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My days are numbered, I feel wretched most times and I know its just a matter of time for me. I have only about 11,000 dollars left and at this point I just dont care anymore. I live in seattle now and I need a good 45 day vacation spot for my final trip ever. I really dont want to spend more than 2500 if I can help it and im super good at roughing it. Ive been in all lower 48 states, so those destinations are out. I hate cold (60), where would you suggest?
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Easy. Pattaya, Thailand. Tons of older tourists there and cost of living is really cheap. Plus you can live out your days in nice warm weather banging Thai hookers.
don't feel like you got some two more decades in you?

Why are you limiting your spending if your days are numbered?
With that amount of money, do the 1970's hippie trek to the himalayas through afghanistan. Beautiful trip, and you wil eventually die along the way, probably in a peaceful blaze of opium.

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Planning on a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne to watch a King Gizzard concert, drink with strangers, then back in the morning

My car is a 1973 Holden Kingswood Wagon (pic related). Am i dumb to take this old car on a 2000km round trip? its good for what i use it for being 20-30 km a day, and i like it because its a wagon, dual purpose as a shit carrier and to sleep in.

Also, what do i bring? what are the essentials? Ive got bedding, beer for when i get to Melbourne, money, good radio and a phone. Anything else?
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also , if u gonna to drink with strangers u need knife or smth .
>need a knife
Ive drunk with strangers before, really nice people once you get in the right grove with the right people.its heaps fun. Cant think of a better way to make friends.
you're implying like i could even fuck or get fucked. thanks for thought though

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what are some good first places to travel to if your a fucking sperg in dire need of some self actualization without getting stabbed
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Tunisia, Morocco.
There was a blast in Tunisia yesterday, so Morocco.

It's Africa, it's wild, but you're not gonna get kidnapped by a sub-saharan warlord.
Thailand. Spergs don't get stabbed only brosefs do
I said without getting stabbed.

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I will be visiting Panama City with my wife next week. We only have 4 days, from Tuesday to Friday. Any suggestions on what should we visit and do inside the city?.
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There really isn't much to do there. Go see the old town, Casco Viejo and if you're into that sort of thing the original settlement in Panama Viejo. Definitely check out the canal, it's pretty interesting actually even if you don't care much about ships.

Other than that, there really isn't anything else to see. The city is quite boring to be honest. You might find some good shit away from the areas with the skyscrapers. In fact, the most interesting area I stumbled across was close to...
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Thank you anon. Is there any interesting museum to visit?. Or a mall where I can find cheap prices for good products?
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I you're a boxing fan check out Roberto Durans Bar "la tasca" if youre lucky you might meet him (as i did) its like a small museum.

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Elo /trv
I'm planning on cycling from the tip of Scotland right down to the cliffs of Dover this coming summer, with a good friend of mine.
I want to get a feel for this land that me and my ancestors have called home before I reach out and touch the world. I'll be spending two months on this journey so I have every chance to see what I want and not rush myself.

So my question to you is what little facts and tips about this land are oft forgotten? Any little villages that haven't been touched by time? Any must see's and do's?
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i'd reccomend the new forest where I live, its got quite a few of those little villages you're after, see burley for example.

i can recommend you some nice pubs and stuff all along the south coast but all of the places i know are by the sea, and presumably you're gonna stop when you reach the sea.
I'm really excited about the new forest, one of the most recent places I've read about and it sounds fantastic

Think we're going to hit Devon then ride along the coast to Cornwall

Please do, I love a good pub
well if you're going to the new forest you might as well stop off in bournemouth. My favourite place there is a bar called chaplins/the cellar bar in boscombe. Good food, good beer, great atmosphere, live local bands every night, i believe it got voted the best bar in the country at one point, though i don't know if that can possibly be true.

unfortunately actually in the new forest i don't know what to tell you, everyone will basically just go to their local so off the top of my head i can't...
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I need help, /trv/
I am a US citizen flying to berlin on feb 9th and will be flying back feb 26th. I have decided i will go berlin>frankfurt(visiting friends)>amsterdam>paris>...
I cannot decide where to go from there. I really want to go to rome.
Please offer me some inspiration/advice, /trv/
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btw, any and all comments welcome. Any europe advice. Ive lived there (germany)for a few years before, so nothing obvious.
I love architecture and art, so after paris may be chartres.
Venice is lovely this time of year
Are you single? If so, visit FKK clubs in Berlin and Frankfurt. You won't be disappointed.

Would being an aviation enthusiast improve my chances of getting bumped to business class or other perks?

Was thinking of wearing the airlines tshirt next time I fly.
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It couldnt hurt, but annoying the gate agent will. If your not a member of a loyalty program your chances are slim anyways.
im also super polite with airline staff
No. The only thing that matters is your frequent flyer status with the airline/alliance.

Poland thread. Any protips, things to do?

I'm doing a solo trip Gdansk -> Warsaw -> Krakow (8 nights total). I fly to Gdansk on Saturday and haven't planned anything or booked accommodation yet.

Where should I hit up in Gdansk on Saturday night for some nightlife?

What's your experience with hostels vs hotels in Poland? I'm guessing you can get cheap hotel rooms so I may do that. What's the best app/website for booking cheap hotels these days?

