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johnny rebel.jpg
21 KB,
I'm looking to roadtrip around the American South with my friend for about ten days later this month, visiting, and not exclusive to,
Hot Spring AR
New Orleans
Houston TX
Any suggestions or accommodations?
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Stone Mountain 139.jpg
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Where from? If you're looking for southern culture, I know a few places. When I'm out of college and settle down I'd love to get into couch surfing, unfortunately I can't host now.

>Oyotunji Village, SC
The southeast has the highest number of blacks in the country, back in the 1970s when they were deciding between violence and nonviolence, some nationalists split off and founded a Kingdom that has been recognized by spiritual leaders in East Africa. They practice...
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secede 003.jpg
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A few more that I know of locally

>Fort Mountain State Park
Weird rock wall that pre-dates Cherokee. The Indian legend is that a small race of people that couldn't see in certain cycles of the moon built it. They found their weakness and killed them, and then used the wall as sacred honeymoon spot, lel
>>Rock Hawk Effigy
Also paleoindian, from when people were roaming tribes rather than settled like Cherokee or Creek. No ceremonial...
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To answer you're question and to provide some information about myself, I'm coming from Austin (Mexican, 21). My friend's only 20. I also lived in Chapel Hill for a year when I was much younger.

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Hey /trv/.

A friend of mine is staying at Liverpool for a few weeks. I was thinking of going as well for a week or so. My friend told me to not pay for a room and stay with him in the hotel he stays. It is a single room. Will there be issues if i sleepover?

Also, any good things to do/visit around liverpool?
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Take a ferry across the mersey

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So I'm gonna be in vegas/grand canyon for winter break, anything I should expect? Tips? Scams to watch out for?

pic unrelated
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if you hike into the canyon remember its like hiking a mountain in reverse. it will take you twice as long to walk out then it did to walk down so plan accordingly.

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World travel.jpg
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Anything good other than airline pilot/flight attendant?
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If you qualify to be a pilot Air Force, otherwise avoid AF like the fucking plague from this definitely go Army.
US Navy us best for travel. Army is arguably the worst. They have a lot of bases (very few in Asia), but are so large your chance of getting the base you want diminishes.

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I've always wanted to learn Spanish but my recent trip to Mexico made me realize how lost I was without my Spanish speaking friend. I've done a bit of research about going to a school in a Latin American country. Some recommend Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia.

Any experience to share ? Recommendations ? Looking for somewhere relatively cheap but I don't want to be somewhere boring either.
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i´m from colombia but i think you should go to ecuador, its better for your plans
Ecuador is a bit off-putting for me though only for the fact that they use USD and I only have week Canadian pesos. Is it still cheap ?
I would advise Chile or Argentina, maybe Ecuador, mostly because they are pretty safe countries in SA, and because I had a great experience when I visited Chile and Argentina.

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Me and a friend want to meet up in Vancouver, or somewhere nearby in BC if its cheaper. They're from the US, taking advantage of the weak Canadian dollar for a trip. I'm from further up in BC, rural shithole.

They want the stay to be at least 2 weeks long, at the minimum, flexible. No set dates yet, just sometime in 2016.
How would you guys recommend finding a place to stay for that long for the two of us without paying out the ass for a decent hotel room? They want to pay for the room, I just think we can find a better deal than that.

Should we look...
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Yeah, you can rent a small vacation home/apartment for two weeks or a month at that price point desu senpai
Suck a cock
> Should we look into renting an apartment for one month

Vancouver is in a "housing crisis" right now. The vacancy rate is close to zero so landlords get twenty or more applications for every available unit. Somebody who only wants it for a month will be at the very bottom of the list. Your best bet is checking Airbnb.

Need some ideas of places to take my gf on holiday (We're britfags for reference). Preferably with some amazing scenery or culture, and fewer tourists?

She's got relatives out in New Zealand and I've got some out in Canada so, bonus points for cool places in either of those (Yes I know they're big)
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i reccomend interlaken, swizterland
Iceland, Switzerland

NZ is a good choice too but plane tickets are going to be rather spendy
Not OP but I'm interested too.

We went to Denmark almost exactly one year ago. The snow made it beautiful. Amazing culture, good food, beautiful cities. Would recommend.

Is Iceland in winter worth it? I know that summer is a must but I want to see some northern lights.

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How's becoming a flight attendant if I want to travel? Are you allowed and do you ever have time to see whatever city/country you arrive in? How are the discounts?
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look at the FAQ on the careers page of the airline you want to work for...
>How's becoming a flight attendant if I want to travel?
Pick an airline that goes places you wish to go, or start with some commuter stuff. Realize the biggest airlines will have seniority (years of service) as the reason for the most desired flights such as trans-atlantic, and their promotions. Make yourself the most congenial person you can think of...get some CPR/first aid certs, and any career where you work with wealthy people in a service role. Degrees and other languages...
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Okay, guys. It's official, I've decided, I'm going to Thailand, it's going to be 2-3 weeks of eating food, culture, sea and a good time.

I want everyone who has ever been to share all the info and make this the best and official Thailand thread for the rest of /trv/.


Hotels in Bangkok
-How much? Which are the best to cheap ratio? Closest to the city? What to watch out for and avoid? Do you have to book hotels before you arrive?

-Where to go? What signs tell you to avoid street food? What to try?...
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You can expect around 500 baht a night for somewhere with a refrigerator and bathroom. I'd advise spending a little extra just to get a good neighbourhood. Avoid Asok/Nana.
Hotels are common and cheap, so you don't necessarily need to book. It would make your arrival much easier, though, if you knew exactly where you had to go.

