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I'm going to be travelling to Amsterdam for a couple of days and am thinking about visiting the RLD.

Any advice (prices/extras, quality of girls, scams, times, etc.), experiences, and interesting stories appreciated

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>Get a hooker in Red Light District
>Offers sex and blow job
>Gives me a blow job and then jerks me off
>Say wtf
>She says the hand job is the sex
Don't get a hooker there -- go to Koln or Prague or get an escort.
If you really must do that, make sure you are very thorough with what you want.
thinking about visiting the RLD? It isn't as big as you think mate. You're in Amsterdam might as well take a stroll around, I think it's about 50 euros for a Bj if you're lucky.
in recent years the RLD became literally and exclusively a tourist trap. Go there to see but not to fuck. There are normal brothels in Amsterdam though, google it

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I have the unique opportunity to spend 6 months in Sarawak.
I'll be spending most of this time in Kuching.

Anybody been to Kuching before?

What's Malaysia like?

Are they welcoming to western men?

I hear food/general cost of living is cheap there. How much would I spend on an average day for food?

I only speak English. How big of a problem will this be?

I hear the country as a whole is pretty conservative compared to Thailand or Vietnam. Can I browse 4chan while I'm there?
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I've spent 4 months in Melaka and am currently in Kuala Lumpur (1 month and counting). It's first world as fuck and probably way cheaper than it should be.

Everyone speaks basic English and are far from poor. I'm East Asian so I blend in here but I doubt anyone gives a shit that you're white. Melaka has large amounts of white tourists.

People generally keep to themselves here and it's not easy to be buddy buddy with the locals. Porn is blocked but that's about it.

Rent can be 400rm+ (sub-$100 USD) for one room. I stayed at...
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No ramifications for browsing something like 4chan?

Any laws I should know about?
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Malaysians don't really give any fucks. Easiest immigration ever. Police are supposedly corrupt and I've heard stories of them stopping Indians to ask for bribes (most of them have the wrong visa and are here to look for work). I've never had that issue and the ones in Melaka was lax as hell even when one of the guys living in my house got stabbed.

Pic related is Chinese economic rice ~$1.50. Free tea + soup.

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>Brussels - 1 or 2 days
>Ghent - 1 day
>Amsterdam - 3 days
>Where else? Cologne from Amsterdam?


>Vienna - 3 or 4 days
>Bratislava - 1 day
>Prague - 2 days (I have been here before)
>Terezin - Day trip from Prague
>Anywhere else?
(I have been to Prague and Budapest)


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Itinerary 2 with Budapest instead of Prague.
b-bump for more ideas/suggestions
Berlin, krakow and prague or budapest

Guys I've been planning out a trip and I'd like to hear some feedback:

I want to rent a car in Mexico, and then drive north through the California desert, eventually crossing Canada and Alaska.
Then I'll sell my car in Alaska, take a ferry to Siberia, where I'll cross the tundra via the Trans-Siberian Railway, and back to Moskou.
Then, from Moskou, I'll hitchhike home. (Netherlands)

How realistic is this plan and how long would it take me? What should I take note of?
(If taken into consideration, that I'll be travelling non-stop.)
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Also money isn't really a problem
>rent a car in Mexico
>sell it in Alaska

I'd suggest hitchhiking or bussing it to Alaska.


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Who the fuck makes someone check in a laptop case?

I just fucking had to pay 265€ to check in a god damn small ass laptop bag in addition to 85€ I already paid for a second bag because I had a backpack. How pitiful is fucking KLM/Delta that they need to nickel and dime their customers? They wouldn't even fucking let me stick it in my suitcase.

To make things even worse there are two Americans sitting across from me right now and they each have multiple carry ons and didn't pay for a single one. This bitch has a purse, laptop bag, backpack, and a...
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normally you can check in 1 piece of luggage, have 1 carry-on and 1 additional smaller bag you keep with yourself (laptop bag, handbag etc.), I'm assuming with KLM too

What was their reasoning for this?
The ticketing agent gave me no reason at all. I had just paid to check in two suitcases and then she tells me I can't have two cabin bags, so a backpack and a laptop bag which is basically a wrapped laptop in my hand. She didn't let me stick it in my suitcase as it was already gone and then charged me 265€ or whatever the price is for a 3rd bag. I am so furious right now. There's probably a huge possibility that my laptop gets destroyed or goes missing somewhere during my next 3 flights.
it's a classic rip-off pioneered by budget airlines, but mainstream carriers are increasing relying on fees+charges to make money instead of a straight price

you just have to read the fine print
one piece means one piece; not two small pieces, not two pieces tied together

