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What to do new years eve? Any suggestions? Where can I go alone and enjoy this evening for nto to much €€€. Im from Germany and dont really enjoy getting drunk...
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I was thinking of driving to the top of the hills near me and watching fireworks

Going to Austin for a music festival this April. I have one free day while I'm there, what should I do for fun on that free day?
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40 miles south of Austin is New Braunfels, home of Schlitterbahn, a very large family-owned water park (I think it may be the world's largest, actually). It regularly gets all sorts of amusement industry awards for best water park and so forth, and is more-or-less the only water park that can compete with Disney water parks on their level.

I want to make a 365 days travel around the world
> I don't want to stay more than 10/14 days in the same place (depends on the place)
>No problem with money
Where can I go?
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Houston is nice.
england for sure.. like canterbury is beautiful

especially in the summer. dreamland.

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What do you guys think about travel for Brazil and see all the beaty of the country?? Not the normal landscapes and places, but the most secrets and coll, like the Turtle´s Beach or Costazul ?? And what do you guys think about all this living at a home near the beach that can hold 10 people and with a car ?? Sorry for my horrible english guys
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Is it possible to enjoy a two night stay in Paris on ~200 euros? I impulsively booked the trip a while ago but now that it's approaching I'm really short on cash.
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If the hotel and everything else is already paid for, 200 Euros should be enough.

Except you plan on doing cocaine and hookers of course.
i wish i had 200 euros to burn in two days. if you can use it wisely that is a lot of money
I don't have a place to stay yet, just coaches there and back. I assume a hostel will be ~£15/night.

I've never been to Paris before, I just want to have a look around, soak up the ambiance, practice my French and get drunk with locals in the evenings.

Emirates is offeringseveral awesome fare dealsincludingnonstop, roundtrip flights from a majority of theUnited Statesto Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Muscat, and Beirut (ALL Middle east)for only $598.

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noice thanks anon
Nice one. I did Oman with my fiancee last year; I don't think any two people have ever had a better vacation. 10/10 country, 13/10 if you include musandam.
I'd like to get to Jordan next. How poisoned by tourism/destructive 4x4s is Wadi Rum?

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I'm visiting Germany and I'm just wondering if I can buy a lighter. Is 17 old enough, because in UK it's 16.
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Seeing as the age of consent is 14 and beer/wine is 16, you can buy a lighter.
you can buy a lighter 100%

source have been 17 in germany for a whole year once.
>go to a euroladen
>buy a lighter

Hi, dont post here often though i lurk a bit, I have the 2nd week of february free, I'm from portugal and would like to travel somewhere, id like to keep it pretty cheap so within europe where there are low cost flights avaliable, also id like to keep away from capital cities, as much as I like culture and museums Id like to go to a place where I can walk about and sightsee and dont want the worry of having to see everything.
Any more details just ask. Also dont know if this fits /trv/ or /adv/ please redirect me as you see fit
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Well you could just look at ryanair & similar companies routes maybe you'll get some ideas, assuming you live near a low cost hub.
My gf and I lived in Marseille until recently and we used to do that when we were looking for qpme short trip destinations, never had regrets.
We actually went to Lisbon last year, was pretty good.
Thats what i've been doing, the fare to bremen is pretty cheap so im considering it, just worried abour the cold, never really been anywhere with snow as i dont usually travel during this time so not sure if I own apropriate clothing. Lisbon is pretty nice, currently living there for my degree
Bumping once to catch the other timezone

After some research bremen seems like a good place considering my goals. Probably going to stay there for like 4 days. Any advice on that? Do I need more/less time. Any other place great in february i'm not considering?

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>Would like to spend the new year's eve in venice
>check train tickets, A/R for less than 50€
>check timings
>no night trains
>hotels are too fucking expensive and generally shitty in venice

Goddamnit, I don't wanna stay overnight.
What do?
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Lido is cheap in winter. I've had a nice room there for not much.
I was considering camping but it's cold in venice at night.

This week is high season all around venice

Thinking of checking out Slab City but is it more than a bunch of meth heads?
Any tips or do's and don'ts?
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Do yourself a favor and go. The longer you can stay, the more you will enjoy it. A one day trip there is completely wasted. I spent a little over 3 weeks there my first time and meet some of the nicest people that became my closest friends. I have been back once since and will be heading there again in the next couple weeks.

