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Okay, so, I just turned 20 years old & I've lived in the same small-town in the USA all my life. Of course, I'm in a desperate need of travel. I'm trying to think of the best places in the world to go.

What I think I'm most interested in is Montreal, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

How's my list? Bad? Sucks? where, in your opinion, is better and why?

Thanks in advance.
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Why those cities in particular? Usually my bucket list involves some sort of activity. Lately I'm into hiking and enjoy traveling for the outdoors more than the cities so currently I really want to see some national parks and world heritage sites that emphasize nature.
Copenhagen is my favorite city in your list. I haven't been to Tel Aviv though. I will someday but I don't think it's my type of place.

However, while Copenhagen can be a nice start, don't simply project your whole traveler ambition on one single city. For example, why not visiting Denmark in general, take a cruise to Oslo, or another Scandinavian destination?
If I were you, I'd do that, start from Copenhagen and go all up north, to Tromso, for example. There are many ideas to be made. Be creative, I mean, if you come from the US, you wouldn't...
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Copenhagen is nice. If you can, try to see Helsingör too for Kronborg Slot (also known as Elsinore Castle). If you feel like visiting Sweden then Helsingborg is just 20 minutes away by ferry from Helsingör.

From Kastrup airport you can take the train all the way to Gothenburg, as it makes stops in the bigger cities along the coast.

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The only thing that's made me happy recently is travelling to exciting places and having 'adventures'. Nothing too crazy/dangerous, but just something that distracts me from normal life enough to make me feel like I'm actually living, rather than just getting by. There are just a couple of problems at the moment:

1) I'm trying to work towards a 'real job' right now, so I don't have much time/money. This summer might be my last chance in a while for prolonged travelling, so I want to make the most of it even if I am poor. Does anyone...
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Also forgot to say - if anyone's interested in posting about their budget adventures in general (i.e. not specific to UK/Europe), I'd be interested in reading about it. I try to learn from anybody who lives the sort of life I want to live.
I wanna just drive around and travel the world.
>Where to find likeminded friends
I fucking wish I knew. Me and my ex spent at least 3 months every year for the past 4 years hiking through the Himalays, backpacking through S America or island-hopping in Thailand and now we've split up Ican't for the life of me find someone to replace her. That's the one fucking thing I miss.

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Here's the deal /trv/,

I'm an aspiring zoologist looking to get a volunteer/internship position for my eventual resume. While I've already sent emails to hundreds of organizations and projects across the globe, I haven't had much luck. Does anyone here know of some good opportunities to **shudder** work abroad? Yes, I know the phrase is cringy beyond measurement, but I need a good resume.

My checklist is simple:

1. The less "white", the better. I ain't no elephant orphanage faggot.

2. Has to involve hands-on work...
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My ex and I really enjoyed working with Free The Bears in Phnom Penh. Probably not what you're looking for though (I'm guess it would be too white)

She was a vet student and I'm a med student so we got to do some cool hands-on work (assisting the evaluation, investigation and management of a bear with a fractured hip, minor dental work) but most of it was unskillled labour (sweeping up shit, preparing enrichment activities, preparing meals etc). Really did feel like you were significantly helping...
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Hey man, that sounds exactly what I'm looking for- I'll check it out! Even if it's run by white people, it sounds pretty legit.
Never heard of 'Free the Bears,' but I'll chime in that anything you can do that is in any ay helpful to Cambodia is well worth doing. Great people who have been handed the short end o the stick way too many times.

Anyone on /trv/ visit Syria before the war?

What was the country like? What were your highlights? places you'd advise to visit, if there was no war?
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I would love to. I'm going to be kicking myself for the rest of my life for not knowing that Palmyra even existed. I blame the history teacher of my youth.