I put my laptop case inside my checked luggage, or put all my travel shit in it as well and use it as carry on

What does /trv/ think of Portugal as a travel destination? Do you have any interesting stories or recommendations?
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Just visited the place on your pic a few weeks ago. Portugal is relatively inexpensive, has lots to see, and most people speak good English. In general, very nice. I recommend Porto and Aveiro as cozy towns.
Like the other guy said, nice people and fairly inexpensive. For a "travel back in time"-experience go to northern portugal. Up in the mountains people live a whole different life compared to the rest of the country. Very scenic, albeit a tad cold and yes, their english proficiency might be way below average.

For the more typical tourist visit, go to Porto for football and a more "rough" regional feel. Lisbon on the other hand is more "classy" and definitely feels like a capital....
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good thing about Portugal is climate
can still enjoy a trip to the beach in October, after the busy tourist season

I've got 3 days in Galicia on my hands. I'm thinking two days in Santiago de Compostela and one in Fisterra.

Question is: has anyone been to Fisterra in the winter? I've heard it basically shuts down. Is it worth staying the night if I go, or should I climb the cape, watch the sunset, and then split?
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>has anyone been to Fisterra in the winter?
I haven't, but I would imagine it would be pretty dead. The city relies heavily on tourism, especially from Camino de Santiago pilgrims, and that slows down a lot during winter.

Depending on what you want, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's basically a small, seaside city that during tourist season, is full of daytripping tourists and lots of pilgrims who are celebrating finishing a long walk. If you want to skip that atmosphere and just experience a small coastal city,...
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Thanks, anon. Well thought-out and I appreciate it. Would you recommend a quick trip to A Coruña or do just Santiago/Fisterra/perhaps Muxia suffice for 3 days?
>Would you recommend a quick trip to A Coruña
I can't really give you advice on that. I never went to A Coruna, except briefly going through it on a bus at like 1 in the morning. It seemed okay; if you find it interesting or find out there's something you really want to see, it probably wouldn't be that hard to fit in.

Really, it depends on what you're interested in. My experience in the area is a result of the Camino de Santiago, and not really a normal...
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0 B,
For those of you who aren't hopeless autists, what is the attitude/impression you've gotten from whores about how they perceive you, the man paying to fuck them? Do you get a bunch of fake icing that they're into you but notice little looks and crumplings of their noses revealing their actually revulsed or disgusted? Or is it as matter-of-fact as getting a massage or something but with fucking instead of a back rub?

Asking because -strongly- considering trip to Amsterdam/FKK Germany/Thailand and want to know. Have never fucked a whore before, no idea what...
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autism: the post
Never shared this before, but I'm in the gym now wasting time between sets. I found a prostitute on craigslist when I was 21 or so. Granted it was in the States but I imagine it would not be much different elsewhere. I was a virgin at the time and was interested to see what it was like to stop being one.

I paid for a room and we smoked some pot before she proceeded to go down on me like you see in professional pornos. Being high, it was too much to handle and I was done within a minute. The she lay down, I guess to mess around more while I recuperated, but as I...
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I'll help you even though you sound like a huge faggot.

There's more stigma to being a whore than there is for fucking one. The girls see you as nothing more than a dollar sign who they must try to please in order to succeed in business.

Your friend's experience was pretty awful but I believe it. You have to take control of the situation and I wouldn't recommend going to a western prostitute especially not an Amsterdam whore. Go to SE Asia where the women are plentiful, thin, and cheap. Careful though because you won't want anything to...
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It's that time again.

Though I'm native swiss, I've lived most of my life in Europe's second favourite amusement park.

You can ask about tourist attractions and I'll try to give you the local perspective. If you need standard tourist info you better check with travel guides. For everything else I'll gladly be your go-to guy.

I'll be around for a few more hours because I'm a neet and not at all sleepy. Afterwards I'll check up the thread around noon-midday tomorrow. Ask away fellow /trv/elers.

PS: Pic related...
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Planning on going to the city with 2 friends in spring next year. Were mid 20s, we love food and cheap drinks. Could be interested in sight seeing but not into art or museums. Wouldnt mind some beautiful ladies too. Suggestions?
How much does it cost per month?
What time of year do you recommend for a visit?

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People who use carry on bags only:
What do you use, and have you been able to take them on budget airlines without problems, or do you pay extra?
Is it even worth getting a smaller bag to skirt around extra costs?

