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What do you guys do with your apartments while extended traveling? I feel like the only reason I don't travel for more than a month is that I have an apartment and lease. My roommates would not want me subletting and that sound like a pain in the ass anyway. I don't want to give up my apartment because I really like it though.
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One of the major aspects of long term travel is losing your attachments to places and possessions. I travel when my lease is up, after coming back I stay with the parents and find a new place to live in.

If you want to travel long term you better get used to giving up your apartment unless you're wealthy enough to pay for it and travel.
good point, but you can also go native though.

This is a good way to get to know European countries by living there for a couple of years and using it as a base for traveling around.

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ITT: We post the best picture we took in our last trip.

Mine was at Sighisoara, Romania
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Toronto graffiti. Apparently this had been a bear just a few weeks earlier.
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Slab City, California
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Ask a South-African from Cape Town anything if you've ever thought of comimg here
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Will I get anally raped if I backpack there alone?
Is it safe? Is food there spicy or salty?
Kek. Depends where you want to go. Cape Town itself is relatively safe as long as you stay away from the swattercamps and townships

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Any resolutions for 2016?

For me: 12 European cities, 12 months

Anyone else up for this challenge? If you live anywhere in Europe, most places are on your doorstep. Long weekend anywhere is possible.

Where's good and when? Any tips? Lets get this going.
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- I'd like to hit 10 new
countries this year. Mexico and Belize will be the first 2.
- finally hike the Camino trail in April or may
- after that, I want to see all my friends in Europe thst I couldn't see last year when I was with my (ex) gf
-Switzerland, Germany (old), Amsterdam (old), Poland, Czech Republic, Austria + maybe Slovenia again (old)
- hopefully get a contract in Toronto teaching kids to ride motorcycles in the summer
- finally work a season in Whistler
- fuck off to South America if that doesn't work out or go there after...
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Since I live in Paris as a Dutchman I have a lot of travel goals for France:
- spend a weekend at Mont Sant Michel with my gf
- go to Marseille and visit the South (Toulouse, Montpellier, Carcasonne as well but the main goal is to go to Marseille since I heard lots of nice stories about it)
- go to the Alps for skiiing (just came back from les trois vallees but the snow was shit)
- Visit the north with Lille as main destination or maybe go to Belgium for a weekend
- do a grande randonee 1 around Paris...
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No resolutions.
Going on my first cruise with the girlfriend later this winter
Taking her to Texas to visit my dad's side of the family (we live in MN).
Those 2 trips will eat up a good chunk of my PTO but I'd like to do a (2nd annual) snowboarding trip, a (2nd annual) boundary waters camping trip and maybe a long weekend in reykjavik if I could.

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>not traveling in First Class

What's your excuse, /trv/?
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Not worth the money. I mean I like the extra legspace but the other extras are things I don't care for. And just legspace isn't worth that kind of money. The only possible exceptions are long flights. But unless you go to another continent - not worth considering.
Too expensive for a little quality gain. Better travel in cheap class fag. And buying it for interbationsl flights if 8 or more hours its not worthed
I'm the kind of guy that packs my own lunch.

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mexico flag map.png
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Hello /trv/,

I'm sailing from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, and spending lots of time in the countries in between.

A few months ago, I asked /trv/ for any advice on these countries (where to avoid, what to eat, where to go, everything) and you all were nice enough to oblige.

I'd like to return the favor by casting my line and seeing if there was anyone out there with questions about Mexico, travelling there, HAM Radio operation, nautical tourism, regular tourism, fishing etc. I have some downtime on some repairs and can...
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What is your nationality fag?

Natural born US Citizen.
Well, so you not really know Mexico fag. Even mexicans dont know the whole country. So it will better for trvanons to ask real questions to real mexicans.

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Thinking about Erasmus exchange next year, what are aprox costs of living for a student and what should i expect
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also what is like to get a part time job?
The living costs for a student are estimated here:

Finding a part time job might be difficult, depending on what languages you speak... What are you studying?
I speak English and Italian, I'm studying economy thank you very much for your help !

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I'm trying to get all 50 states and I've got a free day so I thought I'd drive to Rhode Island for the day. It's about a four hour drive one way, is there anything worth seeing for about six hours? Or should I just wait and plan a New England trip later to see it wth Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine?
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You could spend a few of those hours visiting the mansions at Newport. See how the rich lived at the end of the 19th century/ beginning of the 20th century.
Unless you count an Amtrak ride, it's surprisingly hard to get to RI. The faster NYC-Boston routes bypass the state. Since it's so tiny, the only destinations are Providence, Newport and any waterfront community where you can attend a clambake/barbecue. I lived in NYC for 5 years and go to grad school in New England so I've managed to miss it for 9-10 year at this point; I even planned a dedicated trip but it was thwarted by the shittiness of US rail. New Hampshire and Maine were surprisingly cool so...
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I only travelled once to the developing world (Morocco) and I never wanted to do it again (and I was a fan of moroccan-themed bars), so propaganda like pic related bother me to no end yet my gf eats every bit of it and is always trying to convince me to prepare something for both of us in some "exotic" country.

