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Have any of you made your traveling wishes come true through teaching english abroad?
If so, I'd like some advice/stories about it!
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Obviously a bachelors in English will help me, but are there any certificates I'd need for actually teaching it?
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best advice: get a real job or you end up like this guy.
Someone please tell me this asshole isn't right in the stance he's taken

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>mfw I just cancelled my flight after my overbearing and manipulative family pushed me not to go

Think I'm gonna explode and travel the world soon, there's no end in sight
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Why did you cave?
They somehow did it, anon, they made me think the worst even though I know it's irrational, I was going on my own and they twisted it into if I get killed etc no one would know.



What a fucking pussy

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Hey /trv/
Have any of you had to learn a language extensively before going somewhere? Thats the case with me. I'm moving to Israel from the US in 6 months, and I'm hoping to know hebrew thoroughly by the time I get there. Any of you have any online programs that are good at teaching a language?
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Just go to Ulpam here. I caught Hebrew here and learned English here. I am from Russia. Also, livd in Jerusalem <3
Live* yes, do it!
Yes fo Work had to learn Japanese for a DuPont owned company in Nagoya had just about 11 months to get business proficient. My company paid for classes and I went six days a week for two hours. Wouldn't say I reached my goal but close enough the rest I picked up on the job and with my now wife

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Traveling across Georgia in two weeks. Anybody know of any good destinations? Any hole in the wall restaurants that are noteworthy? Any beautiful views/trails/hikes etc?

Georgia Thread
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It really depends on where "across Georgia" takes you. but here are some good restaurants.
Dillard House in Dillard
Downda Earth in Helen
Lil Jakes BBQ in Wrens

Not hole in the wall places to eat that i like
Vortex in Atlanta(double or triple bypass burgers are great) They also started serving poutine but i haven't tried it yet.
Sushi Yoko/Tamato is a japanese resturant and grocery store on the north east side of atlanta.

as far as shit to do...well you can hit the southern side of the Appalachian trail for some good day hiking. Helen...
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where in georgia are you going, exactly
Tbsili mostly

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I have the opertunity to go work on a farm in southern Iceland for a few months. Everything about the location and farm seems perfect, I've just never done a work stay program before and wanted to know if anybody who has done something similar can tell me about there experience. I dont want to be in over my head because I thought the work would be easy but can things that sound too good to be true, be real?
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Suppose I should note the work is with cows,sheep,horses. Just light farm work and stable cleaning it said.
Shoveling shit is not as easy for those not used to it as it might seem to a farmer who does it all the time.

Still, it won't kill you. And if it does, at least you got to go to Iceland.

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O say can you see.jpg
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I can't resist it anymore, I have to visit this country. I would like to make a trip through all the states, starting in Maine.

I don't know yet whether I will do it alone or with friends. I know I want to see America in it's purest form, not just the touristic attractions.

Currently I'm in my last year of a journalism Master's degree so I probably could make money writing articles about it. As I'm a white belgian male I should have no problems going through the conservative areas like the deep south or midwest.

I'm asking...
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American who's visited all 50 states here

1. It will take an absolute FUCKLOAD of time to visit all 48 continental states. The United States is as big as continental Europe, and there's a lot of states that are not necessary to visit at all.

2. It will also cost quite a bit. Hostels aren't common in the US so you'd have to find an alternative place to sleep. The cheapest way to do it is probably AirBNB or couchsurfing, although I've never used either.

3. In my opinion, the best parts of the US are the national parks/nature in the...
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Doing a roadtrip through all 50 states would be very difficult to do in 3 months if you plan to stop and enjoy some cities/national parks from more than a day. I would, and I'm sure everyone else here would recommend you do the U.S. in parts. For first time Euro travelers we recommend the Northeast because people are more educated/less xenophobic and public trans is decent (for American standards anyways, euros may find it embarrassing though).
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superlative laugh.jpg
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>The bulk of the midwest and the deep south are completely skippable ... because there's just not anything interesting to do.

