

But if you cant do such things on your...
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Hey /trv/, I've always dreamed about doing a Journey to the East. I live in Switzerland and I would often fantasize about traveling (via a road trip, a hitchhiking trip, or a bicycle trip) to the East going either over Former Yugoslavia or over Austria-Hungary-Romania to Istanbul. I figured Istanbul to be my first main goal though I've fantasized to continue up to Japan.

I have travel experience but up until now I've always had a disposable amount of money while traveling. This would be the first time with no money.

If I do travel, I would first...
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it is ok until eastern turkey, then it gets fuzzy.

there is low intensity civil war in eastern turkey at least. best route to exit turkey is from north to georgia for sure.
You won't have the tiniest problems travelling through former Yugo countries or Romania/Bulgaria. Balkans are chill and relaxed. I wouldn't recommend Turkey, though. Not right now, anyway.

The Balkans are cheap, but you can't do odd jobs here and there to sustain your travel.

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trv map.png
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Hey /trv/

I am going to Prague sometime in late august and my plan is to spend about a week there and then head to the nearby cities. Mostly by bus or other cheap transport.
The problem is that I've got no idea where to head from there. I've thought of heading east to Poland or head south towards Wien and maybe Ljublana. Nevertheless I know basicly nothing about these cities.

Time is very flexible. I'd be traveling as long as i feel like but I'm thinking of something like 3 weeks which of 1 week in Prague and then head back home to Finland.
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No experience with Hostel One, but there is a hostel in Holešovice, about 100m from the Metro station which caught my eye. I'm Czech, but I keep an eye out for this sort of stuff. I can find the name, if you want.

Prague one is a seriously historical place, in daytime, getting lost in the small streets around the Staroměstská station is seriously a good thing. The Staroměstská is a stone's throw away from the Faculty of Arts, nice building, also, if you can, head to Hany Bany. Weed is about 200CZK...
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New info, Bára is not there anymore. Nevermind, rest of the manual can stick.
I did the Alternative Tour in Prague and it was a great introduction to the city and the culture of Post-Czechoslovakia.

I highly recommend it:


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You guys have any tips for me? Going for 3,5 weeks
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Was in Bolivia a few weeks ago.

La Paz was pretty crappy. Nice views on the bus ride in, but we got outta there ASAP. Would recommend Sucre, pretty colonial town with the best fresh juice and salad bar ever.

Be very careful with food and drink. Both my friend and I got food poisoning in Bolivia. Almost everyone at out hostel and everyone on the Salar de Uyuni tour also managed to get ill once they hit Bolivia.

If you're doing the Salar de Uyuni tour, find a cheap operator. We went with red planet expeditions which were great but incredibly overpriced....
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Thanks for the tips and info! Will be carefull with my stuff then. Also theft galore is it that bad?
I would be very careful in La Paz. It is noticeably rough and impoverished. Lots of begging compared to the surrounding countries and I had an incident with an aggresive beggar in Sucre.

I had none of my things stolen when I was there, but again, my friend was pickpocketed. We never explored during the night and don't drink/go clubbing but she was still victim. Happened in broad daylight. I'd say just be a little more vigilant: keep your cards separate from your wallet, keep the bulk of your cash in...
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I'm going to Rome for a week, and I need some advice:
1.Where better to live : in the hostel or in a room of airbnb? The price is the same, but I do not know where to get more good impressions
And if airbnb, in which area to live better:
San Lorenzo or Pigneto or San Giovanni or Trieste or Nomentana?
I'm more interested in history and art, but would like to have a drink

2. What places I definitely should visit? Monuments? Museums? A cafe?
And the average score in the cafe?

3. I love second hand, you can advise good in Rome?

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>What places I definitely should visit?
What sort of things interest you? The Vatican museum is amazing, consider paying extra for a night tour, it is WAY less crowded and much more enjoyable. If it interests you at all, Hadrian's "villa" is a short trip out of town and I enjoyed it very much -- if you are not into Roman history, though, I guess it would just be another ruin... but if you know what you are looking at, it is well worth a visit.
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Yes, I also love the history of Ancient Rome
And I study at the University as an architect
And I'm going to Rome in September and I have heard that this holiday season for Italians, is that true?