>-Where to go?
7/11 or Aeon for organic yoghurt. It combats Delhi Belly.

>-Is it useful to do this instead?...
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File: Unavngivet.png (236 KB, 1214x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, /trv/. I come to you with a request, and thanks in advance.
In a few months (February or March, if I recall), my mother will be taking a midlife crisis bike trip from our home in Denmark to see her family in Latvia, and see some sights along the way (primarily Kaliningrad). She's unsubtly hinted she wants some help as a Christmas present, which is nice because I'm broke, and I'm finding maps and travel guides to compile for the present.
This is where you come in, /trv/. Wikitravel and travelogue sites are nice, but there are some tips you just have...
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Just to mention it, she's going to be lugging around a tent and sleeping at camping sites, but I know her (and Latvians) well enough to know that camping sites are only a formality, and she'll probably end up pitching tent in the woods if she can't find any.
If anyone's going to suggest talking her out of it (I'm not sure if you'd consider it dangerous, but it is a bit impulsive), I can say that it would result in casualties. Arguing with a Latvian ends in blood.
And I'll just bump this, since it's relatively important.

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Travelling to Cuba. Staying at a resort. Anyway to get internet there other than paying for the crappy ones there?
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Litterally no.

Use the internet at the resort, it'll be the best available even if its not the blazing fast shit you're used to at your battlrstation back home.

File: gavalas.jpg (62 KB, 672x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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After leaving a review of an apartment at http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g482941-d7829779-r315745166-Fava_Eco_Residences_Anemos_Suite-Oia_Santorini_Cyclades_South_Aegean.html#review_315745166, my gf received the attached libellous e-mail from the owner, followed by more intimidation and blackmail attempts. One will quickly guess that all the accusations in the message (and in the even more creative response to our review, which we got with the message "Dearest ***, now you got the humiliating review response that you deserved. You have to understand that continuously lying has unpredictable consequences. Enjoy it...") have been made up.

Now, we have received another e-mail:
"Mr ***
the action against you for defamation of Fava Eco Residences is ready.
The Senior Associate who is in charge of the case, has already tried twice without success to contact you.
Ignoring our lawyer's e-mails will not allow you to avoid the court, it will just make Ms ***'s [my gf's name; I had asked the owner to leave her alone and only contact me] position worst, since she will appear alone in court and you will be tried in absentia.
You will be asked to provide your home address and not the professional one as you have done till now, so the indictment can be delivered personally to you by bailiff.
In any case, do not reply to this message.
This is the last warning and from now on, the only communication will and can be achieved through our lawyers.
I would suggest you to find a good lawyer if you have not yet done so.
Antonis Gavalas"

I have heard from friends that this may be the right community to ask. Do you have any experience if one can be summoned to a Greek court for alleged defamation (and if yes, if one needs to appear in court or at least send a lawyer)? We have *some* photographic evidence to prove our case, but not everything (we had never expected to be attacked with such a barrage of lies and accusations), and we're a bit far from Greece...

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The lack of legal jargon in that email makes me think the guy just got a different email address and is just trying to harrass you and your gf. I wouldn't sweat it unless actual summons appeared at your job or home.
File: gavalas2.jpg (16 KB, 454x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 454x246
(Here is a screenshot of the second e-mail mentioned - the author does not seem to be one to give up easily)
Thanks! He's a Greek architect (though he studied and worked in London for a number of years), so he may not know the legal jargon, but given that the original review appeared over 3 months ago, he seems unrelenting...

So /trv/ I'm going to Budapest, this january for a week, with a friend. How are the people? Any advice on attractions, places to eat and places to go out? Thank you.
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Book a massage a couple days in advance at Szechenyi, or there won't be one available the day you wish to go.
Musts: Terror House ~3hrs, Hospital in the rock possible in the evenings when doing fisherman's bastion and castle buda. Some of the best klezmer music restaurants need a reservation too, so plan ahead for that experience.
Cool I have looked those places up, they all seem worthwhile. What about the people? How do they feel about foreigners?
When it comes to tourist, Budapest is like most of other big cities. There would be many hospitable people, some who hate tourists, most do not care. There is significantly less English spoken than in Western Europe, but when you're there for a week, you probably won't really notice that.

Note down the Király utca-Kazinczy utca area as well for food, drinks, bars.

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2 MB,
Hey! Im from Finland. Have u ever visited this northern country? I would like to recommend it to all of you with warmth.

>beatiful nature, lots of lakes and plenty of forest
>cosy cities
>young people are highly educated and polite and friendly
>culture is so different compared to U.S.
>very beatiful blonde girls

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It's a nice place. Other than the capital there's no city worth visiting. According to a study, Finland has the most promiscous girls. So have fun with the blondes!
>very beautiful blonde girls

>not Mongoloid
I'm sure it's a troll post but I'm extremely fond of Finland.

> The women are beautiful...they're like chinkier hot ass white girls.
> Promiscuous
> being North American makes you stand out because Finnish men are so afraid to talk to the women
> They're like humbler Swedes (I love Sweden too, don't get me wrong)
> I think it's the most romantic culture in Northern Europe. Like, people...
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Do you have something ?
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How much oppression do Japanese women really face compared to the west?
Do you think people will keep this /trv/ related?
In the work place, a lot. On the bright side, that means they don't need to deal with Japan's workplace culture.

Magic 8-ball says probably not.

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