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So, I'll be moving to Qatar in about a month because of my job. What can I expect? I hear it's pretty fucking awesome.
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say hi to clock boy for me
I kek'd. I will if I see him.
>I hear it's pretty fucking awesome

You definitely heard wrong. Qatar is pretty boring, m8.

yo /trv/,

should i do this trip through europe, or a trip that's exclusively through great britain? i can't decide which one to do, and i want to see them both...
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Personally, I would stop in belgium, replace amsterdam with copenhagen, and only stop in florence in italy.
Lol wtf us in tyrol
why would you go to Tyrol but not Vienna?

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So I'm staying in Seattle for a few nights next week: Anything cool to see or do besides the usual museums, pike place market and stuff?
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if you're looking for good food on the cheap go to Mama's. Mexican food, $10 a meal. Also City Hostel is pretty good.
Pic related, Seattle's underground is huge. There's a bunch of secret entrances on the waterfront too.
City Hostel? I was going to settle for the Hosteling international one because it's right next to the train station I would be getting off at, but it does look really cool...

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Hello /trv/ I'll be in L.A. in a few days for the first time. What do I absolutely need to see/do? And is there any place you guys would suggest a weeb to see in L.A.?
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>celebrity death tour
>watch Chinatown so you can more fully appreciate how grotesque development was
...also, I imagine it's possible to troll 3rd tier entertainment people with requests for interviews or talent/casting submissions. Getting a troll meeting during your vacation would be a great Life Story.
Since you're a weeb, go to Little Tokyo. Great little restaurants and it has a Kinokuniya bookstore. Also it has a figure store tucked away in the subway part.
Something not many people know is that talk show tickets are free. I know Conan and maybe Kimmy Kimmel tape in LA. There is a long queue to get tickets but it's an interesting experience if you can come by them, I saw conan and there seemed to be quite a few open seats

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>Can't sleep the night before a big journey
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Nose clogged up all day after flight
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>have to take the plane
>get terrible diarrhea right at the start of the trip

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britbong here
going to the university of texas in austin next year, i've never been to america before and have no idea what to expect, how can i get the most fun out of a year of american uni?

also what is the deal with frats and should i join one?
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If you want to get beyond Austin (which is nice) you'll need cash or car. You can pay for direct flights to LA, Chicago, NYC and Miami. You can drive to New Orleans, AZ/Grand Canyon, and farther to Las Vegas or the Mark Twain areas according to your interests. The economics are going to be weird so I suggest you make as many friends as possible.

If you want to backpack in the /trv/ manner as an American would on Eurorail you can do that airplanes. However, if you want to experience the AMERICA and our national legend, you'll need a car. This is going to be terribly...
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i am a student, i don't even have a car back home, getting a car is totally infeasible, i guess i'll just have to make friends with someone with a car

having said that, my accomodation has free food, so i might have a shitload of extra cash
How big are your balls and what is the degree impact of the classes you'd be taking in the US? Our professors typically seek to minimize student interaction so if you pick your classes properly you can spend several weeks on Greyhound or similar buses.

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Hey, I'm an Oregonian heading to New Zealand in February. I'm gonna be on the north island, spending time in the cities and the country. I have a couple questions:

How easy/hard is it for a foreigner to get laid in NZ? Will women flock to my boring ass accent? Do ya'll have tindr?

I wear a black levi's denim jacket a lot. I'm planning on taking it but read something somewhere (I think a lonely planet page) that there's gangs in NZ that use black jackets as their uniform. Should I leave my favorite jacket at home?

Lastly, are...
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Pic related for typical gang member. If it doesnt resemble that, youre fine.

Yes we have Tinder. Should be easy enough to get laid with a noticeable accent.

