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Hi /trv/ I don't lurk often here but Ive been having this idea stuck in my mind for a while and this seems like the right forum to discuss it.
I would like to start a trip to different countries in order to learn different martial arts from around the world, something like that show that used to air in History channel, I live in Mexico so I was thinking into going all the way to the south to Brazil, learn some bjj and then travel from Europe all the way to Japan doing the same, this seems like a wild dream for me but this seems to be the best era to travel/back packing/road...
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Thanks for the bamp amigo, one of my main concerns is getting money on the road, I have some little barber skills so I was thinking about getting my gear with me and cut hair on the streets I also have some musical training so I was also thinking into getting an ukulele with me to play in the streets, I also have some travel experience visiting Germany and hungary but I was traveling in plane and have a host there, again any advice is appreciated
Why don't you go to Thailand? It's cheap and Muay-thai is effective on a fight.
I spent 5 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand training Muay Thai. Lost 50lbs and fought twice (2-0 1 win by KO, other by points).

It's awesome. I had planned to go to Brazil this year to train BJJ for a couple months but got my fiancé pregnant so that's bring delayed.

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My gf travel Sarajevo in few weeks for like 3-4 days. So is there anything she should be aware and be on attention,? Also i should be worry?
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That you'll put on 10 kg in a week. Food is way too good.
Well im totally ok with this, also what about thiefs, scams etc? Are those common in there?
Been there. Feels more safe than Germany.

G/F surprised me this morning with a trip to Hungary for a week (Budapest)

Be eager to hear of /trv/ experiences with the place.
We are heading at the end of February.

Sights to see, sounds to hear, food to taste ?
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Enjoy being murdered, rapped and killed by gypsies
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Fuck you!

Hunanon here, not overly familiar with budapest tho. Tell me about your interests a bit more, and I could help.

Things I think you would appreciate:
-Hungarian cousine is damn fine, but its hard to catch in a big city, fisherman's soup, anything from pork, and Tokaji wine, or something heavier: pálinka.
-Hungary is well-known about its thermal water, if you are in Budapest, try out Széchenyi fürdő or Gellért fürdő.
-If you would like to meet new people and have a beer, look...
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You're thinking of Bucharest

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Where is this ?
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What is the best 30-35 liter backpack for traveling?
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buy some military duffel bag
- Cheap
- indestructible
- nobody will steal it
- you can use a loock at some models
If you want one of these try searching eBay for "sea bags", it's what we called them. They're durable as Fuck. They also tend to have a water proof flap inside and you can fold the top over to attach a lock or the built in carabiner type clip. Only downside in my opinion is the lack of cushion in the straps but with some effort you might be able to attach something more comfortable.
this one! I have the exact one and love it. Can throw it anywhere and store anything. 110L is the biggest and the most useful size in my opinion.

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Hey guys, wheather specific question:

I want to combine workaway somewhere in NW Europe with cycling there, in winter. Now i don't mind wet, i don't mind snow and col, but wet and cold sucks balls.
And so with recent winter being very confused, where in NW europe is there / are they expecting a good amount of snow ? say Jan. / Feb.
I know no one really knows what the weather is going to do so therefore my next question: where is it good cycling in winter NW Europe? Something like Denmark ?
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There has literally been no snow at all this month in Stockholm, Sweden. It's kind of worrying to be honest.
why do you want to cycle in snow?
Because it happens to be that i have alot of free time (1-2 months ) during this time of year. So i don't choose for it but i don't mind snowy cycling either

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How do I make a call in a foreign country without a SIM card or a street payphone?
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Step 1: Stop being a retard.
Go to an internet cafe and use skype dipshit
"Hello, bank, hi, how ya doin? Here's a little wave for you. Yah, that's the sound of the aircon in the background. So, how the kiiiids?"

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How do I experience real Berlin?
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Berlin is literally everything, and the "real" one is the one you want to see.
Been there for 6 years. It really is a great town. In fact, its not even 2 towns but 4.

Depending on what you want, Berlin can deliver everything. A rather affordable city (or well, was when I lived there) resembles as the NYC of Europe without the "FASTER FASTER FASTER" effect.

A really chill place to live at.

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syrian girls.jpg
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has anyone here traveled to far off places and slept with exotic, local women?

share stories lads
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>tfw you will never have sex with a yazidi girl on deployment
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I would. But this thread will probably be deleted. The only stamps I'm missing on my pussy passport are East African and East Indian, for similar reasons. Here is a Muzzy I fucked, but would only do anal to preserve her purity.
my dick...

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I'm going to the Basque Country next year for a semester, have never travelled before, where shoudl I go in or near the Basque Country?
I'm more interested in nature sightseeing and old buildings shit like that
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Bilbao is very great. It's a modern city but so comfy, the casco viejo (=city centre) is very nice. You can take the furnicular to see all the town from a hill.
I've made the trip from Bilbao to Vitoria by feet, the landscape is very nice, and basque people are very nice.
Vitoria is less cool, not because of the people, but because it's little and there aren't a lot of things to do there, but you can visit the city centre which is quite nice.
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Monte Igueldo.

