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So after a very unfortunate turn of plans resulting in missing Bonnaroo this year, I now have an excess of money saved up and an intense need to get out of the South. I live in North MS and I'm taking the next year off before I go off to a major university, so I've been loosely planning on road tripping to the west coast, but I'm having a little bit of a difficulty planning out the places I definitely should hit on the way there.

What are some recommendations of places I definitely should see? What places out west are completely overrated in your opinion?
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Also, has anyone visited Sedona, AZ before? Is it worth stopping by in my trip or not really?

Hit some other festivals. Look into wayhome, its in canada bit the same people who organize bonnaroo run that as well. Itll be the 2nd year for that fest.

Just sayin, since i went to roo solo this year and had one of the best times of my entire life.
It's cool for the geological features and nature. The city itself is a pseudo-hippy newage bullshitfest.

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any experiences with Alanya? I'm sort of...going there with my family and I'm not sure if the islamic doctrine is strong there. I've seen videos with bars and nightclubs but I'm still unsure how to approach the destination by attitude...
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I went there three times with my family. Having never been abroad elsewhere it was cool then (I was 12-15 I think).

Not sure what to tell you exactly. The beach on the right side of the castle or whatever was better iirc. Prepare to die in the heat.
Antalya (100km further West) is a bit better but nevertheless the experience wil lbe similar. The islamic doctirne is almost non existent for tourists and they are quite used to tourists so you must not be scared about any behavoir tabus.
As a turk, i can only say that lt is the best part of the turkey right now. There arent any islamic shit. You can do whatever you want without any problem. The weather is may little b a problem but it is ok you will get used to it.

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How the fuck do I travel if I have no job and am a student about to finish my degree?
I hate my """"friends"""" and have an immense urge to travel, I hate where I live and want to get out and not come back in years

How do I do it without resorting to prostitution or such?
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If you're from an English speaking country, consider teaching english abroad. If you're American there is also the Peace Corps or you could sell yourself for money
You don't.
Not sure where you are from but the US has a lot of opportunities working seasonally in beautiful places that provide housing. Lodges, camp stores, ski resorts. Pretty much any national or state park you can think of has them. The work sucks of course but the days off make it worth it. I know even NZ has the same opportunities. Would definitely recommend.

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Hey /trv/ I took this trip to get to Cali for an internship. Ask me anything.

I did it solo and camped the entire way.

I can post pics if you dudes want.
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y tho
Why what? I had never seen most of the country so I wanted to see all the different types of people and landscapes.
Where did you camp, and was it free camp or paid? Why did you select this route? How horrible were the great plains? How many hours a day did you drive? What gear did you use? What did you eat?

My impression is you didn't plan the route based on cool shit, just the shortest road.

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Hi /trv/, in 2 weeks time i will be in Milano and from there i will travel to Venice. Anyway, i figured that this is my chance to see the St Johann Church in the dolomites. (pic related) It has been on my bucket list for very long and i really want to go.
I have done some research about how to get there but it has not yet made me much smarter so i am asking /trv/:
How the fuck do you get here by public transport?
Like, what town should i be based in? Bolzano? Can you take a local bus out there?
I would be very grateful if anyone who has traveled there without a car...
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impossible m8, get a car for a day

Bolzano is your best bet to be based in
Which one is it? There is roughly hundred churches of st. Johann in Italy.
nevermind, found it. It's the one near Vilnöß?
There is train station/stop called "Villnösser Haltestelle" between Bozen and Brixen, but I can find a railway connection to it.
Its only 10km from Brixen (but with mountains in between!), so, try to hike there? The landscape is way to fantastic to only go around by car.

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Going to be going with my Girlfriend to Florence for 2 days full days. Any suggestions? Uffizi seems to be the only thing to do from a quick look.
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Im there in 3 Days, plz send Foto so I can punch you
Florence is the most beautiful city in the world. Jampacked with things to do and explore.
I'll be there. Where you staying? fight?