If I tried to go now my family would have an intervention to keep me from leaving, and considering that it would be suicide, I can't blame them. I supposed if I got caught I could always say I came to join ISIS then sneak away later, but then I'd risk being caught by the FBI upon my return which could potentially be worse as they won't...
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>you will never visit al-sham as it was before the war
>you will never see the cultural treasures that were destroyed
>you will never visit a multi-ethnic non-sectarian middle east
>tfw everything is only going to get worse
This keeps happening. Guess what, it's what shapes our world today. Without such events world would be fucking dull. And I'm not saying I'm in favor

I'm trying to get rid of my mindset for travelling where I try to have the best experience possible, causing me to overthink a lot of things and have a worse experience. Ie: should I go to this hostel? Or maybe this one would be better and I'd meet some cooler people. It's really nice in this town, should I stay another day or move on? But then I won't have enough time to do xxx and so on.
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Just realize that rigid planning is boring. Don't be a slave to your vacation. Do whatever the fuck you want. (Don't get arrested, but yeah)
Make a general plan and then just wing it. You will figure out some things along the way and alter your plans, and that's great. Plan to change your plans.
Maybe you are living beyond your means, and this is just part of it.

As you travel more and more, this kind of overplanning kind of goes away. You have to realize not to have much in the way of expectations, and that any choices you make is simply giving you tools to make better choices in the coming years. This isn't the last and only time you'll get to leave your country, and you're only entertaining yourself not trying to impress future inlaws or a dying cancer kid making a wish. Relax.

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Screw being picky over hostels. Mostly you're just sleeping and waking up in them. After 2 weeks on a festival I didn't give a shit about the hostel I was staying in next.

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I'm staying in Los Angeles for a year. I visited a few places, went to some clubs/shows but I honestly have no idea what I should do here.

what are some cool experiences I shouldn't miss or places I should visit?
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>you need to get out of LA
LA is a cesspool of shit. Leave as soon as possible
I would definitely make the drive or fly to San Francisco for a few days while you're there. Tons of awesome stuff to do.
>Beautiful views!
>Really cool, unique events to attend and places to go!
>God tier coffee!
>Near some really fun hiking paths!
>Really good food!

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Anyone from Pennsylvania here, or anyone that has spent some time there? I am considering moving to PA, but I don't actually know anyone there that can provide me with information, only what I'm able to toss into Google. A lot of the important information I can find, but you're more than free to throw anything out there that you think might be of importance.

What I'd like to know is nothing fixed however, as I'm mostly curious about the people themselves. Community wise and such. So, I'm looking for purely subjective answers; Do you like...
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>Tell me about Pennsylvania
Why does it wear the mask.
Also... that's a big bell.
Bucks County native here who has travelled all around the state. If you love history and wildlife, Pennsylvania is quite the state for that. Our weather in the summer does tend to get quite humid (at least here in SE PA), and our weather depending on where you are in the state can be moderately intense in the winter time.
People being nice really varies as to where you are in the state. I've found up in northern Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre area) tend to be pretty friendly. Those in the general Lancaster area...
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Also a /trv/ related tip, PHL has great airfare deals since it was previously US Airways leading hub city, now a American Air hub. Nice perk to an otherwise unimportant airport.

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I want to travel europe in the summer, I have about 5 weeks of free time. I'm Russian-Canadian and will be starting my trip in moscow.

I also need to spend atleast 3 weeeks in London for family reasons.

I'm not very outgoing but I like beer, technincal stuff, casual outdoor stuff and bicycles.

I'm shit scared of airplanes so I'd like to stick to buses or preferably trains.

I'm not on high budget so I'd like to use hostels.

Please advise how I can make the most of the trip.
I'll be going in June-July
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oh, and I've never been to Europe before.
Well Moscow is preeettyy far away from the rest of the continent so you're probably going to have to take a plane.
Also, since you only really practically have 2 weeks and spend some of that in Moscow, I suggest you just pick one general region where the cities you want to visit aren't too far away from each other and stick to that for the Rest of your trip. E.g. Northern/Central Italy or Southern France or Northern Germany+Holland, orSouthern/Eastern Germany + Czech Republic and Southern Poland.
No, I don't really need more times in Moscow.
I meant 5 weeks from the day I leave moscow.
Thank you for the advice though.