I'm thinking 2 nights in Gdansk, 3 in Warsaw, 3 in Krakow. Does that...
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Warsawfag here

Personally I think Krakow is the most interesting out of those cities for a tourist.

From what my friends have told me the nightlife in Gdańsk isn't too great.

You don't have to book trains in advance you can just buy a ticket at the station. It might be slightly cheaper if you checkout Polskibus.com. There are some new express trains, but they might end up being a bit expensive.

There's a lot of (more than in Warsaw) tourists in Krakow and so the nightlife in the city center/old town is nice. For places just check out...
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Auschwitz is a must-do day trip from Krakow. It's also free if you don't go with a tour guide. It's very moving and impressive. Be sure to either book through an agency (we booked through our hotel) or book in advance on their website. You simply can't get in if you just show up on the day itself.
http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en here you can check the trains
you can buy a ticket online too, but if you won't manage or something you can buy one in the train (it will be just like 3$ more expensive when you;ll do it this way), you just need to inform the train conductor before or right after you get on the train
tickets are up to 40$ (half the prices if you're a student and have a valid document stating that)

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Hey /trv/, I always wanted to go to Russia to obtain a degree in Automotive Engineering and/or some kind of Mechanical Engineering (engine mod for racing, chassis modding, painting, cnc for spare parts manufacture, soldering, any of the listed not all of them).

I was wondering if you can help me, where should I apply, which insitute/university is the best for that, and which is the cheapest way to travel and to live there.

> I have never travelled abroad
> Why Russia? I dunno but I really want to go there

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Russian guy finishing his bachelors in CS here.
how May I help you?
кaкoй BУЗ зaкoнчил?
Toмcкий yнивepcитeт.

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Hi, Im a 19 year old girl researching ways to teach english in China.
Im actually just wondering if anyone has any experience and would like to share?
How did you get the job, whats it like teaching in China, what do i need to make look out for etc.

Hope for some replies, thanks!
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Everyone I know that has taught English in China has always said they had a blast, up until their contract ended, they wanted to get a new job, etc. Every single one of them said their last 1-3 pay checks were with held and never paid out. Literally every single one.
Go to university first, 4 year degree minimum (Education preferred but not required). However I know people in Australia who only finished Year 12 and are teaching in Europe so who the fuck knows.

I'll be real with you, TEFL teachers are a joke. You're pretty much a clown/babysitter, you aren't a linguistic expert nor are you typically educated in education itself if you do a degree not in education. I haven't done TEFL but it interested me and I looked into it; shit pay, no respect/terrible reputation from retards who can confuse than & then.

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ironic how in the sentence where I am ripping on improper grammar I end up fucking up my sentence.

I sometimes consider travel but then I'm reminded that I don't like young travellers and their culture, they all seem insufferable and I would become one of them

Am I wrong about traveller culture?
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>traveller culture

Literally don't know what you're talking about.
I mean the culture among young people who couchsurf and stay in hostels.

Care to elaborate?

Any recommendations on what to do in Arizona?
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go rock hunting
I am from Europe and have no gun.
go to LS


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Sup guys, brokefag here, I don't know what to do with my life. No job or school.

I want to walk from California to Vancouver, no money in my pockets. How long will I survive?

Feel free to share similar experiences/stories
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white offender.png
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commit suicide by cop
This trip is gonna be my suicide

I'd rather experience this trip and die in the process, rather than blowing my brains out.
Fuck dude, that's bleak.

How long you survive depends at least a good amount on you. Just like your current situation at least somewhat depends on you. Why do you have no job or no schooling? I'm not saying you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, but no matter the hand you're dealt you can always, ALWAYS make your situation that much better through your own determination and will.

If you have depression, it sucks. I'm sure it does. Start doing physical exercise....
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American Programmer here:

Should I GTFO out to Israel? I'm tired of life in the US and I think it would be better there.
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If you're a good programmer you can find a good job here for around 4-5k dollars a month. Expect rent to be around 1-1.5k a month and spending around 500$ for living.

If you have a capital for an apartment, which is around 300-500k dollars then you're better here
File: jews33607.gif (1 MB, 351x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wouldn't go unless you have mega savings first. The cost of leaving can be high to visit senpai back home, and housing starting prices is high. Don't get in over your head as a starter idea. Also, when and if the next conflict breaks out, you will need last minute airfare, so make sure you plan for that too. If you're just looking to expatriate, relocate in the US first and see if you can't take a job that gives you some extra income or a different climate. Go beach or go mountains, or something...
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So i just got offered an internship in Brussels, what are the chances, realistically, that I'm going to get shot and or blown up?
Also, what are fun things to do in the city?
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Belgian here,
Brussels is a cool place, don't worry about "them terrorists". You'll feel safe in Belgium.
Are you interested in the culture and history or more for the modern art and such...?
If you like, we could hang out in Brussels and i could show you around. I love meeting new people.

To answer your question: imagine going to NYC on the 14th of september 2001. You'll be safe
I'm not on the ground there, so I can't tell you what it feels like, but for an internship, it'd be a great central location to be in Europe. It'd be an easy launching point to do weekend explorations, and it has a great bar atmosphere.
>what are the chances?


t. Belgian

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