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Despair code.jpg
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I'll start

>What's a job that will let me travel for free
>how can I get laid in SEA
>Toronto threads
>What are some non-touristy things I can do in Paris
>I have 6 weeks off for a USA road trip. Plan my route for me
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>>I have a budget of US$X, where should I go /trv/?
No interests, no country of origin, no time frame, no nothing
>>I have 1 month off, where should I go /trv/?
No interests, no country of origin, no budget, no nothing
>>I'm from X, where should I spend my vacation /trv/?
No interests, no budget, no time frame, no nothing
>>General language thread
>>What should I do in <random Japanese city>?
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first time on trv and im just looking for a thread answering the Paris question, none found.

care to give me an answer?
such a bad trolling attempt, it made me both weep and use the word weep.

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So, I was thinking of going to Lyon via CS and a guy told me I could go there, but now he lives naked "because of the heat".

Should I go and be anal raped or try a new one?
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Use your common sense, dude.
Idk man he has a lot of references, mostly positive
Obviously go and get anal raped. Why even make this thread?

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Hey /trv

My girlfriend and I are traveling around Israel. We're traveling without a plan, but find it rather hard to escape the touristy areas of Jerusalem etc.
Now we've decided to rent a car, but we're still open for suggestions on where to go.

What are the places to see and things to do in Israel?

So far we've considered: Golan heights, some parts of Palestine, Negev desert and The Dead Sea.

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You probably won't be able to take the rented car to the Palestinian side.
Hi, Israeli here

You shouldn't skip Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Acre. Bare in mind that parking inside Tel-Aviv can be pretty expensive (about 5$ an hour) so you should park it in your hotel (which I assume you'll be at since you're renting a car) and using public transport which is pretty good. Just notice that it pretty much shuts downs from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

I don't think there's going to be much problem for you to go to the west bank, but there are several areas, especially...
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Dead Sea is incredible and climbing massage while the sun rises was great. Of the time I spent in Israel that was the most worthwhile experiences. Jerusalem was cool but had scam prices and was a bit uncomfortable. Tel-Aviv was just a city.

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Hi /trv/,

I want to know about the best place you have ever been. I am not talking about a country or a city, just a specific place. Maybe a beach in scotland, maybe a restaurant in miami.

Just some place that made you feel fantastic.
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Daily bump
I worked in South Dakota last summer and that was probably my favorite place. Small town in the middle of no where was fantastic. Even more specific was the open gun Range outside of the town. In the middle of the night I would go out there and just lay down and look at the stars. Still one my favorite memories.
Not to be too RealTraveler (TM),/old fucker, but my favorite places are mostly spots in Thailand from when I lived there as a young person, starting in the late 1980s. Nong Khai, on the Mekhong/Lao border, when NE Thailand got few tourists and Laos got none, will always be magical to me. Nong Khai is still charming, in my opinion, dreadlocked Israelis in Singha or Beerlao wife beaters notwithstanding.

Hey trv so I live in the US going to Greece this summer and booked a Europcar car rental through Expedia UK. it was over 100 dollars cheaper than any US site. So is this a win win or am I gonna have some kind of issues when I try to pick up my car cuz I didnt use the site I was "supposed" to have used to make and pay for the reservation
Pic unrelated
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>inb4 the currency conversion rate. they charged me 321 pounds and it came out to 430 usd on my credit card statement. US sites wanted about 560 usd for same booking
Can you drive stick? All cars in Europe are manual. Also where are you going?
Not all. It's slowly but gradually changing.

Hey /trv/.
I am from Sinagpore and I will soon move to Canada to study abroad. I am worried about not fitting in and ending up as one of those people who feel really homesick. I guess this should be an eye-opening experience for me, but I don't know if I will end up like those Chinese immigrants who only mingle with other Asian people and do not really have local friends.
How to fit in? Will partying and drinking help me fit into Western culture? I don't want to be one of those Chinese people who does not fit in into the local culture.
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Make a conscious effort not to socialize with other Chinese students, or Chinese locals. I know this takes you out of your comfort zone -- a big thing when in a new, strange place -- but it's essential if you want to meet non-Chinese people. Not all of these locals, or even many of them, are big partiers and drinkers, so you also need to put your prejudices and preconceptions aside. You're from Singapore, so your English is OK -- talk to people, other students, etc., join clubs, participate in sports, in...
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I'm a Canadian who just recently studied abroad in Singapore, and I can say that you'll notice a huge difference in how people think about drinking and partying (as you sort of alluded to). Don't feel pressured to turn into a borderline alcoholic like plenty of the local kids, but also don't be afraid to have a drink every now and then. A lot of people here like going out for a few drinks, or having friends over to play drinking games and this is how a lot of people bond with one another/have a good time.That being said, there will still be a good chunk of...
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Pretty much this, I have a Malaysian friend who said this exactly when he came over to America. He's a really nice guy but very strange, you could be that guy.