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Post 'em
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I have a dumb question...What program to you use when you make these, I mean, the transparent background turns to black on Paint
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0 B,
Average cost in food, transportation, and anything else for someone who intends to spend a month or two abroad on the European continent couch surfing. Any estimates?
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Going to steal this thread as a qtddtot now.
Im planning on visiting the baltic states to meet up with some friends who comprise of foreigners and want me to bring some American snacks and candy with me but Idk wtf to bring since most things here can be found elsewhere. What snack items CANT be found over there that would be appreciated?1
depends where you go in europe you stupid fuck
europe is big
some parts are expensive some are cheap .
which is logical

where are you going ? how long do you plan to be there ? going out ? drinker ? drugs ? whores ?

Gives you an estimate for all the more popular destinations worldwide.

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Im going to study aborad in sweeden for about 2 weeks in between may and june, it would be helpful for me to know (stockholm)
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
>suggested restaurants and places to eat
>historic landmarks to visit
>dangerous places not to visit (please dont troll my life is on the line on this one)
>good night clubs
>things i can do in america...
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Fellow swede here!
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
if a policeman sees you drinking alcohol outside, he will just take it away from you unless you are >20 y.o
Bars and restaurants = 18yrs to buy alcohol
Systembolaget is where you get alcohol >3.5% but you need to be 20 y.o to enter/buy
>historic landmarks
really? none that I would say are worth the visit.
>dangerous places
stay in the light?
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>dangerous places not to visit

despite what you'll read on this website there are no dangerous places. even the "wild no go zone" of Rosengard in Malmo is completely safe

Bars can have induvidual age-limits, some may not accept people under 21, some even as high as 25, depending what clientele they want. But yes the legal minimum is 18.

Also they can and will throw you out if you look too drunk. They are very tough with serving license here, and the rules says they can't serve to someone who is "visibly intoxicated". So don't be surprised if that happens.


Don't listen to the other...
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Which airline is the best and why is it pic related?
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That's not IcelandAir
I've only flown United and American. United's 737 was nicer than American's in terms of features but I enjoyed my flights on American more.
You clearly enjoy being constantly late and treated like cattle. Good for you, OP.

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Hi /trv/

I'd like to propose to my girlfriend somewhere with stunning scenery and pretty special. Any ideas?

Considered the above but it's way too touristy and the fact you have to queue for an hour to get back down would probably ruin things.
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Dinner at the Burj Al Arab
Sure if OP got the money, you can't just walk there and have dinner. You must live at the hotel and that costs at 23k dollars for the cheapest room
I was there two weeks ago, it's really beautiful down at the ground of the burj khalifa aswell, after 18:30 they play music and have a fountain show every half hour, google it my friend.

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Thinking of moving to Japan and doing remote work/contracting (programming), currently live in UK and have UK passport etc
Already have tonnes of experience in programming but I really hate where I live and just want to experience life in a different part of the world but where its still relatively modern and has some kind of functional legal system and isn't corrupt.

Would it be tough to get a business visa as a contractor or as a startup? Are there parts of Japan where the cost of living isn't ridiculous like in Tokyo? I would rather not spend my entire...
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Easiest visa in the scenario you are describing would be as an investor or business owner. That requires you to prove you would have some net positive impact on the economy and not just a kid with a laptop doing oddjobs. However, that can be expensive to demonstrate and document in order to secure said visa.

Have you thought about job hunting for a british/American/ canadian firm that will:
1. sponsor your visa
2. May assist with relocation costs
3, pay for benefits such as insurance

I mention...
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why not china ?
Never really considered but I heard the government are repressive and corrupt bastards

The country seems nice from what I have learned but the people have really been fucked up by gommunism

I'll be leaving to NOLA in a few days and just wanted to inquire about any good spots to hit, hidden gems, or neat hotels. Planning on being there for 6 days and will be with my girlfriend and money is really no issue. Thanks guys!
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Bourbon street a shit. 0/10, only go if you run out of better things to do.
Stay out of my city.


If you do come don't be one of those faggy tourists who complains to the natives about how dangerous it is. No we don't want to live in your peaceful suburb.
Ignore >>1059273
Bourbon Street is cool enough, go if you've never been. Sure it's touristy and shit, but whatever, if that's your type of thing, you'll still have fun.
But by all means, see more than the French Quarter, because there's so much hit. Hit the World War II museum, City Park, etc. Don't be one of those lame tourists who only comes in NOLA to get drunk. You can get drunk anywhere.

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