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I'm thinking of travelling to Lebanon. Is it safe to travel there? I don't really want to get killed.

I've been there like twice before a while ago, and I understand Lebanese quite well but can't speak, read, or write Lebanese/Arabic for shit.
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It's safe, most people speak english and/or french, stay out of hezbollah areas like achrafiyeh in beirut
Thanks for the info.
Someone made a thread like this some weeks ago, I replied there >>1143060
You can still AMA.

Jesus, don't listen to this guy. Ashrafiyeh is a Christian neighbourhood popular with expats, half of the foreigners I knew down there lived there, including myself.

Hey /trv/ poorfag from a third world country here, amaze me with your stories/pictures of your travels, since i cant go anywhere.
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My parents traveled through western Europe back in the commie era when their wage was 15 dollars a month.
No excuses Anon, grab your tent and hitchhike to your neighbor countries.
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Guided, state-funded tours? Private citizens could not do this on their own for a multitude of reasons.

The SSE Arena, Wembley in London June 25.
I flew to London to see the Counter Strike games and meet with some lads. Overall worth. Even the CS was good.
You very much could, depending on the time and country. Sure, good luck leaving at all during the Stalin era, but by the 70s here travel to other commie states was relatively easy and by the mid-late 80s getting a passport for western countries wasn't that much of an issue. Smuggling and selling shit like a medieval merchant was very profitable and fairly common.

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Is Turkey/Istanbul safe to visit now?
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What did you mean by this?

Will I be in considerable danger with the recent situation happening? I think it should be fine but some people are saying it's dangerous, but I'm not sure if they have any reasoning behind this.
Maybe you should ask /pol/. They seem to keep up with the news for things like this.

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Hey /trv/,
Within the next week, I'll be driving from New Orleans to St Augustine, St Augustine to Savannah, Savannah back to New Orleans through the route going through Atlanta.
That was a mouthful.

Any suggestions on places to visit on the road trip or our stops? I've never been to southern us.

Pic related bc it's the car I'll be driving and I
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the beach
In St Augustine?
Touristy things include:
GA aquarium, World of Coke, Zoo, college football hall of fame, and we have a botanical garden which is nice i guess. Avoid underground ATL as it's sketch.
If you're going through on a weekend, I'd check Piedmont Park to see if there are any festivals going on. Outside of that, if you're looking for night life, Buckhead (frat vibe), Edgewood (hipster and a ghetto vibe), Virginia Highlands (a bit chiller and older scene).

Most memorable thing you can do in ATL is to hit up Clairmont Lounge. I think Anthony bordain...
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images (4).jpg
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Does cultural shock always happen when one travels/moves abroad? How do you know you are past the honeymoon phase?
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First phase is bewilderment
Second phase is honeymoon
Third phase is disenchantment
Fourth phase is acceptance

You'll know you're past honeymoon because you think everything sucks dick.
Is it possible to go through all these stages during a one month trip?
Depends where you go. I'm British but have felt comfortable everywhere in Western Europe I've been and experienced absolutely no culture shock at all when I went to New Zealand since their culture is very similar to the UK albeit more laid back and less conservative. However, for obvious reasons I had huge culture shock going to China but I also experienced it significantly in America even though we share a language. Mainly because everyone I met there seemed so alien and convinced of themselves and their country, they weren't self-deprecating at all.

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Hey /trv/,
I plan to visit Mexico next year (probably in March) and I was wondering how safe or unsafe it'd really be to visit Ciudad Juarez for a day or two, and what's the situation there for tourists in general. I'd really love to hear your opinion. I got to add that i'm german and do not speak a word of spanish, my travel partner speaks a little spanish.
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Juarez is pretty dangerous, though not as much as it was some 5 years ago, it's ugly, it's scorching hot during the summer, it's freezing during winter, why would you ever choose to go there?
Maybe he is a serial killer? God you people are so judgmental.
Why, of all the all inclusive resorts you could go to, would you go to that shit hole? Even Mexican tourists don't go there.

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Hey guys, I'm traveling abroad for a while and I want to take a bunch of data with me (carry on). However, some of the data I'll take is pornographic in nature and I'm concerned because I'm connecting flights in Istanbul.

