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Hey /trv/. Trying to go back to Mexico to live semi permanently, I figured at least for a start a job teaching English would be a good way to keep myself fed/housed. I'm fluent in Spanish and have done informal English tutoring to ESL uni students so it shouldn't be hard to get a job once I have a certificate. Which leads me to my 2 questions:

Which certification should I go for? TEFL, TESOL, what's the real difference? I'm having trouble finding info on how the different certs are distinguished from one another.

Also, what's the fastest way to get certified? Since I actually have no home in the U.S. I'm currently staying at my parents house which is far from ideal. I'd love to limit my time here to like a month, and get to Mexico asap. Are there some reputable online courses anyone could recommend? Then I could move down like immediately as long as I have my laptop with me.

Thanks for any help!
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Has anyone currently on here done international English teaching and, if so, which license did you have?
I don't know much about the ESL stuff, but in my experience the paperwork for working in Mexico as a foreign resident is a bitch. My job has taken me down there for two long extended periods. Due to various contract structures, the second time required our partner organization to be the one paying me, and everything we had to file had such long wait and processing times, and was so needlessly complicated, that I ended up getting paid under the table.

They really do not like non-Mexicans working in Mexico. It's way worse than getting into the US or even Canada.

>mfw I realized I wuz technically an illegal immigrant in Mexico for 3 months

So I'd really recommend making sure you've got a position lined up ahead of time and starting all the red tape bullshit before you go.
See I've heard a very different tale from people I know who work/have worked there. They say that as long as you're not doing any government or big corporate work, it's very easy to get by without your work visa, working "illegally" and nobody gives a fuck. Actually, everyone I know who did teaching over there did it without bothering to get the visa.
It sounds like yours is maybe a bit different of a situation where the company you work for has to keep everything "above board".

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Hi! I'm going to live in budapest soon. Do you have any advices about the best things to do or to avoid?
Tell me about your craziest experience there
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Avoid: eating kebabs. They are just crap. Much like in other countries, you shouldn't eat them anywhere.
Best thing: try the ring pastry.
szimpla kert or any of the other ruin bars.
where you from, anon? where will you live? is it permanent or you just come for erasmus?

Where to go these days? Planning on 2 weeks of vacation in March or April.
Where should we go? I was in Kenya once and was very impressed. Which countries are worth seeing, too? Flight (from Europe) and accommodation shouldn't be very expensive.
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Stay the fuck away. I was in (North) Africa once and vowed never to go in Sub-saharan Africa without a personal AK. It's not even a joke, there are literally no laws, warlords, aids, civil wars, kidnappings and all forms of torture. Locals get by because they are locals. I don't think even US blacks will fit there. Yeah, there are whites that get by, but most likely from hotel lobby to work area and that's it. Fuck that place.
Botswana is quite safe and there's some cool things there like the Kalahari, the game parks, etc. doubt accommodation would even be anything to worry about.
Mombasa and Cape Town are tight

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Hey /trv/elers,

I'm going on vacations to Cancun tomorrow. I have already planned to go to Chichen Itza and Tulum as the highlight of my trip, and I'm staying at the Grand Parnassus hotel. I'll be over there for about 6 days, which isn't that much, but I'd like to make my trip a little bit more exciting... Any tips?

While I have an interest in Mexican items, I'm also interested in shopping for American merchandise while I'm there, since the dollar is so high importing anything to Latin America's become a bitch, and Cancun...
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sorry to burst your bubble but Cancun is mainly about chilling on the beach while drinking, pigging out at the hotel buffet and going out to night clubs
Ve a Xcaret, Isla mujeres, y como dice el gringo, relax.
Not OP here
great Im going during NYE and NY so that should be fun time

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Hi /trv/ I'm planning a trip with me gf to South America early next year from 3 to 4 weeks.
Which places/countries should i go? and which ones should i avoid?
We enjoy bohemian cities and cultural stuff.
Since i'm a working nomad i will need use my computer and internet connection once in a while.
Any source, tip, link, dos and don'ts, hostels, restaurants, would be grand.
(we loved to travel lowbudget as possible)
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Most of south america is pretty cheap and you can even eat out on a $40 budget in nicer restaurants.

That said if you like in unconventional two must do stops are Montevideo and Valparaiso.

Montevideo is like bizarro town. It has a mix of the charm of soviet tier commie blocks, top tier skyscrapers, endless richness and quarters where you would say "if someone would throw a few bombs into it, it would upgrade the neighborhood". I would call it bi-polar central. Absolutely awesome city and pretty...
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the south of Chile is just awesome, cheap/secure/ nice people :)
Frutillar and "lago todos los santos"

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mexico map.jpg
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Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

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narco-state at its best
I have, through the southern and central states. It's a wonderful country to visit. Highly recommend it.

Those guys look like idiot bro-dudes.
I live in Mexico. Stay away from Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Michoacan, Guerrero(Acapulco is ok).
You can find hiking and forests in the north, beautiful colonial-era (1600s) small towns (very rich in history and traditions) in mid mexico, and lots of aqua sports, great beaches and night life in southern mexico. I really recommend Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

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Never travelled solo in my life. Going to visit Vietnam next month and have no clue how it feels like to do everything by myself. Also not very outgoing. The idea that I´m going to a bar and drink a beer alone by myself while other people are socializing and having fun freaks me out. Any stories/experience? btw I´m not white so the whole asians love white guys thing is out for me
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Get a t-shirt made that says "I am an introvert, please say hello."
I cant decide if you are a genious or a moron.
kek'd. could also wear a swastika shirt

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does /trv/ fly low cost carriers? I don't mean shit like jetblue, southwest, or germanwings, I'm talking shit like spirit, allegiant, and ryanair.

i travel a lot for work so I have some disposable miles but even when I fly on airlines other than my primary for leisure I wouldn't fly those, not for the few dollars it saves. take allegiant for instance:
>carry on bag is $25; more if the fee for it is paid at the airport
>seat pitch is 30 inches on allegiant; 28 inches on some spirit planes. 31 inches...
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>grin and bear the shitty seats, it's only a few hours you pussy
>take a bottle of water onto the plane

It's that simple
For 15 quid from Dublin to Paris or 10 quid from Dublin to London, I don't mind the discomfort for 2 hours to be honest m8. Also nobody's forcing you to buy alcoholic drinks on board really
17 quid from Manchester to Belgium.. Like fuck. I'm trying hard not to book this ticket.