Right now I have an eBags Weekender (largest size to still count as a carry on) and it was great over the summer back and forth to Europe, but I'm not sure it would work with budget airlines such as Norwegian or WOW unless I want to pay extra.

Therefore I'm looking for suggestions that might be a bit smaller.

Typical dimensions...
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I'm a standby traveler most of my life, so only carryon most of the time.
I use a wheeled Travelpro Crew bag when I do underseat only, and might pair that with a garment bag from Hartmann if I have some dressy outfits to pack.
I usually like a 4 wheeled Delsey, or Samonsite for overheads that _may_ get checked, and I might remove a smaller bag from that bag, to go with me as my underseat (my personal item).
I am kind of a bag collector, to tell the truth. My whole family travels or are pilots. The...
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for a 1-month trip abroad:
- 3 underpants
- 3 t-shirts
- 3 pair of socks
- 1 pair of flip flops
- 1 light coat
- 1 medicine bag
- 1 basic hygiene bag
- 1 pajama set
- electronics (e-book, tablet, etc.)
And yes, I had a lost luggage experience.
I have used an Ogio bag for years. It is a tank. It can be expanded if you need but you have to check it.


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cheapest and fastest way to get from amsterdam to eindhoven ?
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self bump also shit to do in amsterdam while getting high?
or not high
pls help
Got to get on lowcost flight? Train is quick and rather inexpensive.

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Saw some other threads involving Morocco but they were too specific. If you had 3-4 days to spend in Morocco in February, what would you do?

Side note: I'm a male which is good for not being sexually assaulted, but I am a blue-eyes white fagon. Also I'm Murican. Any safety concerns?
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Go somewhere in the Atlas, find a nice little village, and smoke some of the best hash you'll ever get.
You're going all the way from America to Morocco for just 3 days? Jeez.

Anyway, the anon above has the right idea.

No safety concerns whatsoever.
Whose to say he isn't stopping over on a leg of a larger trip?

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Has anyone skiied in Lebanon before?

> Thinking of going in January / February
> Love the idea of hitting the beach after
> Don't like the idea of going alone
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I hear it's a blast.
Mzaar is the principal ski destination, and will (together with all the other ski destinations like Kfardebian) have plenty of snow in Jan/Feb, however, the beach might not be a good idea after. It doesn't snow on the coast, but it's not very warm either, Beirut gets around 5C in January, with water temperatures to match. If you go down to Tyre, *maybe* it'll be warm, but that's a long day trip. You should wait until March/April if you want the skiing and the beach in the same day.

Also Lebanon is safe, all else is memes. Stay in hostels in Beirut...
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kind of a small olympics team desu

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Has anyone been to Costa Rica?
I'm headed there next week for 5 days.

I noticed that a lot of the activities (ziplining, horse back riding, ATV) all unexpectedly cost a good amount of money. What are some lower costing activities that you'd recommend?

-Where can a beginner learn how to surf?
-Is renting a car to get around a good idea?
-Is the Atlantic coast worth visiting?

Any tips would be appreciated.
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Knowing your budget, interests and Spanish proficiency would help.

5 days isn't a lot of time, especially with the locals relaxed 'tico' time. My idea of time management and amount of relaxation I want from a trip are probably more conservative than yours, so this might not be helpful.

Tourism is the countries biggest earner of foreign currency, they charge that much because people will pay it. But cant you zipline or ride a horse/atv a lot closer to home? There's also a foreign/local element to it. I remember a developed hotsprings that wanted...
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Completely agree with the end statement... The city of Arenal is great for staying... there is a pretty entertaining tour at a chocolate plantation that was well worth the money and I'd reccomend.
Maybe try an afternoon in Puntarenas.
Tarcoles is a good stop on the way south to Jaco. Scarlet Macaws spend their mornings by the beach and the crocodile tours on the rio tarcoles are fantastic. Unfortunately the number of crocodiles means you shouldn't try swimming in the ocean around there.
>shouldn't try swimming in the ocean around there.

Reminds me of this
>be in Tamarindo
>drive north for an hour at night to go see sea turtles lay their eggs
>they lay their eggs around playa grande
>next day want to go back
>figure I can just wade across the estuary, instead of drive an hour each way
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Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Countries visitied: US, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India
Most attractive in: Thailand

I'm neutral in other countries, maybe even negative in India, but the Thais seem to dig east asians.
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Everyone is attractive in thailand desu senpai. Even the smelly indians get love there
I felt like a fucking God walking around South America with every other man only coming up to my shoulders.
Probably cause you're light skin. I'm a dark ass Filipino-canadkan but don't get a second look in SEA.