Should I be concerned? Do I have to go through security again when changing planes? Am I going to be subjected to their laws if I'm not even leaving the airport post-check in lobbies?
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Never had anyone hassle me in those countries as to what's on my computer or hard drives, but hey maybe you'll get lucky
Do they really check your laptop before you take the plane? D:
Yes you should be concerned.
If I were you, I'd just throw everything in the cloud and take a clean laptop/hdd or whatever you're taking.
Don't take any chances in those areas man.

They checked with me. Both laptop and smartphone. Luckily it was a chromebook so I logged with a throwaway account that had nothing on it.

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Hello /trv/
I am a 26 year old Greek/Canadian thinking about moving to Tallinn. I am looking for information on how to find a place to rent and in general how to find my way in Tallinn.
If there is anyone from Estonia that could help, I would appreciate it.
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best part of tallinn is that you can reach helsinki quite easily.
I'll bump. I always like reading about Estonia and want to visit soon
I'll give you a bump for interest. I loved Tallinn when I was there, one of my favorite cities.

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Hey /trv/! I'll be traveling to Munich from August 13 to 19. Any tips or where to go? I'll be going with my girlfriend, so I am accepting stuff to do solo or as a couple. I spent some days in Berlin earlier this summer, should I expect a lot of differences?
Thanks in advance.

>inb4 dude terrorism lmao
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>should I expect a lot of differences?

Thanks, that was interesting.

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hey /trv/,

Coming august I'm doing a 16 day trip with two friends. We're starting in Dubrovnik, heading south through Montenegro to Albania and fly back from Dubrovnik.
We wanted to do the whole trip with public transport. However, in Albania this seems almost impossible to arrange beforehand and trips
of only 650km would take up to 20 hours. Our itinerary is as follows:

9 Dubrovnik
10 Dubrovnik
11 Dubrovnik --> Dhermi
12 Dhermi
13 Dhermi
14 Dhermi
15 Dhermi
16 Dhermi --> Sarande
17 Sarande
18 Sarande
19 Sarande
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Hey, I came back 3 weeks ago in that exact area.

Dubrovnik is fucking shit. Skip it entirely or spend one single day there and do the walls. People are looking to squeeze you dry and everything is damn expensive for a shit city. I would definitely put Kotor somewhere in your itinerary, its amazing.

Albania is fun in a wacky way. Nobody speaks English, so prepare to use sign language. Oh and forget about booking anything in advance, everything you just need to pay for on the bus. I would probably ditch...
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>Dubrovnik is fucking shit

We fly to and from Dubrovnik because the tickets were the cheapest option..
We want to get to the south of Albania as cheap as possible but we can't find anything about public transport in Albania.
I found some travel agencies which offer transfers, but these are still pretty expensive. We don't necessarily want to book in advance, but we also don't want to spend an entire day going from travel agency to travel agency to bus station etc...
Just buy tickets on the bus, its not expensive, i paid 8 euros for an 8 hour bus drive.

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Not sure if this is the right board to post this but anyway.
So I'm about to move to study in Germany (from Bulgaria) and I'm looking to find a place to live. I'd be grateful if someone told which are some trustworthy sites where I can find something cheap(WG or not, it doesn't matter). Im looking for someting in Munich, Karlsruhe, Aachen or Dortmund.
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Not OP but in similar situation (bumping for interest). I am still waiting on my state health insurance to supply my my insurance number. It has been 2 weeks and several follow up emails latter. Does anyone here have experience dealing with german health insurers?
wg-gesucht.de is were you will find a WG, all other sites are way smaller
immobilienscout24.de is the biggest site for single apartments like 1-room if you exclude ebay were you might also look
or look on facebook if there is a student housing group (just look for WG+city you wanna go)

call them and if something went wrong try another one. getting no replies from a health insurance is strange, at least as a native.
also i advise against Munich. Finding a decent place to live, shared or not, will be really really hard. The city is extremely expensive in terms of rent.

