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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refrain to the old thread while...
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Who the hell would go to Japan if they can't speak Japanese? ;)
uhhh, drink coffee/eat a snack? It is a cafe, dude.
I'm currently going through the sticky but i figured im just gonna drop the question anyway.

So a few buddies and I are planning on going to Japan.
Now, we are still orientating but the idea is to visit Tokyo and Kyoto for 7 - 10 days.
Imo 7 days is too short and we should 10 days. I'm getting a lot of different opinions about life in Japan and how expensive it is. (Hotels/food/nightlife)
I'm kinda looking for someone who knows more about the subject and can suggest a game plan for lets say a 10 day trip. It doesnt have to be super specific, some...
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China General

Old thread is at: >>1048897

General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/en/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

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pic is a Mongolian-Tibetan Buddhist temple in a grasslands town in Inner Mongolia.
I want to go somewhere magical that has no tourism in China. What have you found where you are practically alone but for the sight or attraction?
Can I transfer my savings in my chinese bank account to my UK bank account via paypal (eg having a Chinese paypal account and transfering the money to my British one?) Anyone have experience doing this?

Do I need USB verification from my Chinese bank to be able to make the payment?

Also whats the pollution like in Chengdu? Anyone on this thread lived in China with asthma?

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Allright yanks. Gonna take my first trip to the states next spring w/ my gf. Gonna stay in NYC for a week or so, then spend 1 or 1,5 weeks on the road and fly back to the old continent from Miami. Around 3 weeks long trip.

What do you recommend for the road trip? What should we see? What should we avoid? Best cities? Sports to see (baseball)? etc. etc.

I read that is wise to take a train from NYC to Philadelphia and rent the car there (cheaper and easier traffic). Is this true?

We're planning on taking a short one or two-day hike at some of the national...
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>also extremely into fighter jets
You've probably already had this in mind but
USS Intrepid
and try visiting the many decommissioned/reserve supercarriers in dock along the coast.
Can't go on obviously, but just seeing them is amazing.

Thanks for the tip! Where can I find out which carriers are in dock and where/when?
>Washington D.C. and Kennedy space centre (also extremely into fighter jets, because autism).
Well, make sure while in D.C. you do both air and space museums. The original is on the Mall with the other smithsonians, but the newer one is near Dulles airport (and a little trek to get to) and still I hear only 5-10% of the total smithsonian hangar'd plane collection is on display given space limitations. Udvar Havy has alllll the famous cool planes, from enola gay to ginormous test...
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Hey /trv/ planning my first trip abroad for spring and was wondering what your oponions are on hostel dorms set ups. Do you prefer mixed or private dorms? 2-12 people dormitories?
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I prefer six bed mixed dorms. Eight in a pinch. Too small and it feels like you're in someone else's hotel room. Too big is obviously a problem.

Mixed because the odd babe in a bra and panties spices things up and I've seen a few tits and gotten laid once just from waking up while some chick was getting changed. It's no bad thing.

It's also a decent way to meet chicks. You've seen them in underwear, they've seen you in slightly less, it breaks the ice and everyone knows...
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Always mixed rooms so I can steal some of that sweet used panties the girls leave behind when they go do some sightseeing
Well i was gonna go mixed but now I'm worried girls are gonna steal my man panties, thanks

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Hongcouverite here,

I'm taking my gf down to the states next week to visit family in Seattle for a day. We're seeing my relatives on the 23rd, and I've already been down to Seattle a few times with my gf so I want to go down to Portland and do a bit of exploring for a couple days. I booked us a hotel for 1 night in Vancouver WA so that we could spend 2 days down in Portland, 3 if I can find a better deal on hotels for 2 nights, but for now, it's looking to be only 2 days of exploring. For 2 days, what would you say would be the best places to visit in Portland?

I know 2 days is not that much time to spend down there, but it's mostly just something for us to do before we visit family. As much as I love outdoorsy type things, and I'm seeing a lot of that in the searches I've done, we will probably avoid them as I doubt the weather will be suitable.