They love me in Europe, Australia and north America though. I generally don't have much luck with locals in Latin countries but I'm tall so that works in my favour there. I personally like Germans and northern Europeans and they seem to dig me. For some reason, eastern European women tend to love me (which is weird cause eastern European men have been some of the most racist).

Considering moving to Aussieland, what advice can you give me about it?
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Save about $5000 before going. Getting hospitality jobs like waiter or cook or cleaning jobs is super easy as long as you're not a lazy fuck. I suggest doing research on some backpacker sites on when's the busy periods in different cities and go where the work is, once you have some local experience finding more work will be easy. On the other hand don't show up in Melbourne at the start of summer when all the backpackers come here and look for the same exact jobs.

On the other hand if you have...
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where are you from?

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Sup guys, i've recently become interested in the south pacific islands and I've saved enough money to afford a trip over there.
Point is, i can't stay away for long (more than 1 month) and i don't know which one i should pick:
- Fiji
- New Caledonia
- French Polinesia
- Cook islands

Anyone has been there and can shed some lights on these? I'd prefer a place that is not entirely spoiled by mass tourism, thanks in advance
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It would help if you told us what kind of vacation you want. Relax/beach only? Diving? More adventerous? Also, what is your budget?

Fiji has a slight crime problem but nothing that should stop you, the others are completely safe. Beware though that French Polynesia is expensive as fuck, especially Bora Bora.
>Going to Austronesian
>post pic of East Asian.
>calls it austronesia while op was talking about places in polynesia and melanesia

New Orleans!

I bought my plane ticket for late March 2017. Four days, three nights. I this enough time to experience it? Good weather?

Is it nice? What should I expect? What do I absolutely have to see and do there? What should I stay away from or not bother with? Share your insight.
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You ass holes better respond because I'm going to New Orleans for 3 nights in October and I'm interested to know
Do some touristy shit in the French Quarter. Go see live music on Frenchmen St. The obvious foods to search out are red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya, po'boys, boudin and other Cajun things. Get a Muffuletta sandwich. If you want to get off the beaten track the fried chicken at Willie Mae's Scotch House is excellent. The small plates at Bacchanal are very good, and a walk through Bywater is a great way to see some of the modest but brightly painted wooden shotgun houses. If you want to get your heart broken...
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File: IMG_0102.jpg (30 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 320x240
OP here. I don't understand the heart broken/Lower 9th comment.

And yes, touristy stuff is what I'd prefer to see and experience.

P.S. Is New Orleans overall a safe city? Is New Orleans a small city to walk around in and see all the main things in three days, or should I rent a car?

And any more info is welcome.

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Post pics you took from your travels
>pic from tunisia(ain drahem) took it in feb 2014
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File: 20161018_112436.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5312x2988
Let's keep the Tunisian train rolling. This is from Tozeur.
File: tunisia plage.jpg (162 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tunisia plage.jpg
162 KB, 1024x768
this is from cap bon (didn't take the pic but visited the place)
File: img_0941.jpg (306 KB, 680x907) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 680x907
Fuck, that's beautiful.
Here's Morocco's Moyen Atlas in December.
Post more Tunisia plz

Maghrebi detected

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I'll be visiting italy by myself for the first time this coming summer. Over this past summer I visited Japan by myself after learning some conversational japanese through rosetta stone. I got around just fine using that language, a bike, and an itinerary. Would it be easy to get around like that in Italy if I'm by myself? I'm not sure if I'll be hitting bars up or not.

White 21 year old male if that makes any difference
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File: 1286521972b.jpg (25 KB, 363x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if u dont feel like hitting bars you can just go here and get very cheap sex from nigerians
you wanna bike across the country or what?
you like art and shieet or drinking cheap wine with slutty american tourists?

You gotta give us something to work with.

I myself traveled in Italy using every possible mean and never felt threatened, but I guess some parts of Napoli or Rome can be dangerous during night time. Language is really simple for english speakers but imo use duolingo - it's 'faster' so better for an easier language, also you can dl it for free on your phone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Biking would be great, but not as the whole focus of the trip. Probably wouldn't be super compelled to go to any art galleries, and drinking cheap wine with slutty american tourists would be pretty good too.

I also really want to go to Venice, that is the main thing I would like to visit, but aside from that I'm sure there would be really cool things to do for the other 4-5 days I'm there (planning a week total).