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Planing a trip all around Ireland. Any advice? What should I make sure I don't miss?
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the giants causeway is amazing. visited it a couple of years back
If its the real Ireland you want to see.
Go here http://villageofthemonks.com
dont be english

File: The_Parthenon_in_Athens[1].jpg (339 KB, 1144x804) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB,
I'm going to Greece from 23 august - 4th of september, so right now I'm looking at things to do and places to stay.
My question is, could it just be me or is there a huge circlejerk around travelling? Looking at travel blogs every attraction is recommended and every city is great, everyone left their cushy corporate jobs to travel the world, etc, so I'm having a bit of cognitive dissonance because a lot of things that people cream themselves over don't seem really exciting to me.

Also, recommendations for things to do in Greece? I don't really...
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This is what I'm talking about:
>“A great way to get to know Thessaloniki is to do nothing to ‘explore’ her, but instead just ‘be’ there. Just relax,” advises writer Rika Z. Vayianni, an Athenian who has been visiting Thessaloniki for decades. If you pause to linger and listen you will hear the city speak volumes, Rika notes in “The art of doing nothing,” the magazine’s introductory article. “Some of the things she will say, or show to you, will remain in your memory for a long, long time. Some of them will perplex you, take...
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I find most people to be insufferable.

Delphi is pretty cool and you might like Meteora.
If I were you I would find some islands and spend most of your time on them. Crete does have a lot to offer.
Greeks are notoriously lazy and this just reaffirms it lol. "Just do nothing" lmao. Greeks, pay debts!

It's too much for Greece and Athens doesn"t have a good rep on trv. There should be a thread going on about now about it. The Acropolis, a museum and thats it.

File: map.jpg (143 KB, 1441x763) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is there to do or see within this area for someone who is driving thru with 3 days?
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There's a craft brewery in Laurel, MS that gives fun tours and has great beer, and there's pretty good restaurants nearby in Laurel, Meridian, and Hattiesburg. A good art museum in Laurel too. If you like beaches, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is going to dissapoint you - muddy/murky water and litter on the beach. It's the only beach I've been to in my life and I love it, but every friend I've made from the East/West coast have said it sucks. The Gulf Coast itself is pretty good, though. Tons...
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Yeah bro set me up with her. Can she deepthroat?

Hi /trv, I am someone in mid 30s but have not traveled often. I hope to do so now, please recommend me must have apps that I can use when at overseas. I plan to to backpacking, so it would involve more effort and things can get easily overwhelmed due to information overload, hence need your help. Thanks in advance.
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Maps.me is an incredible offline maps tool, I use it a lot
I used maps.me in London, smaller download than Google Maps offline regions and it does the job. If you have the time/bandwidth just download google offline regions.

Otherwise I use Tinder and Foursquare for places recommendations.

I think more anons will know stuff in Asia where stuff isn't available or there are local alternatives.
I like google maps offline dl. It's nice having access to all my saved places.

Also, find a local public transport app. I used Trafi in the Baltics and it worked great.

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Is birthright a meme? A friend of mine is thinking about going.
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free guided tour of Israel. Pick a more secular trip organizer and you'll be fine. It's pretty tiring though, when I did it we would wake up at 630 everyday, tour until 7 or 8 at night at least, have a bit of free time before sleeping and going again. Very little time to chill or explore on your own. Still, it's a free trip to Israel.

pro-tip: book a flight to europe or somewhere else for when the trip is finished, Birthright will pay for your return ticket so if you make it through the initial tour you can go travel independently and still have a free...
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They'll pay for anyone to go. I had a friend who wasn't Jewish say he wanted to go to Israel and learn about Jews or some shit like that, and they let him go.
what exactly is birthright? never heard of it.

File: 1440682887608.png (174 KB, 902x865) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB,
China General

General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Domestic Flights:

Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps
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I'm going to China soon and have barely any idea about their culture and how it relates to the West. How should I behave generally while interacting with Chinese people?

Should I try to adopt their customs, going full /a/ and bowing and shit, or show them the freedom stance with hands on my hips?

Do they like when people try to emulate their culture, or should I just admit to being a baka gaijin and doing Western stuff since I'm white?
File: Chinanature.jpg (59 KB, 800x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going to Shanghai and Beijing and was looking around for any type nature like mountains or lakes something close by or between the cities

Any info on sex industry?

File: image.jpg (5 MB, 6550x3900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB,
What's your guys opinions on prostitution? I'm in Vienna where it's legal and a brothel down the street from my hotel, should I do it?
58 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.
Do you want to do it?