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Who is going?
Is it easy to get weed?
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It's on an island. You better have connects. Managed to score some Coke and Molly last year, but I knew the guy in advance.
420 blaze dat shit
Im going. Hope I can get some shit before the event. Never been in such a huge party so Im pretty excited.

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Me and my mates are hitting up amsterdam next weekend.

any suggestions on what to do?

we're not into the sex side of Amsterdam, we all have LTR. We are exclusively interested in weed and smart shops
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>any suggestions on what to do?
Do drugs. Sounds like that's what you're in to.
Get some moon pies OP. Don't eat the whole thing in one sitting tho unless your super experienced with weed at this point.
are moon pies any different than space cakes?
yeah but what drugs specifically, and where

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the...
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I don't really have anything to add, but have never seen a Japn general this early and thought I'd post second.

Ask me about Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo, I guess. It was kitschy fun.
What are the best certificates to get to teach in Japan?
Did he do Ninja Magic for you too?

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vegas 1.jpg
1 MB,
Me and 3 friends are gonna spend New Years in Las Vegas.

Its our first time going to Las Vegas.

Any tips what to do?
What should we avoid?
What should we do on New Years Eve? Strip, Bar Hopping or Club?

We would like to get the most bang for our buck in this trip. Especially we would like to avoid traps that would drain ou money.
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Just don't go to places where people try to lure you in.
New year's in Vegas. bang for your buck? lol
>avoid traps that drain money
>Vegas in New Years

Just cancel if you aren't willing to shell out a few thousand at least.

Considering going to the Azores this year. What islands should I include or exclude from the trip and how easy is it to get from island to island? Also, how much does it cost to hop from island to island by either boat or plane?
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I actually live in the Azores. Im on Terceira. When are you looking to come? I can help with some questions.

Check out this site for pricing on the ferry from island to island. It doesnt run all year so keep that in mind.

Not OP, but what is the internet like there? Would it be a good place to be a digital nomad for a bit? Is it a good place to pick up some Portuguese or is the accent too different?
Internet in my home is surprisingly good and you can find it available free at most cafes. Keep in mind that that may vary depending on the Island. Sao Miguel, Terceira and Sao Jorge probably best, the rest of the islands are small and may not be as good.

You will certainly pick up some Portuguese but from island to island dialect will be noticable. I tried Rosetta stone Brazilian and it didnt help much. Im learning on the fly.

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I'm currently in Amsterdam visiting a friend. I need to be in Paris by the 10'th and so I have the 8-9 to kill time.

I have an unlimited global eurail pass, but I have no idea what to do!

Is luxembourg cool... or brussels?

I've done all of the museums in Amsterdam and feel like i've done all there is to do besides getting high and partying my face off.
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Find the closest trappist monastery next to you and drink really good beer. Maybe Westmalle, not too far from Antwerp.

Would pick Brussels over Luxembourg.

I also heard Bruge is a beautiful city.

You can also make your trip shorter to Paris and also head to Champagne?
>I also heard Bruge is a beautiful city.

It's like a fairy tale.

what is there to do in champagne?

I thought about doing a day wine tour in strasbourg (alsace region)

or Beaune (burgandy region)

however, it's too short of notice to get one I think

Hey guys me and my girlfriend are looking to go on holiday somewhere in Europe close to the beach on this weekend for a week, could anyone recommend any sites for good deals?
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This is /trv/, not /plebs/
>>not posting country of origin
>>not posting time frame
>>not posting interests
>>not posting fuck all and opening a new thread because you believe you're a special snow flake that deserves to be helped
>>posting pic of singapore in a thread about 'beaches' in europe
>>mfw europe has thousands of...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Crying_ede40c_5574013.jpg (29 KB, 468x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do everyone always need travel insurance? Am I dumb for asking? I'm thinking of going to S.E. asia without it. Here's why:
1. I'm not taking anything valuable.
2. I have a credit card that has a $10000 limit
3. The only situation that I can think of when it would actually be useful is when I have a nasty accident and the hospital costs more than $1000
4. Even if I get insurance there's no guarantee they'll pay out if i need it.

