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Hey Travel, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what I could do in Seattle from 9pm to 7am. Preferably something close to the airport.
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I feel you, brother. I had 2 layovers recently in the same time range. On the bright side, you can just use language to get around. I was at a foreign airport in a backwards country (Turkey) and I knew I couldn't get around with English. Sorry I couldn't contribute much, but ask around the airport, it will get you somewhere.
Yeah, my flight isn't until January so I have some time to figure it out. Thanks anyways. :)
Get a hotel room and sleep in a real bed, as opposed to a seat in an airplane?

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I'm going to be spending about a month in Spain next summer with my family. I want to make a trip to Morocco for a weekend or so. I mostly want to see Fez, and I'm not interested in sports or shit like that. Mostly into food and culture/historical tourism.

Sounds good. But what do you think?
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been there for a few weeks last year, only had lots of tagine as local foods

>eat tagine and go waaaay into the more rural areas morocco is mostly impressive and diverse nature

>as always everyone will try to lure you into their own/brothers/cousins/fathers/whatevers restaurants as soon as you dont look 100% native, so it might be hard to find an authentic restaurant that isn't only touristic

>unless you go into rural areas, they never see tourists there and you can get...
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I have about a B2 level of French and maybe could get there in Modern Standard Arabic by the time I go, but no interest in learning the Maghribi dialect. Would I do better with French or should I go for MSA?
A close friend of mine is currently living in Morocco and pretty much loves it, she's really happy with the culture and people. She's in Rabat, I'll definitely visit her next year.

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Is it possible to island hop from australia to mainland asia without using a plane?
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No. There's no ferry service between Australia and Asia. The options you have are cruise ships or cargo ships that take paying passengers. If you have sailing skills it's possible to find a boat that will take you for your services.
Kayak from PNG to Cape York.
> gets turned back

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I want to buy a boat in Siem Reap (for example) and travel down the river to Ho Chi Minh (for example) and I'm wondering about a few questions:

- Pirates, kidnapping and all those kind of hostile encounters with people, how aware should you be about that if I stick to the main route/river all the time?

- Water, Food and fuel, will I find that in the harbours and in the villages all the way down or will it be really hard?

- How big of a boat should you buy? (I want to be able to paddle if I run out of fuel)
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From the sounds of it, you don't know shit about boats. That makes this a bad idea.

You can definitely get what you want in villages though, that won't be a problem. Literal highway robbery was a problem in some parts of Laos once but it should be fine these days. I've never heard of it happening on the Mekong but I guess it could while you're moored. More likely a local kid seeing what loose stuff they can carry off. Get something with lockers for valuables and fuel.

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You're right, I don't know much about boats but how hard can it be? What is it that you specifically need to know about boats apart from to be able to fix minor repairs and to pilot it?

24 hours, didn't see that coming. As you problaby understand, this is just the very first topic and idea I'm having but I want to make it real.

Please tell me your general feeling and knowledge about this!

My dream is to be able to stay on some river system in the rainforest up to 2-3 months....
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I'm very used of being outdoors so don't take me for a fool, just saying.

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Post a pic of you took of a bad/dangerous area you traveled through.
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>sees black people
>"so bad/dangerous"

>sees graffiti
>"hey that's not supposed to be there!" *nasally white voice*

>experiences night
>"mommy there's no nightlight out here"

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What's the best country for you mine would be Canada.
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Canada for sure.
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>inb4 "that's iceland"
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USA, no trollin'.

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world map.jpg
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I can't teach English overseas as English is not my first language.
I have citizenship in another country. From what I understand, if I just move there without securing a job beforehand and no networks, I'll just end up working in some grunt-tier jobs though
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why would you want to move to a place where you don't belong? If you're just following orders ask those orders the questions you're trying to ask here. In other don't be dumb. Moving to another country just because you under some sort of impression is exactly the same as going and buying a rope for your gallows.
>I can't teach English overseas as English is not my first language.

not true. If you're fluent and have qualifications it's still possible in many places.
Hell, in most Asian countries you don't even have to have qualifications or more than a passable English as long as your white. Fake it till you make it

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I'm spending August-December in either Canberra, Australia or Salzburg, Austria for college. No one from my school has ever done Salzburg, and the people who visited Canberra just partied on the beach. Anyone have advice? I want to do Austria, but everyone at my college pushes Canberra. My room, board, and plane tickets are fully funded either way.