You take a little funicular (cable-pulled) tram to the top of the mountain where an old castle sits. A very small amusement park is located there, which would be of no consequence, except for its roller coaster, Montana Suiza. It's one of the oldest running roller coasters on Earth and possibly the oldest with steel track. At one point during the ride you go past an edge where you can see down the cliffs to the sea below. It's an absolutely breathtaking hidden gem that no one really knows about.

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First time posting here
Is there any place that has these 2 things?

Good internet broadband speeds
Good gun laws

Currently I live in The Netherlands, but I'm looking for another place to settle.

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no such thing as good gun laws rly

but texas has better both of those things thn tha Netherlands probably
South Korea
I know the meme response is Canada but it's true. You can have as many rifles/shotguns as you want if you have a PAL, which is a license you get from passing an 8 hour course on gun safety and a 10 minute phone interview with a mountie who just asks if you're going to shoot people with it.

Handguns need another 2 hours of training and must be registered. They have strict rules about storage so they don't fall into the hands of street dindus.

Semi-auto guns are either forbidden or have so many rules you don't want to bother with them. Full autos...
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Is Dubai worth visiting? I am debating making a VERY long pit stop there for about 5 days on my upcoming trip. Its really the only Middle Eastern country I would feel 100% safe taking my wife to which is one of the main reasons I am debating it. However I feel like it lacks culture compared to alot of countries, which is something I do enjoy when I travel. Spending money and trying to look rich is not my cup of tea.
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I was in your exact same situation and decided against it...

Only advice I can give you is to consider the opportunity costs, anon. What else would you be doing with your time/money?
I'd recommend a stop over in Bahrain. What do you mean by culture. There is metropolitan stuff to do in Dubai, like plays and such. There are souqs and things too. Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar are just as safe and easier to access the culture in some sense, because it has a lower ex pat pop. Qatar is still pretty high, but not as bad UAE
>However I feel like it lacks culture compared to alot of countries

very true. I wouldn't bother. or cut the trip to only 2 or 3 days. no need for 5.

Hey homos got a question(s) on my mind --> is Austin Texas good?
I'm aware that's so general but do any of yall live there? What's the city like? How does it compare to NYC or Pittsburgh? I might be living there for a couple years (might be going to ut Austin) and not sure if its gonna suck or not
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It's one of the most fun cities in America. Youthful, progressive, open-minded (in a tumbl kind of way, avoid not being white anywhere in Texas), and fun. Good weather, good beer. The major downsides is that it's real damn hot in the summer, and there's not much short travel options, you have to fly at least 1.5 hours to go anywhere worthwhile (except San Antonio of course).

Highly recommended. Enjoy UTAustin bud.
Its a cool hip young city, partially ruined by shitty Californians. One of the few places you can get a nice professional job and still not being in a shitty bloated city like Houston or LA or something. Best of all you get that sweet Texas low cost of living (shootouts to HEB) and no state income tax.

It's only 100+ degrees for a couples weeks at most. I personally don't think it's that bad. The winters are so tame that it more than makes up for it

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So I'm a Californian. I have never been abroad but I feel like I have a need to travel somewhere.
The problem is I know no languages other than english and I'll be traveling alone as all of my friends have jobs that don't allow them extra time or money.
So I don't know where to go.
My question is what would be a good destination for me to begin?
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what do you like? cities? towns? wilderness? food? beaches? what time of year will you be going? what is your budget? how long? are there any cultures you're interested in? how far do you want to push your comfort level? give us a little fucking help here.

>only speak english
not a problem. i only speak english and have been all over. most of the time you can find someone who speaks enough. plus learn "yes", "no" and "thank you" in whatever language and that will get you miles of goodwill.
I like cities and Wilderness. Budget would probably cap at 3k a week although I wouldnt really want to maintain that for more than 3-4 months. I good mix of expensive and cheap would be ideal.
My comfort level needs to be pushed, that's kind of the point although I wouldn't want to go somewhere that I could easily get lost or robbed.
Anytime of year really.
>budget 3k/week
>3-4 months

you really have $40,000 to drop, or do you suck at math and budget planning?

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Hey, anons!

I would like to talk about some interesting element of our countries: pace of life.

You know how in some small town you feel that life barely goes by but in big cities like Tokyo or New York life flies figuratively by you.

Let's make a roll call of our countries and tell us about the pace of life in your city.

For example

generally, beyond Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok the pace is very slow. You earn very little, you spend almost all of your income and that's why you...
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>Jacksonville, Florida

Before leaving for worm every morning, I verify I have life insurance and proof read my will.
Holy shit, really? Is it that fast and scary? Do you want to tone it down for a little bit?

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