A very strange thing for a traveler to post.

Of course, what you like to do and what interests you may not be what anybody else likes to do or what interests them, but the idea that in roughly half odf the continental US there is nothing interesting is laughable.

I'm laughing right now.

Pic related, laughing a lot like that.

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Hey. Im just a german dude travelling to Stockholm for new years eve.
If you have any tips in terms of what i should see or something like that please share.
Also kinda nervous because im travelling alone
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What sort of things interest you?

I could write up all the best examples of church architecture for you, but won't waste the time unless you are into that.

In the unlikely chance that you do not want to spend your time looking at churches, maybe somebody here knows about just wast you are looking for, if you give them a few hints about your interests.
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I've heard Aifur is supposed to be a nice restaurant

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Hey /trv/, I'm visiting Poland soon. I'm going alone (This is the first time I've ever traveled solo) and I was wondering if any of you could recommend something decent to do or see in either Wroclaw or Warsaw?
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I recommend you start with Wikitravel if you haven't already.

There will be plenty of ideas there, and you won't have to wait for replies.

Not giving you the cold shoulder (I've never been to Poland), just directing you toward a helpful resource.

Have fun! Let us know how it goes. I'm interested in getting there someday.
Thanks anon. I wasn't aware of Wikitravel actually, I'll look into it.

I'll be sure to post the occasional update when I'm there.
I went to wascraw, heard warsaw was packed with drunk ourists

lots of uni kinds in wascraw, a few churches and museums; not sure I saw much else

Hi /trv/, i'm from Alicante, Spain, and by the end of January i'm travelling to Malmö to stay 10+- days there, a pretty nice half swedish lady hosts me so everything about hosting is solved the best way possible.
I'm looking for funny, cultural things to do there, but the tripadvisor reviews have its own limitations, so i wanted to know if somebody here could shed light on certain points:
> Live shows -metal, jazz, alternative- on malmo & copenhague from 21st to 31st
> Jam sessions

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I would recommend visiting suburb of Rosengård
it will give you a rare glimpse in to the future of Sweden
So tolerant
Sup Anon, I'm in Copenhagen at the moment and went over to Malmö the other day. Been here 7 days and it is definitely more than enough time here. I think 10 days in Malmö and coming over to CPH will be quite drawn out (Bur snow will be awesome)

the castle in Malmö is worth seeing with history and live animals n shit. The Turning Torso is also cool with great modern buildings with Swedish architecture.

I actually prefer Christiania to main CPH. People here seem slightly brainwashed and dronelike

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Guys have you ever been robbed before?

I just noticed that someone took my emergency stash out of a hostel RFID Cardkey locker.
Its not trip ruining, but not too little and I feel fucking awful. Not much i can do about it though.

I never had problems like that in Indian Hotels or hostels in New Zealand, but after another rather bad incident hostels in SEA seem to be pretty bad. My paranoia is going to ruin a lot from now on.
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>My paranoia is going to ruin a lot from now on.

If you let that happen, you're letting them steal more than your money, and something more valuable.

Don't get paranoid, maybe get a bit more cautious and keep in mind that physical cash in hand is always open to getting lost or stolen, so don;t keep more of it than you need.

And keep in mind that you can get more cash, you can't get back potential good times traveling that you wasted fretting over life's...
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Yep, at knifepoint in Peru.
>nearly 2016
>staying in a hostel in southeast asia

You got what you deserved

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OK, so I just booked a trip to thailand recently and I'll be going in less than a week, but I initially checked the government site and it said I'd only need yellow fever vaccination from a country that is prone to it but now I'm afraid I've read it incorrectly, can someone help me out?