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I have one question, kind of related with travel.

Does travelling alone for a month, to a place where I don't know the language, helps me with my severe anxiety?
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If you make the most of it and take up every opportunity then yes.

Get out of your comfort zone, talk to new people and do things you wouldn't do back home.

I was a pretty shy person but after months of living in hostels with strangers I can start a conversation with anyone and now I enjoy talking to new people, something I hated before.
Unrelated roll
i'm thinking about doing this for a few months myself, i'm hoping that getting out of my comfort zone will shock my system ps muh trips

Planning on going to brazil during carnival.

What should i expect?
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piss on the streets
getting shot
Don't go out at night alone.
Don't wear anything expensive.
Don't try to adventure on places that you don't know.
Be careful with the taxi drivers, they will try to scam you, by using longer routes.

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I like Youtube for information on certain topics but it's hard to imaging that there could be a real, informative, useful travel channel on Youtube unless they were just uploading clips from travel shows.

Travel shows are expensive to produce and don't pull as big of an audience as other topics so it's hard to imagine it working on Youtube.
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There are a lot of travel vloggers but I doubt any of them make enough just through youtube to sustain their lifestyles. But there are many who make money through multiple online sources including youtube to keep traveling.

I find most travel vloggers to be shitty travelers.
>I find most travel vloggers to be shitty travelers.

I guess that's what I was really looking for. Are there any Youtube travelers who are interesting or informative?
The kind of people who are interested in travel generally arent the kind of people who sit around all day watching youtube.

As a result, it'd be hard for a youtuber to make enough cash from views to fund it as a job. Especially since travelling is so much more expensive than... say... doing lets plays.

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Hey /trv/, I've always to travel to Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, but I've not gone beyond the US before. Luckily, I've saved up about 3k for this trip. Anyone been there? Any idea on the costs? Hidden experiences?
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Also, should I consider the boat trip to Antarctica,or is that just a tourist trap?
It's expensive and potentially rough seas to cross to Antarctica. But if you want to see Antarctica, it's your chance.

I understand there are plane trips out of Australia (?) iirc, don't know if there is something analogous.

>just a tourist trap

Not sure what you mean -- Niagara Falls is a natural wonder with tourist trap built all around it. Antarctica lacks salt water taffy shacks, t-shirts printed while you wait and theme bars.

It's Antarctica...
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How do you feel about penguins, and birds in general? It's quite a trip for a bird-watcher.

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I'm planning a trip in March from Vegas. Is it better to fly to Bellingham, WA rent a car and drive to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Or just fly directly into Vancouver and rent a car there?
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The only difference is the cost of the flight. It will usually be much cheaper to fly to Bellingham. You can rent a car in both cities no problem and drive over the border. Bellingham is about an hour away.
Just be yourself OP
flights to canada are traditionally expensive, customs fees and airport fees in canada do not help. rental cars aren't even that cheap, there are even surcharges for the fact that your cars have air conditioning (government charges car buyers like car rental companies and all the car rental companies pass on a charge to the renter to offset it).

i'd personally fly but flying six hours from NY to washington vs. six hours direct to vancouver would be my preference.

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san antonio-new orleans.jpg
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Hi, I’m from Chile and I’m traveling to the US with my GF for the first time. After So Cal and Las Vegas we have to pick between San Antonio or New Orleans for a 5 day stay before going to Florida.

Which one would you choose and why? Which one would give us a better glimpse of Murrica?
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Better glimpse of what life is like for most Americans: San Antonio

Better city to visit: New Orleans.

Would go to NOLA imo. Higher crime and risk than San Antonio but you will have much more to do imo and is a lot more fun. I wouldn't let the crime or poverty in NOLA scare you away. Trust me, their are much scarier areas in latin america than NOLA.
Also don't spend more than one night in Vegas, it really is overrated as fuck. Also care telling us where in Cali and Florida you're visiting, and are you road tripping?
We'll be visiting San Diego, LA and San Francisco, then in Florida we're going to the parks in Orlando and then Miami and leave. We're moving on bus for the "closer" cities and plane for Vegas to NOLA/SA to Orlando.

Ayy /trv/
Travelling in Southeast Asia for 2-3 months next year with GF. No detailed planning, but we've a rough idea that we want to travel Myanmar -> Laos -> Cambodia (Maybe Vietnam instead or afterwards)
Been discussing if we should purchase two motorcycles while we're down there and sell them to other backpackers when we live, so:
What's a good price for a motorcycle that'll last us those few months?

Any problems travelling with a motorcycle from one country to another and then selling it?

Also how the hell do you find someone...
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>with gf

You're doing it wrong

what this guy says
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6 MB, 4608x3456
Now that THAT'S out of the way, I am not a motorcycle but can speak generally about Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I really enjoyed time around Siem Reap, but that's an obvious destination that will already occurred to you. The temple complex on Man Mountain (Phnom Pros, near Kampong Cham) is a modern, day-glo SEA Wat complex that I liked, but I am not sure it is "better" than any of a hundred others.

Ha Long bay is worth a trip, plan to spend some time on one of the many excursion boats, even if that sounds too touristy, unless you can rent...
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