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Only reason I'd get it for SEA is if I were going to do a lot of motorbike riding, since the roads are so bad.
I've never bought travel insurance in my life, and the people who consider it indispensable really irk me.
Motorbiking is illegal for foreigners everywhere you go in SEA, so if you injure yourself while using one there is a 0% chance that your travel insurance will cover the expenses.
owning one is illegal. If you rent one how the fuck is that illegal.

Alright anon I have a question for you regarding lodging and food while sailing the Caribbean.

Backstory: Sailed for the last 2 years as a foredeck hand, and after moving to good old atlanta, I find myself wanting to get back on the water. I'm 90% sure I convinced my old captain and one of my old crewmates to come to the Caribbean with me next year and Sail from Trinidad to Miami. I'm also taking 2 family members and a friend who have no sailing experience (yay! We get to see if they get seasick.)

I've got an estimate on the cost of a 35' monohull...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Where u live?
I'm in the U.S. not sure why that's relevant.
Can't really answer that, other than to suggest Googling lodging on the islands you plan to hit and building that part of the budget that way.

I do like the chandler's store at Soper's Hole in BVI, though. FWIW.

File: 270px-Collage_Firenze.jpg (21 KB, 270x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Best shit to do in Florence
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Uffizi Gallery is God tier
go to Santa Maria del Fiore and visit the dome of Brunelleschi, it's amazing
>dome of Brunelleschi
you can also go up to the dome and walk around the circular balaustrade to see the frescoes and then go up again to the dome's peak and see a panorama of Florence

protip: DON'T DO IT if you are claustrophobic. believe me

File: eXk9nE5R.jpg (12 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /trv/. I will soon start my gap year abroad and I want to create a YouTube channel with videos about it. I want to make the videos interesting so that I will have as many viewers as possible. What are some suggesting to make my videos interesting? I don't want to do anything too clichéd
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Firstly ask yourself why you are doing it. If the only reason is for the videos to get as many viewers as possible then stop. You really can tell when people are making videos in the hopes of hitting it big because funnily enough they are the worst videos. You need to plan what you want to create and you need to enjoy what you are doing. Find a style that you like, the competition on YouTube essentially means that if your video doesn't include original ideas perfectly executed then next to no one will see it. You really haven't given any information about what kind...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
you're a fucking idiot
>Gap Year
>You Tube videos
No one gives a fuck about your holiday.

File: Northeast-Loop-of-Vietnam.jpg (99 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB,
Planning my first NAM trip with gf and possibly another friend. got 2 weeks. Is a motorbike trip doable? Where should i go? Getting down and dirty isnt a problem for me. ADVICE ME PLEEZ. I dont know much about the country aside from the visa entry.
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Bump pls
Legally? Yes.
Ilegally? Also yes.
Better if you have experience with bikes because biking in Vietnam is not easy and not for inexperienced bikers.
Also, depends from where to where you wanna go in those 2 weeks.
I reckon you should be able to cross from north to south without a problem in 2 weeks, but you won't have so much time to enjoy the places.
I tackled biking in 'Nam with zero prior experience and had a good time. I didn't try to go on any busy freeways, though; that shit is dangerous.
Two weeks is a very, very short time for a country with infrastructure as shitty as Nam's. It's not a problem as long as you don't try to bite off more than you can chew. If you fly into saigon, only visit places in the south. Ditto for Hanoi in the north.

We didn't buy a motorbike, we just rented for one or two days at a time. You can rent a motorbike from anyone on the street (be prepared to...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Untitled.png (735 KB, 1356x772) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am moving From North Ridgeville, Ohio (Near Cleveland) to Wolf Creek, Oregon July 6th, everything is planned for me but driving that far alone is punishing. Where should I go to find someone to make the journey with. All of my friends are not busy/not interested or already out of state. Also any advice for someone moving cross country.
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As a fellow Ohioan who left as well but not to Oregon but to Texas, I can't explain enough how much of a culture shock lies in wait for you. That is all
File: rejection.png (53 KB, 343x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 343x448
>any advice for someone moving cross country?

DON'T!! FUCK OFF, OREGON IS FULL REEEEEEEEEEE. you will not be welcomed here, please crash and die along the way.