Exploration and getting lost around other towns would be very nice I think.

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207 KB,
Travel alone vs in a group
Why does traveling with others suck so bad
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File: Jasper 1.jpg (132 KB, 835x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jasper 1.jpg
132 KB, 835x624
I think its because you are exposing yourself to new stimuli which can obviously be stressful and overwhelming. Your travel partners will very likely be exposed to a wider range of your emotive capability and through the course of several days and even weeks may sour any relationship that isn't built on a solid foundation. I learned this the hard way after I went travelling throughout Alberta with a friend.
Alone I do what I want when I want. Want to sleep in the Hostel all day? I will. Want to go on a bus for two days and get to the highlands? I will.
On my own, if I meet someone fun, I can go and party with them and see what happens. I can change my plan in a second without discussing it with a friend.
Alone I am forced to meet new people because I will get lonely, whereas with a friend I wouldn't be as open to new people.

It can get lonely, but it's the way.
>Why does traveling with others suck so bad
It doesn't in the company of like minded people. You can get very close to someone even on a short trip.

As the anon above said, the relationship has to have a pretty solid foundation.

That of course doesn't detract from how special traveling alone can be either.

File: 1477003228689.jpg (16 KB, 547x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB,
What parts of Africa can I visit without getting murdered/raped/HIV/kidnapped/ISIS'd?

I just want to safari, bang locals (not hookers), and eat some good food.
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Kenya is your absolute best bet.
How easy are the black girls?

>without getting murdered/raped/HIV/kidnapped/ISIS'd?

...You can't go to Africa.

File: Reykjavík.jpg (352 KB, 1850x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB,
My father (elderly) wants to travel to Iceland this Xmas, and mentions Reykjavik all the time. I want to bring him and my mother there. I have to book flights and hotels and I just wanted to post here to hear some sound advice from travellers who have visited Iceland. Both of my parents are elderly and weak, so I'm looking for advice that keeps this in mind while also keeping in mind the maximisation of the travel experience in this beautiful Northern European country.
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Go outside Reykjavík, do the Golden Circle and the Ring Road (at least the south coast). All the attractions are a few steps away from the parking lot so your parents will be fine. Enjoy Iceland
The Golden Circle is off-limits during the winter months if you try to drive through it you will be arrested.
it depends on the condition of your parents as to what you can do in Iceland.

I've been twice in summer and winter and will try to offer some advice.

I would recommend renting a car no matter what you have planned, as it will be easier to get around. You won't have much daylight near xmas and the weather will be cold and possibly windy.

There is plenty to do in Reykjavik such as eating, hot baths, museums etc. just google tourist attractions (don't go to blue lagoon as it sucks).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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0 B,
What is the most dangerous country to visit for a westerner?
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Probably Yemen.

If you're the sort of person that can't keep their mouth shut and follow the rules then I would say North Korea, otherwise it is quite safe.
why Yemen?
islamic state of iraq and al-sham
south sudan

Pakistan tribal areas
north-east nigeria
insurgent areas in southern philippines
eastern DRC
maybe southern algeria

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ITT: Things You'd like To Do / Shit You'd Like To See.
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File: 460718861.jpg (45 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 640x360
Go shopping in Ginza:
ur mom lol
File: volcano-01.jpg (126 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This here.

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Hello /trv/

Long story short, my life has become pretty stagnant and without direction or motivation so I have decided to fast forward my plans for travel and trek across Eurasia some time during this or (most likely) next year.
I have little prior experience with travelling solo or long-distance, and will most likely be cycling for the bulk of the journey. I'm posting this in the hope that you guys will be able to offer me help with:
-Advice on destinations I should especially visit or avoid along the way
-Tips in general to make sure I don't enter...
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i hope you have a lot of money
I will be saving what little I get from now until next year (maybe I'll have ~£1k by january), could you tell me where most of my expenses would be going?

By trek do you mean like walk? How do you expect to buy months worth of food in Siberia with £1k?

Traveling without money and without at least rich parents to bail you out is asking for a shit situation

I'm in Australia now doing the typical work-holiday thing. I signed up for a bunch of facebook groups for backpackers here, you know, to meet like-minded people to maybe do something after work and on weekends. I just can't believe how stupid the average person in those groups is. I understand that many of them are still kids, first time away from home, but while funny at first I now realize most of these people are just morons, I never acted like that at their age, I can't believe some of what they write.