I mainly would like to try do some things that are "unique" to Portland that I wouldn't really get anywhere else. I'm not looking to spend an extraordinary amount of money as I'm pretty strapped for cash going into the holidays. But just a few interesting places for us to visit while we're down there would be great. We will be there pretty early in the morning as we're leaving from up north at around 4-5am.

Any recommendations?
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I have lived in Portland my whole life. Definitely check out the Hawthorne district, that is what most people think of when they think of Portland. Go to any McMinnamins establishment (though McMinnamins is a PNW thing, not exclusive to Portland) Eat at food carts, fuck restaurants. I'm only 20 so idk anything about bars and such but I hear Portland has great bars so definitely look into that. If you like book stores, check out Powells, it's honestly one of the best book stores in the country. Downtown is cool but be prepared to interact with a lot of homeless people...
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Camera thread. /p/ is for superficial douches and discourages questions. I am a cinematographer who likes to do photography from time to time. I want to know what you use and see what you've shot. I know a bit, ask questions and I'll answer.

I use a GH2 with a variety of Rokinon primes. Moving to a GH4. Looking at a D810.
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GH4 because 4K meem
I use a d7100 and want to get into shooting more on my upcoming trips. Looking at buying an action camera now but don't want to spend a huge amount on a gopro.

Do you have any suggestions for cheap camera sliders? I would prefer something similar to sliderplus but that price is very steep. I'm hoping to buy something for around $100.
How bout you use your fucking eyes on a trip and not film the whole thing with a so called action cam. Eh?

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I am going to either Mozambique or Tanzania, but cannot decide which. Which of these countries is more fun, striking and unique?
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or any east african country

One of my best friends is volunteering in Tanzania with the Peace Corps and he loves it. Seems like people are friendly, the wildlife is amazing, and the daily cost of living is low.
bumping for you

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Hey /trv/ was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for good traveling shoes for winter time in Europe. Ill be traveling from Sweden to Spain for a month so need something comfortable, warm and water resistant. Any suggestions?
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Third party bump. I have such a shit selection where I live.
I bought some hybrid walking/hiking shoes that were really good, even had steel caps. Bit of a pain at airports though.
Aren't steel toe boots uncomfortable though?

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I am considering going to London to live there for a year or more when I graduate, my parents are british.

I was planning on applying for Goldsmiths but I've come to realize it's solely for the campus life and I really don't want to spend a 9000p tuition to be permit accomodation. How can I find a scene like campus with younger people who aren't dull and boring?
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Oh, I live in Stockholm now so it's in EU
Shoreditch, Hoxton, Dalston area (and slightly cheaper places beyond it , Hackney, Hackney Wick, Fish Island, ) are the really young and creative neighbourhoods now. Nothing is cheap in Look London, though.

I'd steer well clear of Goldsmiths. To say the student politics there are deranged and insane would be an enormous understatement.
Cool pic Op!
London calling

I'm going to Helsinki alone in January. I've heard a lot from people who think that Finnish sauna is great. Is it something I should do on a solo trip?
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Sure, why not?
What time period? I'm heading there mid January myself.
I am an American who has lived in HKI for three years. Definitely take a sauna. Do go drinking in Kallio, but don't expect locals to approach you (unless attractive + female). Finns are friendly when approached, but are shy at first. Make some friends and drink some beer. Sorry you have to be there in January :(

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Going to prague, czech republic tomorrow. From western europe.

Top 5 things to do? (only planned thing is seeing an opera and going to Kafka museum)
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You can get opera (also ballet, other theatre tickets online ) from the national theatre website, and I recommend doing so (you get them emailed to you right away as a PDF). Website is something like www.narodni-divadlo.cz
hey mate, went there a couple of weeks back with the gf but only for a few days, old town square is the central tourist location and the best thing there is the church of st nicolas which will take your breath away. just before sunset we headed to park letna and watched the sun go down from that vantage point - you can see across the whole city and watch as the charles bridge lights come on - it was for me a unique and beautiful moment and that scene is seared on my brain.

the architechure around the city (even seemingly ordinary buildings) is really stunning, and just...
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best Thing in Prague,good drinks,best food in great ammounts and its also cheap.
Also really nice atmosphere etc.
Have fun

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I do not know any German and my parents want me to study in Germany because its cheap (this idea is being pushed by monetary reasons). Does anyone have any sort of advice, experience, or knowledge with this?
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You need to enter:
>a bachelor degree
>a C1 diploma in German and a full International Baccalaureate
>highschool diploma wit at least 4 AP classes (Math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography) and a C1 diploma in German and pass a admission examination on the same level as the German Abitur.