So I'd like to ask you guys which developing countries are actually not overrated and fetishized. I always hear how India is disgusting and how Thailand is only good for the beach and sex tourism if you're into it. Is South/Southeast Asia overrated...
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Been to Morocco and Tunisia for quite some times.

Honestly, Morocco is better for culture than Tunisia, unless you want to see some dunes or local roman ruins (which can be found in Morocco too, but I just didn't see them there)

Tunisia is on the Mediterranean, so water is better there if you enjoy seebathing.

Lebanon seems like a cool place, haven't been there though. Keep in mind that it's not muslim like Tunisia/Morocco, as there's a large group of christians
Travel is overrated, Anon. Stay home
These sort of promos are targeting people who travel for a week or two per year and spend $5-10,000 on that week. They get the stereotypical "riding the elephant" Thailand experience or "camel ride and turban tying" India or "swimming with the dolphins Cuba" kinda deal.

Since they don't know any better they think this is something the locals do as well. People are very naive. I was recently sitting next to a couple on the plane who were talking about their travel plans which...
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I'm going to Las Vegas in March. With my dad and my brother. It's a birthday present for my dad.
I've already planned to spent one day driving to Grand Canyon.
What is a "must do" in Vegas? Funny thing: My dad would never gamble, but Vegas is on his "to do list"
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>What is a "must do" in Vegas?
A show; You buy tickets for a show he might want to see. Buy them soon, so you get great seats.
Dinner. Make a reservation at a couple choices, and then cancel the one(s) he says "no" about.
Both of these can be expensive ^^ but that is indeed the point of vegas.
>Funny thing: My dad would never gamble, but Vegas is on his "to do list"
Don't consider it a key part of visiting...
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Test drive expensive sports cars. Shoot big guns
I went last fall for the weekend, shows are good (pick any that interest the group) - surprise highlight of the trip was ATV riding out in the desert, there are 2 or 3 small companies that do it.

I enjoyed it because was getting tired of drinking and gambling/being indoors.

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I'm going to NYC for a day and a half (arriving Tuesday evening and leaving Thursday morning). Besides a Broadway play Wednesday evening, I've got no plans.

I've been to NYC several times so most of the touristy stuff is out, although I'm thinking I'd like to go the top of the Freedom Tower. Any lesser-known or off-the-wall recommendations?
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>late night/early morning jogger rape in Central Park
>Chink dumplings at Prosperity Dumpling in Chinatown
>American Museum of Natural History's butterfly conservatory
>Sprint up to the top of the Guggenheim
>Bring flowers to the top of the Empire State Building and tell everyone that the love of your life abandoned you
>Get a plastic bucket and set up in the subway with a tip cup and...
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It's called one world trade bro

There's a fucking dope vegan restaurant that specializes in vegan foods that taste like their meat counterparts. I took my girlfriend there last year (we live upstate). We shared the chicken wings, I had a club, she had a chicken parm sandwich.

The point is I'm not vegetarian and almost never order something without meat, but this shit was good. Very inexpensive too.

It's called Red Bamboo. Hole in the wall joint not far from its subway stop, just across from NYU Law. Not expensive.

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Would you recommend visiting Portugal? Opinions on Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and other places?
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File: portugalbitc.jpg (74 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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As for OP's question, I found Lisbon pretty cool. Nice food.
In Coimbra now. It's pretty sweet and I haven't met a ton of people who have been here.
Lisbon is cool and has good cheap seafood. I spent a day in Porto but would rather spend more time there instead of Lisbon. Any specific questions?

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I'm planning week in Europe and I'm thinking of getting some Euros now since the exchange rate is pretty good.

How much walking around money do you guys take with you when you travel?
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I'm not into buying unnecesary shit so just enough for some cigs, food etc.
Really depends on the prices. Just think about an amount of money that you can throw away without being seriously screwed for the rest of your trip.
Geez, could you be more vague? No one knows your spending habits like yourself, or even where you are headed in Europe. Add up your daily meals, like google up some menus if you are that oblivious, or what kind of transportation needs you might need, and then add in some incidentals like a beverage stop a couple of times if hot, or coffee, and maybe a pastry or something you walked past. Maybe you buy local goods, who knows? I buy art, sometimes clothing or shoes, and at times, local gems if they are uniquely mined...
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I think you misinterpreted my question, friendo. I was only asking people how much they personally take with them, not how much I should plan on spending over a week, I have that shit under control.

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go back to reddit

Nice editing, brah.

What kind of camera did you use?

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hey /trv/ im just looking for an article on a social issue in Thailand. I am going travelling there and would like to be given a bit of context of where i am travelling to. any help?
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- why so many women, so few children
- why so nice ( i was at zero touristy areas and they are super nice)
- why so succesful/developed

that's what i saw, when i was there
I'll dig up some articles for you. The developed part, if you let the Thais tell it, is because they are the only Asian country that was never colonized.

Thailand has a birthrate issue, but so do many developed societies these days. The women do outnumber the men, though, and abortions are not common. Most will have the kid if they get knocked up. The niceness has a lot to do with the whole Buddhist thing and also their cultural concept of "sanuk"
Not sure why I am googling this for yu when you can do it yourself. Also do note that a lot of the women you see are far younger than than look. Like most Asians Thais don't hit the wall until their 60s/70s. And look very young until then. My girlfriend is 30 and looks 15.


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