Seriously though, why are there always 3+ "moving to oregon" threads on this board at any given time?
I'm a musician and the guy I write songs with just up and left one day without saying anything and he later called me and said he was working on a pot farm and that he had a job guaranteed for me in august. That and the fact that I can't afford to go to Le Cordon Bleu.

Going to Sevilla in 2 days for a week.

I don't know what to visit, it's my first time in Spain.

Did you ever go to Sevilla? What do you think of this city? What's interesting there?
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Disgusting city full of negroes and gitanos everywhere.
The city is actually nice. The people will make you regret the decision of choosing it over other places in Spain. They are just idiots. Granada is much better in any aspect
I plan to go to Grenada for a day

File: Screenshot_16.jpg (21 KB, 639x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I checked the sticky, but it looks like all the working abroad stuff is for low skill work.
I don't mean to sound entitled, but what about getting jobs abroad that are higher paying? Like, an actual career?
I'm a senior and an EE major, and would really like the opportunity to work overseas, but I actually want to do work related to what I study.
Do any of you have any advice/tips for getting jobs overseas? Has anyone ever applied for post-grad school overseas? Is it easier/harder getting into certain countries for a doctorates?
I imagine this question...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I imagine this question is dependent on where you live, and where you're trying to go,
Indeed, that's why you might start by sharing your own.

Electrical engineering is a pretty broad field. Do you have any specialization yet? As you might imagine, industry in 'foreign' countries tends to work in the language of that country. You're dealing with people on a daily basis who may not have ever taken much language courses. So YOU will be learning their language....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Peace Corps -> International Development
It's certainly dependent on where you come from and where you want to go. For me I'm a business student (finance) in Canada, and I want to go out to work in Asia. I am not fluent in any Asian language, so that will automatically close many doors, and basically shut out many more opportunities for me. That being said Singapore or Hong Kong will be my best bet.

I've spoken with more people working in Singapore (as they are typically less stringent in their language requirements) and have learned a lot of it is about either networking, experience, or both....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 4751679398_02c619cf80_b.jpg (1 MB, 1024x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Hello /trv/!
I'm doing this august a 2 weeks roadtrip around Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria with a camping-car.
I know that we will visit Sofia, Varna, Bucarest and Constanţa.
I think we'll hang 2-3 days to each cities, and some days in Serbia (we will visit a friend home village).
We're specially interested in beautiful landscape and historical / cultural places.

A friend wanted to go in Transylvania, is it possible with our 2weeks ? I don't think so but it would be cool.
So thanks for the informations!
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Bumping the thread

Drunken ridiculous useless bump, nobody cares anyway
Hey, anon. Romanian here. I would say to definitely include Transylvania, if you're mainly looking to see beautiful & history rich places. Maybe ditch Constanta - it's not very interesting. If you really want to go to seaside in Romania, there are some resorts that are better. And then there's the Danube Delta, but that's another story.

I'm currently at work, but I will come back later with more info if you're interested.

File: heartbreak015.gif (22 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm heartbroken. I have some time off work coming up soon and think getting away may help. I'm planning on just booking a flight somewhere and walking around and drinking in a foreign city for a few days.

I'm in the UK, so somewhere in Europe would be practical. Where would you suggest?
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Cheapest flight to the sunshine. Greece/Spain/Italy/Portugal/...
I'd recommend Prague, it's a short flight,The Beer is cheap, the city is nice and I totally loved just getting lost in it a few years ago.
Weather isn't a major concern, in fact I don't want it to be too hot or sunny. Looking to wallow I suppose.

Thanks, that's on my list.

File: IMG_3481.jpg (4 MB, 5472x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
What does the rest of Ontario offer that I can't get in Toronto? I'm looking for a one or two-day weekend destination with my boyfriend.

>Accessible by public transit
>Not Niagara Falls
>We don't give a damn about nature or the outdoors
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>We don't give a damn about nature or the outdoors
>in Canada

Well that's too bad then.
Speaking of Niagara Falls...

Solo traveller here, will be on the Canuck side in a little while, staying at a nice hotel but want to do some interesting shit at night - ie steer clear of tourist traps, is it worth heading over to St Catharines or Niagara-on-the-Lake to drink / meet people at night?

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