Any helpful info on:
Cost (local pricing/expenditures for visiting sites/exploring)
Ease of regional travel
Cheap/free things to do/explore
Any other helpful info?
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I went to Salzburg for one night a couple months ago. It was nice there, but I noticed there was alot more homeless people there than I had been seeing in Germany.

Also I swear to god that the buildings did not go straight up, they were like fucking lopsided. It was tripping me out the entire time.

There are the ice caves and the salt mines you could go check out. Ive never been to australia though. The whether is probably better there. However if you are in Austria you could go explore other parts of Europe on your weekends. You luck bastard, you will love either...
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dude fuck Canberra
I know, man. It's just hard because my advisors are like NO NO CANBERRA IS COOL (they do a koala-holding photo op, who fucking cares) but I don't want a college frat experience or go abroad just to show off in Instagram photos. I wanna be immersed, explore, and do my own thing. Maybe I just answered my own question, lol.

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Will be in Stockholm roughly tomorrow morning. I've got 7 hours for touristy stuff. Not too big on buildings.

What are the must do's?
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Old town is pretty nice to walk through. its probably too cold but i kayaked for a few hours around the city which was alot of fun.
Visit ljudskogen
Visit Rinkeby.

I'm planning on studying abroad next year. I can choose between Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. Where is the best place to meet hot girls who are dtf. I hear Germans are kinky.
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I was not studying in any of these countries.
But with b. Trips i am every second week in these countries.
I have bad news for you, none of them quality for what you are looking.
In germany, the woman are, well, its a matter of taste. Switzerland - more or less the same.
Sweden - oh my, you do not want to be there.
Sorry, that is only from my experience. I do not want to make this absolutely for all woman.
My personal oppinion is: the best and most kinky woman are in the east. That is for sure.
In your case, i would pick south of Germany. Bavaria, Munich...
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German girl here
Girls here are either konky, yes, or quite prudish and both will be pretty spoilt when they come from middle class families.
As for Swiss girls, a friend living in Switzerland said those girls are like the even more stuck up and spoilt princess syndrome version than German girls.

Can't say anything about Swedish girls except for tge fact that most of them are atheists and kinda easy according to a Swedish Chad I've talked to but yeah, he's a Chad
Go to Berlin.

Cheap as fuck, amazing nightlife, intelligent people, lots of drugs.

I had plenty of 3soms while i was there with my gf.

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Thinking of moving to NYC from PA. More specifically Manhattan.
I already consulted google, but i'd like some first experiences!
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I moved from PA to NYC upper east side/spanish harlem neighborhood in 1998. lived there until 2005. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason to move to NYC. Why would you?
Just seems like there's so much more opportunity there, than here. I live in a small town near Harrisburg, so there's not much for me here (besides family of course). Why did you move to NYC?
Also, what made you decide to leave?

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The year is almost over. Let's have a thread dedicated to pics and stories of your travel in 2015. Don't have too many stories, but have some pis to get it started.

Yellowstone Park in Jamuary.
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Also Yellowstone, which was probably obvious. One thing about being there in the middle of winter -- seeing Old Faithful erupt without a soul in sigh was unique.

If you are a geyser buff, spend some time in sight of Beehive -- it is harder to predict when it will erupt, but the show is, I think, better than Old Faithful.
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Later that January -- and now for something completely different...
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Sunset over the desert in UAE.

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My little sister will travel to australia for a few months starting in Februar with her boyfriend. She has been to Vietnam last year so isnt that new to travelling.
Any ausfags know about some "must have"s that i could make use of as a Christmas present?

Pic absolutly not related
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Kangaroo claw back scratcher plus kangaroo balls keychain. You're welcome, mate.
A digeridoo is traditional, bloody pain to transport though.
A large majority of didges sold to tourists are just novelty ones and not even made by indigenous people. Hardly traditional.

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Where exactly is the entrance to the museums? Where do I queue?
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There's a casino in the vatican?!
At the top of your map. You can't miss it.

Note -- if you have extra dough, look into a night tour -- it is WAY less crowded. In the daytime, in season, you can hardly see the art and artifacts for the crowds.
How do I get there from St. Peter's Square?

I'll be there about a week from now; I'm guessing it won't be busy.

Will Norwegian Air or other Euro budget airlines care if my hand baggage is half an inch longer than what is allowed?
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If you're a guy, maybe. If you're a grill, you can take the cargo hold of the fucking Titanic on the plane with you.
NA probably won't. Ryanair and easyjet might.

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