Slabs can be whatever you want to make of it. Tons of old white people use it as a place to park their RVs in the winter (snowbirds), There is also a big crust punk/train hopper scene going...
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-Talk to strangers. Get out into the culture as much as you can. There is a music thing/hangout deal going on every night of the week. If you can make one social friend, he will lead you to the others and you will really experience it as a whole.
-Go to the Range on Saturday night. Big music deal. easily the best way to meet people get over your fears.
-Get naked in the hot springs. Just do it, dont be that one and only guy in his underwear. Nothing weird is going to happen, just relax and have fun.

-Cross through peoples camps. Respect...
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>Get naked in the hot springs
Is it a complete sausage fest?

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I've been traveling for the past 2 and a half years and I just don't feel up for it anymore. Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe too much of a good thing? I used to feel excited getting on a bus/train/plane to a new place but now I just feel like I'm wasting time and money. I've been working in Australia the past 5 months and booked my flight back to the states for late January. Has anyone else felt this way but continued to travel after some time back home? I feel like I'm just getting old and tired. Pic is unrelated but it's Ned Kelly's...
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Travelling is primarily a hedonistic endeavor, no different to any other. It's shallow and vapid and after the thrill is gone, you are left mostly empty.

I mean I love travel, I really do. I went to Japan and Taiwan this year and planning South America next year. But people who travel as a 'lifestyle' have be the most uninteresting, pretentious sods you can meet. Usually they have a chip on their shoulder about high school, or their hometown or something. People think because they work an entry...
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It's like when Forrest Gump stopped running. You stopped running. You are tired You can go home now.
Lol not op but I'd like to think I'm not uninteresting.

OP, the first time it hit me, I booked a ticket home. I realized I wasn't homesick - I just needed to be in one place for long enough.

I have a friend who's been traveling for about 10 years and she's close to tapping out because she's tired of doing it alone.

I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who traveled with me this year (broke up, though)... But this is my 4th year of lifestyle traveling and I see...
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I know you people at least know someone who does this. I want to work for 6 months and travel for the other 6. What sort of jobs (other than being ridiculously wealthy already) allow folks to do this?

I'm willing to slave 7 days a week for those 6 working months as long as I could leave for a long time and then come back to work again.
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Construction work in Australia has really good pay and hours
I pretty much do this. Contract web developer. Can also do it during travels if you get remote work.

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/b/ sent me here.
I didn't find any general for Argentina nor South America.
Hello Argentinos, I'm going to Argentina on January 8th with a friend of mine, I'd like to know if there is any place in Buenos Aires for some foreigners to party and get girlus to an expensive hotel. My friend doesn't speak much spanish but I do have a pretty decent one.
I'd like to know about the names of the places so I can google them. We are staying on Buenos Aires for only 3 days as we want to arrive to Montevideo on Monday for some weedy business.
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chilean bro here. Educated youngsters will probably speak english just fine. Palermo soho is a place with good nightlife, puerto madero maybe
Thank you for the info, also, do you have any idea about the blue dollar? Is it still working?
Argentinian here

The blue dolar doesn't exist anymore. 1dolar=13.5 pesos argentinos

If you want to party look for "boliches" in Palermo, Puerto Madero or near by those places. Look for the names then google them on facebook and check what kind of people go there and if you like the place in general.
Kika, Rose Bar, Esperanto, Asia de Cuba are some popular places but that doesn't matter much

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Hey /b/ros

Im moving to Cambodja for a year in 2016

Any tips


Must knows

Must see


Anything is welcome doing a long trip throughout asia !

Hit me up !
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Hey bro are you stealing jobs from locals, as a paid """volunteer""" experience or are you working in a fake orphanage?
Actually no. Im a physical therapist and osteopath going to work in a medical clinic. Earn 4000 dollars a month. So... just traveling and experiencing food and culture.
Do they use us nurses or nurse practitioners? I used to live in Vietnam, and traveled all over the region over 4 years. Recommend ha nang in North Vietnam, dating an educated local for companionship and travel, motorbike trips into mountains, and Burma. You will get used to the cost of everything. I would try to stay away from the seedy underbelly of sea, but to each their own. Cambo really bummed me out compared to the rest of the region, but I vhalk it down to psychedelics and genocide museums. Ankor wat is A+.

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Hello /trv/
I recently learned that my (now ex) girlfriend has been cheating on me. We've been living together, and I just today cancelled our apartment.

I really feel like getting away from everything for a while. I've been wanting to go to Japan for many years now, and I think the time has come. I'm thinking about 2 months at first.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a trail for me? I will be going in January, and I would like to experience the culture while there. Tokyo, Kyoto, of course, but village life would also be interesting. Maybe...
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I don't know but I need to do the same thing. My ex/gf or whatever u want to call it did the same thing. I was thinking of doing that teaching thing there where u speak to the students in English.

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