Do you need vaccinations before you go to thailand?
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Chill OP. You don't need yellow fever if you're sticking to Thailand. Go to the hospital for tropical disease when you get to Bangkok, it's just off from Monument square. They're a modern professional hospital and do cheap vaccines (it's recommended to get hep a and b as well as update your tetanus/diphtheria if you haven't already. Japanese encephalitis is something they'll offer too, it's nasty but really rare unless you plan to sit in a rice paddy for 6 months. Only issue is hep a and b take 3 shots spread out over a month. I'm...
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No, but if you have the time get all the shots you think you'l ever need in Bangkok. I did at some hospital attached to a snake farm.

p.s. I had my vaccination book stolen since then, including my yellow fever which I had done some time before, but I have pictures of it all. Fucking sucks.
...BTW the reason I went was to get typhoid booster, which is really the important one if you have your Hep shots which you probably already do.

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Hey guys, I'm planning to go on a backpacking trip along the coast of chile (if you've seen Chile in a map, thats all there is I guess lol).

What I wanted to ask, has anybody been on a limited budget around chile? I'm planning to go with a little more than $1000 and to stay there for about five weeks. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :).
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Where do you plan to stay during the nights? 1K is not really that much money and food will cost some too, you'll probably have to do some jobs like cleaning cars or something to earn money, there's also the fact that around this time of the year young people usually do the same thing as you here, so you might find some competition, or in the best of cases maybe find a group to stick to for a while.
>Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Bring more money?

Chile isn't a poor country, and it was already said that this is the busy time of year for traveling there so prices are a bit higher.

The peso has gone down, but I feel that $30/day gets you 2 of: food, shelter and transportation. Don't know what the hitchhiking is like there, should try to meet some Chileans on interpals and couchsurfing.

And most of Chile is actually in the valley between...
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OP, specify what part of Chile you'll be traversing. While skinny, it is a long country that covers pretty much half of latin america so it's not exactly a place you can see from north to south in 5 weeks.

Chile is probably the most expensive country in latin america. If you're staying 5 weeks that makes around 28 USD, which means around 200000 Pesos. With that money you'll be able pay for lodging in hostels (Around 10 USD is the average though consider a bit more in touristy or remote places), eat, and pay for transportation. Note that when I say...
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I'm heading over to Vanuatu in a couple of weeks, never seen anyone talk about that place here before, anyone been there? And if so, I'm especially curious about budget and more tribal oriented traveling instead of a more touristic approach to the place. I keep reading about the amazing diving opportunities and similar stuff which I'll never be able to afford.
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Can't really help with budget stuff sorry, but from memory it's not too expensive? Internal flights are where most of your money will go

Head to pentecost for the tribal stuff, and make sure you climb that volcano on tanna. There's some decent off-the-beach snorkelling on tanna and ok stuff on that tiny island in Port villa. Probs nothing like the diving though I guess

Just bought some flights to Tenerife for February. Never went there because its touristic reputation. Now it was the only destination that fit the timeslot+budget, and the surf is apparently real good so.

Any tips where to go and where not to go (the touristic cities I guess). Looking for surf, cool little villages, maybe to climb that volcano?
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Bumped for interest
Def avoid the tourist cities. Laguna is a world heritage site. The volcano is the shiznit. Orotava valley looks pretty. Rent a car.
there is a small hostel you can stay at near the summit of the volcano but you can only stay 1 night


you can be a lazy bastard and take a cable car there, or hike up but i'm not sure where you could start from, maybe vilaflor

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I`m visiting Manhattan next summer and decided i would pay a visit but i need to know some shit first.

What shit is there to actually do besides the view?

Should i wait a few more years till there is more shit to look at and more shit to do?

Is it just butthurt nostalgia fags who hate it?

Has anyone here ever been there?
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The Twin Towers were cooler. Surely most can agree with that.

But the new one does have steak-fries served at the top, so there is that.
I was just there a couple weeks ago. I'd say if it's your first time in NYC, do Empire State building instead. Lines are probably longer, but it has more soul than One WTC.
I only dislike it because it clashes with the rest of the skyline. The Twin Towers actually looked like they fit in New York, not fucking Hong Kong.

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