Keas are restricted to Alpine areas mostly in the South Island. If you want to see them, Go to the Homer Tunnel in Fiordland National Park and watch them rip apart cars.
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Not OP
Im going in a few day to Auckland and I can't find a bus (intercity?) that drives to Cape Reinga. Only Oneway! I searched on their website (http://www.intercity.co.nz/travel-info/timetable/) but dont know the name of the station. Its not Cape Reinga. Or the nearest.
Can a kiwi help me?
I live in auck. stay in your own country. we already have more foreigners than white people. if you do come you'll think you've just stepped into Indian nigger city or gook town. stay out of the white areas. we don't want you

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Any recommendations for visiting Russia/Ukraine? Ill probably take a contiki tour or similar. I plan on having sex with as many locals as possible and maybe doing one of those 'meet and greet' nights to find a wife. Im in good shape with a high 5 figure salary in electronics, so it shouldnt be an issue.

Im also considering the Philippines as another alternative.
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Not trolling, 100% srs.
This is a meme thread, isn't it.

This is probably the stupidest thing for travelling imo. Sure you will be comfier having all your pockets empty, but this is so ridiculously easy to steal that only needs a sign saying "pls rob me"
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Isn't the idea that you keep it hidden inside your clothes?
Yeah, OP is a faggot that doesn't read instructions.
You me I'm not supposed to throw it over my shoulder and go about my day?

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Are there any travel vlogs that you guys get comfy and watch?
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ehm? bump?
Something similar, but with boats:
The whole show is a big joke but that can be fun as well

Also the booze traveller is quite funny even though it is quite superficial as well.

Maybe my taste in travel shows is a bit weird since I strongly prefer shallow travel shows but like to visit cultural and historical landmarks most and am not interested in partying that much.

A trip with the Dubai Metro, green line

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I was thinking of moving there for work. Does anyone know the present job market and the cost of living, I read that allmost everyone speaks english there. Is it enough?
Rent is high and continues to increase
The job situation depends on your profession, in which field do you work ?
There is still a lot of construcion work ongoing..

The overall situation depends on the price of oil which is realy low right now, so less money is made there. English is everywhere, some words of arabic will be helpfull

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In a couple days I will be traveling to Seville, Spain for a week.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places to visit while there.

We will be staying within the city and are relying on walking/public transportation.

Any recommendations on restaurants, bars, points of interest or anything like that? I also heard that gypsies are a small problem, maybe any areas to avoid?

También, yo puedo hablar en español. Es no perfecto, pero, pienso que yo pueda comunicarse con los locales. Ojalá con pequeño problema.
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oh shit my friend lived there for 2 weeks, He said it was the most beautiful place ever. From my memory: Dont eat the fruits from trees that grow in the streets, Theyre just for looks. Weed is basicly legal there and very cheap and good. The nightclubs are OK. and nearby there should be a big bull fighting arena, one of the biggest.
Just enjoy your stay there. :)

Hey /trv/ I'm Chilean and I'm going to New York today (pretty long trip), I'm going to see the Ball Drop there. But the thing is that I have a little bit more than $500 bucks to spend in whatever I want. What would be a good idea to spend it in? Also, What places should I visit?
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>Empire state building
>Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller center
>Reflecting Pools at the World Trade center + the 9/11 museum is decent from what I hear
>Wall Street (various financial museums here but I just enjoy soaking up some of the architecture there)
>Transit Museum
>Bronx Zoo
>Central Park
>Walk/ bike across Brooklyn...
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It depends on what you're into. There are lots of museums,theaters, landmarks, etc.
Watch the ball drop in Times Square is crowded,noisy and uncomfortable. You can't go to the bathroom and can't bring bags. Go to a bar and watch on TV.

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Where can I find the addresses to these type of wall murals, and which cities have them? I am going to be traveling the US next summer and I think it would be cool to find a bunch of these in as many cities as I can to take a picture of myself in front of them.
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I know Austin, TX has one too
Seaside, OR
Chapel Hill, NC

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Can anyone interpret these photographs published by a Malaysian public transport website?

They've really surpassed themselves in being dangerously uninformative this time.

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it this KLCC ?

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