IMO it's not worth it and it's much simpler and cheaper to have a wank. I did it a couple of times to indulge a fetish and lick a girl but it was awkward in most of the encounters

P.s. sex threads get deleted here
>What's your guys opinions on prostitution?
I favor legalization, mostly because I think it's safer for the women (and men) who sell sex for a living. I don't think it's inherently immoral, either for providers or consumers.

I also don't like paid sex, at all--I find the scene depressing and don't get excited by sex with people who aren't enjoying it.

>should I do it?
Do you really want to? Can you afford...
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You should try it if it is not too expensive for you, but make sure you sort everything out ahead of time.

I got a hooker in the Red Light district of Amsterdam who offered "sex and blow job" and all she did was give me a blow job and a hand job, only to tell me "full service" would be another 100 euros.

It's probably only worth it if you want to do it for the experience. Otherwise, you're most likely better off saving that money and spending it on a nice restaurant or some museums.

What are some tips for solo travel?

I'm halfway through a solo jaunt in Central Portugal (currently in Óbidos) and I've generally been having a blast but I'm not sure if I'm missing out on certain things because of my ignorance and shyness. Instead of staying in hostels, I oped for hotels/a VRBO apartment. I have local friends, but we can't hang out as much as we'd like because they have lives too (couldn't stay with them either as we're all young university students and their parents wouldn't been keen on some foreigner from...
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>What did you wish you knew before your first solo trip?

I have no idea, I'll go on my first solo trip in january and I'm anxious af
That I should try to see less in the time I've allocated myself. Two, sometimes even three days per city is not enough, and hiking for less than three days straight sometimes seeems like a loss of time to me, whereas a week seems like heaven on earth.

Ya ur way fucking up bud

Solo travel is best coupled with cold approach pickup

Goal: fuck girls for a place to stay. Don't spend an hour without meeting someone new

File: 1430428741693.jpg (828 KB, 3000x2119) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
828 KB,
Why is traveling considered to be such an admirable thing by most people? Travel is cool and all but nothing beats staying home and being comfy.
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If that truly makes you happy then keep doing it. We are all raised and conditioned by our own social and cultural surroundings. Some people want to explore beyond there own boundaries. Some people want to explore themselves.
Why not do both?

Be comfy 90% of the year. Then take a trip every now and then.
Because I am not a faggot loser who thinks staying home is the best thing ever and traveling does beat staying at home because staying home being on 4chan is for people that should kill themselves

I'm in Taipei. I'll be here for a while but I'm just getting settled now and don't have much to do aside from getting my shit in order. If anyone wants to hang out/meet up let me know.

Also, suggestions for things to do in the area?
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Where in Taipei are you? The metro is super convenient to get anywhere really. If you're an /out/doors person hit up the hiking spots at 陽明山 (Yangmingshan), 象山 (Elephant Mountain), and 皇帝殿 (Emperor's Hall or something). Nightlife, shopping, and food are all good to explore as well; there's a lot to do in Taipei. How long are you there for?
A year, to learn the language. I'm staying in the Jingan MRT area at the moment. I'll look up those spots; I won't have much to do after I get my gm membership/sim card/ bank account settled.
That's awesome man, I would also recommend taking the HSR down to other cities like Tainan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung if you ever get bored of Taipei. Tickets are around 1000NTD which is a little over 30USD.

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About to travel to Hong Kong for the first time. Curious, do the market sell decent knock-off clothing for men? Is it worth me breaking HKD for the market shopping experience?
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are you american sized? if you are your kinda fucked on choices
Another anon said he got a really good Reuben in HK and I'd like to know where.

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Everywhere I travel I see Australians. Do all of them go on frequent vacations or something? What gives
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20 days paid vacation per year
Good exchange rate.
Not ausfalia.
Why wouldn't you travel elsewhere?

We get good wages, couple that with paid vacation and then rostered time off and you can get anywhere from a month to a month and a half of travel every year.
On top of decent wages and paid holidays, travelling is heavily engrained in our culture. It's simply part of our lifestyle, because we're raised to be adventurous and with the idea that "you need to see the world" if that makes sense.

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