One girl for example wrote a post about meeting people and I added myself to this chat group she created. A few hours later she posted on facebook that she's so poor she can't afford food and is asking for places to eat for free, oh and she's vegan so yeah!! Then a few hours after that she posted in the chat group that she's going to a club that has a $20 entry fee and $12 drinks. Another girl complained that after working for 8 months on some farm it only took her 3 weeks to spend all her money down to her last $1000. Yet another wrote that after landing here she spent 1200 pounds in 8 days.

It's not any different in the hostels. Most of them are entitled little shits. They fucking start their skype chats in the middle of the night waking everyone up instead of leaving the dorm, and then complain about noise in the morning. A lot of them end up eating noodles and toast to save but spend $30+ a day on alcohol (and that's not even when going out, cause there they spend in the $100s). The French and Germans will always fucking talk in their languages even though it makes everyone else uncomfortable.

This is very unusual for me because I have traveled quite a lot in the last 6 years and haven't seen this yet. I assume it's the Australia factor, a safe English speaking place that attracts a lot of newbies. Makes me want to leave and I've only been here a couple of months.
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Actually the French have such poor grasp of English that many of them can't even put a sentence together but instead of taking this opportunity to improve it here in an English speaking country surrounded by English speaking travelers, they instead group together and don't even learn the basics. I wonder how my roommate got a job as a waiter because he doesn't know more than 20 words of English but he doesn't do anything other than hang out with other French people and skype with his friends back...
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People are just dumb with money.

When I was a teenager I worked at Best Buy. Most people there making about 10 to 11 dollars an hour. Every fucking day after work they would walk across the street and get drinks at chilies. They would spend 50+ dollars a night on drinks. Come into work with a hangover and complain they have no money.
>she's so poor she can't afford food and is asking for places to eat for free
>eat for free


Double LMAO. Probably spent her last money on 250 gram $50 tofu 'meat'balls.

>$20 entry fee and $12 drinks
Not if you're an attractive woman.
They literally get in for free. Thirsty orbiters buy HER drinks.

>They fucking start their skype chats
Hostel in Tunis,...
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File: 1412632015813.png (249 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB,
I live alone in my own private house in the Polish Countryside...

I'm willing to spent christmass with up to 4 people, from Japan or whatever : L

200€ per day, and I serve all happy polish traditional meals, organize christmass eve, new year celebrations, I got my own transportation avaiable 24/24 ( Toyoata Rav4)

I did this years ago, for Japanse fammily... and I can be a guide, bodyguard, host polish and german (austrian) meals everyday : L

I really have no plans for upcoming month

Where could I find people interested into such things?

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craigslist japan maybe?
I think it's kinda sad you'd feel the need to pay people 200€ per day to spend Christmas with you in your house, but that's 4chan for you I guess.
There's harder ways to earn money though, so I don't think it should be hard to find someone to fill the job.
>Toyoata Rav4
That's a really good car for Poland, are you a pimp?

File: 1480132165530.jpg (398 KB, 1600x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you had 20k in your pocket and could move anywhere, what country would you go to?

I'm thinking of going Japan or S Korea. The struggle I'm having is trying to think of a job i could get. I could get my TESL but I don't have college experience.

Would lack of college really fuck me over that hard? Should i just stay in US and cut my loses?
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I have $120k in my bank pocket and I just moved to Australia. Goal is to work here for a year or two, save up as much as possible, and then go to Asia to spend those savings.

Really easy to get jobs here. I found a job only a few days after landing here. There are many cases of people getting restaurant industry jobs within 2 days of looking. I have an admin job so you can see just how easy it is to get one, back in Canada any admin job takes ages to process.
You need a 4 year degree to work in Japan. I think it's the same in South Korea, at least for public schools. Hogwons might be different.

File: nightdrive.jpg (290 KB, 1019x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's the best time to leave for a 6-hour road trip? Do you like to travel through the day, overnight or leave early in the morning (around 3-4am)? I'm taking a trip from L.A. to Phoenix next month which is a 6-hour drive, and I want to know how I should do it. Some people I know who've done the drive say to leave early in the morning. But I've been reading from a few places that I should try a night drive to avoid traffic.
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Figure out when the worst rush hour is in LA, and get out an hour before that. I'm guessing that means leaving around 3 am. That'll put you in Phoenix around 10am, well last their morning rush hour. Driving towards the rising sun, don't forget your sunglasses.
What day of the week are you leaving? That makes a big difference too. I've done the drive from OC to Phoenix a bunch and we usually leave in the early morning around 8 am. Never encountered any traffic that I can recall.
early in the morning,
Phoenix traffic isn't that bad

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