Else don't even think anout it.
I already started my first semester at college in Virginia. so, pretty much I shouldn't follow through with even applying?
For a master it will work as there're English courses. For a bachelor you need to be fluent in German or get into a exchange program (6months max usually)
Finish your bachelor.

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Hi /trv/

I just took a plane to NY,NY and subsequently boarded a train to new haven.visiting a buddy here at Yale. I'll be bunking out for about a week here and just going to take in the locale. Will be flying to LV the 23rd and drive to San Francisco the 27th. spend new years there.. however after that I basically don't have any plans until my return flight the 23rd in NYC.

I was on the east coast last May saw small parts of LA, San Diego, San Francisco (Fresno lol) and the national parks of Yosemite and Grand canyon.

I was advice to just book...
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>I was on the east coast last May saw small parts of LA, San Diego, San Francisco (Fresno lol) and the national parks of Yosemite and Grand canyon.
Ummm that's the west coast bro, Why bother going back to the west coast if you've already been there like you said, of course unless you really like it. I would explore the Northeast like Boston, Philly, and D.C
Woops switched them again..

Wanna do philly maybe sometime next yer. Heard good stuff about it. Boston i've been couple of times already.

And yeah liked the west coast a lot so wanna see a bit more as my last trip was a bit more scheduled and basically did the absolute necessary things I wanted to do.
So how long did you spend in places like SF and SD? You could take a train from SF to Portland and take the Cascades route from Portland and Seattle if you really want to see Seattle. Seattle is a decent place to live but I don't know if you could spend a few days there as tourist though without getting bored occasionally.

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i'm going to iceland on 30th of january for 4 days, 3 nights. what are the recommended tour to take other than the golden circle? we really want to go to see aurora and all its glory. also some unique experience of iceland

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Sacrifice a goat every day to please weather and sun gods.
In the middle of the winter it is mostly overcast, and when it is not, sun needs to be extra active (which is pure luck)

Two years ago i spent 10 nights looking at the sky in iceland, willing to drive to any place where the sky was clear - no luck.
what >>1060557 said, sacrifice animals for some good weather both to see aurora borealis AND to be able to travel around a bit

since 4 days is not that much, I'd recommend renting a car to see the waterfalls in the south, going to Dyrholaey and Vík, maybe getting to Snaefellsness Peninsula too, which is pretty and close to Reykjavik
i'm going to iceland too next year, around the same time. any recommendation on local tour?

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Do you come from a well traveled family or do you find yourself at odds with your relatives over this?

Much of my family has never left the state and seems to think it is a waste of time and inherently dangerous regardless of the destination (how do airplanes work?). How do you reconcile this?
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My family travels but not extensively or adventurously. The only time my dad has ever left the country was for his honeymoon and he doesn't seem too interested in going abroad otherwise. My mom has been a few more places with my step-dad, albeit only in Europe. The same is true of my grandparents, who occasionally go on cruises or small trips with friends around Italy, Germany, France, and so forth. I was never taken overseas growing up, and my parents wouldn't pay for tuition, let alone trips.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
My grandfather on my fathers side spent the first 14 years of his life in India. My grandfather on my mothers side was In India during WW2 and many years living in Israel once retired. (both white British Christians)

I have extended family living in Vancouver, Copenhagen and parts of New Zealand

My dad has lived in Saudi Arabia and Dubai for work and travelled extensively around Europe. He used to Hitch-hike France/Spain in his early 20's.
No one in my family has ever backpacked around the world the way I do. My mother only ever took guided bus trips and now with my dad vacations to warmer countries. My dad is actually in a way well traveled because he used to work on fishing ships and would be flown all over the world to go on his ships. However he never really did much traveling except for 2 month-long trips once to Asia (Bali, Phuket, Borocay only) and to South America (Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires).

My grandparents never traveled, unless you count Nazis transporting them to work on their farms in...
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